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    1. All five books in a single volume - the war with the Squidies from the first engagement to the final detonations

    2. Better ring Rob now while I’m still thinking about it – ‘Hi Trish! Congratulations on your engagement

    3. By now she had grown accustomed to the weight of her mother’s old engagement ring on her finger and the Chinese style vase stood proudly in its new position on the fireplace mantelpiece

    4. It’s even been pawned on occasion, our diamond engagement ring, but its only glass and nine carat gold

    5. ‘Anyway, I’m not the only one with a new ring – let’s see your engagement ring!’ He inspects it, ‘That is really very tasteful

    6. mother’s old engagement ring on her finger and the Chinese style

    7. “He presented her with a beautiful engagement ring – something

    8. The engagement moved onto the grounds from the dock

    9. Spelman was not able to extricate himself from a engagement later with a valuable contact and potential international client

    10. Cruttwell on his recent engagement

    11. Chloe herself is a changed woman, and that was the case well before her engagement to young Bessamer

    12. At the following rehearsal, before the next weekly performance, Kaitlyn broached the subject to the Players, of how to dispose of the receipts from each engagement

    13. “Oh! Why, of course, he is! On 14th Dec, engagement on 12th

    14. As he looked around, his gray eyes darting between the other soldiers in his battalion, they all appeared steeled for engagement

    15. Here we see the Bible describing people’s engagement in foolish thoughts and deeds and thinking that if they applied enough effort, they would be able to free themselves from being subject to God

    16. Only she didn't say anything about the engagement or why they had gone to the city for the day

    17. She wouldn't have guessed about the engagement, would she? But if she did suspect something of the kind, she had covered it well

    18. Her engagement party! Shelagh could sit there and smile sweetly and say, Frank is an old friend of mine

    19. She knew Frank was nervous about this engagement party and the announcement

    20. Her engagement day! She was annoyed with Frank

    21. Both ships had their guns trained on each other, and the engagement followed a

    22. “You are not sorry about the engagement it isn’t worrying you is it?” I quickly said

    23. Why is it that movie fare nowadays leaves nothing to the imagination in the realms of sex and violence? It would seem a more rewarding engagement for the viewer to be only nudged toward extrapolating or interpolating his or her own denouement

    24. She wrote that Helen had told her of our engagement and she understood why we did it but she said at the moment that we were both too young

    25. The engagement does not need to be in writing though it sometimes is and known as an engagement letter

    26. Some have an engagement agreement which is a full contract but note an engagement contract is not the same as an antenuptial agreement which we will deal with later

    27. In effect the second marriage or engagement is void under law but then the universal law of partnership comes in and we will look at that in some detail

    28. Why it is so important to understand what is meant with an engagement to be married?

    29. In other countries (Argentine apparently) a serious relationship is celebrated with a silver ring, then a gold one at the engagement and finally a diamond ring at the actual wedding

    30. In Nordic countries I understand that both men and women wear an engagement ring and in Brazil they switch from right hand to left hand at the wedding

    31. Some have a separate engagement ring and wedding ring later but really it is all symbolic

    32. Of course, I had to plead engagement with my own family circle, and I

    33. “Once the engagement is agreed on, he wants word to be sent immediately – that very minute – so he can come and oversee the arrangements

    34. engagement, whose violation(s) are otherwise construed by the Community of Nations as constituting Crimes against Humanity

    35. Obviously this will only be where a pattern emerges or the defendant (usually the man) bragged to his friends about his "victory" and never was serious about marriage and only used the engagement as a way to get her into bed

    36. It was like the engagement happened at night

    37. Apartheid in South Africa may last longer, and Reagan's failed and ultimately hypocritical and insincere policy of constructive engagement may not even be attempted as it was in the 1980s

    38. Melchior, his eyes slitted, took her by the shoulders and declared: “What we need to do very soon is arrange for an engagement symbol, a ring, for the world to see on your hand

    39. How did it feel to shoot down six enemy ships in an air-to-space-borne engagement lasting less than two minutes?

    40. It appears to me that these were given in this instance to qualify possibly unrepentant sinners for engagement in a holy enterprise

    41. suggesting that we keep the engagement since it was the only open

    42. Diana’s mom, Carla, will be thrilled about our engagement, too

    43. I’m organizing a party for Diana’s birthday on Saturday afternoon, and we will announce our engagement then

    44. She was very happy for our engagement and certainly not jealous

    45. Meredith," said Miss Cornelia, "even his engagement has made a different man of him

    46. The attacks blamed on those you call „terrorists" were done so because of prior engagement in such activities that there is a story to convince you that such atrocities were possible

    47. Instead, it is a battleground in which the rules of engagement are constantly changing

    48. That was why Manda had wanted a short engagement, and he had kept her burning for him for more than nine months, only to run away the night before they were to marry

    49. When Sierra came home that night, Manda told her about their father’s engagement

    50. 12 And the children of Tubal went to war with the children of Chittim, to destroy their land and to distress them, and in this engagement the children of Tubal prevailed over the children of Chittim, and the children of Chittim, seeing that they were greatly distressed, lifted up the children which they had had by the daughters of Tubal, on the wall which had been built, to be before the eyes of the children of Tubal

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