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Coil en una oración (en ingles)

It was my coil of hair.
Slip the coil out of the rod.
He reached into touch the coil.
Power source, triode, resistor, coil.
Volume in the coil is lower than average.
One had a coil of rope in his hand and.
You, mistress, all this coil is long of you.

Within she found a coil of pale, silver rope.
There is no close in the coil under the 50 MA.
The youth shook the hair loose from the coil.
He gripped the coil of rope in his left hand.
She lifted the coil to her lips and kissed it.
Coil the insulated wire around the ‘needle’.
She shrank within herself in a coil of torture.
In a snakes coil – the vacuum if skimmed off.
Then roll out the coil piece by piece into your.
Coil, broken, bent tail and other than single tail.
A shiver runs through me, and I coil into his arms.
Trevelyan, drawing a large coil from under the bed.
The Fixer took out a coil of rope from the toolbox.
It appears that their warp coil failed and exploded.
He readied the rope, holding its coil in his left hand.
Longest metal coil passed through the nose and mouth.
And they were gathering quite a large coil of vines indeed.
The drop-ins have a cooling coil that is placed in the sump.
Junya headed back to the coil staircase and proceeded upward.
Junya made his way back to the coil staircase towards the VIP.
Pin one fat coil and watch it unwind before going for the head.
At least two of the RSI, CCI and OBV are rising during the coil.
We know that when currents move around a coil of wire which is.
The coil is longer than 7 candles but not longer than 15 candles.
Joey fumbled in his coat pocket and produced a thick coil of cash.
He picked up his long coil of rope and slung it over his shoulder.
For another few stinking weeks trapped in this mortal coil?
This is basically a way of wir-not affect the inductance of a coil.
The remaining lead is for the center orifice that leads to the coil.
Her long brown hair was twisted loosely into a coil behind her head.
He moved a magnet inside a copper coil, and electricity was produced.
Again, we will use the compression of a tensioned linear (coil) spring.
Tom's brother, who'd shuffled off his own mortal coil back in the early.
He was coiling in and.
That are always coiling and uncoiling.
The hair was a tangle of coiling cobras.
They have darkness coiling inside of them, and are so.
He was trapped, snared in a mass of coiling black worms.
In retaliation, the rage coiling through him snapped out.
Stan’s frustration was coiling, retracting within himself.
Yes, yes, Conseil! But instead of coiling from right to left, this.
Now then, nature has generally obeyed this law in coiling her shells.
Seeing her at the obelisk, with that massive shadow coiling toward the.
Bedsprings coiling and releasing, the headboard hitting the bedroom wall.
Chee-Chee was coiling up ropes in the stern and laying them in neat piles.
We notice that prices coiling and forming a possible symmetrical triangle.
Therein that small clearing I was completely surrounded by a coiling cordon.
Upwards it wound, coiling like a snake, boring its way across the sheer slope of rock.
It was clear that prices were coiling and still possibly forming a symmetrical triangle.
Jerry was there too, and he looked up from where he was coiling some rope by the mainmast.
My lips never leaving his, I rush my hands into his hair, my body coiling to fit in his arms.
But by late April it seems that prices are coiling and forming a possible symmetrical triangle.
Many coiling arms seized the doors on either side, and with horrible strength, swung them round.
The Serpents of Destruction were always beneath it, impatiently coiling and uncoiling in the darkness.
Aargh! I hit the brakes, and arch backwards coiling in deference to a sharp pain striking my spine.
Each one is different, but some examples of these gifts are gifts of discernment, or the gift of coiling.
She could feel Henry’s body tense slightly and then release as if he were a snake coiling and then relaxing.
She saved us from the Serpents of Disorder that were coiling and uncoiling beneath us, waiting to pull us down.
With his back to the wall, he sat on the ground coiling a nylon line between a big toe and the thumb of his left hand.
With her right hand she caressed the steering wheel, which became pliable in her grip, a smooth hoop of coiling firmness.
Traced the scars on his body, faint images of whip marks, knife wounds and others that made a pattern of a coiling Dragon.
The muscles coiling under that gray corpse-like skin were stringy and hard as steel wires, exceeding the strength of a man.
A green mist poured from the mummy’s mouth, coiling over the floor in thick tendrils, hissing like twenty thousand snakes.
BobbingTwo was clearly working on BigThree, prodding him with his snout and waving and coiling his eyes like flowers in a windstorm.
His laughter gone, an arrow at his cheek, Alec searched the tree line, his stomach coiling into knots with dread at what he would see.
Today, the river tribes are all standing at the door of Chaos where the Serpents of Disorder are coiling and uncoiling, waiting to enter.
The essential force behind any of these patterns is that they indicate a stock that is coiling as it prepares to spring to the upside.
Into this twilight apartment sundry nimble hands keep coiling away the long blanket-piece as if it were a great live mass of plaited serpents.
Loofah jerked his hand back as the receiver reared into the air above the box and, balancing on its coiling ringed cable, twisted round to face him.
The basic idea is that what looks dull may actually be coiling up, and one should pay close attention to these types of patterns when they occur.
On came the blue lines, relentlessly, like a monster serpent, coiling, striking venomously, drawing its injured lengths back, but always striking again.
Rincewind, coiling himself like a spring, gave a standing jump and grasped a beam, swinging himself up into the relative safety of the roof with a strength that amazed him.
As he impatiently scanned the grass for the reptile, the giant blacks braced their feet, grunted and heaved with their huge muscles coiling and straining under their ebon skin.
Thomas was coiled in furs.
He was like a deadly coiled snake.
Eat only tightly coiled ‘fiddle heads’.
Well whisk the eggs with a coiled wire beater.
It is a single, highly coiled tubule through.
The coiled spring: You will favor stocks where.
The right hand holds the coiled end of the line.
Blanching white, he rapidly coiled his whip and.
He got to a staircase that coiled up towards two.
The same goes for the Celtic coiled serpent/maze.
Coiled snakes with head concealed present a problem.
His right hand was still coiled up into his tshirt.
Mrs Houston coiled up the cable of the vacuum cleaner.
Constantina wire was coiled along the ground inside.
The rest he carefully coiled and put back in his pack.
I sliced a bright yellow kite with a coiled white tail.
There was a coiled fishing line in a pocket of the boat.
Jacob dodges a stack of barrels and a pile of coiled rope.
His mouth was open and he was coiled up ready to strike.
She felt as if her whole soul coiled into knots of shame.
The camisole exposed the golden coiled snakes on her arms.
Molly instantly coiled her leg and struck Scott with the.
Olin had a 10-foot length of metal wire coiled in his hand.
Her heavy, dun-coloured hair was coiled on top of her head.
Silverlode, the Elves untied the ropes and coiled two of them.
Then she turned to the middle-aged guy coiled up on his chair.
The black spot grew into a hazy shadow that coiled around his.
He was a mass of coiled tension and deep focused concentration.
Draw in trendlines over the top and bottom of the coiled spring.
His body became rigid and coiled tight as a Swiss watch spring.
First, volume steadily declined as prices coiled into a triangle.
Notice: the skier is coiled, and release uncoils into the next turn.
He coiled up the safety line and stowed it in the proper receptacle.
Buy signal: The coiled spring itself puts the stock on the shortlist.
His eyes wide, he stared at the small snakes coiled around the rungs.
Blood spilled from her eyes and snakes coiled and hissed in her hair.
Opposite Tom was a coiled snake that dodged whatever Tom threw at him.
Elven standards, and she wore it in a courtly, coiled braid, entwined.
Arm bands, too, Maleth said, touching the coiled serpent around.
I could feel a cold presence in the room, like a coiled sleeping snake.
He coils the cord on.
The liquid coils his arm.
This makes for larger coils.
Coils! He burst into loud laughter.
Instinctive dread coils in his stomach.
It coils homes to become cities of light.
She listens amid coils and curls of hair.
The mass had a direct effect on the coils.
Nestled in the coils was a thin silver crown.
She twists, and coils, and crawls, slips out.
He holds it up as it coils around his hand, alive.
The graviton collection coils had collapsed and.
At the base of the pyramid, snaky coils encircled Walt.
Coils of ropes and tools hung from hooks on the walls.
Coils of blue-tinged smoke drifted from Adros’ staff.
The demons were connected by red coils of energy that.
Then he pictured the military base, coils of barbed wire.
Finder into the Constitution’s warp coils if you have to.
Zabriskie, on the induction of metallic coils, xxxii, 308.
Inspect the indoor and outdoor coils of your air conditioner.
Therefore coils wound with components can be reused afterwards.
If not the head, the coils of Master Daths viper, found have I.
On deck, have found a place that is my own, amongst old coils of rope.
She raced down the hill, tripping over bronze coils and golden plates.
In the Duat, the room was fil ed with the writhing coils of a giant red.
Her leg coils back, you get a glimpse of her heel coming toward your head.
In it he discussed many patterns, including triangles, coils, and pennants.
She found two coils of rope on one of the bulkheads and handed them to Kurt.
Liessa reached up and removed her helmet letting the coils of red hair tumble out.
It helped us out a great deal finding superconducting coils in the Ferengi life pod.
Or when I lived alone with my computer, pleading with its coils and wires for warmth.
Serpent had one mate with whom he shared his life, finding himself entwined in her coils.
It was an ornate instrument; looping coils of polished brass flaring into a gleaming bell.
Not as the future mistress, Mary said, smiling, twisting Petra’s hair into long coils.
Just as the coils and braids of dark-brown hair had been set free, Sir James entered the room.
There was a sharp crack, and we were in a heap upon the ground with coils of rope all over us.
Here’s the premodulation amplifier, and these are the vacuum tubes, and these are the coils.
Since we can't bring the positioning coils on the attractor into cal, we could drop that again.
When the cold ammonia hit the hot coils the liquid instantly vaporised into a high pressure gas.
It has red eyes and I think I could walk upright under one its coils sticking up out of the snow.

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