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    1. Solomon Browne was despatched to save those aboard the Union Star freighter that had flooded engines and ripped its anchor chain

    2. "Earth, YingolNeerie is the star

    3. When she was there, at the closest star in whatever constellation it's in, she certainly never imagined she would be here, now, wondering what happened there

    4. "You can take us from this star or that star, this age or that age and we're still just humans doing our silly human things

    5. It was possible that one of those loose ends might be brought on by her home star

    6. One tiny star, smaller than a candle's fire, flickered amidst the void

    7. Each time the Universe completed one rotation around the star, all the gods gathered at that point

    8. After one such revolution, it came to pass that the young god Punka would watch over the star

    9. He could not see the purpose in watching a star that had been lit up since the dawn of time and would probably never go out

    10. "How could they carry on knowing I suffer in torment with this moth-sized star?"

    11. doostEr knew of the immigrants from a far-away star, had even met and done business with a couple of them

    12. Under the same star spangled sky that gave the lovers such simple satisfaction

    13. liberally dosed with the finest seven star Metaxa

    14. drawl, just a hint of Tara, to go with that pencil thin moustache and film star grin

    15. Before she could answer Mirielle stepped in front of her star employee and gave a frosty glare to the reporter

    16. For the last forty decades scientists agreed that life of humanoid evolution had been transported here from a planet at a star called YingolNeerie and Estwig had never heard otherwise

    17. It was not a very famous star till then, doostEr had never heard of it before

    18. There was a tiger, a 6 pointed star, a large Chinese character on one of the guy's temples, a spider web on the other guy that reached around his neck to the front of his throat

    19. What I'm trying to say is, I know that star as Kunae also

    20. forth the first star

    21. There was a tiger, a 6 pointed star, a badly drawn Chinese tattoo meaning 'insane' although not the 'crazy' type of insane, rather just plain medically insane

    22. entire star field of breweries than could an ant recite the works of Rabbie Burns across

    23. Smith looked down upon the third rock out from a brightly burning star at the

    24. between God and the third rock out from an insignificant little star

    25. This advanced technology had allowed it to make the fastest crossing ever to Satan's Star, covering the eleven light years in under fifty years

    26. Interpretation: The dream shows my inner feeling of not being loved by my parents, especially in comparison with Alice, the star of our family

    27. and is presently working with the Lone Star Church of Christ in Falls of Rough, Kentucky

    28. Children in Talstan had been raised to hate and fear Brazilians even more than Americans for an Earth century by the time Al-Harron first lit its main drive on the voyage to Satan's Star

    29. I was the star in the unseen acts of a brief life beneath the crust of the world

    30. To truly defeat them we need to cause this star to explode

    31. The region of ‘other dimensional’ space that manifested between star systems as a hypermass transit was always narrow

    32. The C star was rapidly getting closer and in a few more months would be as bright as the A star in their view

    33. The A star was now a bright orange lamp

    34. The C star was now getting close, hundreds of times closer than the A

    35. This star was barely more than a gas giant

    36. The A star was stable and long lived with sixty billion more years to go on the main sequence

    37. The C star was a class of object called a brown dwarf, still not well understood in spite of the observatory at Proxima since 2138

    38. The planet was still within the bright orange dot he saw as the A star in his unmagnified vision

    39. That motor would apply the final corrections to the asteroid's trajectory over the next few months, it would pretty much free-fall after passing the C star

    40. Mahmud Shariff was a famous Syrian actor, star of stage and screen, a sixties heart-throb, whose smouldering black eyes and luxuriant moustache had scarred the hearts of women by their thousands

    41. If you see a bright star falling from the sky, your career will be stunning but it won't last; it could also signify the death of a relative

    42. We'll search the sky for a star to guide us

    43. Basically, Smith could no more organise a cosmic booze-up in an entire star field of breweries than could an ant recite the works of Rabbie Burns across the vast glens of Whisky sodden Scotland

    44. Smith looked down upon one small star and upon one totally insignificant rocky ball at the outer edge of a tiny spiral galaxy of stars, and there He heard the very first bum note

    45. That part of his ethereal mind that bore the as yet unnamed form of Conscience added just a hint of chiding harmonic resonance to the song of the universe, and thus was born the conduit between God and the third rock out from an insignificant little star

    46. The catastrophes and failures of colonisation, the disastrous experiments with star drives, all those terrible bug hunts on far away worlds, we survived them all and gave the stars to you, and for what? Thanks? The only thing your masters ever worried about was whether there were enough conditioned and dedicated Barcs available to do the dirty work

    47. Luray told tales of magic swords and Alan told tales of coming to this world on a starship from the star YingolNeerie

    48. In the history books, you can find a “strange star” that appeared in the heavens before Jesus’ birth

    49. Coins were made with Augustus and his star on them, and an inscription that said, “Augustus, the son of God

    50. Notice Matthew 2: “After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi from the east came to Jerusalem and asked, ‘Where is the one who is born King of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him

    1. Am I right so far?” He asked as he starred at each one of them

    2. "Your hair laid like silk across your shoulder, dipping to cover even your chest at times, as you starred down into the clear water

    3. He could see something rippling amongst the starred background, but nothing was resolving

    4. The series also starred Cuban-born Desiderio Arnaz

    5. Subscription Rate: * One star again: Now I one starred this because in all honesty,

    6. The ferryman, a big man with yellow hair and beard starred down at me

    7. And with the starred `tiare's' white,

    8. "Isn't this the one that starred Errol Flynn?"

    9. They’re starred and actually rated

    10. The moon was out and the sky was starred, displaying the bright tail left by the Milky Way

    11. Krome starred into his blue eyes and the small radio shivered in the sea breeze, another voice

    12. smiled at her and starred into her eyes

    13. starred with his wife, Cher, on

    14. Monika's name starred at me through my address book

    15. Why should I?” His eyes starred at me with forced intention

    16. He was in his first film in 1933, Rufus Jones for President, a musical comedy with satire, which also starred Ethel Waters

    17. He starred on Broadway in 1956 in Mr

    18. He also starred as Dr

    19. Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman starred in the 2008 movie, Doubt, which looks into the questionable relationship between a priest in a Bronx Catholic school and a troubled student

    20. We have STARRED the CB products that are the newest and hottest sellers so you don't have to guess about what to send out

    21. Alas, she has an ill starred in her luck

    22. Brigadier Moten, who had just lost his bush hat, starred in awe at the mushroom clouds

    23. On his part, the Japanese starred at her open-mouthed for a second, equally surprised, before he started to point his rifle at Elizabeth

    24. She had starred in the

    25. Piyush Goyal, who had starred in the campaign, was given an integrated energy portfolio (coal and power) while Gadkari had to be content with surface transport

    26. Her blue eyes starred coldly at the money in her

    27. The negotiations were short, both Flower and Candy were conceded all conditions they had requested, and Byron starred in the movie of the year

    28. “Is that nu or ancient?” she rubbed her eyes and a galaxy of optic explosions starred the field where the photon waited to be seen

    29. We came to a green slope starred thick with autumn crocuses, and sat down to look at them

    30. On the west side the lake ends in a reedy marsh, very froggy that afternoon, and starred with the snowy cotton flower

    31. The quiet roads leading away into woods and through orchards were starred on either side with white flowers

    32. Amy starred into the ground, “And we’re here to break it

    33. picked you up and starred you both

    34. Iratus starred into his former lover"s eyes as he

    35. In 1946, Taylor starred in The Courage of Lassie, and in 1947 it was the

    36. In 1948 she starred in the films A Date with Judy

    37. divorce, she starred in Love Is Better Than Ever (1952), where she had a love

    38. Soon after, Taylor starred –in

    39. acknowledgement as she turned and starred at Cherish

    40. Cherish starred at Teya’s profile as he lay sleeping he was so handsome,

    41. ’ Teya starred down at

    42. ’ Grandmother starred at her

    43. starred at the black knight who had a girl with white hair upon his horse

    44. starred at him of course she knew it was not a game and to actually kill

    45. Torren starred at the crystal

    46. ’ She starred at him

    47. Shalina’s tears slowly fell down her cheek as she starred back at Cherish

    48. Slowly taking her gaze from him she starred at the map

    49. stood and starred at her

    50. dropping open as she starred at Cherish dressed in just a shawl with Teya’s

    1. “How did he tell you all that; I didn’t see any communication devices?” The doctor was starring intently at Daniel

    2. Alexei and Duncan could not help starring at the stunning woman’s beautiful face

    3. The book was widely popularized as the basis of a 2002 film of the same name starring Richard Gere

    4. He was going to beam his re-edited version, starring himself, out to the people of the world

    5. Anyone who has seen the movie “Tin Cup”, starring Kevin Costner, will understand the

    6. Recent movie starring Russell Crowe

    7. Sam was now sat up and had stopped his keening now he looked out of blank eyes starring into space but I wasn’t that worried

    8. Noted especially for his „Gulliver"s Travels, starring Gulliver and the Lilliputians, and some interesting horses whose names began with the letter H

    9. Padilla was starring at his beer and looked up at me when I sat down across from him

    10. I was watching a movie recently on Turner Classic Movies entitled ―The Sign of the Cross‖ (1932) featuring Fredric March and Claudette Colbert in the starring roles

    11. In the movie, ‘Hang ‘em High,’ starring Clint Eastwood; there is a scene where Clint goes to the judge

    12. Dave fell in love with Thailand many years ago when he auditioned for a singing part in the famous musical ‘The King and I” starring Yul Brynner and Deborough Kerr

    13. The film, Withnail and I, starring Richard E Grant covers a similar scenario

    14. to her through his starring look, pleading with her to turn around to

    15. As they sat close together, her legs lazily upon his lap as she lay on the couch, starring at a gigantic plasma screen

    16. George looked in the merrior, seeing perfection starring back at him

    17. resemblance to the set of “Girl Interrupted,” starring Winona Rider,

    18. George canceled his bid for another starring movie role and with new house guest

    19. And this touch was starring by Batam, who at the very moment to set his foot on the white sand, collapsed, falling on his knees with a vanquished resigned attitude; but in a very theatrical and dramatic way that emerged the smile on the faces of everyone

    20. It was an older one of Patricia’s on DVD, starring Keenau Reeves, about a young lawyer who ends up working for the Devil

    21. “The one starring Kathleen Heffernan from Dublin” he said showing her the poster he had written

    22. Matthew pointed out that it was in the district of Cong that the film The Quiet Man starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara was made

    23. Arriving there, they were incarcerated, within the hidden store-room within the Stadium, to await their starring “roles” in the big “Conflagration”…

    24. have had the starring role, she wouldn’t have had a speaking part,

    25. tice that the movie in which you are currently starring has started in the middle

    26. the University of Oklahoma after starring on his Tahlequah

    27. Just starring with only short eye blinks every now and again; I got the impression he was waiting for me to turn into a witch and fly around the room on a broom

    28. eventually a smash hit movie starring Marlon

    29. they were starring in the TV series ,

    30. I looked at the TV Guide to see if there were any good movies on and found that there was a movie starring Walter Matthau called ‘Hopscotch

    31. Leading the players in the starring role was Ollie North, accompanied by Robert McFarlane, the president – whose Teflon finish 156

    32. movie, Changeling, starring Angelina Jolie, didn’t win the academy award for best picture, but it was one of the best movies that year

    33. Scorsese movie, After Hours starring Griffin Dunne and Rosanna Arquette, and a host of other big name stars

    34. Starring William Hurt as Alan Osborne, it is the story of Pete Carlton, a ten-year 78

    35. The first was Lincoln, starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field, who each gave outstanding performances

    36. Miniver, starring Walter Pidgeon and Greer Garson

    37. ‘’Ken,’’ said Ingrid in a dead serious tone while starring into his eyes, ‘’my past lives included seven lives as a hunter, plus four lives as a warrior

    38. This chapter title refers to a 1989 movie of infidelity starring Ted Danson, Isabella Rossellini and Sean Young

    39. Island in the Sun is a 1957 motion picture of racism, infidelity and murder starring Harry Belafonte, Dorothy Dandridge, Joan Fontaine and James Mason

    40. Though a bit gruesome, the 1997 gem, The Bone Collector, starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie is suspenseful, mysterious and investigative

    41. The title above is that of a 1995 movie starring Michael Douglas, Annette Bening and Martin Sheen

    42. As far as the title of this chapter goes, if you haven’t seen the movie, Local Hero, starring Burt Lancaster and Peter Riegert, I recommend it highly

    43. Stunned, the Russian agent was still starring at the spot where Nancy had been when he and the man besides him stiffened as grips of steel grabbed them by the neck

    44. Turner and McCain returned their salutes but ended starring hard at two of the women, who definitely had Asian traits

    45. be concerned that you spent – how long? – starring in a Disney cartoon

    46. coverage of substance from the sensationalist news media that would rather influence public perception by turning campaign coverage into soap operas starring sound bites and opinion polls instead of reporting on voting histories and closely examining candidate proposals and position statements

    47. Moten became tense at once while starring at her

    48. Yamamoto was still starring with dread at the rising fireball when a distant but powerful rumble came from the direction of the airfield

    49. ” Louie said to me, while starring switchblades at his boyhood buddy

    50. It wasn’t twenty four hours later that they discovered a show called “Star Fleet Singers,” starring none other than Tammas Garcia

    1. Rivron banked his hundred thousand and thanked his lucky stars that Kira was an awkward bitch

    2. He'd reproduced an artifact from his old culture, a culture that had changed beyond his recognition while he lay frozen between the stars

    3. There are no navigation satellites here, there are just those stars

    4. Rev: 2:1: Unto the angel of the church of Ephesus write; these things saith he that holdeth the seven stars in his

    5. "Like movie stars in the South Pacific

    6. She went to the deck and watched the stars come out

    7. "The stars," Herndon said, "I can see exactly where we are by the stars, we are heading due west

    8. couple settled down for another meal under the stars, Kleftiko this time for each of

    9. Above, the sky is filled with thousands of stars and a nearby swirling spiral galaxy

    10. She and Dan both raised their brandy bowls, sniffed the perfume of seven stars

    11. Two moons, more stars in the sky

    12. As Dave finishes speaking, one of the moons and many of the stars fade from the sky

    13. Slowly, the rest of the stars and the moon fade until the sky is pitch dark, the waves stop

    14. Slowly, the moons and all the brilliant stars return, the sea pounds, the wind blows

    15. Rock stars and movie stars had come looking for him

    16. who could charm the stars into existence as though he were dressing a Christmas tree

    17. The stars twinkled out one by one to be replaced by a flimsy, whimsy of strip

    18. Ever since the great patriarch had sworn a pact with the dark stars, ever since he had

    19. mistress, who called to them under the stars

    20. they lay side by side staring at the rising field of stars that glistened above the olive

    21. dark matter, whereas yours lists the stars that shine for bright, sparkling mortality

    22. The low greyness of the sky blotted out the stars, but as Lucy headed up the

    23. to her utter amazement stars in their millions

    24. first stars sparkled into life, he greeted his wife and then got blind drunk

    25. waited for the stars, with a bottle of cheap hooch in his pocket, the moon would rise,

    26. stars, and to that damned incoherent moon, and he could sit without interruption,

    27. He walked under those stars, and always, when the

    28. shepherds hut high up, somewhere where he could sit, wait for the stars and hear the

    29. communed with the stars and as a consequence he still drank too much, but

    30. stomach one day, vomited up the sun, moon, and stars

    31. lows in the song of Smith’s stars

    32. spiral galaxy of stars, and there He heard the very first bum note

    33. However, feeling the pull of a billion, billion stars, feeling the weight of mass

    34. to the bass lines underpinning the twinkling of the stars

    35. dared to contemplate creation, baying at the stars, calling out in utter desperation for

    36. The night falls, the moon and stars are present in the black

    37. a little as the pounding in his temples overwhelmed him and stars swam in front of

    38. that how could there ever have been anything else than this? You fear the stars

    39. stars created unity of a sort

    40. " His eyes began to wander to the stars out the top of the dome

    41. I felt rough fibres catching at the corners of my mouth as though I were being force fed a winding sheet, and then, as stars started to explode across my eyelids, I realised with a flood of relief that my head and shoulders were still covered by the sacking

    42. He wore a shirtless two-piece suit in the trendy mode, flowing and soft with pants that didn't conceal the size of his sack and large looping epaulettes with solid gold commandant's stars

    43. I could see stars

    44. "Lancers, this is 1-1, invert and give those LiDAR arrays a nice view of the stars

    45. Almost instantly after that, his flight helmet’s visor painted a patch of stars fatter and brighter than they should have been

    46. The daemon coordinating input from the fighters' and the junks' LiDAR arrays had compared all the available views of the stars from all the friendly craft in the immediate vicinity, and those views of the surrounding stars should have been identical, but they weren’t

    47. Some of the stars weren’t where they should have been by only a tenth of a degree, but when the images from all the friendly craft were combined, the positional discrepancies were enough to make the stars appear to grow in angular diameter in one, moving location

    48. What Jordo and the Lancers saw projected in their helmets was a tiny patch of sky where the stars looked too fat, too bright

    49. The warped and twisting stars sped past Jordo’s canopy on either side in a way that made him think they were flying underwater

    50. He saw them against the foreign stars before they veered to port in formation and were suddenly lost from view

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