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Detonation en una oración (en ingles)

1. They were wary of a detonation.
2. This was followed by prompt detonation.
3. That’ll just accelerate the detonation.
4. The detonation causes the initial shock-wave.
5. It’s the detonation of a high-explosive shell.
6. There was a detonation from the development level.
7. A fearful detonation burst forth on the barricade.

8. The flash of light hadnt reported the detonation.
9. Peter! Set the robots for detonation on proximity!.
10. Any reckless gunfire might trigger the detonation mechanism.
11. There was no flash, no smoke, simply that loaded detonation.
12. The networks were reporting the detonation of Fat Man over Nagasaki.
13. Puller had almost reached the first landing when the detonation occurred.
14. When the detonation occurred, the Americans would not know what hit them.
15. You’re about three and a half miles away from the area of the detonation.
16. Anthony of Padua, which was certainly within range for adequate detonation.
17. The entire audience waited, anticipating an additional detonation, there being.
18. But Mudabbir had told him detonation must be accomplished a safe distance away.
19. Lightning struck behind them, sending a detonation of water and electricity into the air.
20. She pressed the bomb release trigger as she felt a distant detonation behind their aircraft.
21. Close to the point of detonation all inflammable materials will be ignited—even vaporized.
22. Seconds later, a bright flash and a loud detonation announced the first shot of the encounter.
23. A nuclear weapon detonation inadequately explains the huge amounts of energy released in that.
24. I do not know if it is set on a timer or not, but there is a detonation button on the front seat.
25. Thinking it quicker and attended by less risk than the usual detonation, I decided to drop them in the sea.
26. Nothing was more prone to trigger that detonation than Dad, which was weird, because he was so rarely around.
27. Nonetheless, in the depth of his stomach he felt the thud-thud-thud of the timer counting down to detonation.
28. That war, so we need a detonation, we need to destroy that asteroid so there is no single chunk to guide into the planet.
29. The location of the detonation – on the side of the Washington Monument facing toward the Mall – was carefully chosen.
30. The senators barely had time to crouch down in the communication trench before a loud detonation made them cover their ears.
31. Jackie signalled to me in sign language that she’d found the detonation switch and had blown it up with her special toothpaste.
32. The three other men snapped their heads around at the detonation of the shot and looked with wide eyes at the King and his escort.
33. Just as Roidon was about to send a detonation thought pattern to the grenade, he noticed there was someone standing before the craft.
34. They discussed a report from the rescue services that a detonation device had been found at Area 7 and that it may have links to Al-Qaeda.
35. If the detonation is sufficiently distant not to produce total destruction, the trench and earth will protect from blast, heat and radiation.
36. But the detonation creates some tectonic shift in the building’s rubble, and there is a snap followed by multiple cascades in the darkness.
37. The effect was like that of a mini atomic bomb, the detonation of the cloud of explosive vapors equating the power of nearly twenty tons of TNT.
38. Modern technology serves the terrorist well with ever-more reliable and complex detonation systems and increasingly powerful explosive substances.
39. After relaying protracted often heated negotiations, the satellites reported a brilliant flash that could only be the detonation of a hyper drive.
40. Then its operator finally activated the drone’s self-destruct sequence, and the detonation caused one of the flaming buildings nearby to collapse.
41. Her face was still full of fear and a smile was all he could manage then before her face washed out in the glare from the alien reactor’s detonation.
42. The explosion was massive – Kim’s motorboat was flung bodily into the air and almost up-ended by the huge wave that was created by the force of the detonation.
43. Then I run back to the end of the hallway and around the corner and crouch, my back to the doors, as I press the detonation button and shield my ears with my palms.
44. The wave of pressure travelling outwards from the point of detonation will collapse buildings, uproot trees and fill the air with flying debris, well before the heat follows.
45. Nevertheless, in the pump house the charges were placed on the pumps, and the resulting detonation collapsed the floor of the pump house, taking the control machinery with it.
46. Shamir said, That means that even if you died at the moment you commanded the detonation and something caused a delay, the explosion would still transpire later when you are dead.
47. The walls and the ceiling, already remote, pulled outwards and each step of his thin-soled loafers became an artillery detonation that reverberated through the now infinite hollowness.
48. A couple of seconds later, after the cloud of droplets had time to expand and mix with ambient air, a lighting charge attached to the braking parachute initiated the detonation of the fuel-air mixture.
49. Whatever dimensional membrane made up the walls of the transit echoed with the detonation, rippling with waves so violent, the walls of that great vein seemed to reverberate against each other before they tore.
50. The rocket, with its big shaped charge warhead, flew forward with a loud detonation and a cloud of smoke and dust, performing a downward curved trajectory before hitting the side of the tank’s turret and exploding.
51. That would at least explain why it’s been placed where it is, as a thruster fuel line, would not only increase the power of the explosive but would also allow the detonation to spread along the pipe causes much wider damage.
52. The loud detonation made the guards and the prisoners alike stiffen, while the man Ingrid was interrogating shrieked involuntarily with terror and shock as the blast burned and ripped the groin area of his trousers, with the.
53. I shall never forget the muffled, mysterious detonation, the sudden agitation of the sea round the slowly raised stern, and to this day I have in my eye the propeller, seen perfectly still in its frame against a clear evening sky.
54. The battle quickly looked like a confusing, mortal dance between bears and bees, with the darkness of space illuminated at intervals by the detonation of projectiles, the explosion of ships and even by cataclysmic collisions between ships.
55. Of the six hundred infantrymen and seventy artillerists manning that stretch of works at the moment of detonation, seventeen survived; the others were either killed instantly, mortally wounded, or buried alive to die a slower and more terrifying death.
56. Louder than any crack of thunder that I’d ever heard, the detonation rolled away through the orchard, but in the aftermath a solemn tolling continued in my ears, as if I were not atop a two-story building but were inside the bell tower of a cathedral.
57. As the ship’s crew watched horrified, the debris from the head-on collision between the satellite and what J T estimated to be a rock a thousand meters across and the subsequent detonation of the satellite’s fission reactor cascaded through the comet.
58. However somewhere in the path of paperwork the orders were completely misinterpreted, and the robots were not only programmed to say they have bombs, but they were actually installed with fully functioning nukes, the detonation of which was entirely up to the whim of the robot.
59. At the moment of the attack, at the detonation, the physical shock had reached him and had, as it were, awakened him; he started up abruptly, crossed the room, and at the instant when Enjolras repeated his appeal: "Does no one volunteer?" the old man was seen to make his appearance.
60. Plutonium 239, which is easier to produce than highly enriched uranium, is better used in implosion devices, where a sub-critical ball of plutonium is compressed from all sides by the simultaneous explosions of carefully shaped high explosive charges, causing a fission reaction and detonation.
61. With that amount of weapons and ammunition mixed with extremely powerful and hard-to-come-by military-grade explosives and blasting caps, which work off of a remote detonation activation device, these tribesmen might just be swayed to look the other way when we want to ‘work on the land for deforestation.
62. They toppled above him, clapped bands, wiggled cars, bent to wash him all over with their now bright full-river flowing laughter that could not be stopped if the sky fell or the earth rent open, to blend their good mirth with his, to fuse-light and set him off in a detonation which could not stop exploding from ladyfingers to four-inchers to doomsday cannon crackers of delight!.

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