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    1. Grant personally met with Lakota leaders Red Cloud and Spotted Tail and treated them much like any other foreign dignitary

    2. They walked up to a Chinese dignitary

    3. from Earth, never to return as anything other than a casual tourist or visiting dignitary

    4. But since this place had been reserved for the Master and that on the right for Abner, the host beckoned the Jerusalem Pharisee to sit four seats to the left, and this dignitary was much offended because he did not receive the seat of honor

    5. The main dignitary, a handsome bald giant man, said a few words in a language unknown to Keiko, then spoke in English in a solemn tone

    6. With the current system, despite the tough job that our congressmen do in fulfilling their roles as lawmaker, advocate, educator, and dignitary; there is no requirement for them to be self consistent, responsible, or sane

    7. Every dignitary in the limo said that JFK had been shot in the neck before Connally was hit

    8. This would be the most well-stocked refugee camp in history, as Safro was an island devoted entirely for employee leisure and recreation, and also catered to the occasional visiting dignitary

    9. So, the rich who spends the money which his Provider granted him in charity, the strong man who helps weak men, the dignitary who employs his distinction in serving people, the scholar who teaches others what he knows, that is to say, anyone that renders good deed within his abilities whenever he could, his charity will lead him to piety

    10. An example of this occurred during his time in power when he condemned a notable dignitary and his son to death despite the fact that most of the world’s heads of state and presidents had tried to intercede on their behalf

    11. 'So much in love that he doesn't seem even to remember that he's a dignitary of the Church, and when he's alone with me he behaves in a way I'm sure the Church wouldn't like at all

    12. He would use his status as a Royal dignitary, to book a private viewing of the sacred light in Bangkok, which would require the Prime Master’s attendance

    13. Our dignitary emissaries were all represented there and had equal voice in matters that affected any two or all three of the kingdoms

    14. They did not care to take the trouble of disabusing him of his error, as they considered that since it did not in any way hurt his conscience it would be better to leave him in it, and they would have all the more amusement in listening to his simplicities; and so they bade him pray to God for his lord's health, as it was a very likely and a very feasible thing for him in course of time to come to be an emperor, as he said, or at least an archbishop or some other dignitary of equal rank

    15. She and her husband, Denis, visited Washington last month, fittingly making Thatcher the last foreign dignitary to meet with Reagan in the White House

    16. This was the time for Wemmick to produce a little kettle, a tray of glasses, and a black bottle with a porcelain-topped cork, representing some clerical dignitary of a rubicund and social aspect

    17. He was the guy you wanted on your team, whether it was a dignitary protection job or playing touch football

    18. Several times that year, a dignitary named Prince Yoshitomo Tokugawa had come to camp

    19. The political Gefe of Sulaco (the same dignitary whom Captain Mitchell saved from the mob afterwards) hinted with naive cynicism that doubtless their Excellencies the Ministers sent the padre over the mountains to Sulaco in the worst season of the year in the hope that he would be frozen to death by the icy blasts of the high paramos

    20. There were also present a very distinguished dignitary and a Swiss who had formerly been tutor at the Kuragins’

    21. Speranski related how at the Council that morning a deaf dignitary, when asked his opinion, replied that he thought so too

    22. On the other hand, we find Prince Bagration tearing the Cross of Honour from the neck of a certain dignitary, and branding him as a traitor unworthy to serve his sovereign

    23. Besides Princess Bielokonski, only one other lady was expected, the wife of a high dignitary

    24. He saw, for instance, that one important dignitary, old enough to be his grandfather, broke off his own conversation in order to listen to him—a young and inexperienced man; and not only listened, but seemed to attach value to his opinion, and was kind and amiable, and yet they were strangers and had never seen each other before

    25. For instance, old Princess Bielokonski had all her life despised the wife of the “dignitary,” while the latter was very far from loving Lizabetha Prokofievna

    26. The dignitary himself had been General Epanchin’s protector from his youth up; and the general considered him so majestic a personage that he would have felt a hearty contempt for himself if he had even for one moment allowed himself to pose as the great man’s equal, or to think of him—in his fear and reverence-as anything less than an Olympic God! There were others present who had not met for years, and who had no feeling whatever for each other, unless it were dislike; and yet they met tonight as though they had seen each other but yesterday in some friendly and intimate assembly of kindred spirits

    27. Besides Princess Bielokonski and the old dignitary (who was really a great man) and his wife, there was an old military general—a count or baron with a German name, a man reputed to possess great knowledge and administrative ability

    28. Her age was about forty-five, so that she was a very young wife for such an elderly husband as the dignitary

    29. “Wasn’t it this same Pavlicheff about whom there was a strange story in connection with some abbot? I don’t remember who the abbot was, but I remember at one time everybody was talking about it,” remarked the old dignitary

    30. But you may ask me, if you please, how much trouble and worry I, personally, had over that business, and especially with this same Gurot! Would you believe it,” he continued, addressing the dignitary, “they actually tried to put in a claim under the deceased’s will, and I had to resort to the very strongest measures in order to bring them to their senses? I assure you they knew their cue, did these gentlemen—wonderful! Thank goodness all this was in Moscow, and I got the Court, you know, to help me, and we soon brought them to their senses

    31. All present interchanged glances, but at last the old dignitary burst out laughing frankly

    32. Suddenly he became aware that General Epanchin was tapping him on the shoulder; Ivan Petrovitch was laughing too, but still more kind and sympathizing was the old dignitary

    33. The old dignitary blushed a little, and murmured that the prince had better not excite himself further

    34. “He really is very charming,” whispered the old dignitary to Ivan Petrovitch

    35. The latter’s chief had started a conversation with the wife of the dignitary, and took no notice whatever of the prince, but the old lady very often glanced at him, and listened to what he was saying

    36. and Evgenie Pavlovitch and the old dignitary were hard at work endeavouring to restore the harmony of the evening, but it was of no avail, and very soon after the guests separated and went their ways

    37. The old dignitary said nothing

    38. The old dignitary, as patron of the family, took the opportunity of murmuring some kind of admonition to the general, and added, in flattering terms, that he was most interested in Aglaya’s future

    39. In the crowd of young ladies and rather vulgar young men who made up Yulia Mihailovna's usual retinue, and among whom this vulgarity was taken for sprightliness, and cheap cynicism for wit, I noticed two or three new faces: a very obsequious Pole who was on a visit in the town; a German doctor, a sturdy old fellow who kept loudly laughing with great zest at his own wit; and lastly, a very young princeling from Petersburg like an automaton figure, with the deportment of a state dignitary and a fearfully high collar

    40. Having inquired where the prosecutor's room was, he directed his steps toward that dignitary

    41. There were also present a very distinguished dignitary and a Swiss who had formerly been tutor at the Kurágins’

    42. Speránski related how at the Council that morning a deaf dignitary, when asked his opinion, replied that he thought so too

    43. She was of the kind ever ready to revert to the subject of round dances or divorce with a High Church dignitary

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