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    1. One by one, He performed miracles that defied

    2. Moses has defied all odds and drawn nothing but strength from the violence and fear around him

    3. The Yingolian who must have been the carrier defied treatment and escaped to the scrublands of the Gengee

    4. about to protest that he hadn't actually defied the church,

    5. Most children of the rich wouldn’t have defied their mothers to

    6. It would have been beautiful beyond compare had it not been for the fact that the diamond was spinning at such a speed it defied even canine vision

    7. But she did find out, and Cupid was hurt that Psyche had defied him and scared to have his identity known to a mortal

    8. The creation he saw was hideous in a way that defied that simple description

    9. Earth Authority defied

    10. happening to Danielle was irrational, defied

    11. Then said David to the Philistine, Thou comest to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield: but I come to thee in the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied

    12. defied the odds and made it through the screen of defenses, through the shields, where it had

    13. The rifles fitted nicely into our boxes which defied the rumour

    14. Johnson defied Congress and fired Secretary of War Stanton, who had been appointed by Lincoln and was a dedicated abolitionist

    15. However, in our group, Jim, his daughter Jaime, Ryan and I defied the unknown and jumped into the lumber float that was guided by long thick ropes attached to very large rocks

    16. There were some issues that defied explanations though and would probably be denied of one for a long time

    17. Once he had stepped his foot on the Widelands, it was as the elders had said it would be: A flat and uninviting country, with low grass and trees few and afar; the sounds of animals and birds lost in an emptiness that defied the senses and made one humble and awestruck

    18. Distance lacked meaning in the Land of God, a land which almost defied logic in its flatness and its emptiness

    19. He was not used to being defied

    20. She defied him, provoked him and without further dared to set herself against him

    21. 36 Your servant killed both the lion and the bear, and this uncircumcised Philistine shall be as one of them, seeing he has defied the

    22. name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied

    23. 21 And when he defied Israel, Jonathan the son of Shimeah the brother of David killed him

    24. 9 And after him was Eleazar the son of Dodo the Ahohite, one of the three mighty men with David, when they defied the Philistines

    25. he defied Israel, Jonathan the son of Shimea David's brother killed him

    26. He defied the two volcanoes and sent four of his tumen around the large lake to flank the enemy position

    27. ’ Trotsky, for his part, warned that if soldiers drafted into the Red Army defied their officers ‘nothing will remain of them but a wet spot

    28. My success defied natural explanation, the kind of success that could only come from God

    29. What she heard defied expression

    30. I also defied my sponsor by dating his next-door neighbor who hustled me at meetings that we all attended while her fiancé was still alive

    31. “She said that your mother had died of pneumonia when you were girls, and that your father was a trapper, and that he and the women of the valley had co-operated in raising you both until you were seventeen and she was fifteen, when you defied your father to run off with the trader’s son

    32. The young girl’s hatred was palpable --it almost reached out towards her and defied her to act

    33. His daughter's determination defied everything

    34. They took part in processions, defied the law, and bore the lathi (police sticks & batons) without raising a little finger, without swearing at the police, and used their power of persuasion to win the drunkard from drink and the sellers and purchasers of foreign cloth from it

    35. When they crucified Simon Peter, it was this man who defied the Roman persecutors and boldly continued to preach the new gospel

    36. Families have, on occasion, defied their clan, while clans and tribes have often been subversive of the sovereignty of the territorial state

    37. There was no room in the fisherman's dull brain for fear, at least for such fear as might grip a man who has just seen the fundamental laws of nature defied

    38. He defied Russell, the Queen, and Eric to protect Sookie even though they could all easily kill him

    39. Some five centuries later, Joshua’s ban was defied by Hiel of Beth-el, and the curse was fulfilled (1Kings 16:34)

    40. gender-appropriate ways? Has she learned her lesson or defied it? What is the effect of my presence, my perspective, my gender on her physical presentation of self? How

    41. But the domes that glistened in the leaves below him were the unbroken pinnacles of the royal palace of Alkmeenon which had defied the corroding ages

    42. 'Amalric has ridden forth with a strong army to reduce the outlying provinces where some of the barons have defied him

    43. The parents were important too, but so many kids defied them as well, valuing their friends more

    44. It defied reason

    45. At night, she was sharply alert and defied sleep with a vengeance

    46. It was something they knew to be rash, and defied their long experience of tactics and strategy, but here they were just the same

    47. Some gave me inquisitive looks, but no one dared defied their master

    48. It defied many of the rules we teach here at the Academy and yet it succeeded with no losses

    49. Dunit looked up at her with a smile that defied all logic of the situation and said, “We can still give them a warm time

    50. was so great he defied a direct command by ALLAH

    1. color that defies a name

    2. They may become tired or weak over time, though they will always have reserves of strength and magic that defies the abilities of those who have not received the gift

    3. that it defies being classified

    4. I READ SOMEWHERE, once, that crying defies scientific explanation

    5. Add to that government neglect, the unique brazenness of some illegal aliens’ families who could dare to bring a lawsuit against the Government of the United States for the deaths of their family members who died by unlawfully crossing over the unprotected borders into our deserts, and one beholds an arrogance of thinking that defies reason

    6. Defies logic doesn't it?

    7. The walls have all fallen away, but this stone block defies time and the elements

    8. The couple who defies this

    9. such as that of the hippies in the 1960s or the punk look of the 1980s-which defies the

    10. "An extremely subtle and profound one which defies articulation

    11. This matter defies the laws of time because it moves faster than the speed of light

    12. Since this matter defies physics and the laws of time, when you die, you essentially return to the beginning of the universe or the end, which is the same

    13. If the basic plan were to lure his boss to the cold store office it defies logic that he showed his hand

    14. Modern-day Macedonians, desperately looking for their ancient roots in a region hostile to their nationhood, have latched onto their putative predecessor with a zeal that defies both historical research and the howls of protest from their neighbor, Greece

    15. How could it be, that an amazing or powerful Almighty God, would not only create the world, but when my life got into a mess, into sin, into all kinds of uncleanness and defilement, He would come and wash my feet? It defies belief, because it's so contrary to the way we see authority and power; and how we see it manifest in the earth

    16. Along this diagonal process a phrase that augers prosperity and security was composed into the term of `peacè, and at the other end a curse was spun to burden up anyone by the formation of the ònus` that stains and leave the mark of guilt upon anyone that defies out authority

    17. Along this diagonal process a phrase that augers prosperity and security was composed into the term of `peace`, and at the other end a curse was spun to burden up anyone by the formation of the `onus` that stains and leave the mark of guilt upon anyone that defies out authority

    18. accountability, qualified audits and a level of corruption that defies belief,

    19. The act defies logic by bad reasons offered as positive to continue playing the game

    20. “A rare psychotropic herb that defies the rules of nature by only growing in the frozen conditions of the slopes of Mount Grucian on the Glassvexx planet

    21. ‘After all I have done, still she defies me

    22. Crime and criminals prevailed in a way that defies description, and there was an indomitable criminal at the head of them

    23. of bad luck that defies

    24. Miss Lucy defies this procedure by her attempt to “cheek kiss” each of the crew

    25. This defies logic, but if it were told to us in the context that we should obey the laws of the land or there will be consequences then it would be an easier concept to grasp

    26. So is thought (belief) more important than action? That defies logic

    27. It represents an irony that defies all logics and sense of decency that a man in his right senses could harbour such heinous intentions in the dept of his soul against his wife and unborn children, to the extent of exterminating them spiritually for worldly possession

    28. light, water defies some of the established laws of

    29. It defies all logic and the inhumanity of what you did to those women defies belief

    30. Let the record show, he alone! And now for some reason," he said in an accusing voice, "one can only wonder what it might be, he defies the court and refuses to fire it!"

    31. Everything that manifests in structures of Self-Consciousness of STOOLL-VVU-Forms (khristal) and UOLD-VVU-Forms (mental) defies description, because, for the time being, SFUURMM-Forms of these experiences are completely absent in the frequency Configurations of the biological NUU-VVU-Forms focused by You now

    32. That intangible something that defies analysis is the projected thought of the master that

    33. defies Newton, it is the Universe that is wrong

    34. This tradition: this endless fucking need to conform and never raise your head to be counted as someone who defies authority or dares to try to improve anything

    35. This ‘nothing’ is a difficult concept to think about or imagine, because being alive in this world and therefore experiencing something other than nothing, experiencing existence itself, and existence in Self and others, defies Self to then think of nothing as a reality

    36. but some small part of me hopes that Wilf defies convention and marries Rebecca, and I am almost

    37. much more of like character, defies the power of

    38. helpless, children-all this, and much more of like character, defies the power of language to set it forth in its true light,

    39. helpless, children-all this, and much more of like character, defies the power of language to set it

    40. The life-giving quality in art always defies analysis and refuses to be tabulated in any formula

    41. The character ascribed to Him; the dreadful wrath and vengeance with which He is moved; the cold and malignant purpose of creation in regard to million of souls; the stern severity and gloom of His government; the horrible and never-ceasing tortures which He will inflict on His helpless, children-all this, and much more of like character, defies the power of language to set it forth in its true light, or to present it in a manner adequate to its shocking revolting reality

    42. But whoever defies it from among the various factions, the Fire is his promise

    43. degrees, the woman with car, the man who survives so long lost at sea and defies all chance

    44. It means, too, that the Roosh are forbidden to make any gesture that defies the wind—to speak, spit, or flatulate into the wind is a terrible blasphemy

    45. The character as-cribed to Him; the dreadful wrath and vengeance with which He is moved; the cold and malig-nant purpose of creation in regard to million of souls; the stern severity and gloom of His government; the horrible and never-ceasing tortures which He will inflict on His helpless, children-all this, and much more of like character, defies the power of language to set it forth in its true light, or to present it in a manner adequate to its shocking revolting reality

    46. Remaining occupied mentally and physically defies boredom which attacks you and which is among the major reasons for ageing more quickly

    47. defies repulse, exclaiming--"With your heart, and such dreadful experience, can you lend your aid to deprive my babe of a mother's tenderness, a mother's care?

    48. "He's doing his very utmost; but his constitution defies him

    49. And Krista Marino, for an editing job that defies description

    50. My soul mate has assumed charge of the black market and put himself in direct competition with two Unseelie Princes and a ruthless male that defies quantifying

    1. Even with considerable research the managers of Mutual Funds are not always able to take correct decisions about entering or exiting a particular script as the share price movements usually defy all logics at least in the short run

    2. ’ Stephen said with an air of finality, almost daring her to defy him

    3. She’d been amazed by the overabundance of cleaning materials that she had correctly guessed would be stored in the cupboard under the sink – some things defy cultural differences! Kneeling on the floor, all the better to examine the various spray containers and bottles piled in there, her amazement turned into confusion … there were plastic spray bottles for limescale removal, disinfecting the worktops … apparently killing 99% of all known germs - though that did raise the question of what danger the remaining 1% presented if it was so vital to get rid of the things … bottles of cream for cleaning the sink and another, lavender scented, for polishing wood, a big bottle of bleach that at least smelt familiar, and noxious substances for cleaning the oven that had signs warning of danger plastered all over them … it was an education

    4. Maybe Alan was one of their own? What was that old saying, 'blood is thicker than wire'? Meanwhile the native siren continued to defy him as her crew dragged her away

    5. As for their parents, when their voices became weary of directing their daughters' defense, they simply watched and Harry redoubled his onslaught in leaps and spins which at times seemed to defy gravity in their height and duration

    6. His expression continued to defy emotion, yet despite his lack of apparent rage, Tetloan was silenced

    7. But anyone who's breasts could defy gravity the way Shinvei's did couldn't be made of ordinary protoplasm

    8. urge to defy her mom, who wanted Erin to grow out her

    9. But many continued to defy those terms

    10. To a casual observer the device seemed to defy physics, as if it were still fixed to the full mass of the moon

    11. She established herself in this world as a whole person for the first time by standing up proudly to defy the established order at sit-ins and on protest marches

    12. I’d been too afraid of what he might do to defy him before

    13. More than that, he would certainly not defy the Supreme Court as Jackson did

    14. These children were strictly chosen for their ability to follow the letter of the Law blindly and unerringly, to keep a watchful eye for signs of heresy and insubordination as well as any element that was an affront to the Pantheon and the Law, or anything that might defy the Law or its upholders in spirit or in letter

    15. They defy the Lord's glory by their actions all around

    16. “I do not wish to defy him

    17. Ryato was still convinced that it was a bad idea that Enilia traveled on with them, but he would not defy his father’s will

    18. While at the office, the children continued to resist and defy social workers

    19. 10 And the Philistine said, I defy the armies of Israel this day; give me a man, that we may fight together

    20. 25 And the men of Israel said, Have you seen this man who is come up? surely to defy Israel is he to come up, and it shall be, that the

    21. reproach from Israel? for who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?

    22. The motorcycle seemed to defy gravity, its speed and wings helping it to veer

    23. He carried orders to defy the Mexican authorities and threw his support

    24. The rulers only defy such laws at their peril

    25. We shall kill anyone who dares defy us and our beasts

    26. Jerry Lewis, predicted Kim would defy

    27. My mom didn’t defy him often, but by this time he had really

    28. And then there were the moments that defy all descriptions:

    29. hear, less it defy me and they know for sure that I just dropped the ball and did the unspeakable

    30. I defy you to find any American city where the Olympians are not prominently displayed in multiple places

    31. martial arts monks who could defy gravity

    32. But that bloody kid being here had given Jarek the courage to defy her

    33. This is what always happens when you defy the robots to such an extent as this

    34. Gravity seems to defy as your soul starts to fly through the hole

    35. You can defy the laws of the physical Though some see orange

    36. These are the ignorant ones who defy God, the

    37. defy family wishes to express voice for counter culture needs to win approval of others

    38. Yet, the redeeming feature of that sordid episode was that the fathers of the victims felt emboldened to defy the Dirty Dozen at the Tihar

    39. He had dared to defy James the Lord's brother, who was subsequently supported by Peter

    40. The small number of heterost"xual couples who do defy these proscriptions usually

    41. When Antigone decides to defy Creon's

    42. “You have found a way to defy my curse,” he sneered

    43. But he was afraid to defy these angry Jews, and while he hesitated to do his duty, a messenger came up and presented him with a sealed message from his wife, Claudia

    44. Being afraid to defy the clamor of this misled mob who cried for the blood of Jesus, he ordered the Jewish guards and the Roman soldiers to take Jesus and scourge him

    45. Only occultists high in the mazes of the hideous Black Ring possessed the power of the black hand that dealt death by its touch; and only such a man would dare defy Thoth-Amon, whom the western world knew only as a figure of terror and myth

    46. " And then did Pilate realize that there was no hope of saving Jesus since he was unwilling to defy the Jews

    47. There are extremely special moments that defy time --

    48. Ascensions To Defy The

    49. elements that defy the laws of chemistry

    50. relates to a dog who dared to defy the rules

    1. defying the muscles in her neck to twitch,


    3. Defying the advice from the elders, Zorandi had taken a ship towards the affected zone

    4. There in the sky, about a hundred metres behind the Elysian was a small shuttle craft, its four thruster pods allowing it to hover in a common-sense defying way

    5. In the center of the melee, defying the immense power of the Samosa regime, would be Raul, with the charisma of a Greek god and a voice to match, speaking of a new commune-ized Nicaragua built by the hands of the people: a Nicaragua where all the land would be owned by everyone, equally, a brotherhood striving for the common good without the greed of capitalistic competition

    6. They met in hiding to print posters and leaflets, organized demonstrations and hosted revolutionary speakers at passionate street rallies, defying the police while surrounded by thousands of cheering supporters fired with the passions of the truly just

    7. Beyond the trench was where the bullhorns’ front face dominated the view, defying the senses in a manner none of them thought possible

    8. “Very well, if you insist,” said the Patriarch and the chair blinked away in the same logic defying manner that it had manifested in the first place

    9. Defying all entreaties of the priests in Wadi, Buwa took leave of

    10. Somehow I never realized that when Tobias charged out of the city with me, he wasn’t just a rebel defying his leader—he was a son abandoning his mother

    11. Defying the sun I bring rain

    12. largest army in the world, is still defying the

    13. Defying negative pressure from both sets of parents, we planned a July wedding in 1961 at the University Methodist Church on the main street in Chapel Hill

    14. But all impressions slid together, defying logic

    15. direction away from the sun defying the law of gravity

    16. After defying gravity for a moment, she slid down the wall and collapsed into a pile of green robes

    17. Millions of Indians in towns and villages along sea shores all over India started collecting salt and defying the British laws

    18. Meanwhile in the room, the black and threatening figure of Zoroastro, defying the powers of the Supreme Magician, paced towards the door and stopped

    19. Defying all current and possible future trends he had tucked his jumper into his trousers and had secured the entire affair with a sturdy leather belt

    20. At that the clamor rose anew, Aratus trying to get at the senseless man and Ivanos finally bestriding him, sword in hand, and defying all and sundry

    21. To the south of them the Picts remain savages, apparently defying the laws of Nature by neither progressing nor retrogressing

    22. the same intention of defying the directive

    23. Acts Of The Law Defying

    24. That Guard From The Law Defying?

    25. The Law Defying Ones

    26. In Their Law Defying Acts

    27. The Law Defying Ones But Love

    28. Wait Because Of The Law Defying

    29. Methods The Law Defying Ones

    30. Then The Law Defying

    31. This matter is found in all parts of the universe; at a snap of the finger this matter can appear on earth or on the other side of the universe, defying essentially the laws of physics and the laws of time

    32. Teal eyes tracked the blond trooper turned delivery boy, taking in the pouty lips, the gravity defying hair, the chiseled muscle, the straight nose, the shining eyes, and the long legs

    33. company is successfully defying the odds and not succumbing to the negative associations

    34. He still remembered too well the time nine years ago when he had risked his crown and his life by defying the powerful Ministry of Security of his Imperium ‘B’ and had gone to deliver a then young teenage Margaret from a torture chamber and given her asylum in his palace

    35. The rain had climaxed in a deluge and the tide lapped at the timbers, defying her to cross

    36. Defying convention, he even managed to state the blatantly obvious truths that others rejected in favor of fantasy: professing that the measure of good and evil was pleasure and pain, and that happiness was the pinnacle of life

    37. He sat there, defying the computer’s request that he try again, as if it might irk it or change its response

    38. Any other slave defying Joshua would be brutally punished, but Alicia did not believe he would harm his daughter further

    39. half cast prehistoric death defying molestation of creation that you are

    40. The report said officials with the responsibility to control spending on the project bowed to the will of Makhanya, believing he was in constant touch with Zuma, and afraid that questioning him would be construed as defying the president

    41. If you were to just put a name on it, and begin to ponder and ask the Holy Spirit to show you how long that giant has been in that territory in your life, how long has it been ruling there? How long has it been walking up and down, defying you year after year after year, keeping you contained? And God is saying: take that giant, it's bred for you

    42. Defying the law of the Heroes was the one thing she would never do

    43. The bishop has ordered its removal and they are defying him

    44. No amount of age defying creams, moisturizing lotions or anti-ageing portions will ever help her in maintaining her youthful looks unless she indulges in a regular meaningful sex

    45. defying the judgements of the Mind

    46. Then remember there are those who seem to think that sickness and suffering are sent by God; if so, every physician, every surgeon, and every Red Cross nurse is defying the will of God and hospitals and sanitariums are places of rebellion instead of houses of mercy

    47. ' And at the end of each of those involved clauses that try quite vainly, yet with an air of defying criticism, to describe the undescribable, my mother has written with admirable caution 'Perhaps

    48. The difficulties begin when, defying Nature's teaching, which on this point is luminous, she refuses to be the hedge, flannel, jam, buffer, comforter, and cook; and when she goes so far on the sulphuric path of rebellion as to insist on being clever on her own account and publicly, she has, in Germany at least, set every law of religion and decency at defiance

    49. Then, indeed, it would be an easy matter to deal with that small defying creature in the chair

    50. Her zeal to meet his wishes made her pounce upon the slightest little feeling of not being well and run triumphantly to his laboratory, daring its locked door, defying its sacredness, to tell him the great news

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