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    1. much stress in the Consultant’s delivery when viewing the results, as if he could barely believe them himself or, more likely, that it was a

    2. Ackers slowly turned around to see a paper delivery boy standing on the porch with his mouth hanging open in surprise

    3. steeled herself for the moment, for the delivery of her cold impregnable stare towards

    4. They were not part of the delivery, but they were required nevertheless

    5. He was holding the delivery and was already through

    6. Her act caught the attention of a driver of a delivery van passing by, who pulled over to the curb beside her

    7. It's just this delivery I have to make

    8. It was little better than maintaining fuel delivery piping while he was mortal, but in this society, it was a living

    9. More than one life depended on the safe delivery of this flesh and blood consignment from Lebanon, and in that I found a new strength, a new serenity, a new understanding

    10. The staccato delivery of altered sound

    11. I was in the throes of delivery and could not help them

    12. But this delivery is not a parcel of documents … there on the desk is a basket of the most beautiful flowers

    13. Ish's frustration showed in this delivery

    14. You may think he hit that superfast delivery of yours by luck, but

    15. latches and catches, it was designed to prevent the delivery of more

    16. Fred bowled a perfect second delivery

    17. created through the Universal Law of Attraction (Remember the delivery

    18. “That will put us pretty close together for delivery times,” Cordra said

    19. “The next entry is for near the delivery time

    20. They were specifically charged with the delivery of letters,

    21. “Good question, young Harry,” the old man praised with a hint of a smile now creeping into his delivery

    22. In this manner the posts were installed and ready for the next day's delivery

    23. He gradually became the face of Livingson Mercantile to delivery men and wholesalers when they passed through on their rounds covering their sales and delivery territories

    24. Did we receive that delivery of paper? I can’t see that you’ve ticked it off … you’d better check before you process that one

    25. Thank you for accommodating my requests for materials and the delivery and such

    26. The beautiful voice and delivery of song by Miss Kaitlyn, the tempest, and the Port of Liverpool with descriptions of its environs were always favorite passages

    27. Pleased with his delivery and to the proud smiles of Titania and Hipolyta, he bid them “Bon Apetit,” and left them to their meal

    28. The Office Manager suggested he return in the morning and attempt a second delivery

    29. “Finally the Tower hands the airplane over to Clearance Delivery that gives route clearances to aircraft before they take off

    30. The pilot started the dialogue Delivery MAS 370 Good Morning

    31. Somehow or other they got behind some sort of a lumberyard type delivery truck and I don't know exactly what happened but somehow or other a steel pole from that lumber truck came through the windshield and literally pierced the passenger in the front seat

    32. “Yes she told me and she said if you were looking for the red ones she chose two of those for delivery charges!”

    33. He was impassioned in his delivery, even though it was word for word with pointing finger

    34. data, they’ll find the closest delivery option for you and that’s where the data

    35. He was surprised not to have received any in the courier’s delivery, and would have to content DRAFTChapter 9 157

    36. the barrel, the delivery of both British and foreign salt duty free) were, during the space of fourteen years, for every hundred pounds which they subscribed and paid into the stock of the society, entitled to three pounds a-year, to be paid by the receiver-general of the customs in equal half-yearly payments

    37. The disappointment on its chubby, tufted face at Mrs Pilfer's successful delivery of the foodstuff was very nearly heart-breaking, and it whimpered softly once it became apparent that the pie was not destined for the floor

    38. means of fast delivery of the sport

    39. We will shortly have a delivery system, best in the world

    40. I get citizens in here all the time with all kinds of tales about neighbors, service delivery people, even other Administration personnel, but you, you’re good,” he said smiling that cat smile of his at Martin

    41. Delivery of these unwelcome words likewise measured

    42. “You know my time for delivery is near

    43. Every Jewish girl knew how to assist in a delivery

    44. Perhaps it was programmed to home in on the nearest gravitational source, and this was originally to be the method of delivery into the singularity

    45. delivery to the parked car late last night, and

    46. “‘Well, the delivery man came into the hall and lifted her

    47. Jones and Statira loaded whalebone aboard the Morgan for delivery in New Bedford

    48. If a union with the colonies were to take place, those commodities might be taxed, either before they go out of the hands of the manufacturer or grower ; or, if this mode of taxation did not suit the circumstances of those persons, they might be deposited in public warehouses, both at the place of manufacture, and at all the different ports of the empire, to which they might afterwards be transported, to remain there, under the joint custody of the owner and the revenue officer, till such time as they should be delivered out, either to the consumer, to the merchant-retailer for home consumption, or to the merchant-exporter; the tax not to be advanced till such delivery

    49. Empress of the Office, where she spent most mornings on the red willow love seat that faces my desk, raising her regal head only at unfamiliar sounds: in winter, the heavy snow sliding off the metal roof and crashing to the deck below, startling us both; in early spring, the northern flickers trying in vain to pluck insulation for their nests from the roof vents; a heavy summer rain; the grinding noise of the propane truck making its first delivery in fall

    50. delivery to Jeff Davis, “king” of the Confederacy

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