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Shape en una oración (en ingles)

The shape of a town.
He was out of shape.
The guy was in shape.
He was in bad shape.
Bend it and shape it.
It is ovoid in shape.
Papaw is in bad shape.

He was so out of shape.
I was in very bad shape.
They were in bad shape.
I need to get in shape.
Because I was in shape.
It has the shape of a.
Shape into 1 inch balls.
Keeping in shape was a.
Shape dough into a heart.
Form the shape of a bow.
God, I was out of shape.
The heart shape on his.
First, look at the shape.
He’s been in bad shape.
It is also in good shape.
On the ground the shape.
My true shape lives here.
The shape is a dead crust.
The next shape that came.
You have to stay in shape.
She’s in a bad shape.
A skier's shape, they wist.
The shape of your eyebrow.
About the Shape and Frame.
Camrod is a shape changer.
Beast, I said to the shape.
Obviously, he was in shape.
Christ, he was in bad shape.
The shape of things to come.
It's the shape of the room.
Is he in good shape?
A spell is taking shape.
Whitfoot was in shape again.
It was shaping up nicely.
Innocence shaping - No child is.
Some summer this was shaping up to be.
I’m still shaping the work programme.
The shaping of such a strategy calls for.
This night wasn't shaping up the way he'd.
Think of this draft as shaping your material.
It was shaping up to be a fun day and even Mrs.
I pity the fool, who is shaping his soul to hell.
A good look at how things are shaping up in the.
Things are shaping up as well as we could wish for.
Its not likely given the way things are shaping up.
Shaping the aftermath, though, would be more delicate.
And John was shaping up the mound when Tom stopped him.
Rather than shaping all the parathas at one time, cook.
They have been shaping us into weapons to fight for them.
Thursday afternoon Frankie receiver her trim and shaping.
Socialist: Comes from Marx’s ideas about shaping society.
We interchanged that confidence without shaping a syllable.
He illustrated the Bible by shaping a rectangle in the air.
For partly in the primeval shaping of the hill, partly by.
Clouds floated overhead, shaping themselves into chivalries.
The mask you wear is the result of long and constant shaping.
This is shaping out to be a major event and tragedy in 2018.
This case is definitely shaping up to be a critical one, sir.
Let me give you an example of it, of shaping your inner world.
My images of Beverly played an intricate part in shaping the.
Shaping our bodies is a nice bonus that comes with our efforts.
Sophia nodded agreeably and started shaping in the air a rainbow.
The room was shaping up, as were the feelings of the young couple.
Every kind of experience is given a voice in shaping its decision.
Wow! It just shows that you are powerful beyond measure in shaping.
Where the magician is largely interested in shaping his students at.
He also purchased the iron chisels and files for shaping and carving.
Lester's second appointment with the finance broker was shaping up well.
They saw it their duty to play an active role in shaping human culture.
In addition, it is used in forming and shaping the main idea of speaking.
Charlie danced up, satisfied, tamping his cigarette, shaping it to his mouth.
Charlie glanced up, satisfied, tamping his cigarette, shaping it to his mouth.
Did you have anything to do with shaping Caitlin Martin’s testimony?
It is also shaped by.
Is an apple shaped room.
Will's mouth shaped the word.
Each one shaped to perfection.
His panther shaped face with.
A rueful smile shaped her lips.
It was shaped like a large paw.
And shaped into a new creature.
Her shaped lips were painted red.
They were shaped differently too.
But Saruman had slowly shaped it.
They were two barrel shaped goons.
My treatment shaped up immediately.
She had a perfectly shaped rear end.
It was shaped like a carving dagger.
Cast and shaped by His perfect plans.
I tried to use various shaped molds.
The future can be moulded and shaped.
These tables were rectangular shaped.
One was a bot with a egg shaped head.
His hair was neatly trimmed and shaped.
Behind those square shaped glasses I.
She carefully shaped around, and made.
They shaped our decisions and our lives.
She was fair and had almond shaped eyes.
At least the stone is shaped differently.
Ben’s prop guard was shaped like a cage.
Love and hate can’t be shaped together.
I gave him the heart shaped CD in my bag.
He met my gaze in the oval shaped mirror.
I looked at Gloria’s heart shaped peach.
Especially those that shaped you in your.
The human heart is not shaped like this:.
Mothering is shaped and defined not just.
And shaped out hearts with carved cement-.
I had a T- shaped uterus, a rare disorder.
The Avatar has such a star shaped mark.
Cletus Snopes was a man shaped by hardship.
A U shaped dent was to be seen in the bar.
Well, that’s how nature shaped the sexes.
He saw the two shapes.
But the weird shapes form.
There were shapes in the.
Face Shapes and Skin Types.
New shapes towered over them.
The shapes of some of which.
The shapes gathered and fused.
I see blurred shapes hovering.
The shapes and colours of the.
A host of dark shapes poured in.
Shapes all his universe to feel.
His Story shapes our world today.
The shapes and creases of cowboy.
Overhead, jagged shapes of purple.
Anger shapes the face differently.
She could see shapes all around her.
Tests come in many shapes and forms.
Anthony shapes it into a fist again.
And stoves of various shapes abound.
The shapes and shadows of the room.
These come in many sizes and shapes.
Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
Look at different shapes and colors.
Names and shapes change incessantly.
The shapes merged into a small being.
Coherent shapes were forming as the.
On it was constantly changing shapes.
In darkness and amid the many shapes.
In chit the man shapes the world and.
In the mirror shapes of a tall suburb.
Balthus stared at the ferocious shapes.
Along with different shapes of leaves.
He recognized the dark shapes at once.
Score the mixture into desired shapes.
Use small cookie cutters to cut shapes.
Unconscious Mind Shapes The Baby Mind.
It started to change colors and shapes.

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