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    1. ‘In everyone’s besht intereshts if you seek employment elshewhere

    2. ‘Surely they have to pay her something … they can’t just terminate her employment like that … can they?’

    3. Stephen had been a bit cagey when I told him who the interview was with … although he didn’t actually say so, I got the definite impression that this company is not a good employment bet

    4. On the other hand, if I sit in studying every evening, this could be considered painful while I’m doing it, however in the long term I will have gained skills and knowledge and I could possibly go on and gain better employment

    5. They reached an office where employment records were kept

    6. The papers on the desk were employment histories that he presumed were being updated

    7. “The employment record was good, I learned something about her there

    8. She found the name was fairly common, there were three hundred something in the Kassikan, thousands in the city, but none at the address on her employment certificate with the clinic from that time

    9. In Employment Dormant Records they should be able to dig up the time sheets for these people on that day, you can see the dates on that, if something was made up later, those might be later dates also

    10. Harry, Kaitlyn, and Yolanda Spelman listened to the men's dialog with growing appreciation for each man's circumspection and honor in the employment of their several gifts in the service of their chosen professions

    11. He seemed to know nothing of the employment record they had found of Tdeshi

    12. All male children exempted according to an approved criteria, or beyond school age up to the age of eighteen years, not currently apprenticed or otherwise gainfully employed, shall henceforward be required to provide bi-annual proof of employment to this Council at the commencement of Autumn school term and at the end of Spring school term

    13. Those young people not adhering to the statutes herein set forth shall be assigned employment at reasonable rates of hire at the discretion of this Council

    14. collections – how he’d eventually found employment as a

    15. Harold's position required the extensive employment of international connections and contacts, the very sphere of enterprise Lawrence had so recently vacated

    16. Harry explained, again, but with more brevity his own private endeavors and aspirations regarding his employment at the firm

    17. Normally, I have finished already my two years employment contract last March 27, 1979 but my employer tried to convince me to renew my contract for another two years with them as they said they still need my services, so I stayed

    18. As you know, I'm finishing my two years employment contract on comings of March, 1981 and of course I have to take my leave

    19. For this reason I can't pursue my intention about coming to USA after my employment contract on March, 1981

    20. This time I found much employment, and very suitable also to the time, for I found great occasion for many things which I had no way to furnish myself with but by hard labour and constant application; particularly I tried many ways to make myself a basket, but all the twigs I could get for the purpose proved so brittle that they would do nothing

    21. As in the one case they exclude many people from his employment, so in the other they exclude him from many employments

    22. The policy must be as violent as that of Indostan or ancient Egypt (where every man was bound by a principle of religion to follow the occupation of his father, and was supposed to commit the most horrid sacrilege if he changed it for another), which can in any particular employment, and for several generations together, sink either the wages of labour or the profits of stock below their natural rate

    23. Let us suppose, for example, that in the greater part of employments the productive powers of labour had been improved to tenfold, or that a day's labour could produce ten times the quantity of work which it had done originally ; but that in a particular employment they had been improved only to double, or that a day's labour could produce only twice the quantity of work which it had done before

    24. Many workmen could not subsist a week, few could subsist a month, and scarce any a year, without employment

    25. When in any country the demand for those who live by wages, labourers, journeymen, servants of every kind, is continually increasing; when every year furnishes employment for a greater number than had been employed the year before, the workmen have no occasion to combine in order to raise their wages

    26. These funds are of two kinds, first, the revenue which is over and above what is necessary for the maintenance; and, secondly, the stock which is over and above what is necessary for the employment of their masters

    27. The hands, on the contrary, would, in this case, naturally multiply beyond their employment

    28. There would be a constant scarcity of employment, and the labourers would be obliged to bid against one another in order to get it

    29. Instead of waiting indolently in their work-houses for the calls of their customers, as in Europe, they are continually running about the streets with the tools of their respective trades, offering their services, and, as it were, begging employment

    30. Many who had been bred in the superior classes, not being able to find employment in their own business, would be glad to seek it in the lowest

    31. The lowest class being not only overstocked with its own workmen, but with the overflowings of all the other classes, the competition for employment would be so great in it, as to reduce the wages of labour to the most miserable and scanty subsistence of the labourer

    32. Many would not he able to find employment even upon these hard terms, but would either starve, or be driven to seek a subsistence, either by begging, or by the perpetration perhaps, of the greatest enormities

    33. "Normally we have something to start with," Nidon said, "a list of friends and lovers, hang-outs, employment

    34. More people want employment than easily get it ; many are willing to take it upon lower terms than ordinary ; and the wages of both servants and journeymen frequently sink in dear years

    35. A considerable number of people are thrown out of employment, who bid one against another, in order to get it, which sometimes lowers both the real and the money price of labour

    36. The owner of the stock which employs a great number of labourers necessarily endeavours, for his own advantage, to make such a proper division and distribution of employment, that they may be enabled to produce the greatest quantity of work possible

    37. In the remote parts of the country, there is frequently not stock sufficient to employ all the people, who therefore bid against one another, in order to get employment, which lowers the wages of labour, and raises the profits of stock

    38. Its rapid accumulation in so profitable an employment enables the planter to increase the number of his hands faster than he can find them in a new settlement

    39. The lowest ordinary rate of profit must always be something more than what is sufficient to compensate the occasional losses to which every employment of stock is exposed

    40. All people of small or middling fortunes would be obliged to superintend themselves the employment of their own stocks

    41. If, in the same neighbourhood, there was any employment evidently either more or

    42. them ; thirdly, the constancy or inconstancy of employment in them ; fourthly, the small or

    43. maintains him through all the different stages of his employment

    44. employment, indeed, is more steady and uniform, and the superiority of their earnings, taking

    45. Employment is much more constant in some trades than in others

    46. manufactures, a journeyman maybe pretty sure of employment almost every day in the year

    47. nor in foul weather, and his employment at all other times depends upon the occasional calls

    48. recompence of their skill, as the compensation for the inconstancy of their employment

    49. without employment, particularly during the summer

    50. When the inconstancy of employment is combined with the hardship, disagreeableness, and

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