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Delirious in una frase (in inglese)

Some were delirious.
It was a delirious time in.
with a more delirious sensation.
It often makes humans delirious.
"Is he delirious?" (out of his mind).
The doctor thought that she was delirious.
became delirious, begging not to be raped.

need him for she heard him say: Delirious.
With delirious eyes, the man stared at Raven.
Perhaps he is delirious from his head injury.
Hammond was wild eyed and looked almost delirious.
In any case, your letters were delirious with love.
She was sometimes delirious when she had high fever.
died, sniveling and delirious just a day or two later.
I couldn’t answer him, I was so delirious in my joy.
He was delirious and verging on the point of collapse.
They thought she was delirious; and she was by midnight.
� He was very young, maybe nineteen, and was delirious.
decided she wanted it short, and in a delirious, sleep-.
You tell him I am-a dying man--a dying and delirious man.
What next! He was unconscious and delirious all yesterday.
I was delirious or something! I had no clue it was Derrick.
fiebre, when she was delirious under the torture of ahigh.
him groan and respond to her touch had driven her delirious.
delirious? Did she have occasional hallucinations? Anxiously.
He was almost delirious; an uneasy smile strayed on his lips.
Even in my sleep, I was rumbling and delirious about something.

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