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    1. Nancy heard a series of beeps that told her the link was established through several layers of advanced encryptions, making it almost impossible for anyone to listen into her conversation

    2. You will also declare a thing, and it will be established for you; so

    3. is why He established the seventh day of the week as a day when, instead of

    4. Dallas had never established control in the Northeast, instead it was ruled by gangsters calling themselves Judges

    5. It was about fifteen seconds altogether until a voice connection was established and a slightly huskier and slower-talking version of Ava was in the room with them

    6. By now Ava had the voice channel established so her sister's voice was in the room with them again

    7. It had already been established

    8. by reason of the redemptive price, the only method God has established for saving a

    9. Having shown that the Bible authority is established by direct command, approved

    10. The young and pregnant were set free and a balance had been established between the herds and predators for over a thousand years

    11. When someone became a Christian in Rome, they not only opposed the established religions, but also opposed the entire culture and State founded upon those religions

    12. ” Can you imagine the humility it would take for a nation to come under that? Can you really imagine a nation that would acknowledge their boundaries being established by the hand of God according to the sons of Israel?

    13. Christ Jesus – the Lamb slain before the foundations of the world – has established this eternal covenant that we should live full of the Spirit, purified by His blood

    14. We’ll look in a later chapter at how theocracy is only fully established when Jesus rules from Zion

    15. God has established one specific place, the Garden, in which He will be in perfect fellowship with mankind

    16. The good news is that there is a kingdom that has been established on the earth

    17. It isn’t established in bloodshed

    18. This kingdom has been established in nonviolence

    19. True authority and power is established when we defer authority and power

    20. Now that the Guild is well and truly established, there is talk of them having a representative on the High Guild and JayJay’s name has been mentioned

    21. And in mercy shall the throne be established: and he shall sit upon it in truth in the tabernacle of David, judging, and seeking judgment, and hasting righteousness (Isaiah 16:5)

    22. His throne being established now redeems all the nations redeemed as well

    23. God has established who truly desires heaven and who does not

    24. Theocracy (the Kingdom of God) is only fully established when Jesus rules from Zion

    25. In his place are other rulers established

    26. Jesus saying that the Kingdom is within you (or in our midst) is making the statement to the Pharisees that He is the Messiah, and the Kingdom of God is established when He sits upon the throne of David in Zion

    27. The Kingdom fully comes when Jesus sits upon the throne of David as the King of Israel, and the theocratic kingdom of God has been established over all nations

    28. In their place, a new government is established

    29. that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established

    30. It is upon that point of no return that God pulls back His hand and allows the Antichrist to be established

    31. The book of Daniel tells us that it is when the abomination of desolation is set up (Daniel 9:27) that the Antichrist is established

    32. So when Satan is confined to the earth below, then the Antichrist is established

    33. And once you have established the habit of doing Yoga postures first thing in the morning it should become as much a part of your routine as having your morning bath or cleaning your teeth

    34. offers the world of bliss and beauty to those who can be creative, inventive and innovative about making this date a memorable one for the right reasons – of their partner – so that the next level of their relationship can be established at this point

    35. Every journalist and commentator in the world of newspapers, television and radio, together with every member of the chattering classes and everyone who was anyone in the established elite, were all talking about the soon to be published paper

    36. No one lives there now but some say there was once an established city called something like Nissyros in the little bay of Palatia,' his eyes blazed with enthusiasm

    37. Trade was once again established between the towns, but there was no more rushing about, no more hard sell

    38. The world has seen many marvels during recent years, and one of the many things that helps to illustrate the fusion of technical modernism with the established status quo is the way in which England’s ancient feudal institutions have embraced the social and political structures of modern times

    39. And what about the villages, established settlements for hundreds of years, what would happen to all the people?'

    40. In fact, the archaeologist said that considering there is so much evidence to show Dorini was an established Minoan settlement, it's surprising there has never been an official dig

    41. 'They found a Hari-Vishnu inscription that established without doubt that

    42. classes and everyone who was anyone in the established elite, were

    43. modernism with the established status quo is the way in which

    44. ‘How was it this afternoon?’ he asked once we have established that my innards are behaving themselves again

    45. If it comes off, there may be other commissions … there are lots of organisations like the Foundation which were established through the blood, sweat and sheer determination of individuals, it’s a rather English thing, I think, though I may be wrong there

    46. The lip of truth shall be established for ever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment

    47. military installations established during the War, and which had so

    48. source he had never really established

    49. He had finally shown his true colors, 'exceeded above his tolerated station' to compete with the established families of Tahoe City for a share of their tourist dollars

    50. and soon established himself at the centre of the trainees’ social

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    established naturalized constituted conventional accomplished effected set up achieved conceived permanent stable entrenched secure ascertained approved authenticated confirmed determined verified upheld