Oraciones con la palabra "rummy"

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Rummy en una oración (en ingles)

  1. What a rummy bunch this.
  2. After a sumptuous meal that Sandhya savored, they settled for a round of rummy.
  3. But at Roopa’s behest as they took to rummy instead, Tara talked about the stakes.
  4. Berkshire does not believe in "gin rummy" management either, where one company is discarded and another bought.
  5. Working on the Cheney Gang – soon to be released as a movie – Dick tells Condi, Rummy and Ashy that he has found a more efficient way of making license.

  6. When someone proposed a round of rummy, and produced three sets of unopened packs, as if to seduce the fence sitters, Sathyam, who was amusing himself with some children nearby, was summoned.
  7. In the lounge the five of us took over a pair of couches that faced each other across a low wooden table and ordered terribly expensive sandwiches, then afterwards sipped coffees spiked with Baileys while we played poker and rummy five hundred with a deck of cards we borrowed from the bartender.

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