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    1. Some cadets in my platoon did not possess a high school pass, which meant that they never finished high school and by default did not meet the minimum standards for enlistment

    2. Satan‘s clever strategy of Divide and Conquer has been brilliantly orchestrated by his enlistment of the spiritually depleted who, although not inherently evil, and perhaps motivated in part by ―good‖ intentions, have fallen victims to pride and self-love

    3. Many southerners in the Confederate Army were not there by choice, drafted or kept on after their enlistment expired

    4. Debunking the “natural warrior” stereotype as well as the assumption that Natives join the military as a refuge against extreme poverty and as assimilation, the reasons for enlistment are connected to the relative strengths of tribal warrior traditions within communities

    5. Because he was now undoubtedly classified as a deserter, if he made it out of Poland, he was probably destined to spend the rest of his enlistment, perhaps longer, in a military prison somewhere

    6. I’m kind of set right now on finishing my enlistment and getting out of the Army

    7. Frank never stepped foot on a ship during his entire four year enlistment

    8. I had always thought I would return to Missouri after my enlistment

    9. “They are docked accrued leave from the time they left wherever they came from to the time they arrived here and their enlistment contract is extended by the difference between the accrued leave and the time away

    10. “If she is allowed to stay, she will lose all time in grade, accrued leave and her enlistment contract will be extended by the time away

    11. Admiral Sherman warned the military personnel that if their enlistment contracts were not due to expire and they elected to stay, they would be treated as deserters

    12. A few of the military personnel whose enlistment contracts had expired also left with Peter

    13. Only two of us who testified against you lasted through the end of our first enlistment contract

    14. Other members of the crew whose enlistment contracts were ending also elected to stay

    15. -Many cases of enlistment are forced; the use of extreme

    16. Our attitude did not endear us to the townspeople, many of whom had given sons, husbands and lovers to the struggle, and, despite the fact that I was obviously well past the age of enlistment, we were treated, on our rare excursions outside, with, at best contempt and occasionally, outright enmity, such as was sometimes shown to Max Henschelle, who kept a pastry shop in town and who, apart from being a naturalised British citizen, had come here in Nineteen-thirty seven as a Jewish refugee from Nazism, but reason has little to do with such primitive emotional reactions

    17. When asked if there was the chance of enlistment after graduation, the answer was that he wasn’t planning on it as he had other things to do

    18. The main reason you are here this morning is because of the President’s executive order allowing the enlistment of women in the Army and Army Air Corps

    19. The last report we got on her, thanks to American newspapers and radio stations, was that she had been tasked to form an all-female air unit, following the edict from their president authorizing the enlistment of women in their army

    20. I then outlined their part in the conspiracy, Jodas would need at least ten people, more if he thought that wise, people who could be away for days at a time without attracting too much gossip, the enlistment of this force must start immediately

    21. Precious resources had not been wasted for their enlistment as they’d been with the boy

    22. By the 3rd year of their enlistment, literally all of his Napoleon’s soldiers were infected with Syphilis, Gonorrhea, etc

    23. The scout hesitated, as if weighing the chances of such a strange enlistment in his

    24. His enlistment was coming up, and I didn’t want him to re-up

    25. His enlistment was coming up, and I didn’t want him to re-up

    26. The average army or army air forces Pacific POW had lost sixty-one pounds in captivity, a remarkable statistic given that roughly three-quarters of the men had weighed just 159 pounds or less upon enlistment

    27. A peaceable Cholo wearing these colours (unusual in Costaguana) was somehow very seldom beaten to within an inch of his life on a charge of disrespect to the town police; neither ran he much risk of being suddenly lassoed on the road by a recruiting party of lanceros—a method of voluntary enlistment looked upon as almost legal in the Republic

    28. “You’re being transported to an enlistment briefing,” he said

    29. Several paragraphs of dense text began to scroll across the screen, an unreadable blur of legalese outlining all the details of enlistment

    30. “One of the things you weren’t told during your enlistment briefing is that this isn’t the first time the Europans have sent ships to Earth to attack us,” the General said

    31. After reports of the disaster at Gaeles Minor, enlistment in the Fleet and Fighting Corps tripled, and for an interplanetary organization starving for a way to enforce its laws and treaties, they celebrated the increase in recruits

    32. This is accomplished, in the first place, by impressing all the labouring people, who have not themselves any time to solve moral and religious questions, from childhood, and up to old age, by example and direct teaching, with the idea that tortures and murders are compatible with Christianity, and that, for certain purposes of state, tortures and murders are not only admissible, but even peremptory; in the second place, by impressing some of them, who are chosen by enlistment or levy, with the idea that the performance of tortures and murders with their own hands forms a sacred duty and even an act which is valorous and worthy of praise and of reward

    33. In the middle between the two are the intermediate persons, who order the tortures and murders and the enlistment of soldiers, and they are fully convinced that their responsibility has been taken from them, partly by the commands from above, and partly because the same orders are demanded of them by all those who stand on the lower stages

    34. ) Why do kindly men and women, who can have no manner of interest in war, go into ecstasies over the exploits of a man like Skobelev? Why do men who are under no obligation to do it, and who receive no pay for it, like Marshals of Nobility in Russia, devote months to the service which demands such unremitting labor, wearying to the minds as well as to the body,—the enlistment of recruits? Why do all emperors and kings wear a military dress, why do they have drills and parades and military rewards? Why are monuments built to generals and conquerors? Why do wealthy and independent men regard it as an honor to occupy the position of lackeys to kings, to flatter them and feign a belief in their special superiority? Why do men who have long since ceased to believe in the medieval superstitions of the Church still constantly and solemnly pretend to do so, and thus support a sacrilegious and demoralizing institution? Why is the ignorance of the people so zealously preserved, not only by the government, but by men of the higher classes? Why do they so energetically denounce every attempt to overthrow popular superstition and to promote popular education? Why do historians, novelists, and poets, who can derive no benefit in exchange for their flattery, paint in such glowing colors the emperors, kings, and generals of bygone times? Why do the so-called scientists devote their lives to formulate theories that violence committed on the people by power is legitimate violence—is right?

    35. [14] The fact that some nations, the English and the Americans, have not yet any universal military service (though voices in its favour are already heard), but only the enlistment and hire of soldiers, does in no way change the condition of slavery in which the citizens stand relative to the governments

    36. "That an additional force of —— thousand regular troops ought to be immediately raised, to serve for three years; and that a bounty in lands ought to be given to encourage enlistment

    37. The remedy lies in establishing more favorably for the private soldier, the proportion between his recompense and the term of his enlistment

    38. He had no objection to privilege the soldier from arrest after enlistment, but he could not consent to the passage of a law, having an ex post facto operation, which went to exempt him from obligations previously contracted

    39. said, would never take place so long as the United States had an occasion for the man's services; because, by the same collusion which commenced it, the suit may be continued from term to term of court, until the term of enlistment has expired

    40. You receive into the army, by voluntary enlistment, that description of our fellow-citizens, at a time of life to them the most interesting and auspicious as respects their future pursuits and welfare

    41. That section provides, that "every person above the age of eighteen years, who shall be enlisted by any officer, shall be held in the service of the United States during the period of such enlistment; any thing in any act to the contrary notwithstanding

    42. The remedy lies in establishing more favorably for the private soldier, the proportion between his recompense and the term of enlistment

    43. The provisions of those days authorized the enlistment of all over the age of sixteen years

    44. Look back on the principle adopted by the friends of that gentleman—I wish I could say who were his friends—I do not call the honest federalist, who is willing to support his country's rights, his friend—even in England, the nation from which he talks of receiving his religion and morality, and I might add, his ideas of our rights—even in that country they do not prevent enlistment of minors—that is, they are not discharged on the ground of minority

    45. A law was passed in 1798 which authorized the enlistment not only, of minors but every description of persons whom the President of the United States thought proper to have enlisted—which authorized him to send his recruiting sergeants into every family and take those who suited him best

    46. It had not been acted upon before, or since the Revolution—this is a new mode of raising an army; were gentlemen prepared to adopt this new principle? Although by the resolves of the Congress of 1776, minors could be enlisted, yet apprentices were exempted—and if any were enlisted, yet, on proper application, they were discharged, unless it could be shown the enlistment was with the consent of their masters or guardians

    47. I believe that, in 1756, Great Britain passed an act which was designed to extend to only the colonies; it allowed indented servants to be enlisted into the army—but this act made provision for the master, if the compensation was claimed within so many months after enlistment, and the necessary facts were proved before any two justices of the peace

    48. War is declared, and it appears to be the determination of those who have the control of our public concerns to prosecute it with the utmost vigor; yes, sir, with a vigor that, within twelve months from the enlistment of the twenty thousand men to be raised by this bill, we are told must bring it to a successful termination

    49. Speaker, wherefore change the term of enlistment, from five years, or during the war, to one year? The sole avowed object of the war by land was the conquest of the Canadas

    50. Are you at this hour nearer your object than on the day you declared war, or has that object, with a steady and sure pace, constantly receded from you as you have advanced in the war? Is Canada so far conquered that you can now reduce the term of enlistment? It is impossible to shut our eyes on the past; while all is disgust and despondency with our own citizens—sick of the past, and concerned for the future; while every post brings to the Cabinet fearful and alarming changes in the sentiments of the people under this ill-fated war; your enemy, the Canadians, take courage, their wavering sentiments have become resolved, and union in defence of their firesides, the land that gives them bread, is spreading and cementing all in the patriotic vow

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