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Darkness in a sentence

I was lost in darkness.
The rest is in darkness.
In the darkness with her.
It was still in darkness.
The room sat in darkness.
The darkness was a shock.
Take me into the darkness.

Darkness came on that day.
In the blank darkness of.
He grinned in the darkness.
Rose smiled in the darkness.
The darkness swallows him up.
All was darkness for Israel.
Out of the darkness rode men.
Then there was more darkness.
No darkness could touch her.
Hence they grope in darkness.
He plunged into the darkness.
The darkness moved in on them.
The building was in darkness.
The darkness was taking form.
When darkness is swept away.
They stared into the darkness.
Into The Darkness, Where The.
Only darkness out the window.
This source is called darkness.
The darkness here isn’t safe.
What was in the darkness?
Is a place of fire darkness?
Loki’s eyes open to darkness.
Under the cover of darkness a.
Into the darkness they plunged.
They peered into the darkness.
The darkness yielded His reply.
The voice in the darkness said.
In that darkness he heard the.
Jason peered into the darkness.
In the darkness, a man waited.
They left the room in darkness.

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