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  1. A sonic scan had shown the insulation to be crystallizing.
  2. I discussed a number of examples of crystallizing events in Chapter 9.
  3. Jeremiah, of course, was there when the traitor turned, armor crystallizing.
  4. You drop your line and pull forward, the luquid crystallizing underneath you.
  5. He kicked the toe of his boot against the ice crystallizing across the porch steps.

  6. Each ended with a crystallizing event in which what had been feared became a fact.
  7. That moment of naturalness was the crystallizing feather-touch: it shook flirtation into love.
  8. As such, crystallizing events are generally associated with the imminent disintegration of an investment crowd.
  9. With a view toward self-government crystallizing through the course of various American administrations, education improved while.
  10. It is a consensus arrived at by crystallizing the meaning based on the purpose of the music that reveals itself as the voice of Carnatic.
  11. The end of this drop in stock prices on August 16 can clearly be associated with a crystallizing event that had occurred a few days earlier.
  12. There was visiting the watering-place that year a real German Fuerstin, in consequence of which the crystallizing process went on more vigorously than ever.
  13. In this way he sought to prevent successive generations from crystallizing his teaching and binding down his spiritual meanings by the dead chains of tradition and dogma.
  14. This notion was reinforced just a few months into my first term, by a crystallizing trip I took to Fort Bragg in North Carolina for the thirty-year rededication of the John F.
  15. He considered that the crystallizing experience of his life, which made him want to go into politics, so he could stop people struggling with mental illness from being put into parentheses.

  16. Moreover, the Fed’s interest rate cut on January 22 was in this instance an example of a crystallizing event, something that serves to focus emotions in a single (in this case bearish) direction.
  17. The magic gasses created from such a spell were enormous and hung like clouds in the sky for days, eventually they sunk downwards into the ground and settled, penetrating the porous rocks solidifying and eventually, in time, crystallizing.
  18. Cobwebs revealed their presence on sheds and walls where none had ever been observed till brought out into visibility by the crystallizing atmosphere, hanging like loops of white worsted from salient points of the out-houses, posts, and gates.
  19. It was more than fifty years later, not until after the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman armies, that this concept of the kingdom began to change into the cult of eternal life as its social and institutional aspects were taken over by the rapidly expanding and crystallizing Christian church.
  1. When his thoughts crystallized, he.
  2. He was elated by the way his plans crystallized.
  3. A great pink hunk of beryl like a crystallized brain.
  4. Her hair crystallized backwards as if frozen in a gale.
  5. Pure magnesia, crystallized and combined with water only.
  6. The earlier thought teasing him had finally crystallized in his mind.
  7. Leaving, in that crystallized isolation, many souls redeemed of sadness.
  8. Those of Virginia are more perfectly crystallized than those of Tennessee.
  9. This incident again crystallized all of my nagging questions about Buddhism.
  10. In that instant between life and death, Zoe’s purpose in life crystallized.
  11. Gold was, he remembered, said to be formed from the crystallized light of stars.
  12. His eyes were blazing; his walnut hair was covered with crystallized drops of rain.
  13. Their smooth surface became crystallized and faceted; rough, but not coarse or random.
  14. Universal Mind it is there as an idea, but is crystallized on the external, by a sincere.
  15. He said to himself, as he pondered again and again over the crystallized phrases that she had.
  16. On the front there was a large picture of a rose, with water droplets crystallized on the petals.
  17. Carbonate of lime, crystallized, is sometimes found; and many of the caves afford fine stalactites.
  18. Investment sentiment is far from crystallized in this matter of dividend policy of growth companies.
  19. The result was a massive destructive torrent that left ruin and crystallized Guardians in its wake.
  20. Mohammad replaced the Ten Commandments with Shareia laws crystallized under slavery and victimization.
  21. In this collection were observed many forms of the crystallized hard carbonates of lime, of Count Bournon.
  22. Prehnite—in greenstone, Deerfield, encrusting the columns and in radiated masses, but rarely crystallized.
  23. Branches of aspen and oak trees were covered with crystallized ice and they glittered in the light of the sun.
  24. It has the full flavor of old German and English love tales, such as have been crystallized in the old ballads.
  25. Its heat condensed around its white-hot heart, its body crystallized like a red diamond, fire as hard as stone.
  26. Just then her underwire slipped free again and stabbed her painfully, an unprompted idea crystallized within her.
  27. The sulphat of barytes is more or less crystallized, and principally in the form that is called the coxcomb spar.
  28. It is very much intersected by thin veins—(not thicker than a knife-blade)—of white crystallized calcareous spar.
  29. Diamond: A gem of crystallized carbon, the most valued, and brilliant of precious stones, remarkable for its hardness.
  30. It occurs, for the most part, in isolated masses in the blocks, or slabs, both in an amorphous and crystallized state.
  31. It is interspersed with veins of the crystallized carbonate of lime, more or less perfect, and of a pure but opaque white.
  32. The rose mica is found in a large grained granite with amorphous quartz and silicious feldspar, crystallized and amorphous.
  33. Discovery of Native Crystallized Carbonate of Magnesia on Staten-Island, with a Notice of its Geology, by James Pierce, Esq.
  34. The planet passes through, shards flicker, crystallized luminescence streaks down to the earth and splinters into the marble.
  35. The tabernacle of God is therefore with men, the elected ones are God’s people in Crystallized form justified to be in a special Kingdom dwelling.
  36. Discovery of Native Crystallized Carbonate of Magnesia on Staten-Island, with a Notice of the Geology and Mineralogy of that Island, by James Pierce, Esq.
  37. They ride; spiraling into the loving laughter of the beauty while time crystallized into a late-party blitzo-constructiod around the hollow in that bottle.
  38. It is found of different colours; compact, and porous or cellular; of every size; simple and associated with other silicious stones; massive and crystallized.
  39. Richard Schabacker was the first writer to codify this approach, in the late 1920s, and it was crystallized in his landmark 1932 Technical Analysis and Stock Market Profits.
  40. Why do you interrupt my meditation? Yet, he could hear the voice clearly in his mind, and it swirled in his awareness until the sound crystallized into words he could understand.
  41. The regular pulsations of a dying heart: as its energy becomes deader and deader: crystallized into the most unmoving rigid dead thing in the universe: crystallized, transparent carbon.
  42. This molybdena, from Shutesbury, is chiefly crystallized, and the crystals are, in some instances, very distinct; their form is that of a flat six-sided prism, or what is commonly called a table.
  43. Starting at the sword Raya’s hands began to turn an icy blue as the element that she was partially made of crystallized, and within moments she was entirely made of the icy blueness emanating from the sword.
  44. His mine, which has been sunk only ten feet, affords native bismuth, native silver, magnetical and common iron pyrites, and copper pyrites, (the two latter crystallized) galena, blende, tungsten, tellurium, &c.
  45. Since a company in the midst of a reengineering effort is in flux, best practices have yet to be crystallized, and it’s a waste of time and resources to document what will likely change in a matter of weeks or months.
  46. When Jesus perceived that they did not comprehend his message, when he saw that their ideas of the Jewish Messiah were so completely crystallized, he sent them to their rest while he walked and talked with his brother Jude.
  47. It had cooled and crystallized to such a degree, that when, with several others, I sat down before a large Constantine's bath of it, I found it strangely concreted into lumps, here and there rolling about in the liquid part.
  48. She recalled going up into the space over the vaulting with Merthin, and overhearing that dreadful interaction between Brother Thomas and his estranged wife, the conversation that had crystallized all her fears and made her turn Merthin down.
  49. It was when the worlds of mental health politics, economics, science, advocacy, and patienthood that we still live in today came of age; it was when the anger and outrage of medical discrimination against mental illness and addiction was first crystallized.
  50. The fragment of Arimayr obviously wasn't a star at all, but a remnant of a crystallized accumulation of, what the voices in her head called simply, the Tears of the Enthilesté---a substance so imbued with the vital power of the cosmos that it had a life of sorts all its own.
  51. Some of the stalactites have a delicate whiteness, and a brilliancy arising from their crystallized structure, which, with the regularity of their forms, give them a fair title to rank with those of the famous caverns in the Peak of Derbyshire, in the island of Antiparos, &c.
  52. This time, the wispy cloud of breath hovered above his mother’s head; crystallized air that, to this day, Jonathan believed was the apparition of his father – dead of a pulmonary embolism at forty five, three days after a Thanksgiving that would fade into memory like a kidnapped child.
  53. On September 11, 2001, the terrorists’ New York attack crystallized the bulk of the nation to solid patriotism, yet still the exclamations of the ‘non-violence’ crowd and too many outcries in academia and the liberal media (to say nothing of the Democratic Party) are still loudly to be heard.
  54. Anyhow don't at once cry out that I'm unnatural and inhuman, for things are after all only filtered out people,--their ideas crystallized into tangibleness, their spirit taking visible form; either they are that, or they are, I suppose, God's ideas--after all the same thing put into shapes we can see and touch.
  55. Just as one jolt is sufficient for a liquid that is saturated with salt suddenly to become crystallized, thus, perhaps, the smallest effort will suffice for the truth, which is already revealed to men, to take hold of hundreds, thousands, millions of men,—for a public opinion to be established to correspond to the consciousness, and, in consequence of its establishment, for the whole structure of the existing life to be changed.
  56. That event determined the mobilization of all the accumulated hate, hurt, malice, prejudice, jealousy, and revenge of a lifetime, and he made up his mind to get even with he knew not whom; but he crystallized all the evil of his nature upon the one innocent person in all the sordid drama of his unfortunate life just because Jesus happened to be the chief actor in the episode which marked his passing from the progressive kingdom of light into that self-chosen domain of darkness.
  1. Thought crystallizes into habits.
  2. It crystallizes in rhomboidal tables, rarely truncated on the acute angles, passing into the hexaedral table.
  3. The silicious feldspar, which I suspect to be the basis of the granite, crystallizes in thin rhomboidal tables.

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1. What it waits on is human imagination to crystallize its possibility.
2. Thoughts crystallize into habit and habit solidifies into circumstances.
3. In the Uphill of the Church and its environs, your dreams you crystallize.
4. You are not given truth to crystallize into settled, safe, and honored forms.
5. I like to think of these events as things that crystallize investor sentiment.
6. Although memories were beginning to crystallize, it was still a struggle to keep.
7. Although memories were beginning to crystallize, it was still a struggle to keep his.
8. The subtle forces of thought as they crystallize in our daily moods is what constitutes life.
9. The metal in the central truss structure and the beams that hold the modules to it has started to crystallize.
10. Most of all, it allows me to crystallize what I have in my head(and elsewhere): the print medium (desktop-publishing, in fact) only allows meto.
11. This "policy of compromise and toleration" would bring no peace at all, but would rather increase, emphasize, crystallize, and solidify our unhappy divisions.
12. The unconscious mind is the source of unfulfilled desires, obstacles, delays, conflicts and difficulties, which crystallize through interaction with the conscious mind.
13. The advantage of the balanced scorecard approach is that, like formulating an RFP, a scorecard serves to crystallize management’s expectations of vendors, of the CKO, and of the corporate vision.
14. Won’t that let the lover have the required space to modulate his passion even as it gives enough time for his beloved to crystallize her inclinations? But, if Roopa shows it to Sathyam, won’t that put paid to my passion.
15. The best procedure might be first to examine critically the various meanings commonly intended in using the two expressions, and then to endeavor to crystallize therefrom a single sound and definite conception of investment.
16. The choice is then cluttered with other considerations such as whether one wants those shares, whether the valuation of the buyer’s equity is fair or realistic, and whether selling might crystallize an unwelcome capital gains tax liability.
17. When we are at last freed from the body that has defined and dominated our understanding of ourselves for so long, the karmic vision of one life is completely exhausted, but any karma that might be created in the future has not yet begun to crystallize.
18. Do not hesitate to aspire to the highest possible attainments in anything you may undertake, for the mind forces are ever ready to lend themselves to a purposeful will in the effort to crystallize its highest aspirations into acts, accomplishments, and events.
19. By allowing it to stand in a large trough, the precipitate, which is principally lime, subsides, and the superincumbent fluid, now an alkaline, instead of an earthy nitrate, is carefully removed and boiled for some time in iron kettles, till it is ready to crystallize.

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