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    1. Silver: This metal symbolizes inspirations which will give you good earnings and social recognition

    2. Stove: If there is fire in it, you will have good earnings; if not, it bodes austerity

    3. The whole, however, is commonly considered as the earnings of his labour

    4. employment, indeed, is more steady and uniform, and the superiority of their earnings, taking

    5. Where the computed earnings of the greater

    6. particular trade, the lowest common earnings may always be considered as those of the far

    7. How extravagant soever those earnings may appear, if they were more than

    8. The difference between the earnings of a common labourer and those

    9. Regardless of who he was, or where he came from, there wasn't a prostitute, thief or chopa dealer in the entire city who didn't hand him a cut of their earnings -- including Alec and Nathalia

    10. process, their EPC (earnings per click) will increase

    11. The higher earnings

    12. If you do these things, your earnings will soar purely because your emails constantly appeal to your subscribers

    13. They are as intent to keep down the wages of their own weavers, as the earnings of the poor spinners ; and it is by no means for the benefit of the workmen that they endeavour either to raise the price of the complete work, or to lower that of the rude materials

    14. These taxes include, however are not limited to, consumer taxes, school and property taxes, ―sin‖ taxes, egregious taxes on inheritance or the ―death tax‖ and capital gains taxes whose earnings are taxed twice, no less

    15. A savvy investor is seldom carried away by high P/E (Price/Earnings) ratios occasioned by frenzied speculation, overvalued stocks and lower than average earnings

    16. It was, after all, the business she claimed to be the source of her cocaine earnings

    17. Why would Caroline concern herself with the pittance of his salary, unless he had opened his mouth about his extra earnings? That was it with him! He was finished

    18. “In other words, if they had kept their assets and run a deficit, they could have paid the interest on the deficit out of their asset earnings and had something left over?” said Dad

    19. Jason had supplemented his system with earnings from his paper route

    20. His bursary and earnings were running out, he said, but his thesis would soon be finished

    21. This was a pattern with lots of married graduate students – one year, at the most two, of living on the wife’s earnings, then they moved on to their new life for which the man had become highly qualified

    22. His earnings were put aside for his own purposes

    23. He figured the State could make a lot of money if they put a tax on the earnings of prostitutes

    24. As always, you may sign on as many people as you want, so you can greatly increase your earnings

    25. the end of 12 months look at his potential loss of earnings,

    26. Private Equity may be an option for companies with $2 mil ion plus in net earnings, but it

    27. By this I mean they are not trying to play "the earnings game” to impress someone up the corporate ladder

    28. “The company has new products waiting in the wings that should drive up growth in earnings

    29. the most part, concentrated on the achievement of higher earnings

    30. This difference in earnings is the one thing that Socialists hate most

    31. billions for the rich’ and ask the simple question of “who’s money is it in the first place?” The socialist’s idea that all earnings belong to the government and only the government can tell one how much he

    32. Birx became Director, various managers were allowed to keep the “profits” from these “off-the-books” transactions to use as they saw fit rather than replenishing the lab’s “Discretionary Account” (similar to Retained Earnings” in a for-profit organization

    33. These earnings qualified me for another round of unemployment compensation that I recently started drawing once more after working for the last six months of ‘08 on a contract in Family Magistrates’ courts defending deadbeat parents facing incarceration for civil contempt

    34. more level programs out there that have both a good product, and allow earnings in

    35. It was always Pops’ policy to promote growth by reinvesting the company earnings back into the company

    36. This would still be more than one owner could borrow, since interest charges would be better than double the earnings of the newspaper

    37. In my father’s case, the business’s earnings were plowed back into the business, as actually was the case with Morrison’s father

    38. In simple understanding, those offering the best usable education would command the best earnings

    39. However, he eloquently makes the argument that there is absolutely no moral case for government’s taking American’s earnings, through taxes, to care for others for any reason whatsoever

    40. Because of the unnecessary high costs, by 1874 Congress passed the Thurman Law, which forced the line to pay 25 percent of its net earnings each year into a sinking fund to retire its federal debt

    41. The recently exposed corporate accounting systems appear to be designed to minimize taxes and to claim exaggerated earnings, but the deceptions found in some private businesses pale in the light of unaccounted-for billions “lost” by several federal departments

    42. Your highest moral duty is to sacrifice most of your earnings to the needy

    43. The Defense Fund is a non-profit organization without capital stock, and no part of its net earnings shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributed to, its officers, members, or other private persons, except that the Defense Fund shall authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered

    44. ‘Building regulations; proscribed behaviours; rules about where you may do things and where not; permits to do almost everything; dependence on strangers for life’s basic necessities; accepting the pollution of earth, water and air; constant noise; sacrificing half your earnings to the rulers…’

    45. proof of earnings before they print your ad

    46. The union is likely to resist any change that would result in redundancies or even loss of earnings for their members

    47. She interpreted Mary's efforts to dissuade her as a natural reaction to the dread of losing the head and sole support of her family; but knowing that her father approved of her attraction for the carpenter's son, she rightly reckoned that he would gladly supply the family with sufficient income fully to compensate for the loss of Jesus' earnings

    48. I will disburse your funds which my father holds as you have directed and as they may be needed, and when your money has been expended, if I do not receive more from you, and if your mother is in need, then will I share my own earnings with her

    49. If a man is not satisfied with his present earnings, and if he can visualize himself

    50. Good marketing – good PR – is important in earnings

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