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Darkness en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I was lost in darkness.
  2. The rest is in darkness.
  3. In the darkness with her.
  4. The room sat in darkness.
  5. It was still in darkness.

  6. The darkness was a shock.
  7. Darkness came on that day.
  8. In the blank darkness of.
  9. Take me into the darkness.
  11. Rose smiled in the darkness.
  12. He grinned in the darkness.
  13. All was darkness for Israel.
  14. Out of the darkness rode men.
  15. The darkness swallows him up.

  16. No darkness could touch her.
  17. Then there was more darkness.
  18. The darkness moved in on them.
  19. The darkness was taking form.
  20. They stared into the darkness.
  21. He plunged into the darkness.
  22. The building was in darkness.
  23. When darkness is swept away.
  24. Into The Darkness, Where The.
  25. Only darkness out the window.

  26. Hence they grope in darkness.
  27. Jason peered into the darkness.
  28. The voice in the darkness said.
  29. In that darkness he heard the.
  30. Under the cover of darkness a.
  31. They left the room in darkness.
  32. Is a place of fire darkness?
  33. Loki’s eyes open to darkness.
  34. In the darkness, a man waited.
  35. Darkness was all that was past.
  36. The darkness here isn’t safe.
  37. Into the darkness they plunged.
  38. This source is called darkness.
  39. What was in the darkness?
  40. They peered into the darkness.
  41. The darkness yielded His reply.
  42. Black laughter in the darkness.
  43. Darkness there and nothing more.
  44. They were in complete darkness.
  45. Silence in the darkness resumed.
  46. One was the creeping darkness.
  47. Ahead of them lay only darkness.
  48. They meet with darkness in the.
  49. Their eyes met in the darkness.
  50. But the darkness arose once more.
  51. Hades’s helm of darkness, too.
  52. Without God we live in darkness.
  53. Adam rode off into the darkness.
  54. Give me a light in the darkness.
  55. The fattened armies of darkness.
  56. Where there is darkness, light;.
  57. He stared out into the darkness.
  58. But the darkness did not answer.
  59. I strain a smile in the darkness.
  60. An hour later the darkness was.
  62. Sharon floated into the darkness.
  63. The darkness was quite deceiving.
  64. Darkness will charge the carrier.
  65. Under the cover of darkness, his.
  66. The darkness robbed her of most.
  67. Is a place of fire or darkness?
  68. Darkness descended on her vision.
  69. We are still groping in darkness.
  70. The darkness is our love for you.
  71. The darkness around her eyes is.
  72. As you know, Darkness threatens.
  73. His eyes gleamed in the darkness.
  74. There is light in the darkness.
  75. You will see a flash of darkness.
  76. It wasn't until darkness set in.
  77. Kevin opened his eyes to darkness.
  78. The next thing I saw was darkness.
  79. I see darkness and pin-points of.
  80. Rose peered out into the darkness.
  81. He looked around the darkness of.
  82. Light, Darkness could not be found.
  83. The darkness that surrounded him.
  84. No, the darkness tried to tell her.
  85. Darkness was evil and full of hate.
  86. His eyes glittered in the darkness.
  87. Two pools of darkness met my eyes.
  88. His light burned away my darkness.
  89. The darkness falls at Thy behest;.
  90. The figurine absorbed the darkness.
  91. Light cannot coexist with darkness.
  92. They are still groping in darkness.
  93. The darkness within and the added.
  94. As he poured liquid darkness into.
  95. All the while a cold darkness was.
  96. The darkness of her hair,.
  97. The darkness of the mind,.
  98. Into the cave of darkness,.
  99. Then out of this darkness,.
  100. Fusion of darkness and light,.

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