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Emission en una oración (en ingles)

1. This emission moved rapidly away in.
2. Soon after emission, the body becomes limp.
3. At times, he would stop at emission of the energy.
4. After orgasm, there is emission and finally ejaculation.
5. Orgasm is followed by emission in a matter of few seconds.
6. This is because it shows an asymmetry of emission (by a factor.
7. Does stopping at orgasm or at emission have the same benefits?
8. However, the difference between emission and ejaculation is that.
9. Yes, it is true, but if emission has happened then the 'PC Muscle.
10. Post emission, it is possible to be aroused and erect in a short.
11. Our mind has the advantage of an energy thunder without CO2 emission.
12. The heating is directly related to the process of emission of Ether.
13. Orgasm, emission and ejaculation are explained in clinical terms for a.
14. We should not mix such concepts as the emission of Ether and its creation.
15. Radiation, saser is Sound Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation ….
16. There could be any sort of opening mechanism, from pheromones to the emission of.
17. In the use of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) fleeting particles of antimatter i.
18. In addition they pollute, as none of these tools has emission reduction devices on them.
19. Emission of Radiation, saser is Sound Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
20. That 3-10% is the emission global warmers propose to spend an estimated $95 trillion to eradicate.
21. Without the emission of photons traveling in his universe, a human being would remain totally blind.
22. Why shouldn’t it be? This last emission came out a bit cross and it gave way to the girl staring.
23. The rate of emission of Ether by particle - this is the initially inherent value of the Repulsion Field.
25. Before that emission, the colony had raised the denomination of its coin, and had, by act of assembly, ordered 5s.
26. Positron Emission Tomography (PET) works by actually producing antimatter for scanning ‘activated’ parts of the brain.
27. Some years ago, the DEQ authorities in Boise established a set of roving vans housing emission control inspection stations.
28. We have sent burrowing pod-bots to the core, to check for any heat emission that might later provide fertile ground for life.
29. Other than electromagnetic radiation, which biology caused as much emission of as we did, how were we detected by this thing?
30. We ask you not to mix such concepts as the "creation of Ether" and its "emission", and "destruction of the Ether" and its "absorption".
31. Photons do not obviously move from the outside of an electron to the inside in the same way, so absorption and emission have no classical.
32. The TTL logic is slower and uses more power, but the occasional stray reactor emission will not destroy it the way it will a CMOS component.
33. Now with all of that emission of magma into the sea water on a global scale it would’ve caused the temperature of the ocean to rise significantly.
34. Yet the earth got alarmingly colder for a while when all that uncontrolled emission should have made it warmer according to the theorists of global warming.
35. At that time, columnist Walter Williams reminds us, there was already massive worldwide industrialization in a period of virtually nonexistent emission controls.
36. Its paper currency, accordingly, is said never to have sunk below the value of the gold and silver which was current in the colony before the first emission of its paper money.
37. This land will be linked to a network of new, near zero carbon emission cities to be built around the globe to house the remaining population that are dependent upon technology.
38. We could, after all, require that people not drive a car until it meets emission specifications, maybe even requiring that engines be replaced with newer, clean engines or scrapping the old cars.
39. The process was a great deal slower than it would have been on the holodeck, but then, he had had to make some sacrifices in emission speeds in order to get a small enough package to meet his wants.
40. We can assume that the processes of creation and destruction of the Ether have a universal character, while the absorption and emission – this is the characteristics of a particular type of particles.
41. By the way, let’s consider doses! It is assumed that any radiation is lethal and high doses kill immediately, while small doses kill gradually, with accumulation of this type of emission in the body cells.
42. Furthermore, knowing that this crater reflects and concentrates your energizing power, and knowing the frequency of the energy you draw from, we can use this location to further study that energy, and its emission from the sun.
43. After that thought, he parked his smooth face against her cheek: allowing her sweet perfume that was thoughtfully applied near her necks carotid artery, to drift up and leave in its wake, an effervescent emission with every rhythmic pulse.
44. The great absorption and emission of light in the polar regions, by the ice and snow, may cause the extraordinary illumination of that country during the absence of the sun, and the emission of the magnetic rays with electricity may, perhaps, give us the aurora borealis.
45. I would like to note that in a polarized photon beam all waves have an equally directed vector of “magnetic induction” which, during experiments, makes it possible to get with the help of such type of emission much more detailed information about the structure of “a substance”.
46. For example, what do sound and color represent? These are manifestations of properties of emission and absorption of one and the same United and Universal Energy, which are very closely connected among themselves, but always express (manifest) themselves in different ways in different conditions of Space.
47. With this, it avoids that somebody receives or make draft in money, it annuls the emission of checks or it impedes any legal right of drafts and it avoids patrimonial appropriation in judicial demand, including the governments, sponsors, introducers, authors and Teams of Coordination of the XUSING Project.
48. Sir Humphry Davy was so much at a loss to account for the continued ignition of wire at the poles of a Voltaic apparatus, that he considers it an objection to the materiality of heat; since the wire could not be imagined to contain sufficient caloric to keep up the emission of this principle for an unlimited time.
49. If the latent heat in a gaseous compound be suddenly abstracted, as in explosion, its escape is attended with the emission of light and sensible heat, when the volatilized particles held in solution being no longer able to maintain the state of gas, suffer approximation in a due proportion to the quantity of caloric they have lost.
50. Railroad bonds of the blanket-mortgage type more commonly restrict the issuance of additional bonds through a provision that the total funded indebtedness shall not exceed a certain ratio to the capital stock outstanding, and by a limitation upon the emission of new bonds to a certain percentage of the cost or fair value of newly acquired property.
51. Thomson, that the fluid of the pile is in quantity greater, in intensity less, than that evolved by the machine, is very inconsistent with the experiments of the chemist above mentioned, who, before he could effect the separation of the elements of water by mechanical electricity, was obliged to confine its emission to a point imperceptible to the naked eye.
52. How can anybody guarantee that the forgiven amount is invested at the own country, without emission of money or new loan? Only our Project guarantees, therefore it has the mechanism of incorporating that forgiven amount of 240 billion dollars in effective investment, without using the physical money, without generating inflation and without the transfer process to occur among people.
53. No scientist, neurosurgeon, or medical doctor, has ever viewed or detected a specific unique individual’s personal thought, emotion, attitude, value, belief and/ or experience regarding an experienced particular event by using any of the following hi-tech instruments; a powerful microscope; X-Ray; Positron Emission Tomography (PET); Steady State Topography (SST); or Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI).
54. Obama, dour, deadpan, and soulless, with an arrogant tilt of the head, a great orator? Is stroking with soothing words those whose wonderful country he intends to drag down into sociofascist poverty quite the same thing? Is a wigwagging mist of rhetoric, soaring from alternate TelePrompTers, if seemingly enticing upon emission, but vaporizing when pursued for substance, great oratory? There must be another word for it.
55. In the flakglaass ranges, it transmutes from the emission that appears as a result of instability of nuclei of radionuclides and due to slowing down of the cosmic radiation into a completely different type of creative manifestation, which cannot perceptibly manifest in any way in the conditions of irkkulligren Realities but forms the basis of manifestation of absolutely all Proto-Forms in the 4-5-dimensional diapasons.
56. The government of Pennsylvania, indeed, pretended, upon their first emission of paper money, in 1722, to render their paper of equal value with gold and silver, by enacting penalties against all those who made any difference in the price of their goods when they sold them for a colony paper, and when they sold them for gold and silver, a regulation equally tyrannical, but much less, effectual, than that which it was meant to support.
57. Is the power to create this paper medium, or national currency, an attribute of State or national sovereignty? I put the question to the candor of gentlemen, and solicit a serious answer! The argument of my honorable friend from Georgia against the power of the States to authorize the emission of bank paper, founded on that part of the constitution which declares that "No State shall emit bills of credit," acquires great additional force, when these bills of credit are made to assume the character of money, for national purposes.

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