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Embodiment en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He is the embodiment of the.
  2. He was the full embodiment of an.
  3. DakTsun was the embodiment of serenity.
  4. The response holds support and embodiment.
  5. For them, the Plague is the embodiment of all.

  6. Chris Kyle was the embodiment of all these virtues.
  7. Please be the embodiment of al my Protectors, Yidams.
  8. This Mantra is the embodiment of all deities, it is not.
  9. I learned that it is the highest truth, the embodiment of.
  10. The serpent is normally portrayed as the embodiment of sin.
  11. Embodiment of the divine actions of all the Buddhas of the.
  12. As the self-proclaimed and infal ible embodiment of the Buddha.
  13. We are the local embodiment of a Cosmos grown to self-awareness.
  14. The Antichrist kingdom is the full embodiment of Satan’s wisdom.
  15. Where God is the embodiment of all that is good, the devil is the.

  16. This is the Kingdom and the priesthood together in full embodiment.
  17. This baby was the flesh and blood embodiment of her love for Henri.
  18. This is why I use wording like, He is the full embodiment of God.
  19. His own person was the exact embodiment of his utilitarian character.
  20. As it was said in Chapter I, Arjun is an embodiment of affectionate de-.
  21. Therefore, The Voice tried to be the embodiment of its conclusions.
  22. The elements of presence are stillness, embodiment, awareness and wholeness.
  23. Never did cypress, or yew, or juniper so seem the embodiment of funeral gloom.
  24. Just notice how this is the exact embodiment of everything this book stands for.
  25. One was the ultimate Antichrist, the complete embodiment of Satan upon the earth2.

  26. The other part of embodiment is learning to notice your emotions in your body as they.
  27. It was very modern styled and incredibly spacious, the embodiment of comfort and luxury.
  28. There was always a chief (one true) god that was viewed as the embodiment of the features of all.
  29. You have been the embodiment of every graceful fancy that my mind has ever become acquainted with.
  30. To every American the Japanese were perceived as the embodiment of cowardly stab-in-back aggressors.
  31. He was the embodiment of male swagger, charm, success, the idol of women, and the envy of other men.
  32. It is the embodiment of all -- the power of the Order, and the sum of all things organic and inorganic.
  33. Besides, the libido of the folks, the embodiment of kama, invariably varies to complicate life further.
  34. These spirits are always in the presence of God, witnessing the embodiment of total Majesty and Beauty.
  35. Bob described John as the guiding spirit of my time, the embodiment of moral force and moral enthusiasm.
  36. This is why The Law is the embodiment of the fear of consequence, which is always a freedom sequestered.
  37. To every American the Japanese were the embodiment of the evil enemy, the cowardly stab-in-back aggressors.
  38. Is it my arms, do you suppose? My hair? Or is it that I am the embodiment of my husband’s vanity?
  39. The emerging sense of self is a set of abstract symbols and, at the same time, an embodiment of the abstract.
  40. I had been the entitled half, the society-approved, legitimate half, the unwitting embodiment of Baba's guilt.
  41. Still more would this apply to the greatest works of art, which seem to be the visible embodiment of the divine.
  42. She knew that her mother was the embodiment of justice, truth, loving tenderness and profound wisdom—a great lady.
  43. Filled with livid disbelief Narasimha rekindled Sudarshana in a vain attempt to injure Skhanda’s indelible embodiment.
  44. Spring, who appears to be in her thirties, is the embodiment of everything that most bothers me about the meditation world.
  45. Akie became an embodiment of aggression, a veritable Fenris Woolf, as he burst into a violent bout of snarling and barking.
  46. I had no wish to bandy about pleasantries with these men as I wanted them to feel the full embodiment of my misery and pain.
  47. The philosopher and theologian Thomas Aquinas conceived of the idea that the soul was in tension with its physical embodiment.
  48. Good-morning, he called, with a wild hope that his thoughts had translated themselves into the wild, living embodiment.
  49. If you don’t have embodiment, along with whatever comes out of agreement on the values and beliefs that should their mouths.
  50. In art, when a thing has once been well done and has found embodiment in some complete work of art, it has been done once for all.
  51. If any single ship could be said to have been the embodiment of the British Empire, and British sea power, it was the Mighty Hood.
  52. The First Water: myself, GingerKat, these eight, you---and perhaps your children after you---we are the embodiment of Will, of Choice itself.
  53. Could such Cruelties really still exist in our Age, which was the Embodiment of Reason and Common Sense? I believ’d, and yet I did not believe.
  54. In this manner, Satan is the embodiment of Essential Evil defined as ―a privation…negation of being…a partial negation of being in being….
  55. As it seemed to me at the time, such a grand embodiment of adoration of the gods was never beheld, even in Persia, the home of the fire worshippers.
  56. He then reached the stage of being a spiritual medium, and tried to witness the embodiment or the voice of the spirit that they claim to be able to conjure up.
  57. By the engine stood a dark, motionless being, a sooty and grimy embodiment of tallness, in a sort of trance, with a heap of coals by his side: it was the engine-man.
  58. Rex stood in the charge-room looking the embodiment indeed, the burlesque - of power and prosperity; he wore a fur-lined overcoat with broad astrakhan lapels and a silk hat.
  59. If the Constitution is seen as an embodiment of eternal concepts of freedom and justice, as the Founders intended it to be, that sort of instrument is cherished more devoutly.
  60. The existence of living atom-energy begets the embodiment and the existence of the spiritual-energy of Self’s consciousness manifest as a spiritual individual, and sovereign being.
  61. He was the embodiment of fear, so much so that hundreds of film scripts were being pitched to Reg on a daily basis, all of which requesting he fill the inimitable role of the Grim Reaper.
  62. He seemed to have his arms round Love itself; for never did any one look more like the very embodiment of his idea of love than Lucy then as she gazed up at him, so tender, so resistless.
  63. The myth of the earth-born men is an embodiment of the orthodox tradition of Hellas, and the allusion to the four ages of the world is also sanctioned by the authority of Hesiod and the poets.
  64. With reference to the manifestations of beauty, Baumgarten considers that the highest embodiment of beauty is seen by us in nature, and he therefore thinks that the highest aim of art is to copy nature.
  65. As the tale unwinds, you can see the extreme wealth of a clan and the embodiment of whom Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy really was: a great First Lady, who craved adventure along with her mischievous ways.
  66. For the first time that day, Puree - generally the embodiment of confidence, élan and self-possession - looked rather uncertain and even anxious, as if sensing that something was amiss and at odds with his expectations.
  67. Sheridan has informed me that Hella Dracon has told her that she is the one to marry Marcus as he will be the embodiment of Blaec Toth Snaca as Sheridan is the counterpart to Hella Dracon, then our circle will be complete.
  68. The man before him was the embodiment of physical perfection and giant strength; yet it was not upon these he depended in his battle with the great cat, for mighty as were his muscles, they were as nothing by comparison with Numa's.
  69. Marcus’s original sin of falling in love with Desiree’ when he was promised to Sheridan has caused all of our misfortunes, but his redemption is forthcoming as he’s tasted blood and is becoming the embodiment of Blaec Toth Snaca.
  70. Alas, Belinda, most Men can only see us either as the Embodiment of Virtue or the Embodiment of Vice; either as Bluestockings or unlearnt Painted Whores; either as Trollops or as Spinsters; as Wives or Wantons; as Good Widows or Bad Witches.
  71. What if their limited partners are not satisfied with results and don’t re-up? What is the correct P/E for a business model facing such risk of destruction? Investment in these companies would seem the very embodiment of the term speculation.
  72. His card, which seemed too small to carry the weight of his academic distinctions, preceded him by a few seconds, and then he entered himself—so large, so pompous, and so dignified that he was the very embodiment of self-possession and solidity.
  73. He’d forgotten the warning of the scrolls where it stated right below the riddle of a prophecy: This Seven Headed Guardian was made in the likeness of the beholders who can never ever tell a lie! It was the embodiment of the entire family as a unit.
  74. Isin chuckled, I hope I get to see the Hus-a-goof's face when he gets to the end of his quest and realizes that he actually had the treasure in his hands but that it is his nemesis who is the embodiment of that treasure---that all his efforts were as futile as.
  75. And I felt that all this had a very strong hold on me as the embodiment of a beneficent and gentle spirit; that it was dear to me not as an inheritance, but as an acquisition, as a conquest in the sense in which a woman is conquered--by love, which is a sort of surrender.
  76. Then he will be like Ares, "hated by gods and mortals," the embodiment of unrefined brute strength and blind violence, obstinate and eager for strife, yet not nearly so successful as the more prudent Athena (his dual; see next) (Larousse 124-5; Sharman-Burke & Greene 39-41).
  77. If the individual is endowed with natural positive conglomeration of traits and embodiments but he is not reared properly in all areas of embodiment, he can be compared in the parable of the seed as a good seed thrown on stony path; hence, there was great resistance for its fruition.
  78. Comme il faut-ness I looked upon as not only a great merit, a splendid accomplishment, an embodiment of all the perfection which must strive to attain, but as the one indispensable condition without which there could never be happiness, nor glory, nor any good whatsoever in this world.
  79. Although the invisible transcendent Spirit and ‘physical’ brain that together encompass the embodiment of Self’s personality, thoughts, emotions, values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours and which can influence and affect the condition of Self’s physiological and psychological well-being.
  80. Indeed, this is so logical: until our energy-information structures represent the most ALL-integral embodiment of all possible wave interpretations of each of the Qualities, we will not be able really to act as mediators in synthetic interactions between more integrated (whole) Aspects of each of these twelve Pure Qualities.
  81. People like Lyamshin and Telyatnikov, like Gogol's Tentyotnikov, drivelling home-bred editions of Radishtchev, wretched little Jews with a mournful but haughty smile, guffawing foreigners, poets of advanced tendencies from the capital, poets who made up with peasant coats and tarred boots for the lack of tendencies or talents, majors and colonels who ridiculed the senselessness of the service, and who would have been ready for an extra rouble to unbuckle their swords, and take jobs as railway clerks; generals who had abandoned their duties to become lawyers; advanced mediators, advancing merchants, innumerable divinity students, women who were the embodiment of the woman question—all these suddenly gained complete sway among us and over whom? Over the club, the venerable officials, over generals with wooden legs, over the very strict and inaccessible ladies of our local society.
  82. You are the embodiment of all the Conquerors,.

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