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Explosion en una oración (en ingles)

  1. The explosion had been a.
  2. It was almost an explosion.
  3. It was a sensory explosion.
  4. An explosion shook the boat.
  5. I dove through the explosion.

  6. There would be an explosion.
  7. I fell after the explosion.
  8. You could hear the explosion.
  9. There was a beautiful explosion.
  10. In an accidental explosion, a 3.
  11. The explosion causes a spewing.
  12. The explosion was deafening in.
  13. As the loud explosion shook the.
  14. If this was no gas explosion….
  15. Bywater with a deafening explosion.

  16. The explosion of spirit into time.
  17. This explosion over, he added:—.
  18. An explosion rang through her ears.
  19. Meth lab explosion, Hanni said.
  20. Bammmmm! A loud explosion was heard.
  21. You almost died in an explosion.
  22. They all hear and see the explosion.
  23. We live in the midst of an explosion.
  24. Ashley never even heard the explosion.
  25. The explosion rocked the entire block.

  26. Another explosion rocked the compound.
  27. Clearly, there had been an explosion.
  28. That sudden explosion of possibility.
  29. Hare from the explosion of, xxii, 185.
  30. The resulting explosion was deafening.
  31. But it was far too big of an explosion.
  32. It was like an explosion in her chest.
  33. The brilliant explosion is known as a.
  34. That was a pretty massive explosion.
  35. And that’s what caused the explosion.
  36. There was no way to stop the explosion.
  37. Just then a hollow explosion was audible.
  38. A silent but dreadful explosion erupted.
  39. Nero had only just escaped the explosion.
  40. Soon after, an explosion struck my ears.
  41. A second explosion ripped through the air.
  42. Then there had been the massive explosion.
  43. Harry bit his lip to prevent an explosion.
  44. Nobody knows what caused the explosion.
  45. The population explosion was accelerating.
  46. Suddenly there was an explosion behind me.
  47. There was an explosion in the wreckage.
  48. We just had a nuclear explosion out there.
  49. We have had an update on the explosion.
  50. A muffled explosion came out from the study.
  51. Lots of cigar smoke came out in an explosion.
  52. It would have been one heck of an explosion.
  53. We call such a release of heat an explosion.
  54. Before he reached it, there was an explosion.
  55. He said she likely died during the explosion.
  56. A crimson explosion from the back of his head.
  57. An explosion from behind the door halted her.
  58. You are not to expect an explosion, for the.
  59. That’s why there was delay on the explosion.
  60. That one word sent Watanabe into an explosion.
  61. I think they were stunned after the explosion.
  62. When time is upset, we see it as an explosion.
  63. All of a sudden a loud explosion startled him.
  64. Terrible affair that General Slocum explosion.
  65. With the explosion of the din we all stood up.
  66. They only saw an explosion of wood and roofing.
  67. It is believed he concocted an explosion on a.
  68. The sound of an explosion echoed on the Bridge.
  69. The ensuing explosion catapults me into a wall.
  70. But just then a big explosion stunned the group.
  71. I awoke from the explosion that almost killed us.
  72. Another round sails into a column, no explosion.
  73. A loud explosion came from above, rattling the.
  74. There was a sudden explosion followed by another.
  75. Except for the shots fired and the explosion.
  76. In actual fact their growth is not an explosion.
  77. King, that you were awakened by a LOUD explosion.
  78. That brought about an explosion of possibilities.
  79. Dino and I just watched the explosion on the BBC.
  80. The crazy man had caused the explosion in the St.
  81. It had barely closed when the explosion went off.
  82. There’s been an explosion on the tenth floor.
  83. This was during the dot-com explosion, and most.
  84. He swung around to see the cause of the explosion.
  85. A large explosion from downstairs rocked the house.
  86. The boom of the explosion was audible 1000Km away.
  87. He died in a warehouse explosion eight months ago.
  88. Another explosion erupted, this time in a smaller.
  89. An explosion at the silo or a toddler down a well.
  90. The red color of the explosion could be explained.
  91. He felt enraged, violent, on the edge of explosion.
  92. The explosion blew the concrete cenotaph to pieces.
  93. It is a shame that you cannot die in the explosion.
  94. The explosion killed that group and made a crawler.
  95. The explosion of the grenade caused the car to flip.
  96. The shockwave hit before the noise of the explosion.
  97. I think you do, Dave, but the explosion is positive.
  98. After the explosion noise there is the victory tune.
  99. The explosion caused the door to fly off its hinges.
  100. Then all hell broke loose with a horrific explosion.

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