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    1. The first of these formularies, which, by way of eminence, he peculiarly distinguishes by the name of the Economical Table, represents the manner in which he supposes this distribution takes place, in a state of the most perfect liberty, and, therefore, of the highest prosperity; in a state where the annual produce is such as to afford the greatest possible neat produce, and where each class enjoys its proper share of the whole annual produce

    2. de Voltaire, that father Porée, a jesuit of no great eminence in the republic of letters, was the only professor they had ever had in France, whose works were worth the reading

    3. Gardner was a clueless gardener who was mistaken for a Washington eminence

    4. On the right of the line Colonel Roosevelt spurred his horse forward, and with a cheer the Rough Riders started toward Kettle Hill, an eminence to the right front

    5. You are the honored guest of his eminence Ursempyre Remis, Lord of the House Remis

    6. But if I hadn’t been so lonely, if I hadn’t called out so often, so anxiously, would so wonderful an experience have been mine to be blessed by? And that wonderfully wonderful Eminence, that Purity; that just had to be my blessed Lord, my God! Alleluia!

    7. “My Lord!” the young man began hesitantly, seeing himself in the presence a greater eminence than he had been accustomed to addressing

    8. I scarce could dream such eminence as was displayed so gracefully

    9. The base of this dome was a gigantic pedestal of marble rising from what had once been a terraced eminence on the banks of the ancient river

    10. The Archbishop of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, His Eminence Timothy Manning, was fuming as his bishops and vicars assembled in front of his large work desk

    11. “But you are his prime minister, as well as the master of the man I love, Your Eminence

    12. “You are correct, Your Eminence

    13. “Thank you, Your Eminence

    14. “You flatter me, Your Eminence

    15. “But, Your Eminence, hasn’t she proved her loyalty to our cause enough yet? I can assure you that she is not about to betray us

    16. “I am sorry, Your Eminence, but I vowed to keep her personal history a secret

    17. Please do not press me further on this, Your Eminence

    18. “That will never happen, Your Eminence! I can assure you of that

    19. “She is indeed a gem, Your Eminence, a truly one-of-a-kind gem

    20. Will that be all, Your Eminence?”

    21. So, by and large, this parochial policy of the alien rulers precluded the possibility of the native eminence to embrace Islam even for their self-promotion, and thus, the nepotism of the Musalmans and the prejudices of the caste Hindus led to a lopsided Islamic growth on the caste fringes, save some sections of the vaisyas, of the Indian social setting

    22. and before the rise to eminence of the Fifth Dalai Lama in

    23. When it is used by Eminence Wuxin, it can even subdue tigers and dragons but when it is

    24. “For from His eminence He observes all

    25. But those low people could not harm him, and Allah raised him to higher levels of dignity and eminence because of his nobility and goodness

    26. The Symford churchyard, its church, and the pair of coveted cottages, are on a little eminence rising like an island out of the valley

    27. He was truly the eminence grise of the consulate

    28. „Intervene, I think you mean to say,' said his professorial eminence, correcting him with a

    29. They were even boastful of its eminence in those particulars, and were fired by an express conviction that, if it were less objectionable, it would be less respectable

    30. To attain to eminence in letters costs a man time, watching, hunger, nakedness, headaches, indigestions, and other things of the sort, some of which I have already referred to

    31. " Long life to the great Conde de Lemos, whose Christian charity and well-known generosity support me against all the strokes of my curst fortune; and long life to the supreme benevolence of His Eminence of Toledo, Don Bernardo de Sandoval y Rojas; and what matter if there be no printing-presses in the world, or if they print more books against me than there are letters in the verses of Mingo Revulgo! These two princes, unsought by any adulation or flattery of mine, of their own goodness alone, have taken it upon them to show me kindness and protect me, and in this I consider myself happier and richer than if Fortune had raised me to her greatest height in the ordinary way

    32. Of plebeian lineages I have nothing to say, save that they merely serve to swell the number of those that live, without any eminence to entitle them to any fame or praise beyond this

    33. Marianne entered the house with a heart swelling with emotion from the consciousness of being only eighty miles from Barton, and not thirty from Combe Magna; and before she had been five minutes within its walls, while the others were busily helping Charlotte to show her child to the housekeeper, she quitted it again, stealing away through the winding shrubberies, now just beginning to be in beauty, to gain a distant eminence; where, from its Grecian temple, her eye, wandering over a wide tract of country to the south-east, could fondly rest on the farthest ridge of hills in the horizon, and fancy that from their summits Combe Magna might be seen

    34. “Yes, your eminence, how can I be of service?” the dark haired guard said

    35. Toward the southeast, but in immediate contact with the fort, was an entrenched camp, posted on a rocky eminence, that would have been far more eligible for the work itself, in which Hawkeye pointed out the presence of those auxiliary regiments that had so recently left the Hudson in their company

    36. We look back at this ignorance, or infatuation, whichever it may be called, with wonder, knowing that the neglect of an eminence, whose difficulties, like those of Mount Defiance, have been so greatly exaggerated, would, at the present time, prove fatal to the reputation of the engineer who had planned the works at their base, or to that of the general whose lot it was to defend them

    37. After descending an eminence to a low bottom, through which a swift stream glided, they suddenly came to a place where the party of Le Renard had made a halt

    38. But when the sun was seen climbing above the tops of that mountain, against whose bosom the Delawares had constructed their encampment, most were seated; and as his bright rays darted from behind the outline of trees that fringed the eminence, they fell upon as grave, as attentive, and as deeply interested a multitude, as was probably ever before lighted by his morning beams

    39. de Villefort held a high position in the magistracy, and maintained his eminence like a Harlay or a Mole

    40. They are followed by the Right Honourable Joseph Hutchinson, lord mayor of Dublin, his lordship the lord mayor of Cork, their worships the mayors of Limerick, Galway, Sligo and Waterford, twentyeight Irish representative peers, sirdars, grandees and maharajahs bearing the cloth of estate, the Dublin Metropolitan Fire Brigade, the chapter of the saints of finance in their plutocratic order of precedence, the bishop of Down and Connor, His Eminence Michael cardinal Logue, archbishop of Armagh, primate of all Ireland, His Grace, the most reverend Dr William Alexander, archbishop of Armagh, primate of all Ireland, the chief rabbi, the presbyterian moderator, the heads of the baptist, anabaptist, methodist and Moravian chapels and the honorary secretary of the society of friends

    41. (His Eminence Simon Stephen Cardinal Dedalus, Primate of all Ireland, appears in the doorway, dressed in red soutane, sandals and socks

    42. On an eminence, the centre of the earth, rises the feldaltar of Saint Barbara

    43. Not to inherit by right of primogeniture, gavelkind or borough English, or possess in perpetuity an extensive demesne of a sufficient number of acres, roods and perches, statute land measure (valuation 42 pounds), of grazing turbary surrounding a baronial hall with gatelodge and carriage drive nor, on the other hand, a terracehouse or semidetached villa, described as Rus in Urbe or Qui si sana , but to purchase by private treaty in fee simple a thatched bungalowshaped 2 storey dwellinghouse of southerly aspect, surmounted by vane and lightning conductor, connected with the earth, with porch covered by parasitic plants (ivy or Virginia creeper), halldoor, olive green, with smart carriage finish and neat doorbrasses, stucco front with gilt tracery at eaves and gable, rising, if possible, upon a gentle eminence with agreeable prospect from balcony with stone pillar parapet over unoccupied and unoccupyable interjacent pastures and standing in 5 or 6 acres of its own ground, at such a distance from the nearest public thoroughfare as to render its houselights visible at night above and through a quickset hornbeam hedge of topiary cutting, situate at a given point not less than 1 statute mile from the periphery of the metropolis, within a time limit of not more than 15 minutes from tram or train line (e

    44. The fathers and founders of the commonwealth—the statesman, the priest, and the soldier—deemed it a duty then to assume the outward state and majesty, which, in accordance with antique style, was looked upon as the proper garb of public or social eminence

    45. He stood, at this moment, on the very proudest eminence of superiority, to which the gifts of intellect, rich lore, prevailing eloquence, and a reputation of whitest sanctity, could exalt a clergyman in New England's earliest days, when the professional character was of itself a lofty pedestal

    46. “With all due respect, Your Eminence,” Sandaria’s expression was as dry as her tone, “I think ‘context’ is something we could all use at this point

    47. “But some confidence’s a mite different from complete confidence, as you might say, Your Eminence

    48. “As you can see, Your Eminence,” Symkyn continued, “Kaitswyrth’s total frontage is broader than he’d like, I’m sure

    49. Mind, Your Eminence, they’re the usual odds and sods with crappy weapons

    50. “Probably better than the units Kaitswyrth’s put back together out of bits and pieces of other ones, actually, Your Eminence,” Cysgodol put in with a grimace

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