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    1. Snails are prone to grow during the early spring, during which it would be unwise to plant anything unprotected that you did not mind the snails eating

    2. Stress can make an animal or human more prone to flea attacks

    3. being blessed and not prone to addictions; to the love which is not

    4. His eyes found the culprit and she was every bit as unpleasant as he had feared; cavernous dripping allergy prone nose, mounds of shapeless, colorless, big New England hair, and a body so laden with fat that only the bare outline of a human form could be seen beneath

    5. I lay prone in a metal coffin slung underneath a flat-bed truck, sheathed and bound, breathing with difficulty through my nose because of the tape over my mouth

    6. but to see him, prone and collapsed, migrained and unconscious

    7. by the morality of his prone supplication,

    8. ‘Your grandmother was prone to attacks of nerves

    9. Altera dismounted and walked over to his prone body

    10. ‘You say that Mrs Hartley-Jones told you that Mr Middlesex was prone to these angry outbursts?’ Jarvis asked

    11. ‘Simthwaite said that Chrissie was prone to wandering off to sit on the shore

    12. Helen is still looking out of the back window at Jock's prone, unmoving legs in the courtyard

    13. whinger who was prone to moaning over the slightest

    14. They were far less prone to fire than the thatching used throughout Ionia

    15. If she had taken the time to really think about her situation in that fort, being widely outnumbered and outmatched in pure brawn, it might have made her sloppy and prone to mistakes that could easily have gotten her killed

    16. One can choose to rely on people’s philosophical interpretations of what they saw around them, which we know is subject to human limitations, not only in space-time, but also the human quality of being prone to making mistakes

    17. left him prone on the best carpet from Brintons Limited

    18. waterproof, can be prone to corrosion and denting

    19. Their gentle astringent action makes them ideal for animals prone to scouring and horses can be seen to select rosehips happily when given the opportunity

    20. her as a model student, prone to being a little on the cautious side

    21. Some stood and watched her pass, but most lay prone and unresponsive

    22. One of my best ones is a certain headache powder I’d make for Rufus, who was prone to such afflictions

    23. Larkey both grabbed cutlasses from the nearest prone seamen and began fighting their way to freedom

    24. Legs so numb she could hardly move, she stumbled to Wholt’s prone form

    25. Anne stumbled into the room, pulling her robe on around her in sleepy confusion, looking between the two laughing men and the prone patient

    26. A white man, no matter how courageous and sinewy, would have been prone

    27. "Are you alright badger?" he asked, prodding the prone figure then wrinkling his snout in consternation

    28. Sebastian was prone to

    29. ‖ Instead, Evil has acquired a subjective meaning; that is to say, lacking certitude or prone to conventional (or essential) assumptions whose questionable propositions render formal interpretations problematical, if not (morally or ethically) judgmental because of their underlying ―uncertainty,‖ thereby raising the question: what constitutes Good, for that matter? Plato argued that ―which we call evil is merely ignorance and that good is that which everyone desires‖

    30. There was no response from the prone figure

    31. Transitional elements, as emerging possibilities present themselves, are oftentimes prone to violence because of rising expectations; unlike a society‘s wealthier segments who, lacking little in the way of material comfort, are ―stable‖, as a rule, or (ironically), the abject poor who, (temporarily) resigned to their wretched living conditions, are equally ―at ease‖ in a dormant stage of transition waiting for such an opportunity when there will be reason enough for hope or ―change‖

    32. It is unfortunate that many liberals, prone to accepting freedom at it face value, oftentimes fail to appreciate its actual, if not historical significance as well as America‘s necessary involvement in any war that promotes the cause of freedom

    33. here is my nephew and not the kind of boy who is prone to

    34. Care lines dotted his forehead, and one could easily spot he was not a man prone to laughing easily

    35. New identities and traveling incognito didn’t seem to offer the appealing sense of intrigue and excitement it had for her when first it was mentioned rather, as the conversation unfolded, the prospect became ever more complicated, prone to discovery and horrifying

    36. I again swung the bright flashlight beam over his massive prone body

    37. And if they interrogated him, would he tell them about Elizabeth and Karol and his friends? What about Zaminoski and his family? Would they be arrested too? The Reds were as prone as the Nazis had been to putting people into concentration camps

    38. It might not have even been noticeable to the largely hunter-gatherer populations that lived in mostly temporary shelters around the areas most prone to suffering the slow steady intrusions

    39. Imperial triumvirates seemed to have been prone to this kind of competitiveness, including Constantine’s, which led to his victory over two other co-equal partners

    40. The flashing Hedgehog ducked and swerved between scything death rays, and one battleship after the other lay prone and helpless in its wake

    41. “Yes, that’s what you said,” said Michelle with surprising skepticism in the tone of her voice, considering that she would usually be prone to believe that God might have done such a thing

    42. Since it is so clearly prone to issue decisions that favor one side or the other and since it is foreign to our form of government it should be abolished

    43. head was prone to burst

    44. Jaro and Nick were made prone

    45. He fell clumsily to the earth and rolled, staying in a prone

    46. In his prone position he saw Jeremiah standing high above

    47. Dacian glared up smugly from his prone position in the smoky grass where

    48. and landed prone in the grass with an oof

    49. She lay prone on

    50. We're not so prone to judge the minds of others once we have carefully seen our own

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    prone prostrate recumbent flat apt bent predisposed disposed liable tending