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Disregard en una oración (en ingles)

  1. You are to disregard that order.
  2. And you disregard the Hereafter.
  3. Disregard me and all other sources.
  4. After greed comes disregard for others.
  5. See the light and disregard the picture.

  6. If have utter disregard for you're life.
  7. The jury will disregard, LaVan said.
  8. They may disregard environmental concerns.
  9. Their code made them disregard their own safety.
  10. They disregard them like rubbish in a garbage pile.
  11. Let us pause before we disregard his solemn advice.
  12. This action of disregard on part of those individuals.
  13. Disregard the pointers and be aware of what they are.
  14. The jury will disregard the witness’s offhand remarks.
  15. Once a squeeze fires off, disregard the bands completely.

  16. He let the boy give him orders, he let him disregard him.
  17. However it is because of this disregard for the rules that Y.
  18. A teenager with access to a car and a total disregard for life.
  19. Reckless disregard for safety of self or others consistent with.
  20. Civilization has created a complete arrogant disregard for Nature.
  21. If this amount has already been paid, please disregard this notice.
  22. There is a pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the.
  23. They have given up on self-improvement, and disregard the power of.
  24. No disregard for the rules? Why then our conflict is over already.
  25. For now, we’ll disregard the ones we won’t be working with today.

  26. He went to bed with lofty disregard of Fleet Street and bread and butter.
  27. We’ve learned to disregard the thoughts that they inspire as products of.
  28. Show no intent to injure or a flagrant reckless disregard for safety, and 2.
  29. They disregard Revelation 4:1 where Jesus comes for His Bride in the Rapture.
  30. This was probably the first time Heather was thankful for Gina’s disregard.
  31. I move that the testimony be struck and the jury be instructed to disregard it.
  32. We are not, however, suggesting that you disregard option volatility completely.
  33. Menendez began to laugh in the background and Puddy did his best to disregard him.
  34. You are to disregard the message from Intel Wing restoring command to Mister Cross.
  35. The following passages teach us yet again not to despise (disregard) the prophesies.
  36. It allowed me to disregard the all-consuming absence that had engulfed my whole life.
  37. For the same reason it would be unsafe to disregard it if one proposed to build solidly.
  38. Please disregard her statements, the lawyer said looking to the judge for approval.
  39. I tell you: change only what you want to improve and disregard what you hear from others.
  40. Let alone fly in the face of international opinion and disregard their sworn promises.
  41. Depending on the type of identity a corresponding disregard for rights and opinions arises.
  42. The point of this section is not for an investor to disregard all strategic and master plans.
  43. Today, candidates and propagandists openly lie to the public with almost complete disregard.
  44. He leaned across the table, with a fine disregard of appearances, and kissed Nancy’s hands.
  45. But he embarrassed my father and was showing a callous disregard for my feelings, she said.
  46. The administrators issued demerits due to Evelyn’s behavior and blatant disregard of the rules.
  47. These speculations, whether scandalous or superstitious, are such as I can disregard and forgive.
  48. The disregard and disdain of supercilious officials towards the layman and Egyptians in particular.
  49. They were also known for their bloodlust and total disregard for discipline in fighting as one unit.
  50. And it is in the recognition or in the disregard of these truths that man's free agency is manifested.
  51. This disregard was very flattering, and I tried to live up to it, but the pace seemed to me terrific.
  52. Some are petitioning the State to dissolve the Union, to disregard the requisitions of the President.
  53. We are required to disregard the lessons of that best teacher, experience, and to try some new scheme.
  54. One should give Newton the benefit of the doubt and disregard this miss the position that the comet is.
  55. Between the two of them, everything is worn with an eccentric disregard for the conventions of the day.
  56. She watched his eyes: they were steady, and moved from Mike with disregard to scan the scene about him.
  57. As you move in the world, you see most clearly those things you care about, and you disregard the rest.
  58. Harris had his own agenda, preferring to operate in isolation and in total disregard of Allied strategy.
  59. It is especially disgusting to see the politicians disregard the ESA when their own welfare is affected.
  60. Deanna was woken by the orderly with that same characteristic disregard for what remained of her dignity.
  61. Newton’s very simple formula and in that disregard the formula because of the incorrectness the formula.
  62. Still, I could not disregard the fact that I, too, got my position through my fathers political influence.
  63. Abbot Bradford did this at his own bidding and in flagrant disregard for the injunction of our lord bishop.
  64. It was not possible to shoot rioters with complete disregard for the law as may have happened decades before.
  65. This occurs though the adoption of practices that disregard the rigorous requirements of the scientific method.
  66. One should give Newton the benefit of the doubt and disregard this miss the position that the comet is aiming at.
  67. They were roaring down the motorways, Hunter showing a certain disregard for speed limits, when he decided to speak.
  68. Yes, they were Star Fleet Officers, and they would disregard it, but it would always be in the back of their minds.
  69. The fourth problem that many traders come up against when drawing zones is that the market seems to disregard zones.
  70. If you disregard the few days that are marred by the khamsin, the rest of the time is usually neither warm nor cold.
  71. His callous disregard for all that has nurtured and sustained his very life is nothing less horrific than matricide.
  72. I quite admit that he has written it in his old regimental manner, with an equal disregard for style and decency.
  73. When determining whether the stock repurchases add value, disregard those repurchases made to offset options dilution.
  74. And in the first place, he will honour studies which impress these qualities on his soul and will disregard others?
  75. The color had been his favorite, and he began admiring it almost to the point of total disregard to his present situation.
  76. Ren Von Yoshida, in her reverence for violence has an udder disregard for authority in her so far very short stay at Orial.
  77. Ironically, most people today place so much emphasis in attaining material gains and disregard their true spiritual nature.
  78. It is usually best to disregard the indicator until the market has settled down and more normal momentum conditions emerge.
  79. People desperately try to get a foothold on it and the driver with complete disregard for the passengers suddenly moves off.
  80. Scarlett, with her usual disregard of all matters not directly under her nose, had scarcely known an election was being held.
  81. Some allow the Bible to contain the Word of God, but they make themselves the authority on what to keep and what to disregard.
  82. Most evangelical Christians disregard, ignore, or consider extreme the white leaders who confront the status quo racial systems.
  83. Does that mean that we should disregard these types of markets, question any severe movement, stay out of fast moving markets etc.
  84. Her moral obliquity shocked him, her disregard for the give and take necessary if a civilised community is to continue efficient.
  85. I’ll ask the jurors to disregard what I just said, which of course is impossible and that’s why I said it in the first place.
  86. Thirty carts could not save all the wounded and in the general catastrophe one could not disregard oneself and one’s own family.
  87. Thus, while Nehru deservedly earned the disregard of the Indian nation, Patel became a living legend of its nationalist sentiment.
  88. Peter Chisholm, the first engineer was an altogether different character, with a sharp wit and a near total disregard for authority.
  89. Assorted items of skiwear adorned seat backs and were strewn about the gangway, with obvious disregard for their replacement value.
  90. The eventual ascension of their caresses and their temporary disregard for morality came to them with spasms of equal bliss for both.
  91. And with total disregard for the only "life" that was given control over the one to come, by virtue of her own already-functioning body.
  92. This sorry mad dash through town at the complete disregard for others safety we now know was the result of a workplace labor dispute.
  93. She screamed, then laughed when she saw me wiggling between her and my father, who laughed and shrugged me off with half-sleep disregard.
  94. It would be wise for us not disregard such encounters because death is just a transitory stage and not the finality of one’s existence.
  95. Because of its relatively minor importance, in most examples, we will disregard the rho in analyzing option strategies and managing risk.
  96. Sometimes the spills had occurred through bad luck, sometimes through incompetence and sometimes through a total disregard for the dangers.
  97. They held that Jesus was a lawbreaker; that he had shown utter disregard for the Sabbath and numerous other legal and ceremonial requirements.
  98. In that letter he decried the mayor’s arrogant attitude that can only breathe contempt for the citizens and disregard for their views.
  99. While he complied with the good in the religion of his fathers, he did not hesitate to disregard man-made traditions of superstition and bondage.
  100. A disregard of public law, sacred treaties, and bloodshed, would suit it better; and it has been and ever will be, the consequences of such force.
  1. Disregarding the people she hurts in the process.
  2. Disregarding the fact that it weighed literally.
  3. Kills most of the ants, disregarding those still.
  4. He considered compelling her before disregarding the notion.
  5. A minor irritation rose in him, disregarding all self-argument.
  6. Disregarding Richard’s defensive tone, Cash motioned to the store.
  7. Disregarding the big swing and trying to jump in and out was fatal to me.
  8. My brother works here, he shrugged, disregarding her cold question.
  9. You see the people disregarding the old line of party division and distinction.
  10. This is the end of overcoming your problems with a view to disregarding society.
  11. Disregarding Napoleon they rushed after the plunder and Napoleon managed to escape.
  12. Mitchell sipped on the pink concoction, while disregarding Chance's absurd proposition.
  13. Disregarding my mother's illness, I believed she needed to remove her Karma; neglecting.
  14. Disregarding the clothes he had been wearing, he put on his old jeans and faithful runners.
  15. He has, however, retained some degree of self-respect, he continued, disregarding my remonstrance.
  16. It meant driving comfortably fast, disregarding all speed restrictions, except the ones imposed by the road itself.
  17. Disregarding this, she immediately started to her left at a brisk pace, so as to reach the end leading to the Tower.
  18. Disregarding my presence, she went straight to her uncle and passed her hand over his head with a sweet womanly caress.
  19. Disregarding the thought, she knew that he'd ask more of her than she was willing to give if she dared ask the question.
  20. But Don Jose, disregarding the general indictment as though he had not heard a word of it, took up the defence of Barrios.
  21. He is drinking from a cocktail glass and is completely disregarding them, as he is more concerned about the lack of game.
  22. Haydar received word from Leigh that Dominic had started working on his own agenda, killing people and disregarding orders.
  23. Disregarding his orders, Davout won a battle and saved the army from annihilation; but he incurred the bitter hatred of his chief.
  24. He used to the full the clergyman's privilege of disregarding the Middlemarch discrimination of ranks, and always told his mother that Mrs.
  25. And it was even pleasant to be able to show, by disregarding the orders, that she did not believe in medical treatment and did not value her life.
  26. The peasants were working in the fields, and, disregarding the screaming of the women, Peter Nikolaevich’s men succeeded in driving in the cattle.
  27. Just in the nick of time Mr Bloom touched his companion's boot but Stephen, apparently disregarding the warm pressure from an unexpected quarter, answered:.
  28. His captors held him tightly, disregarding his declaration that he was an Englishman and his loud demands to be taken at once before their commanding officer.
  29. Instead swallowing all nerves and disregarding all signs and suggestions, the panic of no moment being the right moment, he moved toward her and embraced her.
  30. He regarded it as being a silent propaganda that glorified the creation of the British Empire at the expense of disregarding the repercussions it had created.
  31. The chart has been simplified by disregarding the effects of interest rates, liquidity, kurtosis, skew, and also the volatility smirk that may sometimes occur.
  32. Similarly, after several wins, the trader can become too loose disregarding his trading plan thinking that no matter what he does he will come out ahead.
  33. But the count, disregarding his cry, continued to wring the bandit's wrist, until, his arm being dislocated, he fell first on his knees, then flat on the floor.
  34. I'm also disregarding women I've had no interest in, such as aunties, my dentist or shop assistants, but I do count classmates, colleagues, employees and the like.
  35. Then, disregarding the obviously slippery state of the transverse beams, he stepped on to one of them, and stood poised for a moment over sixty feet of hungry voidness.
  36. This was so very aggravating—the more especially as I found myself making no way against his surly obtuseness—that I said, disregarding Herbert's efforts to check me,—.
  37. If any question of right and wrong is left unsettled for them, the reader remains dissatisfied, no matter what consideration of principle he may himself feel justified in disregarding.
  38. Disregarding all this, it wasn't a very well set up shot; but, without trying to minimise my own shortcomings, I just want to establish what other factors might have led to the mistake.
  39. It was not a matter of imprudently disregarding old established standards of safety … but of being content with old standards when conditions called for more stringent requirements….
  40. So she rang Balder in San Francisco, had a long conversation with him and soon after that he moved back and took his son with him to his new house in Saltsjöbaden, disregarding the custody order.
  41. Disregarding the officers’ orders, the soldiers stood leaning against their stretchers and gazing intently, as if trying to comprehend the difficult problem of what was taking place before them.
  42. Katerina Ivanovna had immediately after the scene at the trial ordered the sick and unconscious man to be carried to her house, disregarding the inevitable gossip and general disapproval of the public.
  43. When you seek a lawyer’s advice, you are paying for access to this knowledge—a small fee compared to the alternative of years of your life spent in training, or hefty lawsuits from disregarding the law.
  44. Given that only one in five of your nations’ populations are trained fighters, completely disregarding the cowardly races who would rather die than fight, we outnumber you in the field at about three to one.
  45. It was not a matter of imprudently disregarding old established standards of safety, as in the case of the weaker utilities, but rather of being content with old standards when conditions called for more stringent requirements.
  46. Thus, this ‘easy fix’ for disregarding transcendent and informed information seriously limits the potential power of Self’ - spirit/soul - by diminishing the use of the inherent gifts of consciousness, intellect, reason and choice.
  47. So, the glorification of the Indian Musalmans of the historical figures, who had been inimical to the Hindus or had undermined the Hindustan, as heroes of Islam, was not the will of Allah but the making of His disregarding believers of yore.
  48. From this period, the British Government has gone on in a continued encroachment on the rights and interests of the United States, disregarding in its course, in many instances, obligations which have heretofore been held sacred by civilized nations.
  49. Monygham, disregarding, or perhaps fearing to penetrate the meaning of Nostromo's silence, clapped him lightly on the shoulder, and starting off with his smart, lame walk, vanished utterly at the third or fourth hop in the direction of the railway track.
  50. Every few yards as he proceeded he was challenged by the sentinels; but he stalked sullenly onward, utterly disregarding the summons of the soldiers, who only spared his life because they knew the air and tread no less than the obstinate daring of an Indian.
  51. I move on into the warm blue morning and the tingling tiredness after no sleep and I realise that travelling for over twenty-four hours makes you hallucinate so, disregarding my psychotic episode in the flea market, I interest myself in a cultural visit instead.
  52. We may behave in a way that would gain us as much as we could get, to satisfy our desires, needs and wants, bringing us pleasure, despite such behaviour being at the expense of others, whilst disregarding the negative affects of our gratuitous actions upon others.
  53. Political Correctness has accelerated this admonitory process by its simplistic characterization of individuals or groups; by not only disregarding the complexity of singular viewpoints but by challenging the moral and intellectual foundation of the individuals expressing them.
  54. She had even tried to work over the rejected sketches with a certain degree of hopefulness, but her heart was not in it, and she was gazing at one of them disconsolately, when there was a sharp knock at the door, and Tom, disregarding all studio ethics, burst in before she could open it.
  55. Disregarding her, Lucy proceeded up the next flight with the same dignity, and having reached Vera's room crossed to the fire, where she stood in silence while Lizzie, who had hurried after her and was reproaching her for having gone downstairs like that, dressed her and brushed her hair.
  56. Secretary Alger wrote to Secretary Long, asking him to order the navy to force the Bay at once; but since the War Department had sent the army into its precarious position, disregarding the only feasible plan of co-operation with the fleet for joint attack, Secretary Long refused to overrule Admiral Sampson.
  57. Dean, and disregarding her expostulations at my rudeness, I vanished through the kitchen as they opened the house door; and so should have confirmed Joseph in his opinion of his fellow-servant's gay indiscretions, had he not fortunately recognised me for a respectable character by the sweet ring of a sovereign at his feet.
  58. Dean, and disregarding her expostulations at my rudeness, I vanished through the kitchen as they opened the house-door; and so should have confirmed Joseph in his opinion of his fellow-servant’s gay indiscretions, had he not fortunately recognised me for a respectable character by the sweet ring of a sovereign at his feet.
  59. There is, to be sure, a certain external resemblance in the attitudes of the two figures, but direct connection cannot be assumed without separating x¹ a from x¹ b, with which, however, it obviously forms a group, and entirely disregarding the relations which the groups x, ix: ix¹, x¹ bear to one another and to the dolphin 0¹.
  60. But now that he actually saw him at his side, disregarding the storm and the mud, self-possessed as he led his patrol, no more than four strong, into the thick of a pack of desperate runaways, he could feel only what a pity it was that the two of them should be enemies and how much he would have liked to have taken Campion with him out of Efrafa.
  61. Given those observations and completely disregarding any possibility that the death had been a suicide, Charles had either willing allowed the individual to enter under false pretenses, perhaps insisting that Feltus had sent them with a message, or else had left the room briefly at which time the killer had sneaked inside to wait for the incriminating witness to return so as to silence him forever.
  62. Disregarding what others have said about the meaning of Having, what does it mean to you? What does it mean to have something? What is possession? Do you have money if no one knows you have money? What does it mean to have health? Will having health stop a car accident from killing you? What does it mean to have a spouse? How can you own a spouse? There is a car in my driveway with a piece of paper saying I own it.
  63. Would this disorderly crowd of soldiers attend to the voice of their commander, or would they, disregarding him, continue their flight? Despite his desperate shouts that used to seem so terrible to the soldiers, despite his furious purple countenance distorted out of all likeness to his former self, and the flourishing of his saber, the soldiers all continued to run, talking, firing into the air, and disobeying orders.
  64. Overlooking the fact that such information emanated from the United Nations and from many other sources of intelligence of other countries such as England, France and Germany, and disregarding furthermore the fact that Saddam had used those very same weapons against his own people killing thousands of Kurds, for example, it is fitting to remember that non-compliance of Resolution 1441 did not limit itself to weapons of mass destruction and did not consist, of course, in finding them.
  65. Totally disregarding the business of the stage, he leaned from his box and began attentively scrutinizing the beauty of each pretty woman, aided by a powerful opera-glass; but, alas, this attempt to attract notice wholly failed; not even curiosity had been excited, and it was but too apparent that the lovely creatures, into whose good graces he was desirous of stealing, were all so much engrossed with themselves, their lovers, or their own thoughts, that they had not so much as noticed him or the manipulation of his glass.
  66. But after all, though still under the same fear and apprehension, he has recorded it without adding to the story or leaving out a particle of the truth, and entirely disregarding the charges of falsehood that might be brought against him; and he was right, for the truth may run fine but will not break, and always rises above falsehood as oil above water; and so, going on with his story, he says that as soon as Don Quixote had ensconced himself in the forest, oak grove, or wood near El Toboso, he bade Sancho return to the city, and not come into his presence again without having first spoken on his behalf to his lady, and begged of her that it might be her good pleasure to permit herself to be seen by her enslaved knight, and deign to bestow her blessing upon him, so that he might thereby hope for a happy issue in all his encounters and difficult enterprises.
  67. Howard presented a petition of sundry inhabitants of the State of Kentucky, stating that the King of Great Britain having, by his proclamation of the sixteenth of October, one thousand eight hundred and seven, claimed the allegiance of all persons who may have been born in his dominions, and were not inhabitants of the United States of America at the period of their Revolution, and disregarding the laws of naturalization in other countries, hath authorized the impressment into his service of his pretended subjects, and treated as traitors such as may have taken up arms against him in the service of their adopted country; the petitioners being, at the present time, precluded from the privilege of following commercial pursuits on the high seas in safety, therefore pray that such measures be adopted by Congress as may effectually resist the unjust assumption of power claimed and exercised by a foreign nation; and pledging themselves to support with their lives and fortunes whatever steps may be taken, or acts passed, by the General Government, for the welfare of the Union.
  1. He disregarded the tortuous stair.
  2. These can, of course, be disregarded.
  3. The wanderer disregarded the questions.
  4. Chips and small pieces are disregarded.
  5. That is if she disregarded the duties of.
  6. Duty, affection, every thing was disregarded.
  7. Originally disregarded as a psychosomatic.
  8. However tempting that option was I disregarded it.
  9. The remonstrance was too reasonable to be disregarded.
  10. Chureal disregarded this and looked over Leode’s head.
  11. After we exited the trailer, I disregarded what Tom had.
  12. Once again, government has disregarded God and legislated.
  13. I disregarded the old hen for the second time because I had.
  14. Anyway, I disregarded the old man’s request and opted to.
  15. Mackeller could sense the pride in her voice, but disregarded it.
  16. This stance of his, disregarded his very own safety and focused.
  17. John disregarded her advice, denounced the woman, and was arrested.
  18. All that we can say is that we had a conscious that we disregarded.
  19. But she swiftly disregarded it, swept forward on a tide of happiness.
  20. Was Aaliya some sort of love interest? I disregarded it immediately.
  21. In caseconsonants stand after the stressed vowel they are disregarded.
  22. Why have you disregarded my request? Did she come across you on purpose?
  23. It’s the only explanation as to why we are so often disregarded as entities.
  24. Third, if the owners hadn’t disregarded the manager’s suggestion to install.
  25. Monygham, full of hope, disregarded the enigmatic words and the threatening tone.
  26. Holmes disregarded the outstretched hand and looked at him with a face of granite.
  27. I have smiled at envy, and disregarded hatred, but pity is more than I can tolerate.
  28. She completely disregarded the lone, surviving Mage who continued to flee their way.
  29. They completely disregarded everything he had done and sacrificed for them as a people.
  30. Both Norm and Tom disregarded them as pranks, but soon they were arriving with more regularity.
  31. I thought a lot about it, disregarded his wise advice and opted for the title Beyond My Odyssey.
  32. In their arrogance, the insects had disregarded the atom bomb as nothing worse than a wooden club.
  33. He should have noticed them and not disregarded them simply because they held no interest for him.
  34. Then, when they disregarded what they were reminded of, We opened for them the gates of all things.
  35. On the other hand, none of their hunches or intuitions should be disregarded completely or routinely.
  36. And, while watching, waiting for the boy to erupt, he had completely forgotten and disregarded the imp.
  37. Realizing now that they were too careless and shouldn’t have disregarded these six men so lightly, the.
  38. Her imagination was busy, her reflections were pleasant, and the pain of a sprained ankle was disregarded.
  39. They disregarded, therefore, Christ’s world mandate as not being relevant to African-American experiences.
  40. The objection to this particular increase of naval force on the score of expense, was not to be disregarded.
  41. I disregarded his insincerity of statement and went to the crux of the matter, I’m looking for a Bible.
  42. This third separate but equal part of the Trinity must not be dismissed or disregarded in a Christian’s life.
  43. There were instances in my other books where companies disregarded the maxim that the customer is always right.
  44. I couldn’t bear seeing it, and tried to make her stop, but she held me in place with magic force and disregarded me.
  45. John Dashwood, by this pointed invitation to her brother, how totally she disregarded her disapprobation of the match.
  46. No account of the universe in its totality can be final which leaves these other forms of consciousness quite disregarded.
  47. But the intent of the provision has been thoroughly disregarded by presidents calling their limited wars police and 166.
  48. If the cause of some new environmental scare cannot be proved scientifically the deficiency of proof must be disregarded.
  49. Talia and Povon had to laugh aloud, though they tried to stifle it, and the astronomer completely disregarded that as well.
  50. Perhaps, though, his father's photograph hadn't been dusted,--it would be just like them to have disregarded his instructions.
  51. Speaker, the gentleman from Virginia says he expects to be charged with being under British influence; however, he disregarded it.
  52. A bearish big-shadow candlestick with a closing price near the midpoint is a subpar set-up and should be disregarded (see Figure 6.
  53. But he was equally troubled that he, as the senior law enforcement officer in the territory, had been disregarded, or in his view not trusted.
  54. But it completely disregarded those and filed them under ‘interesting but not pressing’, and instead concerned on getting something to eat.
  55. Doesn’t it seem peculiar, therefore, that he later apparently disregarded the safety precautions that both you and he had agreed upon?
  56. Such is the recompense of God's enemies-the Fire-where they will have their permanent home, in recompense for having disregarded Our revelations.
  57. Preoccupied as he was, he disregarded the car parked across the street and focused instead on the square of folded paper sitting on the nightstand.
  58. Leeman's Act, to prohibit short sales of bank stocks, was passed by Parliament in 1867 and was soon disregarded by both businessmen and the courts.
  59. Alec, who had acted so devoted to me, who had kissed me so ardently, had callously disregarded the possible consequences of my spying for the rebels.
  60. I disregarded the stares of playing children and adults alike and walked through the lavishly landscaped surrounds of the massive palace on the hillside.
  61. Pearl Harbour radar operators detect Japanese aircraft approaching, but the report is disregarded on the assumption that the incoming aircraft are American.
  62. Any theory or idea… any data or information that is not approved by the scientific community is considered to be unscientific, and is totally disregarded.
  63. When she decided to become a dancer at seventeen, she disregarded all conventional wisdom, which preached that dancers must begin their training as young children.
  64. Cliff was disappointed, but he seemed to take it as a matter of course that his elaborate thesis about the Man in the Moon should be disregarded by the uninitiated.
  65. Master plans fail because when opportunity presents itself, and it doesn’t fit with the strategic vision of the company, then it is disregarded as non-strategic.
  66. And the revival or reform of religions, like the first revelation of them, has come from within and has generally disregarded external ceremonies and accompaniments.
  67. Like now, when he followed the trail of his own attention: some words he understood, some he disregarded, others came together and formed strings of light in his mind.
  68. This advice may be disregarded, as no longer called for, after the investor is sure that all the problems of stock-exchange firms have been disposed of, but not before.
  69. Rather than trying to read any significance into that line, accept that it shows that the market has made such an extreme move that the indicator should be disregarded.
  70. But I remember distinctly he was shrieking for mercy, without stopping at all, continuously, and so absolutely disregarded that nobody even took the trouble to gag him.
  71. But though comparatively disregarded now, when his day comes, laws unsuspected by most will take effect, and masters of families and rulers will come to him for advice.
  72. These cases go to prove that the principles that ought to govern civilized nations, have, at all times, been totally disregarded by the officers and agents of that Government.
  73. Do you suppose that my tears, my entreaties, my illness, my possible death from grief, our poverty would have made him pause? No, he would calmly have disregarded all obstacles.
  74. He took himself to task for his bad sympathies in reference to Roger Chillingworth, disregarded the lesson that he should have drawn from them, and did his best to root them out.
  75. I tried to put on as unconcerned an air as possible, but I had not forgotten the warnings of the lady, even though I disregarded them, and I kept a keen eye upon my two companions.
  76. A few men glanced at her as she passed and their female partners cast her glares that were meant as a warning, which she disregarded without so much as a glance in their direction.
  77. Are they waiting for anything but its fulfillment? The Day its fulfillment comes true, those who disregarded it before will say, The messengers of our Lord did come with the truth.
  78. What could the wretched Joe do now, after his disregarded parenthetical interruptions, but stand up to his journeyman, and ask him what he meant by interfering betwixt himself and Mrs.
  79. Maybe it was because Baba had been such an unusual Afghan father, a liberal who had lived by his own rules, a maverick who had disregarded or embraced societal customs as he had seen fit.
  80. I disregarded her sorrow; I would rather see her miserable than not see her at all, never any more; for whether I escaped or stayed to die, there was for us no coming together, no future.
  81. Herr Dremmel's laboratory windows were open, for the evening was heavy and quiet, and they could see him in the lamplight, with disregarded moths fluttering round his head, bent over his work.
  82. Harris disregarded this evidence and demanded that all Coastal Command and army support aircraft be absorbed into Bomber Command, arguing that the invasion of occupied Europe was unnecessary.
  83. There can be no doubt that the love of wealth and the spirit of moderation cannot exist together in citizens of the same state to any considerable extent; one or the other will be disregarded.
  84. He knew that some members had no commiseration for the merchant who had dared to escape the embargo, and who had disregarded the salutary precautions, designed, as it was said, for his security.
  85. Policy, and that conciliatory spirit which ought to guide our deliberations, unite in prescribing a different course, and I do trust that prescription will not be disregarded on the present occasion.
  86. Is he the spokesman for the ‘liberals?’ He totally disregarded the several personalities and guests on the channel who by their pronouncements and perspectives are clearly less than conservative.
  87. If parity is violated, this indicates that options prices are false or there is information priced in by the market but disregarded by the testing algorithm (for example, dividend payments are expected).
  88. His mind was so completely focused on one possibility, which would explain and clarify his confusion, that he disregarded his apprehensive sentiments about the murder scene and threw open the drapes on the window.
  89. Uncle Leo XII disregarded what he said concerning his nephew’s bad taste in reading, for Lotario Thugut would also say of him that he had been his worst voice student, and still he could make even tombstones cry.
  90. Dynasties and aristocracies which have disregarded the laws of nature have decreased in numbers and degenerated in stature; 'mariages de convenance' leave their enfeebling stamp on the offspring of them (King Lear).
  91. Fully as bad were the technical details of the tax law, which compelled distributions in excess of actual accounting profits, disregarded very real capital losses and allowed no flexibility in the treatment of inventory values.
  92. Shared views among a relatively few psychiatrists across the country fed a system that lacked or disregarded formal protocols, systematic analysis of medical procedures, and standards to define acceptable and unacceptable risks.
  93. However, my debts were too pressing and my designs upon my wealthy relative were too vital for me to allow them to be upset by the ill-temper of his wife, so I disregarded her coldness and reciprocated the extreme cordiality of his welcome.
  94. As the result of the abandonment of Christ's teachings, having disregarded the principle of non-resistance to evil, men have unwittingly fallen into the condition of imminent peril foretold by Christ to those who refused to follow His precepts.
  95. In the mornings or on other rare occasions, when the elder inseparables were not playing roulette, Ottilie hovered round them at a distance, as disregarded as a shadow that followed them in space of less dimensions, as it were, wherever they went.
  96. Each new set of burgomasters visits the treasure, compares it with the books, receives it upon oath, and delivers it over, with the same awful solemnity to the set which succeeds ; and in that sober and religious country, oaths are not yet disregarded.
  97. As regards the meat over which Al’lah’s Name was not pronounced, following the blood and tissue test and with the displayed pictures we can see the samples were infected and contaminated to an extreme extent that can not be neglected or disregarded.
  98. David, perceiving that he was left alone, utterly disregarded as a subject too worthless even to destroy, threw his long limb across the saddle of the beast they had deserted, and made such progress in the pursuit as the difficulties of the path permitted.
  99. It was urged at the last session with all the eloquence which the gentlemen from Georgia are in so great a degree possessed, and disregarded; for it was decided by both Houses that the United States had a right to rule the Territory without the consent of Georgia.
  100. But he had a chivalrous nature (was not the disinterested service of woman among the ideal glories of old chivalry?): his disregarded love had not turned to bitterness; its death had made sweet odors—floating memories that clung with a consecrating effect to Dorothea.
  1. The beginning option trader disregards volatility.
  2. It disregards redundant information to save time.
  3. Technical analysis disregards all fundamental factors.
  4. Option C: She disregards the disparity and agonizes over the.
  5. This theory similarly disregards the reality of Christ’s return and aligns itself with the.
  6. She glances over her shoulder with that telltale inhuman head swivel, assesses and disregards me.
  7. If one disregards the 1988 drought (May-August 1988), soybean option implied volatility has averaged about 20 percent from 1985 to 1988.
  8. The order of profitable and unprofitable trades is also of great importance for a strategy to be successful (statistical research disregards this order).
  9. Even among scientists and practitioners rigorously trained in their discipline a point of view can develop, and be passionately held, that disregards the requirements of scientific integrity.
  10. The former employs the legal system and democratic processes to achieve its stated objectives; the superseding of traditional customs and norms with ―universal‖ standards, whereas the latter disregards such pretenses of limited authority altogether in its efforts to reduce a society to its basic components.
  11. How can an entity with overpaid CEOs that doesn’t pay taxes, receives bailouts and subsidies despite record profits, disregards regulations, pollutes the environment and spreads toxic waste into the water and air and onto the land ever be declared a person? Go to the Internet and add you voice in order to overturn this horrible 2010 decision by the Supreme Court.
  12. The soldier is applauded who refuses to serve in an unjust war by those who do not refuse to sustain the unjust government which makes the war; is applauded by those whose own act and authority he disregards and sets at naught; as if the state were penitent to that degree that it hired one to scourge it while it sinned, but not to that degree that it left off sinning for a moment.
  13. This may lead to an approach that disregards a lot of information that many traders assume to be useful, but, for instance, why would you use indicators that do not add to your analysis? Why would you listen to news that is old news and is already fully priced into the market? Why would you try to guess how complex fundamental factors might influence the price if you do not have the skills to fully understand those fundamentals? Why would you solicit opinions from traders who may trade with completely different styles and may be less competent and knowledgeable than you are? Traders do all of these things, but most of them do not make sense.

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