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    1. Ackers detached his keypad box and threw both it and his lock picking gadget into his backpack

    2. Emma and Adrian live in a modern detached house on the outskirts of a village not far from Bridgwater

    3. It is a beautiful house - two storey, detached and standing in its own grounds … the gravel drive large enough for at least six cars to park in

    4. The Chief's arm detached in his hands along the seam he’d spotted between her new and old skin

    5. Holding out her arm to allow it to perch, and moving the bag holding the bread safely out of reach of the avian’s sharp beak, she carefully detached the message and sent the bird on its way

    6. Then he made them a gift of a beautifully decorated, modern semi detached house on a quiet new estate in a local seaside town

    7. detached five bedroom houses with automatic gates like the ones at

    8. use it is that they natural y become more detached and al owing

    9. its presence without attaching to it (detached observation), you allow

    10. True love happens when we are living in a ful state of detached

    11. conclusion that until we can function in a continual state of detached

    12. OBSERVE without attachment/judgement (detached observation); al ow

    13. ” He took the clamp back and detached it, then took off the microscope

    14. The people who lived here were still urban but they lived in detached or semi-detached houses with little bits of ground behind them or on top of them where they might grow a few salad fixings and some spices and/or sit outdoors in the shade of a tree

    15. To dream that you are sleepwalking suggests that you are feeling emotionally detached from others

    16. He felt detached from the situation and just observed


    18. During the course of that war, Rome granted those privileges to the greater part of them, one by one, and in proportion as they detached themselves from the general confederacy

    19. Three identical 15-man troop transporters detached themselves from the underside of Vanguard’s hull, fired up their thrusters and set off directly to the space station

    20. detached from his only daughter and always felt guilty about

    21. The result was that the Release was taken to Boston, laid up, and everyone was detached from her

    22. Early in 1861, while still in Hong Kong, Waddell was detached from the Saginaw and ordered to the John Adams

    23. Despite my cool and detached demeanor, the kitten quickly analyzed me as a long-dormant sucker

    24. In 1862, the USS Wyoming was detached and sent to the East Indies thereby reducing the fleet by one fighting ship

    25. No matter what she told herself, no matter how much she tried to be detached from him, she was relieved that he had survived the fight

    26. He was angry at the fans who cheered from their homes, detached from the reality of the deaths

    27. He thought of his life: his carefree childhood, awkward adolescence, detached university years, his destructive relationships, which had ended one by one because of his inability to relax and enjoy himself, his devastating love of Seraphia and his arrival at Salverford

    28. funeral, detached from the mourners, studying them in their grief with an almost clinical apathy

    29. Arbitan viewed the fights with detached boredom

    30. It sounded so unemotional, so detached, nothing at all like the feelings she experienced on her day to day rounds of the Sheltered Accommodation complex

    31. I was put on detached service for thirty days

    32. have been severed from trusting them and detached from the ability to

    33. I had detached to the point that I realized it was her problem, and I didn’t need to take it on and have it become

    34. Mason suddenly felt detached from his body - disorientated

    35. The pain had stopped but now it felt as though his brain was detached from his body, floating in space

    36. Even as I continued talking to Cooper and Kemp, I realized that I had slipped into the detached mode of thinking and talking that I had always used when I had been with McGregor on the Metro force

    37. Which was also why he could blame Amonas for their predicament in a steady, calm, and somewhat detached distant tone of voice

    38. If he had, it would have been enough for even the most socially inept, slow-witted and sentimentally detached human to understand that Amonas was deeply troubled

    39. His right hand, the one adorned with the Holy Diadems, was scratching his chin in a rather detached and insouciant way, in stark contrast to his earlier searing demeanor

    40. The car pulls in through the gates of a very nice detached Tudor style house

    41. It appears that this is as far as I can go in drawing conclusions from the material that I have already gathered without getting so far into the area of speculation that it becomes detached from any foundation supplied up to now

    42. “Died” was just a fact to me then, detached from emotion

    43. His voice sounds somehow detached from him, like it is floating between us

    44. Their collective countenance was clearly detached and a bit cool

    45. the jaw with the detached lever bar

    46. There seemed to be a discussion going on among them for a while; then a small group of them detached and approached Bisdah

    47. Finally, a large group of them detached, laid down their arms and were allowed to pass through our lines

    48. detached structure by its side, idle according to the piles of trash

    49. detached tone of the words

    50. It looked like a jagun detached from the Snake Ordu

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    Sinónimos para "detached"

    detached degage uninvolved separated free unaffectionate uncaring isolated set-apart aloof indifferent unconcerned distant removed divided severed