Oraciones con la palabra "curlicue"

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Curlicue en una oración (en ingles)

Seems as if in scaling the formidable gate she overestimated her athletic prowess and settled onto the topmost curlicue of the iron scroll adorning the gate top; which unexpectedly penetrated her unrepentant genitalia.

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It had a sprawling, suburban look to it, could be mistaken for some regional offices of a refrigeration company, maybe a telecommunications headquarters, except for the razor wire that curlicued around the walls.
There were curlicues of brown, black, and gray hair all over the place.
Where did I get all these curlicues, these flourishes and this swift perfect use of the pen?
Among the others she stood, her face as delicate as the curlicues on the frosted cake, her lips soft and pink as the birthday candles.

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