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Detached in a sentence

1. I detached two of them.
2. He detached her from the wall.
3. He was more detached than I am.
4. Instead, she was oddly detached.
5. He detached them both and laid.
6. They were empty, detached, hollow.
7. The stern blue eyes were detached.

8. You become detached from the earth.
9. Remove any false or detached teeth.
10. When he is completely detached, en-.
11. You really want a detached house and.
12. William and Fanny were the most detached.
13. I watched all this with detached amazement.
14. Credit could no longer remain idly detached.
15. But Hansylman had been detached from the St.
16. I detached the battery and headed back inside.
17. I was put on detached service for thirty days.
18. But she didn't care, she was becoming detached.
19. It is not the desire that needs to be detached.
20. He detached himself from the shadows of her room.
21. Arbitan viewed the fights with detached boredom.
22. She checked out the dress with detached interest.
23. The state of detached awareness is the witness-.
24. We reached some sort of suburb with detached houses.
25. When he got to the Jeep he detached the rickety old.
26. I detached a tumen to guard and help with this task.
27. What had she seen? She seemed detached, emotionless.
28. It looked like a jagun detached from the Snake Ordu.
29. He felt detached from the situation and just observed.
30. Should I panic? Eric asked himself in a detached manner.
31. They are detached from the world they actually live-in.
32. She detached the parachute and sat on the nearby bench.
33. When a great kid becomes detached, it raises a red lag.
34. It was all in the past, and she knew how to be detached.
35. I own a 5 bedroom detached house (then proceed to.
36. They invented the human insanity of detached observation.
37. Josh checked the altimeter on his watch and detached the.
38. Mason suddenly felt detached from his body - disorientated.
39. Satsang in his next birth and became detached and a recluse.
40. As I talk to you, I am in the state of detached but affec-.
41. But that is exactly what Science is: pure detached bullshit.
42. He pulled a key ring out of his pocket and detached his keys.
43. In his mind he did, but his body felt detached from himself.
44. As she sat down, she realized he was detached and unfocused.
45. For the detached bachelor such messages have little interest.
46. Died was just a fact to me then, detached from emotion.
47. The look in his eyes, detached and stern, spoke volumes to me.
48. Q: He may be detached from his own suffering, but still it is.
49. Worried about his reputation, he had become detached from the.
51. Hunter watched his friend’s progress with a detached interest.
52. Thomas watched in detached awe—he couldn’t believe his eyes.
53. The captain watched with detached amusement and then turned away.
54. Only a select few ever followed his path into detached insanity.
55. Their collective countenance was clearly detached and a bit cool.
56. He may be more awkward and is socially detached and unresponsive.
57. The cornea was badly seared and the retina detached by the blast.
58. A good-looking boy of about twenty detached himself from the crowd.
59. Right up until his head became detached from the rest of his body.
60. Stephen, Thomas thought, feeling an unexpected but detached sorrow.
61. Fathers can become very detached and disinterested from their kids.
62. Swiftly, he dropped the hat to the floor and, reaching up, detached.
63. He watched in detached disbelief as his wife was rushed through the.
64. The dish-filled hemisphere detached and drifted into the nearby vortex.
65. Gillenormand who clung to it, and Marius who detached himself from it.
66. He detached himself from the melee and paused, panting, to take stock.
67. This new identification with no self can feel flat, dry, and detached.
68. This is accessed when one is neither attached or detached - it just is.
69. OBSERVE without attachment/judgement (detached observation); al ow.
70. She detached it from the MAV, drove four kilometers away, and buried it.
71. A detached knot of dark shapes stood in front of the head of the column.
72. In the midst of all this Zourine had been detached against some mounted.
73. The boughs, without becoming detached from the trunk, grow away from it.
74. Sex desire was a sort of detached thing, that did not belong to a woman.
75. Any cherished thoughts she had were concealed behind a detached exterior.
76. The woman watched Christine’s distress calmly, with a detached attitude.
77. And uses these detached facts to prove and justify whatever they want to.
78. He felt that these consultations were detached from real affairs and did.
79. It was another symbolic sign of the detached insanity of American culture.
80. I stared out over the river, my words detached from the pain I was feeling.
81. His voice sounds somehow detached from him, like it is floating between us.
82. True love happens when we are living in a ful state of detached.
83. The car pulls in through the gates of a very nice detached Tudor style house.
84. As he watched, a cavalry unit detached and proceeded towards the manor house.
85. Again, he had the sense that she was out of place but oddly detached about it.
86. I feel somewhat detached as they wheel me down the corridors of Pioneer Base.
87. Impersonally… in a detached, scientific way; thanks to the wonders of Science.
88. His and Karen's careers kept them busy, cloaking their detached social interests.
89. She ate them and ate them, and remained as brightly detached from them as before.
90. I get anxious about the trade rather than staying detached and doing other things.
91. The ships are detached and are semi-invisible as a bright red star is behind them.
92. Credit watched from the air as the void finally detached itself from his alter-ego.
93. I did not like it then either, he said, analysing Hanor’s detached features.
94. She was saying detached things into her handkerchief, and they were all for her son.
95. After several minutes of detached analysis, he decided the overall plan still worked.
96. His shirt and trousers From the group one man detached himself and looked toward her.
97. Our room was in a whitewashed carriage house that was detached from the main building.
98. The Emperor detached Domon's division of light cavalry to reconnoitre in that quarter.
99. He pointed to the French guns, the limbers of which were being detached and hurriedly.
100. In other words, I try to take a detached view, and figure out what the lesson here is.
1. It kept stretching toward me, detaching a few more tentacles to stretch out.
2. Reflective apes detaching bones from dead bodies, and using them to kill with.
3. Detaching does not automatically mean disconnecting, however; although in this.
4. The detachment we're most interested in is detaching from these layers of the ego.
5. Reflectively detaching themselves from their own bodies while they were still alive.
6. Bino turned and groped with his oxygen hose, detaching it from the portable bottle he carried around.
7. Reflective apes detaching themselves from their own actions… apes using stones to detach bones with.
8. It was their way of detaching themselves from the atrocities they were committing upon their fellow man.
9. In truth detaching ourselves will not eliminate the unpleasant moment, but it can help alleviate our suffering.
10. But just how did one go about detaching mother and baby? I knew it was a job that required someone with a cool head.
11. Take decisive actions, rather than detaching completely from problems and stresses and wishing they would just go away.
12. Ah, the standards! said Kutúzov, evidently detaching himself with difficulty from the thoughts that preoccupied him.
13. This meant detaching about 6,500 cubic meters, to dig a hole through which the ship could descend below this tract of ice.
14. Detaching the tongue is a heavy job by itself, carrying it along while the kedas turn around was a strain for the three of them.
15. We are detecting what seems to be the enemy amphibious assault force in the process of detaching itself from the main enemy fleet.
16. He felt sorry for the officer and the clerk, but he was burnt out on death and had a way of detaching himself from this sort of thing.
17. Change his orders detaching him from the 6250th Combat Support Group and assigning him to me here at the 7th Intel as special courier.
18. This detaching of the staples causes an emergency situation and if the patient is not treated in due time, the problem may cause death.
19. Detaching yourself from yourself: becoming a detached observer; is the mark of an insane poisoned human who has no sense of themselves as a living human.
20. Instead she busied herself readying the horses, detaching their feed-bags and rolling a large wooden keg to a well that had appeared by the shack in the morning light.
21. Using the Jagger; detaching its weapons and placing them on its back, Lezura tied ten crates of silver rounds together and carried them out on the mechsuit’s shoulders.
22. The entire further growth and development of the Greek relief is in the direction of rounding these lines and of detaching the relief more and more from the back surface.
23. Picking speed slowly, the MV Heraklion’s bow started swinging towards the incoming armada of Hezbollah boats and detaching itself from the yacht that had been commandeered by ISIS.
24. I might have stayed even longer had not one of the shirkers noticed my uniform and detaching himself from the bar came over he then proceeded to tell me how we should go about winning the war.
25. In the top of the gathering an oldster with raised fists and the missed expression of madness, was fanning the long and black sleeves of her blouse as a raven on the verge of detaching in flight.
26. By this trick of hocus-pocus: Science has hidden itself away from human society and barricaded itself inside its arcane jargon and insanities of detached mentalities detaching themselves from what they study to the point of madness.
27. It is the human subconscious mind trying to hide its actual truth, trying to wash the past away, cover it up, hide it, bury it, wash it away, cleansing oneself of rotten lies, detaching ourselves from our own awareness, our own acts, our own emotions, our own thoughts.
28. Arnold[182] was a thousand times right when he said that the business of criticism lies in detaching the good from the bad, from all that has been written and done, and mainly the bad from that which is recognised as splendid, and the good from that which is recognised as bad, or is not recognised at all.
29. He was a confirmed nihilist: a corrupt paid entertainer… who just happened to be slightly more honest than most of the other professional clowns who are paid to make people laugh by detaching them from reality and brainwashing them into passive obedient terrified little cowards and slaves of the rich and mighty.
30. From here we can understand that we still have plenty to face with Poseidon and that we must decide to sacrifice our pride and our hatred, our megalomanic, omnipotent I , as well as our fetal I that wants nothing to do with detaching from the past or with giving up its thousands of types of complicity with the devouring mother.
31. This sort, therefore is at present cultivated principally for supplying wick for the lamps that are used in sugar boiling, and for domestic purposes; but the staple being exceedingly good, and its color perfectly white, it would doubtless be a valuable acquisition to the muslin manufactory, could means be found of detaching it easily from the seed.
1. It detaches facts.
2. The force of the tractor beam slowly detaches her head from her body.
3. Ella detaches herself from her parachute and runs to Vaughn and Mike.
4. But it gets better: a figure detaches from the holy crowd and comes toward me.
5. Then she detaches the ID, retrieves the original from her pocket, and compares them.
6. It’s a complicated process, but it detaches the bedroom without having to depressurize the rover cabin.
7. Lenehan in yachtsman's cap and white shoes officiously detaches a long hair from Blazes Boylan's coat shoulder.
8. The entire tractor-trailer lifts into the air, and then the cabin area of the truck detaches from the rear trailer and slams to the ground.
9. Makgrygair’s Siddarmarkians wouldn’t have the strength to take the place, but especially if Kynt detaches Brigadier Tymkyn and the Fourth Mounted Brigade to support him and give him some extra mobility, he should have the strength to keep Nybar from pulling out of Fairkyn.
10. This is revealed to be the case when, but in the next moment, the beautiful monster detaches itself from the moth and begins to spin it in its web, slowly but surely creating an imperfection upon its home that, to such seemingly-vain creatures, should be impossible in such colonial behavior.

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1. Muhmmad (pbuh) could detach this.
2. He can detach from food but not an intercourse.
3. Fumbling, she manages to detach the pepper spray.
4. Then he visited Stalin in Russia, trying to detach.
5. How he used to detach himself over the years!.
6. During the Chinese New Year, I want to detach myself from the.
7. Then I detach it from the outer hatch and close the outer door.
8. To love myself means that I want to detach myself from my trauma.
9. Celeste is hoping that her swing doesn’t detach from its wires.
10. But detach what should have been better with conceptualized control.
11. Ruby, unwrap the flower and detach its head carefully from the stem.
12. The cabling was easy to detach, too, just a couple of complicated plugs.
13. Weaned: To detach from that which one is strongly attached or devoted to.
14. The care which he had himself taken to detach her from him was succeeding.
15. They had left too quickly to detach it and had ripped it free as they left.
16. Once the ship reaches its destination, Id send down a diver, detach it, and.
17. But it was clear the time had come for me to detach from the identity of a coach or.
18. He cleaned the sink, trying to detach himself, as if it was happening to someone else.
19. Maybe now he'll detach more warships to help combat the pirate scourge near Khabarovsk.
20. When he is ready to detach himself, the god Hermes arrives and helps Ulysses save himself.
21. A quartet of shallow screws was already threatening to detach on either side of the handle.
22. He returned it with his hunting horn and saw one of the horsemen detach from the advancing party.
23. The only job remaining was to shove up the tent, detach and sling the panniers into it and piss off.
24. A girl he could feel was stuck in this mess yet trying so desperately to detach herself from it all.
25. They detach the head and most of the limbs, then fill the empty shell with machinery to enable flight.
26. Merthin seemed to be struggling to detach Anthony’ s clothing from a tangle of boards and splinters.
27. Reflective apes detaching themselves from their own actions… apes using stones to detach bones with.
28. They watched the men detach the sling, and wrap the chains from the crane around each main landing gear.
29. She could not detach her eyes from the carpet where he had walked, from those empty chairs where he had sat.
30. Having the plan before you trade allows you to detach from the idea and determine ahead of time when you are wrong.
31. Using a small pick to detach it cautiously from the surface ice, Toru then took it with both hands and lifted it up.
32. Then the bulky first stages detach from the bottom of my interceptors and the second-stage engines come roaring to life.
33. This is why we have to detach ourselves from R-selves, disown iOur beliefs, because they are not always ours, or even us.
34. This forgiveness is not a condoning of the actions of the other but it is a decision to detach from hatred, out of love for oneself.
35. Most of the routed men had jettisoned their arms and such armor as they could easily detach on the run, to speed them on their way.
36. Sometimes I launch a process, detach from the session, and reconnect later to examine all the output that occurred while I was away.
37. You should also detach the cabling plug to the moving trailer, as braking mechanism lights burns out if the box leaks when under water.
38. Firstly we need to identify the cause of your problem, the ignition point or the initial trigger and detach yourself from the experience.
39. You detach completely, you not only find yourself way out on a limb, against your nature, but you’ve lost any power for group resistance.
40. Only the laws of biological growth manage to detach the child from its love object and send it off to the neck of the uterus so it can be born.
41. This doesn’t always work in the moment, of course, but with practice it’s possible to detach yourself from the vampires instead of acceding to them.
42. Attached to the messenger’s leg is a tube – trying not to drop the bird, I detach it and hand it to Berndt, while I tentatively stroke the creature.
43. So close was her hold upon his arm, that he feared to detach himself lest he should hurt her; therefore he called out loudly for assistance without moving.
44. With the aforesaid technique in mind, we could choose to ‘zoom out’ or detach ourselves from the moment if we are currently witnessing despondent drama.
45. It was also the best thing for the mother to leave the cord attached, as it helped the placenta to fully detach naturally, with less chance of hemorrhaging.
46. It had been beaten out of her as a child and she had learned early how to detach herself from the world sufficiently so as not to earn blows from her mother.
47. He could feel his first-period sophomores watching his shirttail detach from his waistband as he elucidated a nicety from Portrait of the Artist on the board.
48. Only truth in action, by introducing light into the conscience of each individual, can dissolve the homogeneity of error, and detach men one by one from its bonds.
49. The Church that sought to detach men from error and to weld them together again by the solemn affirmation that it alone was the truth, has long since fallen to decay.
50. How can this be evil? In answer: a newborn baby does not have a reflective brain which can detach itself from its own actual circumstances and laugh as an adult laughs.
51. In reality it was very much like the rest of the steppe, but because the ABREKS sat there it seemed to detach itself from all the rest and to have become distinguished.
52. It was easily foreseen that this measure would be employed to detach us from our neutral situation, which it was so much our interest, and had been so much our desire, to maintain.
53. There are moments when a bit of rope, a pole, the branch of a tree, is life itself, and it is a terrible thing to see a living being detach himself from it and fall like a ripe fruit.
54. They could not be far from the English – but now Caris wondered how she was going to detach herself from the French and join the English without being killed by one side or the other.
55. The reveries from which it was difficult for him to detach himself were ideal constructions of something else than Rosamond's virtues, and the primitive tissue was still his fair unknown.
56. Then the figure, from whom she could not detach her eyes, and who appeared more protecting than menacing, took the glass, and walking towards the night-light held it up, as if to test its transparency.
57. Abstraction is only one of their filthy evil tactics to detach and dissociate living humans from experiencing the 3-dimensional universe through action, through feeling life with their living naked skin.
58. We were seated by the fire, as just now described, and Miss Havisham still had Estella's arm drawn through her own, and still clutched Estella's hand in hers, when Estella gradually began to detach herself.
59. By actively reliving this archaic experience, the adult I can find the freedom and the strength it needs to definitively detach from its first love object and from its incestuous relationship with the mother.
60. But it was clear the time had come for me to detach from the identity of a coach or mentor or teacher or guru to my ex-wife (and anyone and everyone else) and from the endless gratitude to her and her husband.
61. Death is nothing else than such a transformation, dependent from another partition from the world, another personality: Here I consider as myself, my body with my senses, and then something else will detach itself to be myself.
62. Having taken away the power of life and death from the mother, now Ulysses can fully enjoy the possession of his love object, and when it is time, he will be able to easily detach himself from her and grow up in complete freedom.
63. A giddiness seemed to her to detach itself from this mass of existence, and her heart swelled as if the hundred and twenty thousand souls that palpitated there had all at once sent into it the vapour of the passions she fancied theirs.
64. We don’t want to separate from it, and only forgiveness, that is an act of love towards ourselves, is capable of helping us detach from our trauma and the pain of our trauma and, as a result, from our anger and our need to get revenge.
65. He recoiled three paces, then halted, without being able to detach his gaze from the spot which his foot had trodden but an instant before, as though the thing which lay glittering there in the gloom had been an open eye riveted upon him.
66. The adult I will have to face terrible battles so it can emerge and be born, and conquer the freedom to detach from its primary love object and turn to another love object that is truly different from the first, not merely a substitute for it.
67. Here is how I envision ACT being used by the active trader: imagine that every time you have a negative thought about your trading, you were also able to detach yourself from, and thus defuse, the thought before it affected your trading decisions.
68. If to each colony which should detach itself from the general confederacy, Great Britain should allow such a number of representatives as suited the proportion of what it contributed to the public revenue of the empire, in consequence of its being subjected to the same taxes.
69. The Maelstrom! Could a more frightening name have rung in our ears under more frightening circumstances? Were we lying in the dangerous waterways off the Norwegian coast? Was the Nautilusbeing dragged into this whirlpool just as the skiff was about to detach from its plating?
70. The duke and duchess hearing this, and guessing what it was, ran with all haste to his room, and as the poor gentleman was striving with all his might to detach the cat from his face, they opened the door with a master-key and went in with lights and witnessed the unequal combat.
71. The custom suited me well, for it gave me a good reason to detach myself from the rest of the party; when the house was full, the garden-room became a rival to the nursery, where from time to time people took refuge to complain about the others; thus without effort I kept in touch with the gossip of the place.
72. Suellen, embroidering on what she gigglingly called her hope chest, was silent tears of enjoyment oozing from her eyes, was pleasurably picturing herself in a wondering if she could possibly detach Stuart Tarleton from her sister’s side at the barbecue tomorrow and fascinate him with the sweet womanly qualities which she possessed and Scarlett did not.
73. It is true that Ulysses betrayed Penelope with Circe and Calypso, but how would he have been able to free himself of his intrauterine incest with his mother, had he not established intimate relationships through which he could understand and overcome these incestuous ties? How else could he decide to detach himself from his mother without first possessing her? Circe and Calypso are two symbols of the mother that first possesses her son and then is possessed by him.
74. Each of them desired nothing more than to give himself up as a prisoner to escape from all this horror and misery; but on the one hand the force of this common attraction to Smolensk, their goal, drew each of them in the same direction; on the other hand an army corps could not surrender to a company, and though the French availed themselves of every convenient opportunity to detach themselves and to surrender on the slightest decent pretext, such pretexts did not always occur.
75. Each of them desired nothing more than to give himself up as a prisoner to escape from all this horror and misery; but on the one hand the force of this common attraction to Smolénsk, their goal, drew each of them in the same direction; on the other hand an army corps could not surrender to a company, and though the French availed themselves of every convenient opportunity to detach themselves and to surrender on the slightest decent pretext, such pretexts did not always occur.
76. I answer, if it be admitted that sensible heat acts on solids in an increasing ratio to its intensity, it follows that lower degrees, though acting in an inverse ratio to higher, must affect the same bodies in a conceivable degree at any temperature above their natural zero:[40] and though the heat of the sun beating on a plane surface for several hours is feeble, compared with that produced by a burning lens, or air furnace, yet if it be sufficient to detach from one square foot of the earth's surface the 104023 part of a grain in twenty-four hours, the quantity taken from 100 square miles, in the same time and proportion, would amount to ten pounds, which is abundantly sufficient for all meteoric phenomena; and the loss to each square foot, supposing the process to be uninterrupted, would be no more than one grain in 284 years.
77. On their arrival, which was about 12 o'clock, I discovered that they had only twenty pistols, and neither cutlasses nor battle axes; but on application to Generals Smyth and Hall, of the regulars and militia, I was supplied with a few arms, and General Smyth was so good, on my request, as immediately to detach fifty men from the regulars, armed with muskets; by four o'clock, in the afternoon, I had my men selected and stationed in two boats which I had previously prepared for the purpose; with those boats, fifty men in each, and under circumstances very disadvantageous, my men having had scarcely time to refresh themselves, after a fatiguing march of five hundred miles, I put off from the mouth of Buffalo creek, at one o'clock the following morning; and at three I was alongside the vessels; in about ten minutes I had the prisoners all secured, the topsails sheeted home, and the vessels under way; unfortunately the wind was not sufficiently strong to get me up against a rapid current into the lake, where I understood another armed vessel lay at anchor, and I was obliged to run down the river by the forts, under a heavy fire of round, grape, and canister, from a number of pieces of heavy ordnance, and several pieces of flying artillery; was compelled to anchor at a distance of about four hundred yards from two of their batteries.
78. Detach any of the following maps, appropriate to the time of year,.

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