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    1. Use only on effected areas

    2. effected to reverse their

    3. effected a process of change and evolution

    4. There was no record of how the war effected the Centauri colony, that world was still undergoing terraforming and the mortal seed on that world was still under dome and excruciatingly vulnerable in any hostilities

    5. In doing this, in leaving the cameras on constant surveillance, Smith also effected a process of change and evolution

    6. ‘Do you want to shove your bag in my car?’ Iain suggested as soon as introductions had been effected

    7. What he noticed the most was how much she was effected by their coupling

    8. Desa seemed to enjoy it as much while they were in the act, but once they were done Desa seemed little effected

    9. Their logic devices had traces hundreds of atoms wide, they would hardly be effected

    10. effected negatively by her or him

    11. way, the person effected by them should consider if he or she should act

    12. Desa felt that this was just more evidence that what effected him was really just an RNAcid trip, since it should be pretty obvious that food in any real world can’t be produced in a factory

    13. I’ve never heard anything like this, and it’s not the yaag making me say that, I’m less effected by that than I was when we got here

    14. There was no doubt in her mind that something in that bottle had effected her somehow

    15. And the bad part was, it effected her relationship with the band

    16. Effected, and seems suspended with almost

    17. But what all the violence of the feudal institutions could never have effected, the silent and insensible operation of foreign commerce and manufactures gradually brought about

    18. The regulations, however, by which this derangement is effected in those two different branches of trade, are not altogether the same

    19. It is effected by Gaia (the living energy called Mother Earth) to expand its capacity for higher levels of energy

    20. Zoreosa effected her warm smile of reassurance

    21. A landing had to be effected on a hostile coast, artillery and supplies moved forward through ten miles of difficult country, open at all sides for surprise attacks from the enemy

    22. Alex told Sheena how his wife had died and how deeply it had effected his daughter

    23. Whenever a group of individuals gather around to establish a community, it is effected with the explicit understanding that each member is expected to surrender a portion of his or her (―natural‖) freedoms; duty bound to impartially support, in a manner that is not prejudicial to any (single) individual, community laws ratified by popular consent for the benefit of every member of that community, without exception, lest unyielding power and influence fall into the hands of the Quick and Strong

    24. Nevertheless, it would seem that price increases should be effected gradually in order to allow the consumer sufficient time to adapt without causing unnecessary excitement, thereby minimizing its ―shocking‖ effects

    25. As for the burn, my sister, Jan, had provided me with a cream to apply on the effected area every day and it helped greatly to minimize the redness and/or burn

    26. See other examples: the donations of trillion dollars that are collected by Third Sector; the payments of wages that are effected by the companies; the taxes and duties that are deposited in the Banks; savings and investment of billion of citizens that are credited in bank current account; governmental transfers that are sent to States and Municipal districts and other values that circulate in the banking system

    27. The system verifies in the Knowledge Database: PROJECTUAL if anywhere in the world somebody already effected its cadaster to avoid cadastral duplicity

    28. They are not going extinct or even appear to be effected

    29. all that came into Solomon's heart to make in the house of the Lord, and in his own house, he prosperously effected

    30. Effected families let's stand up and contact carte Blanche!!!!!”

    31. It proved difficult to find a leader among the survivors, but ultimately capitulation was effected not only for the Q’asa-marka but also for their allies, the Huamachucu

    32. “I see,” I never realized that my adopted brother's death could have also effected my sister's marriage

    33. Creational class, he had effected a lifeless scary bear pose together with an imbecilic grimace

    34. Before the change could be effected, the student informed Roger that everything was going fine and did not want to move to another family

    35. From a distant location, she was able to detect the assassins projecting their consciousnesses to their intended Translocation destinations a fraction of a second before those Translocations were effected

    36. Promotions and reassignments have been effected

    37. that the change is effected by a form of fast-forward reincarnation that takes place

    38. other factors, and the resistance of those effected

    39. “Revolution was effected before the war commenced

    40. have effected what in our earlier Theosophical literature was called the

    41. second principles in man is then effected

    42. is effected is simple enough in theory, though often very difficult to carry out in practice

    43. Not until several hours later, after sundown, was her cure effected in connection with the extraordinary event which occurred in the front yard of the Zebedee home

    44. 2 Many of the cures effected by Jesus in connection with his ministry in behalf of Elman's patients did, indeed, appear to resemble the working of miracles, but we were instructed that they were only just such transformations of mind and spirit as may occur in the experience of expectant and faith-dominated persons who are under the immediate and inspirational influence of a strong, positive, and beneficent personality whose ministry banishes fear and destroys anxiety

    45. The Master never explained to his apostles how these healings were effected, other than that on several occasions he merely said, "I perceive that power has gone forth from me

    46. And this emancipation of the mind and soul can never be effected without the driving power of an intelligent enthusiasm which borders on religious zeal

    47. And such a will-union is effected by and through Jesus even as the life of the vine flows into and through the living branches

    48. And this entire living adaptation of love must be effected in the light of both the environment of present evil and the eternal goal of the perfection of divine destiny

    49. The acquired spirit identity of the man of Nazareth which was built up during his lifetime in the flesh, first, by the direct efforts of his Thought Adjuster, and later, by his own perfect adjustment between the physical necessities and the spiritual requirements of the ideal mortal existence, as it was effected by his never-ceasing choice of the Father's will, must have been consigned to the custody of the Paradise Father

    50. 12 Thus it appears that all human progress is effected by a technique of conjoint revelational evolution

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