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Disposed en una oración (en ingles)

  1. They were not disposed to.
  2. Mother has disposed with it.
  3. The rest would be disposed of.
  4. Standish, disposed to be genial.
  5. I disposed of them the next day.

  6. And that he was not disposed to do.
  7. Nobody is favourably disposed to Mr.
  8. It was disposed of, Jurak said.
  9. A wave of his hand disposed of the.
  10. They are likewise less disposed to do so.
  11. In any event she had disposed of it now.
  12. He frowned at Troi and disposed of his gum.
  13. Where have you disposed of their carcasses?
  14. Disposable tears for a disposed of workmate.
  15. The flowers and fruits are disposed as in X.

  16. He is well disposed to our family and even.
  18. Leander Crawford, if I was disposed to gossip.
  19. And one at least was disposed of--perhaps more.
  20. The Camel Jocks handily disposed of that threat.
  21. She nodded as she disposed of the deadly weapon.
  22. Every thing then being disposed and fixed for Mr.
  23. She is not disposed to give me a divorce either.
  24. Assuming of course, the monk hasn't disposed of.
  25. They were disposed to believe his flattering tale.

  26. They disposed off dead animals and removed garbage.
  27. Even the most archaic of known religions disposed.
  28. She was, therefore, very soon disposed to change it.
  29. He quickly snapped it into pieces and disposed of it.
  30. It was too good a thing to be disposed of in a hurry.
  31. Several of them seemed disposed to quarrel with Newman.
  32. One way or another, criminals are quickly disposed of.
  33. Nicky’s, uh … he’s not disposed at the moment.
  34. Campion’s remains and disposed of them in a Dumpster.
  35. Securely trussed, he was disposed of in the same manner.
  36. As for ourselves, what are we disposed to do about it?
  37. This time, the two men quickly and disposed of the matter.
  38. I assume he’s not disposed to celebrate this wedding.
  39. Once she was dressed, she disposed of the outdated uniform.
  40. Prepared then, and disposed as I was by the discourse of my.
  41. They were disposed of with the help of outsiders, of course.
  42. They are removed with a magnet and disposed of separately.
  43. The key Democratic amendment was disposed of in less than 20.
  44. A body that was disposed of shortly after John McClure, a.
  45. To be sure all fathers are disposed to be blind in such cases.
  46. Now that Tynice was beheaded, her body needed to be disposed of.
  47. Most recently they had found the soiled linen he had disposed of.
  48. Are you disposed to resist His will and gratify your own?
  49. Jonathan has been disposed and the Royal family has been tossed.
  50. Nor am I therefore disposed to limit the scene of his enterprise.
  51. His followers were disposed to regard him as the expected Messiah.
  52. When the bin was full, security went through it and disposed of it.
  53. The children are disposed to many or unknown number of step mothers.
  54. There are but three modes in which surplus wealth can be disposed of.
  55. No, indeed; I should be much more disposed to wonder at the opposite.
  56. Old dogs are simply abandoned, puppies are disposed of in the dustbin.
  57. They were all disposed to believe that the Jews had removed the body.
  58. No ashes were left, all had been carefully disposed of or taken away.
  59. Charles, already disposed by the evidence, of his senses to think my.
  60. Jesus was never disposed to take unfair advantage of even his enemies.
  61. Maynwaring has brought up will be dealt with and disposed of in a most.
  62. The captain neatly disposed of the last book by putting it into the fire.
  63. But Thomas had disposed of them, with the help of the ten-year-old Ralph.
  64. He was disposed to be liberal to our officers, to foster our rising navy.
  65. He had always before been disposed to find the utmost fault with Lydgate.
  66. She is clearly smarter, more curious, more disposed to individual action.
  67. But, perhaps, you have disposed of the coachman as well as the horses?
  68. This Government has never been disposed to go to war on that ground alone.
  69. They had disposed of the minions bodies, burying them away from the house.
  70. John—had been strongly disposed in my own heart to advocate their union.
  71. Altogether, reckoning hastily, here were about three thousand disposed of.
  72. Will was with me, and both ever too well disposed to baulk an opportunity.
  73. It was felt that he would be very favorably disposed to Espanyan interests.
  74. Churchill was not disposed to study, and he failed his exams again and again.
  75. The landlord can afford to try experiments, and is generally disposed to do so.
  76. And the moon: We have disposed it in phases, until it returns like the old twig.
  77. One of the orderlies disposed of the parachute and helped Carla clean up the car.
  78. He was disposed to prejudge individuals in accordance with his personal opinions.
  79. I learned that there was a truckload of items that were going to be disposed off.
  80. One accepts that there are regularly puppies, and these are then disposed of in.
  81. And if so disposed he made them sit down on the sofa or on his old leather chairs.
  82. My friend started this business in a small way and disposed the diamonds in Europe.
  83. There are one or two other things that might be disposed of in closing this chapter.
  84. As you know, we disposed of your plane, so it would not be traced to this island.
  85. But I am not disposed to found an argument on such a basis in the passage before us.
  86. Moon might remember the name of the town where she and her boyfriend disposed of Mr.
  87. What if they hadn’t of been vampires? Would you have disposed of them then?
  88. Volodya's shy, innocent, and handsome appearance disposed the officers in his favor.
  89. Violent actions, erotic impulses are disposed behind the particular original respond.
  90. When a man is ashamed he generally begins to get angry and is disposed to be cynical.
  91. With Mark Antony disposed of, Octavian stood, at thirty two years old, as undisputed.
  92. Garth would be disposed at the same time to resume the agency of the Tipton property.
  93. There was an artist in the city of Kouroo who was disposed to strive after perfection.
  94. I am as little disposed to extend the territory as any other individual of this House.
  95. Maspero was disposed to explain the style of the bas-relief by the Egyptian influence.
  96. Unfortunately for this prudent resolution, his entertainers appeared otherwise disposed.
  97. The crowd controllers, who had just finished collecting the disposed clothing, now moved.
  98. Schedule D, Part 5, gives those stocks and bonds acquired and disposed of in the same year.
  99. Only John Zebedee was disposed to believe, even faintly, that Jesus had risen from the dead.
  100. At the very worst there were harmless piles of dust that had to be swept up and disposed of.
  1. The costs of disposing of.
  2. Disposing of the byproducts of.
  3. Deftly disposing of the Old Testament (The.
  4. Peter and Nicolas returned from disposing of the deer.
  5. Learn more about disposing of unused medications here.
  6. Trumbull that morning, to speak about disposing of their house.
  7. He had found means of disposing of the silver bars in distant ports.
  8. Artonion natives have an interesting way of disposing of their dead.
  9. Whether they go into the fights or not, those prisoners need disposing of.
  10. What is worse is the problem of disposing of the unused contents of the can.
  11. Generally lending of money refers with disposing of the money or property with.
  12. Disposing: The act of arranging, ruling, directing; to put something where it belongs.
  13. Building that android and disposing of my flesh body is what upset the element balances.
  14. If he was disposing of his money now, presumably he wouldn't bother about any trust at all.
  15. Disposing these articles about him in skilful manner, he bestowed a parting defiance on Mrs.
  16. Being of some intelligence she contemplated methods of disposing of Jacques when the time came.
  17. Some conversation passed on the proper mode of disposing of this subject, in the course of which.
  18. You must have a hard time disposing of that type of material, these days, suggested Fleming.
  19. Confronted by this zeal in disposing of her, Fanny would have had to go, even if she didn't want to.
  20. As soon as the rovers were unstowed and activated, Commander Lewis had the joy of disposing of the RTG.
  21. The next hour was spent disposing of the rotten food, cleaning the fridge, and leaving it open to air out.
  22. I am not one of those who think the expense of the Navy a sufficient argument for disposing of it altogether.
  23. Presumably the management can terminate these losses at any time by disposing of or abandoning the property.
  24. Most of the sellers were not aware that they were disposing of their interest at far less than its scrap value.
  25. What do you do with them? I wouldn’t advise disposing of them in the oceans or even shuttling them out into space.
  26. Part of the preparation consisted of emptying out store rooms and disposing of all outdated equipment and medications.
  27. A few minutes were consumed in disposing of those present in a manner suitable to their rank and influence in the tribe.
  28. Disposing of the threadbare remnants of the Imperial Desnairian Navy promised to be a somewhat more difficult task, however.
  29. Most theories hold that he was probably hoping to find a way of disposing of certain djinn and earthbound demons permanently.
  30. The boy regretted his too-much generosity in disposing of honours, hesitated, and with trembling fingers, scratched out the Mr.
  31. He then sprinted from the scene disposing of his blue bandana in the stream that a fire hydrant that was sprouting water had made.
  32. Disposing of the saber and champagne bottle by ‘recklessly’ tossing them aside, she pulled one of the knives from her thigh strap.
  33. Before disposing of the would-be assassin’s remains he searched her belongings and discovered a wad of cash wrapped in a hand-drawn map.
  34. Since we are on the subject of disposing of, I will tell you about the do’s and don’ts of getting rid of paint other than at a burn site.
  35. Why had the man dwelt in this desolate spot, and to what unknown destination had his servants departed after disposing of their master's corpse?
  36. Your kind attention, in providing for the safety of the baroness by disposing of the horses, does not seem to have made the least impression on her.
  37. After disposing of the two carcasses I closed the door of the warm dugout and prepared for a hot meal, as the snow started to fall heavier and heavier.
  38. He desired to direct the matter of disposing of Jesus; he feared to trust such an important undertaking wholly to his brusque and aggressive son-in-law.
  39. That is a state of perfect freedom of acting and disposing of their own possessions and persons as they think fit within the bounds of the law of nature.
  40. The blood-donation camp started and Karan and Tarana were volunteering by handing out syringes to the doctors and taking care of disposing the discarded syringes.
  41. He also hunted women, and took his prey in his Castle through a variety of ingenious innovations within the very walls, disposing of the bodies via lime pits in the basement.
  42. Many were there to provide various services to the men who did—doing their laundry, cooking their meals at the mess hall, selling them various sundries, disposing of their trash.
  43. Moon told the police that she ignored Michael Campion’s pleas for help, she let him die, and then she covered up this crime by dismembering and disposing of that young man’s body.
  44. There is but one question to be decided in disposing of this bill, and that is respecting public ships; for I believe all will agree to renew the non-intercourse act as respects France.
  45. Those outsiders who had invested heavily in the great enterprises through which The Seven ruled were disposing of their holdings—cautiously, through fear of breaking the market.
  46. I asked the June baby, who had several times noticed with indignation the culpable indifference of this boy in regard to corners, whether she did not think that would be a good way of disposing of him.
  47. Do you wish for me to handle the matter from here on out? Tom offered, hoping to alleviate some of the pressure and pain that would be involved in disposing of the new threat to the organization.
  48. That The Willows should still be in Everard's life, and actively so, not just lingering on while house agents were disposing of it, but visited and evidently prized, came upon her as an immense shock.
  49. The women in this case struck Rafferty as particularly strong-minded, and wasn't it true that the gentler sex were often less squeamish than mere males when it came to disposing of a barrier to happiness?
  50. By the articles of cession you reserve to yourself the right of disposing of the territory; you also agree to pay Georgia one million two hundred and fifty thousand dollars out of the product of the first sales of the land.
  51. By this order, the pretensions of England, heretofore disclaimed by every other power, to prohibit neutrals disposing of parts of their cargoes at different ports of the same enemy, is revived, and with vast accumulation of injury.
  52. We all know that when such gentlemen are brought by some marvellous chance into society, they find their worst ordeal in their own hands, and the impossibility of disposing them becomingly, of which they are conscious at every moment.
  53. Trust and Estates is a rapidly growing area of practice in the law that includes estate planning, managing your estate during life and disposing of your estate at your death through the use of trusts, wills and other planning documents.
  54. That very evening, indeed, before the fair had set in, Fred thought he saw a favorable opening for disposing advantageously of his horse, but an opening which made him congratulate himself on his foresight in bringing with him his eighty pounds.
  55. The best minds will thus have reached a stage in the development of the race in which it is clearly seen that there is no mode of disposing of surplus wealth creditable to thoughtful and earnest men into whose hands it cows, save by using it year by year for the general good.
  56. Your position is an important one, not only with reference to the immediate results to the enemy’s property, but from the facts that neutral rights may frequently arise under it; reliance, however, is placed in your judgment and discretion for meeting and promptly disposing of such questions.
  57. Behaving too with her usual moderation and disinterestedness, she refused any share of the sum I had thus earned, and put me into such a secure and easy way of disposing of my affairs, which now amounted to a kind of little fortune, that a child of ten years old might have kept the account and property of them safe in its hands.
  58. The daybreak struggled with the gloom under the arcades on the Plaza, with no signs of country people disposing their goods for the day's market, piles of fruit, bundles of vegetables ornamented with flowers, on low benches under enormous mat umbrellas; with no cheery early morning bustle of villagers, women, children, and loaded donkeys.
  59. Sometimes he would strip me stark naked on a carpet, by a good fire, when he would contemplate me almost by the hour, disposing me in all the figures and attitudes of body that it was susceptible of being viewed in; kissing me in every part, the most secret and critical one so far from excepted that it received most of that branch of homage.
  60. I would like you first to empty your vehicles, I assume they are not family heirlooms because we will be disposing of them later today, Mr Crow’s is going to a watery grave in a local disused quarry, I have it on good authority it’s at least ten metres deep, next Mr Jays vehicle will pay a visit to a hydraulic press in a wrecker’s yard at Caboolture.
  61. That many financially successful individuals should decide to pass along the fruits of their labors to their families and loved ones instead of having them arbitrarily redistributed to other individuals, should be a prerogative of acquired wealth; a privilege enjoyed by those who have properly earned it and should enjoy the right of disposing it as they think fit.
  62. Accordingly, sometime after the resurrection and also after the death of his mother, David betook himself to Philadelphia, having first assisted Martha and Mary in disposing of their real estate; and there, in association with Abner and Lazarus, he spent the remainder of his life, becoming the financial overseer of all those large interests of the kingdom which had their center at Philadelphia during the lifetime of Abner.
  63. Combeferre, wearing an apron, was dressing the wounds: Bossuet and Feuilly were making cartridges with the powder-flask picked up by Gavroche on the dead corporal, and Bossuet said to Feuilly: "We are soon to take the diligence for another planet"; Courfeyrac was disposing and arranging on some paving-stones which he had reserved for himself near Enjolras, a complete arsenal, his sword-cane, his gun, two holster pistols, and a cudgel, with the care of a young girl setting a small dunkerque in order.
  64. In the new paving of the crown of the causey, some years before, the rise in the middle had been levelled to an equality with the side loans, and in disposing of the lamp-posts, it was thought advantageous to place them halfway from the houses and the syvers, between the loans and the crown of the causey, which had the effect at night, of making the people who were wont, in their travels and visitations, to keep the middle of the street, to diverge into the space and path between the lamp-posts and the houses.
  65. Railroads, telegraphs, telephones, photography, the improved method of disposing of criminals by imprisoning them in solitary confinement for the remainder of their lives in cells, where, hidden from human view, they die forgotten, as well as numerous other modern inventions upon which governments have the prior claim, give them such power, that if once the authority fell into certain hands, and the regular and secret police, administrative officials, and all kinds of procureurs, jailers, and executioners labored zealously to support it, there would be no possibility whatsoever of overthrowing the government, however cruel or senseless it might be.
  66. Meanwhile Arnie was disposing of the revellers,.
  1. A mind proposes and disposes.
  2. One woman sweeps, another woman disposes.
  3. It’s only matter of time before she disposes of us.
  4. And that, it seems to me, disposes of the question of duty.
  5. He said, God disposes of the lives of women as well as those of men.
  6. Peeling is the process in which the body disposes of dead skin cells.
  7. According to Jung, the sphere of spiritual notions disposes of psycho-.
  8. Th us, modern science disposes of signifi cantly manifold store of fa-.
  9. We have found that which may be good or evil to us, as heaven disposes.
  10. In matters of speculation, however, though "man proposes," "money disposes.
  11. The Jews quite thought that Jesus was a revolutionary! Usually, if one disposes of.
  12. We were in need of that who supports us, has affection for us and disposes our affairs.
  13. In Colossians 2: 14 Paul finally disposes of this, stating that these writings that.
  14. He can safely pardon or neglect them, and his consciousness of his own superiority naturally disposes him to do so.
  15. Let us suppose that he generally disposes of his whole stock upon hand, or of goods to the value of his whole stock upon hand, once in the year.
  16. At any moment in time t (that is, at each step of simulation), the strategy disposes of a certain information set I(t) that is currently available.
  17. That is, it is He who possesses and disposes the affairs of all what is in the heavens and on the earth, and it is He who supplies them with existence and life.
  18. The situation of such a person naturally disposes him to attend rather to ornament, which pleases his fancy, than to profit, for which he has so little occasion.
  19. But the high price of provisions, by diminishing the funds destined for the maintenance of servants, disposes masters rather to diminish than to increase the number of those they have.
  20. Among nations, to whom commerce and manufacture are little known, the sovereign, it has already been observed in the Fourth book, is in a situation which naturally disposes him to the parsimony requisite for accumulation.
  21. This I say, Sancho, that thou attribute not the favour thou hast received to thine own merits, but give thanks to heaven that disposes matters beneficently, and secondly thanks to the great power the profession of knight-errantry contains in itself.
  22. How fortunate that Eugenie is possessed of that strange character which has so often made me tremble! And her glance was turned towards heaven, where a mysterious providence disposes all things, and out of a fault, nay, even a vice, sometimes produces a blessing.
  23. The same confidence which disposes great merchants and manufacturers upon ordinary occasions, to trust their property to the protection of a particular government, disposes them, upon extraordinary occasions, to trust that government with the use of their property.
  24. Their great demand for active and productive stock makes it convenient for them to have as little dead stock as possible, and disposes them, upon that account, to content themselves with a cheaper, though less commodious instrument of commerce, than gold and silver.
  25. While, sir, the spleen of hostility towards the Government is gratified, while the manufacturing establishments of the East are promoted, while the middle section of the Union disposes of, at high prices, the abundant harvest of their fields, what becomes of the commerce of our country? What fate befalls the agriculture of the South? Our cotton rots on the stalk.
  26. But in a country where the government is in a great measure arbitrary, where it is usual for the magistrate to intermeddle even in the management of the private property of individuals, and to send them, perhaps, a lettre de cachet, if they do not manage it according to his liking, it is much easier for him to give some protection to the slave; and common humanity naturally disposes him to do so.
  27. How is it submission, then, to these orders for us to trade to Gottenburg, when neither France nor Britain command, nor prohibit it? Of what consequence is it to us what way the Gottenburg merchant disposes of our products, after he has paid us our price? I am not about to deny that a trade to Gottenburg would defeat the purpose of coercing Great Britain, through the want of our supplies, but I reason on the report upon its avowed principles.

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1. And he did dispose of it.
2. Who was I to dispose of his life?
3. So, the next day Bobby went to dispose.
4. The reptile helps dispose of heads and.
5. Can I do anything for you? Dispose of me.
6. How will you dispose of the bodies?
7. They told me to dispose of it as I saw fit.
8. I have to dispose of a large amount of scrap.
9. Whatever business you have to dispose of.
10. Let’s hope we can dispose of that as easily.
11. Then how they all dispose to (do) One command.
12. And we could dispose of the bones in the trash.
13. Mother, take this spirit away and dispose of it.
14. He stood to dispose of the ugly mess in his hands.
15. His request granted, I decided to dispose of it.
16. I stalk the darkness and serve to dispose of.
17. Who will dispose of the city’ s orphans? She will.
18. It was important to dispose of the Weeds to prevent.
19. Not only will I hold you, I intend to dispose of you.
20. We dispose of the bodies quickly and limit the exposure.
21. In the time of Christ it was a place used to dispose of.
22. You may dispose of the papers when you are done with them.
23. That is all the Court had to decide to dispose of the case.
24. Marcus's mother holds the key to how to dispose of Sheridan.
25. But to dispose of him would be to deal them a crippling blow.
26. With these guidelines, we dispose of an instrument that allows.
27. He’d have to dispose of her somewhere where no one would see.
28. Instead he said, How do you intend to dispose of the body?
29. Yucca Mountain and so there is no place to dispose of the waste.
30. Be ready for action as soon as I dispose of our uninvited guest.
31. Let others dispose of questions, I dispose of nothing, I arouse.
32. Brander asked how he planned to dispose of Malenkov and the others.
33. Perhaps you can find the way home while I dispose of my caller.
34. Dispose of me as you see fit; but first help me to carry him home.
35. Part of my job at the hospital is to dispose of the babies missing.
36. Conan said he had a gem, which he will probably seek to dispose of.
37. He would have to dispose of the soiled materials including the sheet.
38. Everything had to go smoothly without any bodies to dispose of later.
39. In the meantime, dispose of my coachman, my carriage, and my servants.
40. This merchandise is his, but I have resolved to dispose of it for the.
41. We have serious matters at hand, and thousands of bodies to dispose of.
42. Have your mechs immediately dig the graves to dispose of the bodies.
43. Sam explained, Roger is going to dispose of the body in the warehouse.
44. He thought about the best way that he might dispose of the Torre D’Oro.
45. He’d collect them later, he thought, and dispose of them more properly.
46. They assist the primary systems in the body to dispose of waste products.
47. Take everything else and do one of two things; dispose it all, or store it.
48. I am the only person possessing the right to dispose of my daughter's hand.
49. He had a great deal of leisure and intellectual energy still to dispose of.
50. He’d killed a man and helped a professional killer dispose of the corpse.
51. I will dispose of my inheritance in accordance with the demands of justice.
52. He was only able to dispose the merchandise through small price reductions.
53. But what can we do about it? The answer is to dispose of the cells properly.
54. He clambered from the hole and indicated it was time to dispose of the bodies.
55. I looked at the smile that stole my heart and was never again mine to dispose.
56. He would wear gloves and Amanda and Felicity would help him dispose of the body.
57. It amazed me how many people wanted to dispose of great grandpa's pride and joy.
58. He forced a smile rather than do what he was thinking and that was to dispose of.
59. After arranging to dispose of the body, he went to check on the rest of his flock.
60. For one thing, any public shareholder was free to dispose of his shares at any time.
61. It’s her land, clear and unencumbered, and she can dispose of it any way she wants.
62. He said he wanted me to dispose of his wife because she was abusing their daughter.
63. We learned quickly to use a pail to pee in and dispose of its contents in the morning.
64. The rights of registration that would permit the institutions to dispose of the shares.
65. Nevertheless, you alone stand as no threat to me, so I have no reason to dispose of you.
66. Mr Crow and I will now dispose of his car first, that should take a little over an hour.
67. We need to assume we have a way to dispose of the body, so let’s plan how to clean up.
68. May dispose of his warrants at a cash profit and retain his original security, ex-warrants.
69. Above all, you must mark out a plan of your life, and dispose of your property accordingly.
70. Cut the bastards throat, there? Blood, Bob – blood! Then, I’d have a body to dispose of.
71. In the time of Christ it was a place used to dispose of useless things, not to torment them.
72. The Leader was about to dispose of all the soldiers when the sound of gunfire distracted him.
73. If you dispose of things, you can give them away to people who need them as little as you do.
74. I have more money to dispose to church-based charities and activities then I have demands for.
75. We can dispose of the business, if we please, in an hour, for I have received a letter from M.
76. From the standpoint of analysis, however, this empirical result does not dispose of the matter.
77. I do not wish to own the land any longer, but it is necessary to consider how to dispose of it.
78. Now that I know that there's a rat somewhere around, I have to flush him out and dispose of him.
79. Chuck went to dispose of the bag into a handy garbage bin, which unfortunately did not have a lid.
80. His pack stacked the dead wolves for transport back to their lands, where they’d dispose of them.
81. Sam hovered behind to dispose of Caius, as she was put in the back, the seat belt fastened for her.
82. Historians tell us that it took poison, stabbing, shooting, and finally, drowning to dispose of him.
83. Books and playthings he left for the most part, thinking to dispose of them later as the need arose.
84. The makers tell you to wrap finished gum in the silver paper it came in and dispose of it carefully.
85. He planned to dispose of the man and stay in his home, until the exchange of documents was completed.
86. He took our coats, called someone to dispose of our luggage, and told us where the main party was at.
87. And Volmana made it possible to dispose of the rest of the imperial troops which remained in the city.
88. Many hours passed with discussing ideas and dispose of everything they in advance knew would not work.
89. Yeah, I couldn’t bring myself to dispose it, I said, It was the only part of you I had left.
90. A year later, I got a notice in the mail: The clinic would dispose of my semen unless they heard from us.
91. She had to dispose of this mail tonight, now, and having done that would then stop to consider her options.
92. Later, once I got it away from Israel and the boat took me to Spain, I wasn’t prepared to dispose of it.
93. He had not examined and weighed the right which man takes to dispose of the irrevocable and the irreparable.
94. But the owner of that stock necessarily wishes to dispose of as great a part of those goods as he can at home.
95. Fizzicist had to dispose of his contents and when he arrived back there was just the cauldron to scrape clean.
96. In the time of Christ the valley of Gehenna was a place used to dispose of useless things, not to torment them.
97. Nevertheless such confidence can lead to errors when they have to dispose of bodies which is never an easy task.
98. As everyone was out of the way but herself, Jo began to feel that she ought to dispose of herself with all speed.
99. Lebyadkin, instantly imagined he had the right to dispose of the whole pension that was provided for his sister.
100. To dream that you are unable to dispose of the feces suggests that you are unwilling to let go of your emotions.

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