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Delirious en una oración (en ingles)

  1. It was a delirious time in.
  2. I thought that he was delirious.
  3. It often makes humans delirious.
  4. You were half delirious already.
  5. He awoke in a high fever and delirious.

  6. The doctor thought that she was delirious.
  7. With delirious eyes, the man stared at Raven.
  8. Perhaps he is delirious from his head injury.
  9. The poor fellow began to be delirious, feverish.
  10. Hammond was wild eyed and looked almost delirious.
  11. In any case, your letters were delirious with love.
  12. She was sometimes delirious when she had high fever.
  13. The invalid was delirious and did not recognize me.
  14. That night I was ill again, feverish and delirious.
  15. I couldn’t answer him, I was so delirious in my joy.

  16. He was delirious and verging on the point of collapse.
  17. He’s either mad or delirious, murmured Rogojin.
  18. They thought she was delirious; and she was by midnight.
  19. You tell him I am-a dying man--a dying and delirious man.
  20. I was delirious or something! I had no clue it was Derrick.
  21. What next! He was unconscious and delirious all yesterday.
  22. Before she had completed it, she became suddenly delirious.
  23. I must have been unconscious, and I believe I was delirious.
  24. He was almost delirious; an uneasy smile strayed on his lips.
  25. Thatcher was very ill, and a great part of the time delirious.

  26. He wasn’t delirious but he stared at the floor in disbelief.
  27. Even in my sleep, I was rumbling and delirious about something.
  28. His fever rose and he became delirious and began to hallucinate.
  29. A man dying from a sudden blow does not commonly become delirious.
  30. I’m afraid he’s delirious, Highness, the Doctor suggested.
  31. My eyes met his in the mirror, and I saw that he was quite delirious.
  32. Thomas felt the world swimming around him, felt delirious, nauseated.
  33. Behind me I heard Holmes's high, thin voice in some delirious chant.
  34. It was time—two hours after he was delirious; the next day he died.
  35. Here, have some of this Peaberry, I think you're delirious with fatigue.
  36. I think you must have eaten something which has made you all delirious.
  37. Chris was worried that she seemed to be becoming increasingly delirious.
  38. Mitya himself was almost delirious, feeling that his happiness was at hand.
  39. That very day, sir, he fell ill with fever and was delirious all night.
  40. At last, delirious with joy, they began cheering and clapping their hands.
  41. From that moment everything whirled about him, as though he were delirious.
  42. During the night high fever had set in, and the poor girl was now delirious.
  43. The daughter smiles and says he is delirious; but the mother speaksquickly.
  44. Over the years I was becoming more and more delirious and continually found myself.
  45. If we are lost at sea and drink salt water, we will go delirious and it will kill us.
  46. She would sometimes begin to cry suddenly and was often ill and feverishly delirious.
  47. Nothing can be dearer to the touch, nor can affect it with a more delirious sensation.
  48. For one horrified second, I thought Çrámerr was delirious and was about to shoot me.
  49. Our only recreation was our evening meal with Rami and later our delirious lovemaking.
  50. Thinking he was still delirious from his wound, she laughed and leaned over to kiss him.
  51. At moments he fancied he was delirious, but it was not illness that he thought of most.
  52. Sometimes they believed they must still be delirious and these gone and Mother had died.
  53. He found Huck still in the bed that had been provided for him, and delirious with fever.
  54. There was much more of this delirious wandering in the letters—one of them was very long.
  55. Miss Temple was not to be seen: I knew afterwards that she had been called to a delirious.
  56. When he was better, he remembered the dreams he had had while he was feverish and delirious.
  57. I was weeping wildly as I walked along my solitary way: fast, fast I went like one delirious.
  58. Ernesto was delirious but someone had already ridden toward the city for a disease specialist.
  59. It seemed obvious to the medic that he had been fasting and figured he was possibly delirious.
  60. She said this of Prince Sergay, and he, at that very time, was lying delirious and unconscious.
  61. At every jolt he again felt unendurable pain; his feverishness increased and he grew delirious.
  62. Delirious with joy, by the New York Times account, they screamed for Schmeling to end it.
  63. As for your wish to go with Rogojin, that was simply the idea of a delirious and suffering brain.
  64. Alternatively, it could lower his oxygen until he became delirious, consciousness gone, then life.
  65. Alyosha told him she had been hysterical, and that she was now, he heard, unconscious and delirious.
  66. Making the most delicious love to me, talking about my babies and kissing me until I was delirious.
  67. At this sight Pinocchio was filled with such great and unexpected joy that he became almost delirious.
  68. It was when I was wandering about yesterday, rather delirious, I chanced upon a man who had been run over.
  69. There was a circumstance which at first sight seemed to entangle his delirious but still methodical scheme.
  70. Our daily existence was full of fun, and Christmas, New Years, Fourth of July, and birthdays were delirious.
  71. At the door of the room Alexis stopped again: Czar, she has had a fever these three days; she is delirious.
  72. He had thought then that master was being delirious because of the numerous wounds, but now it all made sense.
  73. Sometimes he was delirious, and fancied he saw an old man stretched on a pallet; he, also, was dying of hunger.
  74. Rodya has been ill for the last five days and delirious for three, but now he is recovering and has got an appetite.
  75. He had been delirious for over a week, she said, perspiring, screaming and trying to rip off the bandages and splints.
  76. I did not for a moment suspect that I was delirious and that this Rogojin was but the result of fever and excitement.
  77. I felt his blood gush over my face, but I was intoxicated, I was delirious, and the blood refreshed, instead of burning me.
  78. It was a delirious prosperity that even made him laugh, and he could not help doing crazy things to release his good humor.
  79. As the infection raged through Darkburst's body, he became ever more delirious, his thoughts wandering off in all directions.
  80. He wanted you to sing it to him again but you only did once, when he was ill with a fever and you thought he was delirious.
  81. Mark Ivanovitch said no more, for every one saw clearly that Semyon Ivanovitch was not yet in his sober senses, but delirious.
  82. I fancy that the poor fellow murmured some incoherent delirious words, and that she twisted them into this meaningless message.
  83. Still, he had only treated one Koryo in his entire career and the man had only agreed to it because he was delirious at the time.
  84. He breathed the unexpected words from his hot lips into hers repeatedly like a man delirious, ‘I must have you, I must have you.
  85. He then gazed, in a delirious state, at her small buttocks from behind while she made for a solitary room in the back of the house.
  86. My heart was delirious, pumping like a machinegun with fear and hope, making it difficult for me to breathe and keep a straight face.
  87. And their delirious hope became so great that it turned into confidence that an anointed one, a messiah, would lead them to greatness.
  88. It's you say that, not he, exclaimed Alyosha mournfully, and you say it because you are ill and delirious, tormenting yourself.
  89. For two weeks he suffered from a raging fever, oftentimes becoming delirious; both Jesus and Gonod were kept busy attending the sick boy.
  90. He wrote to me how he would kill his father! But the other one is ill, he is ill, he is delirious! she kept crying out, beside herself.
  91. But I soon found her delirious strength much surpassed mine (she was delirious, I became convinced by her subsequent actions and ravings).
  92. They thought at first that she was delirious, especially as they could not make out whether it was Kirillov who was murdered or her husband.
  93. He was not completely unconscious, however, all the time he was ill; he was in a feverish state, sometimes delirious, sometimes half conscious.
  94. You should consult an experienced doctor, what's the good of that fat fellow? You are lightheaded! You were delirious when you did all this!.
  95. In the course of the evening he became delirious, and continued in this situation several years; when his mental powers were suddenly restored.
  96. I’ve since thought that I was delirious, that my actions were those of an animal, who, loose of reason, heard the call of his flesh and blood.
  97. I also agree with Dows that this department lacks vision and suffers from excessive conservatism that sometimes turns into delirious imagination.
  98. Katy's heart had begun to beat wildly and she wasn't sure if what she was feeling was the beginning of an orgasm or if she was becoming delirious.
  99. You should consult an experienced doctor, what’s the good of that fat fellow? You are lightheaded! You were delirious when you did all this!’.
  100. For as the swift monster drags you deeper and deeper into the frantic shoal, you bid adieu to circumspect life and only exist in a delirious throb.

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