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    1. Being a police officer meant he and his family had to be held up to a higher standard

    2. "No," she said and gripped it in her hands, held them to her chest

    3. For example, some professionals believe the deterioration of motor function can be held back by regular exercise

    4. Sam was surprised at the crowds at the Oodle Festival, held just outside Berlin in the July of that year

    5. “The sales report!” he cried in relief as he held up the papers which were in danger of being crumpled up in his hand

    6. She heard them scuttling through the pipes, turned off the flashlight, and held her breath

    7. She was dressed for the Nightday chill and held her cup close

    8. “I don’t mind at all,” Nancy said through clenched teeth while she held her side in pain

    9. Johnny held up his hand for everyone to stop

    10. “Yes, thank you for reminding us,” Johnny said as he held his ear in pain

    11. We don’t know what to expect down there,” Johnny said as he held out his hand protectively while peering into the darkness of the descending stairs

    12. The Operator pulled the Chip back toward himself and held it close, not sure what he was going to do to effectively guard it

    13. Back upstairs, Vinnie held a portable computer which was projecting a holographic keyboard and screen

    14. The only part of the computer that was physical was the small, rectangular case he held up in his left hand

    15. He actually caught her in the air, held her up for a moment, and then threw her to the ground at his feet

    16. “You dropped this,” she said as she held up the Chip for Johnny to see

    17. Henry let out a long held breath

    18. They each stopped their mounts and held their breaths

    19. Serpent often found himself hovering over Woman who held inside her his mate

    20. She didn't have a water skin on her, they were both tied to the saddle, along with her camp roll that held her warm clothing for the dark

    21. The boy held out the paper in answer, his mouth still open as he looked at the weird gadget sticking out of the front door

    22. “Don’t want to forget this,” Ackers held up the paper as he called out

    23. He found the Super Chip! Ackers held it up in his hand, staring at it with awe

    24. It was such a small and harmless looking thing, yet Ackers knew that whoever held that Chip had the power to circumvent the world’s technological safeguards

    25. He knew instantly that it was the Super Chip; there was no hiding the amount of connections and registers the Chip held from Ackers’ x-ray glasses

    26. Ackers held the Super Chip up, looking at it resting gently in his palm

    27. One held a rifle in her hands

    28. Suffice it to say, that this is not the first time I’ve held a woman’s head over the loo while she chucked up the effects of too much booze

    29. ‘I held her head over the loo while she chucked up in the wee small hours

    30. "Does this look suspicious?" he asked, and held out the little silver-grey bead only a tenth of an inch in diameter a little closer in front of his face

    31. held his hand there for a moment and then with a shake of his head he turned his

    32. The young man stood and held out his hand for his new bride to take

    33. He held himself firmly, although a little shrunken now and but

    34. They held hands in silence for an hour

    35. The crate was a swollen collection of planks, but framed out with good heavy timbers and fitted with lifting eyes that could have held a long suspension bridge

    36. The homeless man stared at the money as Theo held out his hand

    37. blonde, although she was, nor was it that she held a double first from both Oxford and

    38. I follow Molly into the house, trying not to feel out of place … how could I have ever thought that the owner of this could … but you didn’t know he owned this, did you, Liz? And he held my head over the loo while I chucked up! Oh hell!

    39. As it was, this held them up till lunch time

    40. He held the phone up and her breath froze in her teeth

    41. The Garda took the small laminated card and held it far away from his eyes, peering, as though at a mystery

    42. Looking at the house from the old the old stone pillars that still held the front

    43. She smiled sweetly as she held out the plate of rancid biscuits and asked,

    44. Travis held back tears

    45. He bowed his head and held it there until Ajarn placed his hand to the back of his neck

    46. shelter and held my head with His hands standing next to the head of the

    47. They stuffed our mouths, held us while they tore strips off us

    48. held there at a fixed temperature

    49. Something was being held back

    50. Theo held out his card but Peadar didn't move

    1. Ava was back down by the time the last one was cool enough to hold

    2. Hold your nerve and trust me they will not have enough confidence to pursue the matter further

    3. Believe me Dear Reader; I was already struggling to hold on the modern world without this kind of thing happening!

    4. “Sorry we had to hold you there, son

    5. · You quit trying to hold your stomach in, no matter who walks into the room

    6. Some people believe water is a powerful messenger that can hold electromagnetic traces as a type of 'memory'

    7. expectations that you want them to hold you to

    8. “Do you need me to hold him still?”

    9. Hold the Salt Shaker

    10. “Great!” he said, trying to hold back the big shit-eating grin his heart was wearing

    11. They called themselves the Fourth Wall because they thought they were all so big that if they had one more member they could hold a roof over their heads

    12. They could steal money from bank accounts, break into important military installations, and hold the world for ransom

    13. How else would I have learned my skills? Or got a hold of the really cool gadgets I’ve got

    14. “I think you’ll find that I can hold my own,” Nancy said

    15. He fell to one knee, but not before he grabbed a hold of her leg

    16. She continued to cling to the wall, her feet and one hand used to hold her up, she still had her other sword strapped to her back, waiting for the opportunity to use it but feeling helpless without both weapons in her possession

    17. He currently had one guard clamped to his back, and two more trying to hold his legs to the ground

    18. “What’s going to happen now?” Big Petey asked with wide eyes as Red continued to hold all four of the beeping and flashing square grenades

    19. I hold my stomach, ready to repeat my rehearsed lines

    20. Reduce the sources of infestation and you will have a good hold on the fly population

    21. There were a few scraggles of thin ribbonleaves and some sap-nubs trying to hold the fine red sand together

    22. Serpent loosened up his hold

    23. She wanted to come and hold your hand, but that would only have drawn attention to her, and I’m sure you wouldn’t have wanted that

    24. · There is no need to get hold of a stamp paper

    25. On a closing note, there are instances, where the law will hold supreme over and above your will

    26. It sometimes happens that people ring here trying to get hold of him and it helps if I can point them in the right direction

    27. ‘It’s Inspector Ditton here, is there any chance I can get hold of him somewhere?’

    28. Getting A Hold: Raise the energy level of the soil; in turn you will have higher energy levels of the rose, vegetable or plant

    29. My sister is just as likely to talk to you as me and just as likely to help you whether or not you hold me hostage

    30. But how did he get hold of the gun? Henry keeps all the props locked up … Dan would have had to ask for it, borrowed the key or something

    31. What would the future hold for him? Who was this Antiphone, really? What if she didn’t show up? Should he wait outside? He thought of that horrible child, picking his nose

    32. The first step is concentration, or the ability to hold the mind steadily and unwaveringly upon that which the aspirant chooses

    33. She wipes the table down for me, while I hold the tray for her

    34. John takes her hand, tries to hold on, but she is gone in another second

    35. ‘But I won’t hold you up any more

    36. "Who is it? No hold on, hold on," Sammy paused to correct himself, "Forgive me

    37. forward, grabs hold of John and the mast

    38. He doses off, slips from the wreckage, chokes in the water, grabs hold again, looks about him in terror

    39. We wanted desperately to hold him in our hands, to hug him, kiss

    40. "Hold your horses there

    41. He teaches us to grab a physical hold of all the promises

    42. But recalling the texts i could not hold

    43. could hold his leg…

    44. her dues, he thought, she can hold her liquor

    45. Will was shuddering now, trying to hold in the tears

    46. world constricted to a space just big enough to hold the sound of his rapidly beating

    47. ’ I told my son when he arrived at the house just after five fifteen, complaining bitterly about a hold up on the motorway which had kept him stationary for over half an hour

    48. Then there had been a hold up on the motorway – doubtless the tail end of the problem which caused Stephen such a lot of hassle on the way up to Liz’s

    49. They hold each other close, while Ahmed whimpers

    50. I hold her and rock her back and forth, murmuring nothings as she lets go of all the stress and tension of the last weeks

    1. Can a fireman who wants to build a great cavern do that by blasting a solid rock with a fire hose for a week straight, staying up with every bit of energy that he has, holding the hose blasting it at full power

    2. “Did you shoot him? Fuck, Dad!” The man’s holding his stomach, just below his chest

    3. identify those associations in your life that are holding you back

    4. "Leave that," he said, and reached for it, still holding the stairpost with his other hand

    5. Micah, holding a small trash bin in his hand, was not moved

    6. Underling said again, holding out his hand for the papers

    7. "He's making you," a woman holding her toddler replied

    8. “What do those do?” Johnny asked, indicating the objects she was holding

    9. ’ He went on, holding open a door for me

    10. “What do those do, anyway?” Big Petey asked nervously as he looked at the four square grenades that Red was still holding

    11. “Oh my,” he said as he watched it all while holding the Super Chip up in his hand for anyone to notice

    12. The Operator was still holding the Chip up in the air

    13. Henry was holding up two different pieces of paper and trying to look at both of them at the same time

    14. ’ He said with a smile, holding out the receiver to me

    15. Yet again Stephen comes to my rescue, grabbing a handful of tissues from the box I keep in here and holding them out for me

    16. Nancy walked forward, holding the wrist computer ahead of her as the beeps reached a frantic pitch

    17. Still holding my hand, he rises, pulling me to my feet

    18. I stare at the water remaining in the glass I am holding … but that is ridiculous … absurd … it would mean that Dan would have to be psychotic or something … wouldn’t it?

    19. We’re holding the

    20. John pulls into a parking space in front of one of the three-story buildings, gets out of his car, then suddenly staggers backwards, holding onto his car to support himself

    21. ‘Paul and I had the devil of a job stopping her mounting an assault on the police station where they were holding you

    22. Dan sat back in his chair, still holding Jen’s hand

    23. he was still holding in his left hand

    24. mother had simply had enough of living her life in that seemingly permanent holding

    25. Weakly, he pushes the wreckage toward the land, paddling with his feet while still holding on

    26. "So this is what's holding them up?" Taktor said to Ilumvi

    27. Beside them was an old hangleaf holding what had to be the last public house before the wild chaparral

    28. Only he remained, holding her hand, squeezing her

    29. He corners her by the back door and, neatly forcing her to yield up the handful of wallpaper she is holding, dexterously pushes it down the back of her t-shirt as she squirms and squeals

    30. John lies on a single bed, holding his wedding band in one hand, studying it

    31. ’ Emma said, her voice muffled … she must be holding the phone under her chin so that she can write in her diary

    32. Glenelle wondered at the folly of a nation consisting of one pill-shaped space colony three miles in diameter and forty miles long that passes in close orbit less than five hundred miles above, declaring war on a glowing industrial belt holding half a billion mortals that was longer than the distance to that orbit

    33. fauna and insect life was holding its breath

    34. A sheepish CAPTAIN, holding his cap in his hands, walks up with RICCI, strutting and imperious

    35. The plane bounces and shakes through some bad turbulence as Russ snores while holding a drink in one hand

    36. ’ She said, holding out a really pretty bunch of roses and freesias

    37. He tightens his grip on me, holding me closer than ever and murmuring soothing noises as I soak his shirt with tears

    38. Ali Ben Ali walks in, holding his hands over his ears and glaring at one of the soldiers

    39. The prosecutor aims his pointer again at the easel, but this time it’s holding a big, grainy portrait of Teekra

    40. You found where they are holding

    41. coach, holding his Winchester

    42. ’ I said holding out my booty

    43. ‘You idiot!’ he laughed, holding his stick out on a level with mine

    44. ’ He said holding out his business card

    45. He’s holding me far too close to conceal how he feels successfully … unless he has something large in his trouser pocket which I don’t know about

    46. He was holding the delivery and was already through

    47. ’ Stephen replied, holding out the glass and sounding more himself

    48. He was holding an extended telescopic baton in his right hand

    49. He’s still holding my hand and I grip his fingers with mine, trying to smile at him

    50. He was sitting on the ground in back of the Boston Monitor building, holding a gun to his head

    1. The love and devotion he has always felt toward his wife now carries to this tiny, fragile child he holds in his hands

    2. He picks up the pale, doll-headed child and holds the babe to his chest

    3. The mantis captures, holds and devours many different bothersome insects

    4. “What about you, Sadie? You need a brain charge this morning?” She holds out her fist

    5. This is a large bottle-like product that holds water

    6. Before they were done with their lunch, they were traversing open range spotted with scattered small holds with small herdsmen on open range

    7. In Goa, the principle of community ownership of property still holds which was formulated under the Portuguese law

    8. He turns to John, holds out his hand stiffly

    9. He holds services in the local pubs and is chaplain to both the local college and the steam railway which runs nearby

    10. The trooper squints his eyes, holds the cards at arms length, reads them

    11. Bush snatches up the cue ball, holds it up for John to see

    12. He takes a deep toke, holds it

    13. The trooper staggers backward, feels of his chest, holds up his fingers to show no blood, looks at John with a mocking grin

    14. She holds out her hand to him

    15. She holds out her hand

    16. He holds her until she is calmer

    17. She holds up her hands in terror

    18. He holds on to the wreckage

    19. Ricci shakes his head, holds up his hands to calm Ahmed

    20. Ricci holds up his hand

    21. He wipes it away, holds his hand out to Ricci

    22. Hamo holds out his hand, casually snags a bottle of single-malt scotch as a forklift whizzes by

    23. He emerges with a bottle of Jack, holds it up for all to see

    24. That soldier freaks, drops his weapon, holds up his hands

    25. (holds out his hand)

    26. He grins at me and holds out his hand

    27. Omar tastes his wine, smiles, holds it up to the light and studies it

    28. Tears well up in her eyes and she turns away, holds her hand to her face

    29. There’s some question about whether the man had been caught with his hand in the till which will need looking into, but the net result is that Sadler’s story no longer holds water

    30. Hamo holds his hand out

    31. He holds up his hand to silence Ricci

    32. Ali Ben Ali holds up his right hand his index finger and thumb spaced about an inch apart

    33. Jed holds out his hand

    34. The court holds its collective breath

    35. Teekra holds hers too, watches the monitors

    36. He holds out his hand to help me over the stile

    37. a flick Oliver holds the frail woman's head

    38. Quite a few times he has made clear to us he deems his dog equal to any human being -this time, however, he intends to show us too: He takes the bitch in his lap, he holds her as if she were a baby, and says tenderly: “This is my child! Is she any different from a child?”

    39. My friend Mandy, who is with me, suddenly talks about a whip and moves her hands accordingly; she is dressed exactly like Sandra in a similar scene, where Venor holds a whip

    40. A few hours later Josef, my nephew, holds two similar sticks and acts as if he were fighting with them

    41. At a moment he holds my hand – probably hoping for a night of wild sex

    42. ’ He replied, then taking a deep breath, puts his arms round me and just holds me

    43. The plate that holds the bread and the container that holds the fruit of the vine can be

    44. While she holds Apollo in her arms she looks over at me and her face explodes with surprise, "Your eyes! They're better, what happened?" Apollo interjects, "ARIES repaired them

    45. He tries searching for her with his mind before finally calling out, "Misery!" The hollow emptiness that follows, swallows him as he holds out for an answer

    46. All of the land that any of them had purchased with their bits of metal was well into the rural land, the only small holds were right along the brooks out here, the land they discussed was high on the plateaus between

    47. Apollo holds it out and closes his eyes filling it with a clear liquid

    48. So in conclusion, I would like to reiterate that it is only Christianity that holds the view of a triune God

    49. the harsh white moon, he holds her tightly,

    50. he holds his head low, practiced in peace and remorse

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    clasp clench clutch clutches grasp grip hold cargo area cargo deck cargo hold storage area handgrip handle keep appreciation custody detainment detention delay postponement time lag wait deem take for view as agree concord concur adjudge declare bind obligate oblige defend guard carry take hold hold up support sustain confine constrain restrain bear give have make throw entertain harbor harbour nurse arrest halt have got hold back keep back retain book reserve check contain control curb hold in moderate obtain prevail apply go for maintain take defy withstand accommodate admit retention influence ownership tenure tenacity maintenance occupancy clamp purchase prison cell dungeon deep tower possess occupy own continue carry on endure persist remain last adhere attach cling fasten stick pursue engage in observe celebrate detain hinder include believe consider think espouse embrace esteem