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    1. Jeremiah, of course, was there when the traitor turned, armor crystallizing

    2. With a view toward self-government crystallizing through the course of various American administrations, education improved while

    3. It is a consensus arrived at by crystallizing the meaning based on the purpose of the music that reveals itself as the voice of Carnatic

    4. The magic gasses created from such a spell were enormous and hung like clouds in the sky for days, eventually they sunk downwards into the ground and settled, penetrating the porous rocks solidifying and eventually, in time, crystallizing

    5. You drop your line and pull forward, the luquid crystallizing underneath you

    6. He kicked the toe of his boot against the ice crystallizing across the porch steps

    7. It was more than fifty years later, not until after the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman armies, that this concept of the kingdom began to change into the cult of eternal life as its social and institutional aspects were taken over by the rapidly expanding and crystallizing Christian church

    8. In this way he sought to prevent successive generations from crystallizing his teaching and binding down his spiritual meanings by the dead chains of tradition and dogma

    9. A sonic scan had shown the insulation to be crystallizing

    10. This notion was reinforced just a few months into my first term, by a crystallizing trip I took to Fort Bragg in North Carolina for the thirty-year rededication of the John F

    11. He considered that the crystallizing experience of his life, which made him want to go into politics, so he could stop people struggling with mental illness from being “put into parentheses

    12. There was visiting the watering-place that year a real German Fuerstin, in consequence of which the crystallizing process went on more vigorously than ever

    13. Cobwebs revealed their presence on sheds and walls where none had ever been observed till brought out into visibility by the crystallizing atmosphere, hanging like loops of white worsted from salient points of the out-houses, posts, and gates

    14. That moment of naturalness was the crystallizing feather-touch: it shook flirtation into love

    15. As such, crystallizing events are generally associated with the imminent disintegration of an investment crowd

    16. I discussed a number of examples of crystallizing events in Chapter 9

    17. The end of this drop in stock prices on August 16 can clearly be associated with a crystallizing event that had occurred a few days earlier

    18. Each ended with a crystallizing event in which what had been feared became a fact

    19. Moreover, the Fed’s interest rate cut on January 22 was in this instance an example of a crystallizing event, something that serves to focus emotions in a single (in this case bearish) direction

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