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Discount en una oración (en ingles)

  1. A higher rate of discount.
  2. Discount to Clubs and Agents.
  3. If the true discount rate is 5.
  4. Even he couldn’t discount the.
  5. That I would not discount at all.

  6. In case you need a quantity discount.
  7. This was the first discount purchase.
  8. Funds in the form of discount points.
  9. Discount is given during launch of a new.
  10. He figured this would trade at a discount.
  11. Don’t purchase without a discount coupon.
  12. Discount on the price of a product is given.
  13. The only way out was to agree a big discount.
  14. First, TJX is a leader in discount retailing.
  15. And the yield of the seeds one could discount.

  16. The cabbie gave me a big discount, smiling at me.
  17. That is a 25 percent discount to intrinsic value.
  18. I wouldn’t discount their potential involvement.
  19. We must not discount Curtis Ames and his group.
  20. When I asked what discount they could give to run.
  21. If you didn’t book with one of the two discount.
  22. No doubt a hefty discount would have been pocketed.
  23. Now we must discount by the interest-rate component.
  24. We cannot discount anything, Kifter acknowledged.
  25. Does the Stock Trade at a Discount to Its Book Value?

  26. Numbers are in millions (except year and discount rates).
  27. If you're offering a 30% discount only for the next two.
  28. You are getting a 50 percent discount to intrinsic value.
  29. The reason is the consumer's shift toward discount stores.
  30. This amount of reduction is called the discount rate (DR).
  31. The discount from market at which they could obtain shares.
  32. The discount purchases by these executives were of two types.
  33. I found them on a discount rack at a discount store for $12.
  34. The less confident we are, the higher the discount required.
  35. Always ask for the lowest rate and always ask for a discount.
  36. Profits through Repurchase of Senior Securities at a Discount.
  37. A bill is in reality a zero-coupon bond, bought at a discount.
  38. And discount rates are ultimately influenced by interest rates.
  39. In banking terminology this item of income is called "discount".
  40. You will almost certainly be able to get a discount of between.
  41. That’s after he cut me a discount because he likes you so much.
  42. Extreme critics of Nixon tend to discount this side but it existed.
  43. The discount suffered is part of the cost of borrowing the money, i.
  44. Buy only when there is a sufficient discount to the intrinsic value.
  45. You’re getting a discount on additional shares of a great company.
  46. Certainly; it will only cost you a discount of 5,000 or 6,000 francs.
  47. Mainly buying stocks at a significant discount to quantitative values.
  48. Call your discount brokerage, such as Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab, or T.
  49. The market generally prices in a discount rate change that was delayed.
  50. Does the Stock Trade at a Discount to the Company’s Intrinsic Value?
  51. If you get a 50 percent discount to the intrinsic value, that is ideal.
  52. You need to look for at least a 25 percent discount to intrinsic value.
  53. Value stock: A security that sells at a discount to its intrinsic value.
  54. One of which is to become more aware of the sales and discount coupons.
  55. Better to leave the mystery intact than to discount it by pretending to.
  56. But I wouldn’t discount the power of music and the scent of flowers.
  57. The contract month bought should trade at a 10% discount of normal ATM IV.
  58. Traders often discount finding a trading style that fits their personality.
  59. They might help you out by offering a discount on their products but more.
  60. So, there was really no way to discount the culpability of such a document.
  61. They have to make a fast decision because the discount will not be offered.
  62. A discount broker is basically an order clerk and offers cheap commissions.
  63. The business owner will not wish to discount the sale proceeds to provide a.
  64. Bank Rate: RBI lends to the commercial banks through its discount window to.
  65. Gift coupons, discount coupons or coupons that your visitor can download and.
  66. Are you thinking of stopping over? For you there would be a special discount.
  67. Warren Buffett suggests using the long-term Treasury rate as a discount rate.
  68. In theory, the bad beta should have a higher discount rate than the good beta.
  69. Toiletries and cleaning agents can be bought from bargain and discount stores.
  70. The ticket cost me a hundred twenty rubles after receiving a military discount.
  71. The discount rates for pension liabilities should not vary across institutions.
  72. I do want to point out that I largely discount the PC ratio until after 10:00 a.
  73. Since the same forces affect each method similarly, using a dividend discount.
  74. Immediately, Mark offered a further 30% discount to add to the earlier discount.
  75. Discount and Finance House of India began its operations on the monetary market.
  76. It can be expensive even with a discount broker charging only $30 per round turn.
  77. Even he couldn’t discount the human race, and its willingness to destroy itself.
  78. If it trades at a 10% discount to IV, this is an excellent time to enter the trade.
  79. Tax problems, especially for the sellers and the purchasers of discount securities.
  80. The credit card company sold the invalid judgment to Top Market at a deep discount.
  81. In these kinds of companies, you need to seek a higher discount to intrinsic value.
  82. You all can by these discount tickets real quick, then make a quick run to the show.
  83. Treasuries are used as the baseline for discount rates for near riskless securities.
  84. Surely there must be a simpler and more stable method for arriving at discount rate.
  85. On this date the index is at a discount of almost 4 points to the January VIX future.
  86. This allows Swann to effectively buy shares at a discount to the going market price.
  87. There seems to be much debate and confusion as to what the discount number should be.
  88. The choice of discount rate is one that is not given adequate attention from investors.
  89. This is fine if you are dealing with a discount broker simply to place orders for you.
  90. In effect, distressed investing is a form of value investing at a substantial discount.
  91. The more confident we are, the more likely we'll find a 30 percent discount sufficient.
  92. Do retirees not mind being called Seniors because with it comes a ten percent discount?
  93. Its fourth increase, on May 8, 1981, thrust the discount rate to an all-time high of 14%.
  94. Your buy price should be around a 25 percent discount to intrinsic value of the business.
  95. You need to buy the stock at a discount to the calculated intrinsic value of the company.
  96. In simple terms, investors were pricing Chinese stocks at a discount to the United States.
  97. To determine the theoretical value, we must discount by interest to get the present value.
  98. If it's the same fella he might give us a good discount, me being a good customer and all.
  99. And lo and behold, it actually traded at a deep discount for much of the fall 2008 carnage.
  100. Much as I wanted to discount her story, this version of Will held a horrible ring of truth.
  1. The discounting of past events has been.
  2. Past discounting refers to a reduction in the.
  3. This proposed relationship between delay discounting and time.
  4. He had learned the unwisdom of discounting wild men's instincts.
  5. In this absence of consensus about what delay discounting rates may be.
  6. Secondly, the word anticipate connotes the discounting process of.
  7. There was much to admire in the man – discounting his potential insanity.
  8. One hypothesis suggests that measures of delay discounting reflect individual.
  9. A second hypothesis suggests that (delay) discounting is considered a measure.
  10. Banks should evolve clearly a bills discounting policy approved by their Board.
  11. This mental training of counting pleasure and discounting pains defined in terms of.
  12. Also, because the notion of temporal discounting is inclusive of both past and future.
  13. Even discounting his personality, Ito would have disliked him vigorously just for that.
  14. Alternatively, the dream suggests that your feelings are being trivialized or that someone is discounting how you feel.
  15. The idea of net present value (NPV) revolves around discounting future cash flows estimated for a project at what Richard A.
  16. This bank was more liberal than any other had ever been, both in granting cash-accounts, and in discounting bills of exchange.
  17. The two men sat in silence, their individual brains weighing and discounting moves and counter moves like pieces on a chessboard.
  18. Not discounting the efforts of Sneha’s girls, Gautam ingratiated himself to the concerned authorities with befitting inducements.
  19. Markets are constantly in a state of uncertainty and flux and money is made by discounting the obvious and betting on the unexpected.
  20. The reason is that stocks are anticipating, or discounting, all economic, political, and worldwide events many months in advance.
  21. By its liberality in granting cash-accounts, and in discounting bills of exchange, it, no doubt, issued great quantities of its bank notes.
  22. In recent years more serious efforts have been made to establish a mathematical basis for discounting expected future earnings or dividends.
  23. Any empirical analysis that involves discounting expected future cash flows uses some concept of long-term GDP growth to anchor cash flow growth.
  24. Rebates aren’t typically meant to be paid out since manufacturers force you through the process rather than discounting the item to begin with.
  25. Buffett determines the value of a company by projecting its future cash flows and discounting them back to the present with the rate of long-term U.
  26. Insiders, he said in his May 9, 1994, article, said the company engaged in "channel stuffing," discounting at the end of the quarter to boost sales.
  27. The briefer and most of the officers present were dangerously overconfident in Stilwell’s opinion, discounting the Germans as a nearly defeated foe.
  28. By assuming that it would grow steadily from then on, they could calculate its current value by discounting that cash flow back to the present, using only a hand calculator.
  29. Discounting these free cash flows back to its net present value can help you calculate an intrinsic value of the business as well (based on conservative estimates, of course).
  30. The Properties Division wanted to buy a new financial modeling package, one with much more sophisticated Discounting and Return options than the Centre's old standard offering.
  31. It is chiefly by discounting bills of exchange, that is, by advancing money upon them before they are due, that the greater part of banks and bankers issue their promissory notes.
  32. As she continued in her own steady and deliberate pace, Feltus found himself involuntarily discounting her as a suspect, much to his own chagrin since he had struggled not to do so.
  33. By discounting all previous judgements and opinions formed on any of those listed he was able to logically categorise each one’s involvement with the downfall of the Clegg Empire.
  34. All the dealers in circulating bills of exchange, which those other banks had become so backward in discounting, had recourse to this new bank, where they were received with open arms.
  35. Though not easy calls to make, at least prospectively, they demand much less than predicting the terminal value of the company a decade in the future and discounting that back to the present.
  36. To Ingrid’s fury, but not to her surprise, the Australian commander and the RAAF staff of the airfield all but ignored the warning passed by Sneed, discounting it as ‘misidentification of some allied plane’.
  37. Even discounting the gold, silver and jewels lying around, just the abandoned armor and weapons on this field was worth a fortune, as equipping oneself for war was an expensive proposition for most but affluent nobles.
  38. But what is fair value? We have already seen that economists compute the fair value price of an asset by discounting to the present the estimates of the asset’s future cash payouts (dividends in the case of common stocks).
  39. These rates are usually very similar, which means that the preceding expression is almost always a positive number because the discounting on the short-term exercise price is less than the discounting on the long-term exercise price.
  40. The natural language of the market is percentage changes and growth rates, which is why finance math is based on discounting cash flows and compound interest, and why the first task of any research project is converting prices into returns.
  41. Risk-averse investors do not use the riskless rate for discounting, unless the cash flow being discounted is itself riskless; the discount rate also reflects the required compensation for the riskiness of an asset’s expected future cash flows.
  42. The idea of discounting something merely because you cannot see it physically, the idea of discounting and disbelieving that the realm of the unseen undead does indeed actually exist: is as insane as trying to pretend that gamma rays do not exist.
  43. But what should be the value of the call at other nodes along the tree? To determine these values, we can work backwards from the terminal values using the probabilities of upward and downward moves and discounting by interest to determine the present value.
  44. The most recent victors, the latest winners install their own whitewashed and rationalized versions of what actually happened while wiping out every other version and discounting and sabotaging and demonizing other interpretations and accounts of what actually happened.
  45. The commerce of Scotland, which at present is not very great, was still more inconsiderable when the two first banking companies were established ; and those companies would have had but little trade, had they confined their business to the discounting of bills of exchange.
  46. The idea of totally discounting and ignoring the fact that for tens of thousands of years all over the Earth without exception… all human societies believed in the existence of non physical entities which most of the time they could not see… but could sense; is not a coincidence.
  47. There are many stellar performances on the remaining three and half albums that we made together, and discounting Blood & Chocolate—as playing with spite was the whole point of that record—we never sounded better as a group than we did on Imperial Bedroom, but even then it was touch and go.
  48. The difficulties, accordingly, which the Bank of England, which the principal bankers in London, and which even the more prudent Scotch banks began, after a certain time, and when all of them had already gone too far, to make about discounting, not only alarmed, but enraged, in the highest degree, those projectors.
  49. Whoever has a credit of this kind with one of those companies, and borrows a thousand pounds upon it, for example, may repay this sum piece-meal, by twenty and thirty pounds at a time, the company discounting a proportionable part of the interest of the great sum, from the day on which each of those small sums is paid in, till the whole be in this manner repaid.
  50. They seem to have intended to support the spirited undertakings, for as such they considered them, which were at that time carrying on in different parts of the country ; and, at the same time, by drawing the whole banking business to themselves, to supplant all the other Scotch banks, particularly those established at Edinburgh, whose backwardness in discounting bills of exchange had given some offence.
  51. The bank of England, either by voluntarily discounting those bills at their current value, or by agreeing with government for certain considerations to circulate exchequer bills, that is, to receive them at par, paying the interest which happens to be due upon them, keeps up their value, and facilitates their circulation, and thereby frequently enables government to contract a very large debt of this kind.
  52. When, partly by the conveniency of discounting bills, and partly by that of cash accounts, the creditable traders of any country can be dispensed from the necessity of keeping any part of their stock by them unemployed, and in ready money, for answering occasional demands, they can reasonably expect no farther assistance from hanks and bankers, who, when they have gone thus far, cannot, consistently with their own interest and safety, go farther.
  53. For his own interest and safety, therefore, he might find it necessary, in this very perilous situation, to go on for some time, endeavouring, however, to withdraw gradually, and, upon that account, making every day greater and greater difficulties about discounting, in order to force these projectors by degrees to have recourse, either to other bankers, or to other methods of raising money : so as that he himself might, as soon as possible, get out of the circle.
  54. Though no paper money, therefore, was allowed to be issued, but for such sums as would confine it pretty much to the circulation between dealers and dealers; yet partly by discounting real bills of exchange, and partly by lending upon cash-accounts, banks and bankers might still be able to relieve the greater part of those dealers from the necessity of keeping any considerable part of their stock by them unemployed, and in ready money, for answering occasional demands.
  55. Though the bills upon which this paper had been advanced were all of them repaid in their turn as soon as they became due, yet the value which had been really advanced upon the first bill was never really returned to the banks which advanced it ; because, before each bill became due, another bill was always drawn to somewhat a greater amount than the bill which was soon to be paid: and the discounting of this other bill was essentially necessary towards the payment of that which was soon to be due.
  56. How do you identify the one belief that is the most accurate, with all of these creationist views discounting spontaneous generation of life? How can we identify the truth, if we cannot unequivocally prove through normal experimentation and confirm that the timelines suggested by either Evolution or Creationism are factual? Is there any way in which the scientific method can be applied to this issue to establish with more clarity, which of these views are the most accurate? Where would we begin and what methods would we apply to test our hypotheses? I would like to propose a hypothesis that will assist us in better understanding the subject as we move forward; should we be able to provide some provable facts to support the hypothesis.
  1. I had discounted it, I am a fool.
  2. Alternatively, what is the discounted.
  3. The MCU team discounted her immediately.
  4. Be young; and you are automatically discounted.
  5. Burglary was discounted as nothing had been taken.
  6. The sum of present discounted value is $10,089 million.
  7. A sale usually includes selling items at a discounted price.
  8. Could she have been lying? Ellie immediately discounted that.
  9. So these can be discounted as far as their value of confirmation.
  10. Lucas Nayland is down from Hag’s Mire, he should not be discounted.
  11. Property, Plant & Equipment (PP&E) will be heavily discounted as well.
  12. Thus, our growing dividends are discounted by one plus the borrowing.
  13. The intrinsic value is the discounted value of all future distributions.
  14. This analysis is discounted cash flow (DCF), or net present value (NPV).
  15. Accommodation bills should not be purchased / discounted / negotiated by.
  16. At various points in the last month, he discounted that theory altogether.
  17. Any amount in the future is discounted by a factor of (1 / (1 + borrowing.
  18. She bought a new pair of shoes and paid only P2,450 discounted for 20% off.
  19. I thought about it and discounted the likelihood it was for television shows.
  20. Nor would you want to as it prices off the already discounted future anyway.
  21. Worst of all she had discounted her own instincts, ignored her gut reaction.
  22. Alexander was visibly upset at what Martin said and vehemently discounted it.
  23. Printess himself might have discounted the response of the young singer if he.
  24. Today, share buybacks at discounted prices are clearly preferable to dividends.
  25. One modern model of calculating value is the discounted cash flow model (DCF).
  26. We still discounted these assets at 75% to their book value (just to be safe).
  27. Inventory will probably be the most heavily discounted asset on the balance sheet.
  28. That which I once so vehemently discounted as folly has now been pronounced as.
  29. A false impression easily discounted with the most cursory knowledge of the cosmos.
  30. Usance bills, maturing within 90 days or so after date or sight, are discounted by.
  31. EVAs are discounted into the present at the cost of capital, the result is MVA.
  32. She’s all right, Lady Jane discounted her husband’s comments as overbearing.
  33. Value is determined by forecasts of discounted cash flow (DCF) (Chapters 2, 5, and 6).
  34. What you can do is wait till it is discounted to buy it or find a cheaper alternative.
  35. The illusion of precision regarding discounted cash flows is both a blessing and a curse.
  36. As another check, Greenberg asks whether his discounted cash flow results are reasonable.
  37. The value of an asset is the sum of its future cash flows, discounted back to the present.
  38. Divine truth must not be discounted because the channel of its bestowal is apparently human.
  39. It took no prompting from me, but she was clearly delighted not to have her ideas discounted.
  40. Restricted earnings are seldom valueless to owners, but they often must be discounted heavily.
  41. So, he decided to quote the prevailing market price rather than haggle for a discounted price.
  42. All the card does is create two prices for many items: the regular one and the discounted value.
  43. He then quickly discounted the notion and started for the house, dressed fully in black attire.
  44. Intel earnings, given their greater variability, should probably be discounted at a higher rate.
  45. She was eternally grateful for Aidan’s assistance that day, which he as a true friend discounted.
  46. Why I would have discounted that dress down to about three dollars, but the guy didn’t even ask.
  47. Minor adjustments to this approach have also led to the discounted cash flow (DCF) valuation method.
  48. We end up with the stock price itself less the discounted values of the dividend and exercise price.
  49. We bought the Resale Rights to this product so we could offer it at a discounted rate to our Members.
  50. The speculative claims of theology and metaphysics, regarded as past history and should be discounted.
  51. He discounted the doomsday scenarios also, the planet was big and old and tough, it would bloom again.
  52. He himself should be considered extremely dangerous, but his associates should not be discounted either.
  53. Naturally, I discounted myself, and colleagues here this afternoon have agreed that this was appropriate.
  54. Discounted cash-flow models suggest that stocks with higher perceived risk will receive lower valuations.
  55. A European call on a futures contract has a maximum value equal to the futures price discounted by interest.
  56. In the pre-Markowitz world, even uncertain cash flows were often discounted using the riskless discount rate.
  57. Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) is the best method to use when valuing businesses with predictable free cash flows.
  58. By a process of elimination and information he’d coerced from Mildred, one-by-one, Liu had discounted them.
  59. The nil-paid price is the difference between the discounted rights issue share price and the ex-rights price.
  60. As we will discuss shortly, interest rates effect the discount rates for the Discounted Cash Flow calculation.
  61. Excluding dividends, the value of the roll is the difference between the discounted values of the exercise price.
  62. That is not to say that creating a nuclear winter has been completely discounted, but not by random hostilities.
  63. She’d discounted it earlier as just words uttered at a time when most men forgot how to think with their brain.
  64. Paid users will be able to access exclusive PSN+ content and also, discounted rates for all paid DLC –some of the.
  65. Their chosen vehicle is the venerable discounted dividend model (DDM), which we have already encountered in Chapter 2.
  66. If a human life is worth ten years in the slammer for such a killer, then the value of human life has been discounted.
  67. Discounted cash flow (DCF) models work great for securities, which are contractually obligated to distribute cash flows.
  68. Most airlines, cruise lines, and hotels would rather offer the space at a discounted price than to have it remain empty.
  69. The annual cash flows and the terminal values are then discounted to the present using discount rates of 10 percent, 12.
  70. It isn’t the season for discounted terms just yet, no prices mounted below the billboards give the burden to the buyer.
  71. Cognoscenti frequently respond to news about a company with a weary, It’s already been discounted into the stock price.
  72. Similar rumors of great discoveries often spread through the mining communities, and were generally discounted by the miners.
  73. Behavioral finance implies that market prices do not only reflect the rationally expected discounted cash flows from an asset.
  74. A stock option call cannot trade for less than the stock price minus the discounted value of the exercise price less dividends.
  75. When a customer invests in one of our products, they don’t expect to see it discounted three weeks later, so we don’t do it.
  76. Asset prices reflect expected nominal cash flows discounted at nominal rates or expected real cash flows discounted at real rates.
  77. This is a very real and true possibility and should not be discounted because, for many, it is the only way true change will come.
  78. Before the rally occurs you will have an opportunity to buy gold in the $800s and you should take advantage of the discounted price.
  79. Estimates of the value of proved oil and gas reserves discounted to present value at a 10 percent discount rate (known as SEC PV 10).
  80. Also, calculating the reverse discounted cash flow showed that the market at the time was expecting only 4% growth from the business.
  81. Greenberg's discounted cash flow approach is bounded by a set of restrictions that keep him securely within the value investing camp.
  82. The theoretical value of the bet is really the present value of its expected value, the 95 cents expected value discounted by interest.
  83. Putting aside his delusions of wealth, the reverend considered a possibility that he had largely discounted on many occasions before this.
  84. That’s why much of the cash on businesses conducting business internationally, should be discounted for the taxes it would have to pay.
  85. Do you know this customer didn’t even try to get it discounted, just pulled out the money and paid for it? That dress was eight dollars.
  86. To calculate the sum of present discounted values, you need to add all the present discounted values from the previous table (last column).
  87. The asset price still equals expected discounted cash flows, but in a world of uncertainty and time-varying expected returns, equation (5.
  88. At the core of finance is always the present value relation that an asset’s market price should equal its expected discounted cash flows.
  89. Intrinsic value can be defined simply: It is the discounted value of the cash that can be taken out of a business during its remaining life.
  90. The group was dragged for three solid hours Price theory, Interest, theory of Risk-Return, correlation, inflation and Discounted Cash Flow.
  91. Aggregating across investors, each asset’s market price equals the expected sum of its future cash flows discounted to the present value (i.
  92. With regard to the latter, it seems to have made scarce any distinction between real and circulating bills, but to have discounted all equally.
  93. Florida declared Bush had won, but the Democrats complained that large numbers of Democrat votes were being discounted on highly dodgy grounds.
  94. I had an independent appraisal done on the repossessed cars and had proof that the cars were being disposed of at phenomenally discounted rates.
  95. For the lay investor, it is claimed that it offers market-beating returns without the complexity associated with a discounted cash flow analysis.
  96. Then using a discounted cash flow model, we calculate a warranted value that has to be at least 50 percent greater than the current market price.
  97. This third bill was made payable to the order of C, who, as soon as it was accepted, discounted it in the same manner with some banker in London.
  98. Buffett himself bought Amazon’s deeply discounted bonds after the crash, when there was much fearful talk that Amazon was headed for bankruptcy.
  99. Conversely, they believe that the prices of low PE stocks are unduly discounted and that when earnings recover, the price of the stock will follow.
  100. What struck him as odd was the close correlation this accident had with one of the suspects’ own misfortunes he had largely discounted until now.
  1. The app offers discounts of 50-90%.
  2. Ask for group parking discounts too.
  3. Some airlines offer early booking discounts.
  4. Till the time discounts are given for above.
  5. He must make sure he never discounts that fact.
  6. Plenty of stores offer discounts for bulk purchases.
  7. In fact, your discounts eliminate any profit at all.
  8. Discounts for early or prompt payment should be considered.
  9. Have special pricing, promotions, and discounts, as well as.
  10. I told her about Ish's irritating habit of giving discounts to.
  11. They seek out the lowest price, push them hard on discounts and.
  12. I hate it when he gives discounts at the shop, but a hundred per.
  14. Discounts for fast payments are common and buyers like that, but how.
  15. And finally, the mamak restaurant owners would be giving discounts or.
  16. This may include offering festivities offers or discounts on products.
  17. Discussion: It is a tenet of Dow theory that price discounts everything.
  18. In 1970 it was possible to buy a number of old issues at large discounts.
  19. You might think that I lost all those discounts but that didn’t happen.
  20. It gives us time to identify attractive businesses and buy them at discounts.
  21. Add e-coupons in your newsletters that wil help them avail to special discounts.
  22. They may also offer discounts on products and professional services you may need.
  23. For example: Coupons or discounts that are only available to members who receive.
  24. Compassion discounts a lot of hypocrisy and that is why I have greater hope from.
  25. When it comes to offering discounts on products, these can be offered on several levels.
  27. We are told that the bank has lately lessened the discounts of individuals ten per cent.
  28. You get a situation where outer-month futures trade at deep discounts to the VIX itself.
  29. It includes special discounts for books and computers when you use your card to purchase.
  30. Companies go private by buying out their stockholders at discounts from realizable values.
  31. You can get discounts of various amounts when you purchase these items on that credit card.
  32. There are also occasional discounts on certain stores and zero costing on lost credit cards.
  33. Here is an example of the mid-line discounts I give to each asset in a fire sale situation:.
  34. Call the museum or zoo and see if there's any price discounts for certain days of the week.
  35. By using the internet services, one can find a cheap car rental service with added discounts.
  36. The other thing you can do flexibility wise is have different pricing structures and offer discounts.
  37. But they’re also giving away store memberships and discounts that can be used at any existing store.
  38. In a valuation, the existence of restrictions or blockage results in discounts from OPMI market prices.
  39. Alienability discounts for restriction and blockage can run from 15 to 50 percent of OPMI market prices.
  40. I would assert the biggest reason quality companies sell at discounts to intrinsic value is time horizon.
  41. We try to buy companies whose shares trade at large discounts to our assessment of their economic value.
  42. The flash of surprise in the scribe’s untutored mind lurches through them both, but Duncan discounts it.
  43. Acquire the common stocks of well-capitalized companies at deep discounts from readily ascertainable NAVs.
  44. This is because insurance companies can offer you with more discounts when you pay it before the due date.
  45. These coupons can offer you discounts on certain fast food chains, restaurants, as well as in local stores.
  46. The initials stood for something…Charleston Discounts? Cantonese Dinners? Curly Doughnuts? I didn’t know.
  47. Do your own research about consolidating your loans and take time to look over the fine print on loan discounts.
  48. There are some companies that have been offering their customers discounts on products such as books for years.
  49. Without catalysts, though, it appears as if the discounts from NAV are just a random walk at any particular time.
  50. It has aided in loans and discounts, and assisted in the collection, safe-keeping, and transmission of our revenues.
  51. More generally, privately held assets tend to trade at large valuation discounts compared with publicly traded assets.
  52. We're looking for companies with equal or superior growth characteristics that sell at discounts to the market valuation.
  53. I was on the phone with the mother for over an hour this afternoon, offering almost everything from discounts to a free cake.
  54. Nevertheless, you probably won’t be blessed with the discounts if you don’t say anything about leaving the bonus card home.
  55. Therefore, in the future it is likely that Bitcoin exchanges will offer special discounts for limit orders on bitcoins as well.
  56. By booking your flight at least 2 or 3 months in advance, there is a very big chance that you will enjoy big discounts on airfare.
  57. To be conservative in our analysis of liquidation value, we will use mid-line estimates of discounts in our analysis of the assets.
  58. Such an approach would be distinctly unfavorable to the purchase of slightly substandard bonds selling at moderate discounts from par.
  59. Stores continue to offer coupons and discounts since the 6% savings comes from the state government, not out of the store’s profits.
  60. It helps to increase the probability that the upcoming move will be to the upside if we purchase at large discounts to intrinsic value.
  61. The third layer, if you're really lucky, is when the market gets so excited that it discounts more and more of the future into the present.
  62. Are they opportunistic? Do they have ample cash on hand for future operations? Are they purchasing at discounts to their intrinsic value?
  63. The loan, if made, would not be from the bank but from the merchants, whose discounts would thereby be lessened, and whose ruin would follow.
  64. But even in the matter of price discounts and resultant chance of principal gain, the second-grade bonds are in competition with better issues.
  65. Currently we have a different situation in which even well-secured issues sell at large discounts if carrying coupon rates of, say, 4½% or less.
  66. To reduce the inventory, the company needs to offer higher discounts on their products, which will affect the bottom-line earnings of the company.
  67. Statement of the capital of the several branches, and of the Bank of the United States, and of the amount of discounts by the last received returns.
  68. Over 80 percent of the closed-end investment-trust common stocks in contrast trade at a discount from NAV and have traded at discounts consistently.
  69. One of our biggest mistakes was ten years ago, going too heavily into emerging market closed-end funds, which were selling at 25 to 30 percent discounts.
  70. Use phrases that are likely to draw in your prospects, such as “25% off this month, click here”, or “Special discounts for our Twitter followers”.
  71. Only those who have commission advantages, where they receive heavy discounts, or where they have a seat on the Exchange, can be viable daily option traders.
  72. The exit strategies are based on the belief that NAVs will grow over the next three to seven years and that the discounts from NAV will not widen materially.
  73. For example high-ranking members of the CoG were given generous allowances by the government, and were also given huge discounts when acquiring more assets and land.
  74. In our analysis, we try to invest in the common stocks of well-financed companies with readily ascertainable NAVs selling at discounts from such NAVs of at least 20 percent.
  75. A couple of bars were hosting adult proms later tonight and some clothing stores were offering student discounts for those prom goers that needed any last minute wardrobes.
  76. When interest rates were much lower than in 1970, the field of bargain issues extended to bonds and preferred stocks that sold at large discounts from the amount of their claim.
  77. The key to our process is trying to buy things at discounts to intrinsic business value, which, from a theoretical standpoint, is the present value of the future free cash flows.
  78. It likewise discounts merchants' bills, and has, upon several different occasions, supported the credit of the principal houses, not only of England, but of Hamburgh and Holland.
  79. The investor is in a conservative position since he has purchased a high-quality issuer, and has done so at significant discounts from readily ascertainable net asset value (NAV).
  80. As a result of these objections a number of companies have reversed their previous charge to surplus and are again charging amortization of bond discounts annually against earnings.
  81. These fifteen millions of dollars must be collected—the power of the bank to grant discounts will have ceased, and the duty of the directors must require them to make the collection.
  82. BOTTOM LINE: Additional discounts to the cash on the balance sheet may be needed if the cash is being used for upcoming contractual obligations such as the purchase of inventory or property.
  83. For example, many banks have been able to create value by using their high stock prices, such as two times book value, to buy banks priced at substantial discounts to book value, such as 0.
  84. What tends to happen is that as the market gets more expensive we take on more, less discounted names, and when the market is less expensive, we'll have fewer names trading at bigger discounts.
  85. It was formerly considered conservative to write off such bond discounts by a single charge against surplus, in order not to show so intangible an item among the assets on the balance sheet.
  86. Just because this situation is distinctly not true of the rank and file of the stockholders, the market discounts so cruelly the value of their cash when held by the company instead of themselves.
  87. There are Citibank credit cards that provide you specifically with music and book stores usage, gives you an advantage on concerts and movie passes, and could give you discounts on oil transactions.
  88. From a value point of view, there does not seem to be any rational reason why the publicly traded issues mentioned above should sell at steep discounts, while the hedge funds are priced at premiums.
  89. Shows aimed at the young will be cheaper than the big musicals but otherwise West End theatres do not discount for children unless they are part of a school group where discounts can be as much at 60%.
  90. She was handing out Worker Appreciation Day coupons, aka Bangladeshi bucks, that were special discounts in honor of those who gave their disposable lives so that shoppers might have disposable clothing.
  91. In a conservative, non-control, FF investment, the common stocks that we have purchased are those of blue-chip companies selling at substantial discounts from readily ascertainable net asset values (NAV).
  92. In addition, responders said that they would be willing to share their personal information with mobile advertisers in order to receive incentives, such as discounts, coupons and air or hotel rewards points.
  93. Fidelity and Vanguard offer mutual funds with annual expenses comfortably under 1%, while several closed-end funds are also available at a reasonable cost (and, occasionally, at discounts to net asset value).
  94. Notwithstanding the banks had resumed their discounts, the panic which had been produced did not cease, and the scarcity of money, and the distrust which had taken place, still continue to exist in Philadelphia.
  95. For example, such securities may be shares in public companies that trade at discounts to book value or tangible book value, have high dividend yields, have low price-to-earning multiples or have low price-to-book ratios.
  96. The land to the west of the building was used to bury folks who were too poor to afford a plot in the city cemetery and there are still sizable tax discounts on the property for using some of the land for paupers’ graves.
  97. Whenever he buys plane tickets, can always redeem his accumulated travel miles to avail of discounts on his plane ticket or if he has accumulated a lot of air miles already, he can use them in buying his plane tickets alone.
  98. The actual number at any time is usually a function of how pricey the market is: When discounts are larger, the full weights tend to be 2 to 4 percent; when discounts aren't as large, position sizes are more like 1 to 3 percent.
  99. They usually have a rewards program for members wherein cardholders receive gifts and discounts courtesy of partner product companies; discount coupons to hotels, restaurants, specialty stores; and travel miles for non-travel purchases.
  100. Offers and promotions in the promo box enable you to provide contests and competitions or discounts or time bound or particular promotions and you can use this area to create traffic pointed to your website or blog for additional information.

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