Oraciones con la palabra "drunk"

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Drunk en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I was a bit drunk.
  2. The drunk guy was fine.
  3. His dad was still drunk.
  4. He was drunk and bent.
  5. Drunk all the time now.

  6. She had drunk a little.
  7. They were too drunk to.
  8. Also, the man was drunk.
  9. I am a little drunk now.
  10. Achh! He was still drunk.
  11. I was too drunk, I guess.
  12. Not a happy drunk, either.
  13. Never did see anyone drunk.
  14. Just another drunk, like D.
  15. He staggered like a drunk.

  16. Chance, drunk to the future.
  17. She’s too drunk to drive.
  18. We have drunk more out of.
  19. That I’m drunk but …’.
  20. Just look how drunk he is!.
  21. We were both a little drunk.
  22. Also she didn’t get drunk.
  23. I see that he is drunk, but.
  24. I have not drunk with you.
  25. Coffee was served and drunk.

  26. It sounded like Kate, drunk.
  27. He had not drunk today; the.
  28. I’ve never been that drunk.
  29. A drunk driver killed her.
  30. When I was drunk, to Liputin.
  31. The birds are drunk with joy.
  32. He appeared to be very drunk.
  33. After two drinks Wes is drunk.
  34. Ike of that when he was drunk.
  35. That Spaniard's mad or drunk.
  36. It is – but hes er drunk.
  37. And good reflexes for a drunk.
  38. He was drunk when he wrote it.
  39. They were drunk and yet made.
  40. I was too drunk to give a damn.
  41. He came home late – and drunk.
  42. By then, I’d drunk seven or.
  43. For being drunk and disorderly.
  44. Thereafter he was always drunk.
  45. Did what? the drunk asked.
  46. Indeed, he was drunk with power.
  47. They were drunk to the last man.
  48. The drinks were poured and drunk.
  49. But surely he would have drunk.
  50. That, and gotten dripping drunk.
  51. Then again, I’d just drunk it.
  52. He had never drunk vodka before.
  53. Drunk, according to the coroner.
  54. Are you drunk, my friend?
  55. Never did drink make me as drunk.
  56. He did not know the drunk at all.
  57. That only happens when I'm drunk.
  58. Maybe the man is drunk somewhere.
  59. Drunk on the dead, and medicined.
  60. General Nail was no longer drunk.
  61. Rojan laughed as if he were drunk.
  62. I saw the woman, drunk with the.
  63. That's right, drunk in the Spirit.
  64. I was drunk, said Ambrosius.
  65. Instead, he is defeated and drunk.
  66. He was drunk while he was driving.
  67. You were blind drunk, Rachel.
  68. Many of them took him to be drunk.
  69. I never got drunk and drove again.
  70. What’s that, a rich drunk?
  71. For all the nations have drunk of.
  72. I’ve never seen in that drunk.
  73. They two had drunk of the same cup.
  74. He had drunk two cups of chocolate.
  75. BLOOM: (Behind his hand) She's drunk.
  76. She was either drunk or not at home.
  77. You’re too drunk to drive home.
  78. Surely she hadn’t drunk that down.
  79. The man was drunk, Merthin could see.
  80. The nations have drunk of her wine;.
  81. Hell, he was drunk, said Hazel.
  82. She had never drunk before and the.
  83. Drunk as a fly; and thus the French.
  84. That's another drunk driver for you.
  85. We was drunk, Joad said softly.
  86. We did the deed and got pretty drunk.
  87. They had drunk again from the pools.
  88. Is Toller still drunk? he asked.
  89. Caris saw that Mair was getting drunk.
  90. His mother wondered if he were drunk.
  91. A few drunk members of the mob even.
  92. I hardly hear it, I’m so drunk now.
  93. The middy was drunk quicker than he.
  94. The man never got drunk in the first.
  95. I have drunk it, gentlemen, I have.
  96. It is almost certain that he is drunk.
  97. Four syllables? You ain't that drunk.
  98. But when he was drunk and pushed her.
  99. He was about forty, and was not drunk.
  100. He had drunk enough; he needed to stop.
  1. He went on drinking tea.
  2. I was drinking a coffee.
  3. One of them is drinking.
  4. He had not been drinking.
  5. He sat drinking his tea.
  6. No more drinking for you.
  7. So, coffee drinking is out.
  8. He was just drinking to be.
  9. I am drinking too much,’.
  10. Over by the drinking trough.
  11. The creature was drinking at.
  12. It was silly, not drinking it.
  13. Ice can produce drinking water.
  14. Drinking plenty of water and.
  15. He also thought that drinking.
  16. His drinking increased and it.
  17. I could not hold it, drinking.
  18. I had no thought of drinking it.
  19. I do a lot of drinking in there.
  20. He was drinking his coffee and.
  21. He asked me what I was drinking.
  22. We were drinking, laughing and.
  23. My job controlled my drinking, i.
  24. It was better than drinking hard.
  25. At sixteen, she was drinking gin.
  26. He was drinking and acting crazy.
  27. He thanked his Russian drinking.
  28. Unfortunately, he had a drinking.
  29. It looks like she's been drinking.
  30. Drinking water was available and.
  31. I’d assumed it was the drinking.
  32. Drinking Water as defined by the U.
  33. It had not only been his drinking.
  34. At that time, I was still drinking.
  35. Long-term heavy drinking leads to.
  36. We figured the danger of drinking.
  37. Woe to the heroes at drinking wine.
  38. Drinking more water will probably.
  39. I’m not used to drinking anymore.
  40. There was a great deal of drinking.
  41. We will need fresh, drinking water.
  42. The two of us are drinking champagne.
  43. What he did not give up was drinking.
  44. We kept on drinking until the show.
  45. He seemed commited to stop drinking.
  46. They hadn't been drinking THAT much.
  47. I enjoyed the stealing and drinking.
  48. He was drinking some God-awful stuff.
  49. There is a history of blood drinking.
  50. We started drinking in a cosy gay bar.
  51. The two finished drinking the beers.
  52. Drinking water on cups while running.
  53. He stood drinking her in, as it were.
  54. I sit down drinking a glass of water.
  55. Not the drinking even as much as.
  56. The drinking was way out hand, again.
  57. Men should be drinking a minimum of 2.
  58. Have you been drinking? he said.
  59. Drinking a hot broth, hopes were high.
  60. Lou Cates disappears, starts drinking.
  61. Constance stopped drinking and frowned.
  62. He sat near me, drinking from a flask.
  63. He'd been drinking, she was sure of it.
  64. Er himself was prevented from drinking.
  65. That’s why drinking made it more fun.
  66. He sat there smoking, and drinking tea.
  67. Why not finish drinking it before you.
  68. The drinking didn’t impress them as.
  69. Feeling that the drinking was her fault.
  70. He spent his time drinking and partying.
  71. No, we’re strictly drinking buddies.
  72. They had all been drinking since nine a.
  73. I woke with a drinking straw in my mouth.
  74. Has this young man been drinking?
  75. Jack was drinking some high-priced scotch.
  76. Drinking lots of fluids is also necessary.
  77. They have been drinking together all day.
  78. It was obvious that he had been drinking.
  79. Safouat was drinking with some friends.
  80. Wendy choked on the milk she was drinking.
  81. Endless binge drinking, as Sam called it.
  82. He heads for a drinking fountain up ahead.
  83. Since drinking is associated with water.
  84. You and Shannon had been drinking, then.
  85. He was sitting quietly, drinking his tea.
  86. You see, John had a drinking problem, too.
  87. Oliver was drinking at nine in the morning.
  88. We hadn't been drinking because in those.
  89. I was drinking coffee, and the wind came.
  90. The drinking hoard in the car was shaken.
  91. Harford's manners in drinking were silent.
  92. They sat in silence drinking their coffees.
  93. I could hear people laughing and drinking.
  94. Are they drinking? he asked abruptly.
  95. Drinking at least two liters of water per.
  96. Someone's been drinking vul nut wine again.
  97. Bucca finished drinking and wiped his mouth.
  98. He had been drinking and drugging non-stop.
  99. Hunter choked on the coffee he was drinking.
  100. Then he became depressed, started drinking.
  1. In the end he drinks.
  2. I got us more drinks.
  3. He drinks a lot of it.
  4. She raises it and drinks.
  5. Thank you for the drinks.
  6. I will pay for the drinks.
  7. They had a few drinks in.
  8. And bring the drinks tray.
  9. I found six energy drinks.
  10. He brought the drinks over.
  11. She drinks a toast to love.
  12. He had his usual two drinks.
  13. I think we need more drinks.
  14. I fixed our drinks, sat back.
  15. Adam returned with the drinks.
  16. Not if he drinks port wine.
  17. No Spader's Drinks cans left.
  18. After two drinks Wes is drunk.
  19. We met for drinks and dinner.
  20. Even energy drinks that have.
  21. Nathan would offer her drinks.
  22. Drinks tears, instead of dew:.
  23. There were drinks on the table.
  24. I loved the ZERO BELLY drinks!.
  25. As for drinks, avoid the sodas.
  26. Tee drinks the last of my water.
  27. Our drinks would still be cold.
  28. I’ll organise us some drinks.
  29. The drinks were delivered first.
  30. The visitors sipped their drinks.
  31. The drinks were poured and drunk.
  32. All foods and drinks should be.
  33. The waitress brought their drinks.
  34. Louie, says he'll buy the drinks.
  35. The brand name is Haleys Drinks.
  36. Avenworth includes in her drinks.
  37. Isabelle came out with some drinks.
  38. I poured and we sipped our drinks.
  39. In her hands was a tray of drinks.
  40. The waiter arrives with our drinks.
  41. Estes stops by to offer us drinks.
  42. All the drinks are drugged?
  43. Malone had had a couple of drinks.
  44. Drinks on the house for everybody.
  45. Max ordered and paid for the drinks.
  46. He'd bought me drinks, hadn't he?
  47. Jesus returns with a tray of drinks.
  48. John drinks the milk for his supper.
  49. We had a few drinks, the four of us.
  50. After the drinks, let's hammer 'em.
  51. Then your drinks are on the house.
  52. He drinks the Nectar of Immortality.
  53. He is wicked and drinks all the time.
  54. John drinks, passes the bottle back.
  55. Everybody swarmed the drinks cooler.
  56. Durian and carbonated drinks do not.
  57. She drinks whiskey sour on the rocks.
  58. Tania ordered another round of drinks.
  59. There'd be drinks and food and music.
  60. He pauses and drinks a bottle of water.
  61. He does not smoke and drinks modestly.
  62. A waitress came by and offered drinks.
  63. Though I still held our drinks in my.
  64. Smit was behind the bar serving drinks.
  65. They sat and Gart ordered their drinks.
  66. Besides, the man was buying him drinks.
  67. Once they had their drinks Paul started.
  68. John looks at the cup dubiously, drinks.
  69. I don’t like it when she drinks it.
  70. Shall I bring your drinks in there?
  71. Mom and I finished our drinks in silence.
  72. But not in cash, in drinks at the clubs.
  73. John screws up his face after he drinks.
  74. A few folks always had a few drinks on.
  75. Sex and drinks dominated and consumed me.
  76. He murders people and drinks their blood.
  77. When he had finished, the drinks arrived.
  78. Dutch, and he fetched us both cold drinks.
  79. He drinks a lot, throws beer cans around.
  80. But as long as he drinks vodka it's well.
  81. Then he carried the drinks to the window.
  82. He has a few drinks and dinners here and.
  83. It was the one who had ordered the drinks.
  84. But, tell him that he's buying the drinks.
  85. Q: The realized man eats, drinks and sleeps.
  86. Mick shook his head, the drinks placed down.
  87. As soon as our food and drinks was on the.
  88. We took the head off the drinks and I said.
  89. Have a few drinks, play the quarter poker.
  90. The barman nodded and went to get the drinks.
  91. We shared some drinks, and a lot of sadness.
  92. He drinks some of the water he has collected.
  93. Then they all took a measure of their drinks.
  94. Shamu hurried to the bar to fetch the drinks.
  95. Once lunch and drinks are over, the past is.
  96. After a few drinks, the music started to play.
  97. Among the drinks were beer, vodka and sherry.
  98. I will also be having drinks with my friends.
  99. Half the girls in the bar where she drinks.
  100. So replace those energy drinks with a multi.
  1. This is what I drank.
  2. We drank a lot of wine.
  3. I ate, drank and slept.
  4. She drank the words in.
  5. Her eyes drank in the.
  6. They drank a glass each.
  7. He drank and he talked.
  8. I just drank the coffee.
  9. And both drank in silence.
  10. I took the cup and drank.
  11. He drank as one deprived.
  12. Neil just drank his beer.
  13. He drank most of the pint.
  14. I didn't know you drank.
  15. He drank the whole thing.
  16. We drank our fill from it.
  17. He drank a glass of water.
  18. Ralph drank a lot of wine.
  19. I drank his whisky though.
  20. I stopped and drank again.
  21. Because he drank my blood.
  22. No wonder why the guy drank.
  23. They ate and drank swiftly.
  24. They sat down and drank beer.
  25. Once more, I drank greedily.
  26. She drank it and wanted more.
  27. Ingeborg drank it in eagerly.
  28. As for wine, he drank water.
  29. As those of old drank mummia.
  30. I drank the water first and.
  31. Casey drank his, to catch up.
  32. He drank mead and sang songs.
  33. I drank the rest of the vodka.
  34. I ate and drank both shares.
  35. I drank, John poured, I drank.
  36. We clinked glasses and drank.
  37. He drank drugs to obliterate.
  38. He raised his glass and drank.
  39. They drank their tea hastily.
  40. Saldon ate and drank his fill.
  41. They ate and drank and played.
  42. He drank two bottles of water.
  43. D'Arnot drank and ate a little.
  44. He drank the milk, and said:.
  45. I drank the shot down in one.
  46. I drank the tea in a few gulps.
  47. They drank the water; but they.
  48. Fat Dragon’s eyes as he drank.
  49. He drank his beer very quickly.
  50. She drank more of the Amaretto.
  51. She never drank blood again.
  52. She drank some more of the milk.
  53. I drank a whole half of this.
  54. Drank nothing stronger than tea.
  55. I drank poison under a red moon.
  56. For we drank our death together.
  57. He poured a whiskey and drank it.
  58. He opened it and drank greedily.
  59. They drank, a communion of sorts.
  60. He hesitated and drank some beer.
  61. And they drank, and were merry.
  62. It was full, and I drank it all.
  63. They drank, and were merry with.
  64. Because of the wine you drank.
  65. He drank insecticide by accident.
  66. When I was with her I still drank.
  67. She drank the free soup and left.
  68. He drank his coffee and stood up.
  69. She took the cup and drank deeply.
  70. And I drank with solemnity to that.
  71. I refilled the small cup and drank.
  72. We drank whatever we wanted even.
  73. Some of these drank without limit.
  74. The Prince drank it all in eagerly.
  75. They drank wine, talked and laughed.
  76. I drank a good dent in it that way.
  77. Wolfshiem drank his coffee with a.
  78. Someone drank on my glass of water.
  79. I drank more and more on the plane.
  80. In the midst of it all, they drank.
  81. They drank in the scene for a while.
  82. Audobon paintings while I drank tea.
  83. Ethan drank a mouthful of the scotch.
  84. They ate and drank, he and the men.
  85. When she was done he drank his fill.
  86. I drank hot fresh tea and felt great.
  87. We never drank vodka, as they do now.
  88. The animals drank from the brackish.
  89. Maslova drank it and wiped her mouth.
  90. Is she saying he drank gasoline?
  91. His eyes drank in every detail: the.
  92. It was because of the wine you drank.
  93. He drank and smoked himself to death.
  94. He opened his eyes and drank quickly.
  95. But Long Arrow neither ate nor drank.
  96. They both drank and washed their faces.
  97. I drank as if an expert in the matter.
  98. She poured me a glass, and I drank it.
  99. In Hollywood, Louie drank ever harder.
  100. I ate some fruit and drank more water.

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1. And he took a drink.
2. So they had a drink.
3. Just how we drink it.
4. I bought her a drink.
5. We all took a drink.
6. He offered me a drink.
7. He did love his drink.
8. And I had to drink it.
9. I could drink a lake.
10. I could use a drink.
11. I rarely drink hot tea.
12. He had to have a drink.
13. Smith felt like a drink.
14. He gets food and drink.
15. The drink hit the spot.
16. She poured him a drink.
17. I told them to drink.
18. We could drink & drive.
19. He took a drink before.
20. Dave chokes on his drink.
21. Let me get you a drink.
22. Thank you for the drink.
23. Then he ordered a drink.
24. Dad I will drink to that.
25. So i'm holding her drink.
26. So drink plenty of water.
27. She said, Drink, my lord.
28. He motioned him to drink.
29. The way to drink tea is.
30. Then I took another drink.
31. Here son you drink this.
32. Rave took a drink as well.
33. You're going to drink it.
34. I’ll drink to that ….
35. As if I could drink it.
36. Will you eat or drink.
37. Drink like a true Russian.
38. I don’t drink green tea.
39. Have him drink the potion.
40. She can drink a bit, our.
41. Then drink some of this.
42. Drink three or more cups.
43. He died of too much drink.
44. He is silent while I drink.
45. Have a drink in the mid-.
46. Sit down and have a drink.
47. Not even drink would help.
48. The man could drink some.
49. I’ll buy you that drink.
50. Come on, drink your drink.
51. Link returned with my drink.
52. Ray took a sip of his drink.
53. He took a drink of his wine.
54. Mm, I’ll drink to that.
55. I need something to drink.
56. Carl could handle his drink.
57. There was nothing to drink.
58. He had a drink in his hand.
59. This drink was a good idea.
60. Can I buy you a drink?
61. Let’s drink up some more.
62. Can I get you a drink?
63. Here, have a drink of water.
64. Do you want a drink?
65. He really felt like a drink.
66. Josh took a sip of his drink.
67. Thanks, I needed a drink.
68. She brought a drink with her.
69. I had to eat and drink soon.
70. Would you like a drink?
71. He poured himself a drink:.
72. I know, you need to drink.
73. Let’s all have a drink.
74. You introduced in the drink.
75. Give her something to drink.
76. You’d have to drink half.
77. Fix a drink for Herminia.
78. Quick drink and on the road.
79. And he won’t drink at home.
80. I’ll drink to that toast.
81. How about a drink? Maybe not.
82. Jamie took a sip of his drink.
83. We were just having a drink.
84. And then there was the drink.
85. Drink this mix every 2 hours.
86. I have not had a drink since.
87. Time for a drink or a meal.
88. Of course, youcould drink it.
89. Drink? Now there's a question.
90. I took his drink over to him.
91. He saluted with a iced drink.
92. This is only my second drink.
93. The ice in his drink clinked.
94. I might want to be the drink.
95. Drink water, for these trips.