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    1. "No, not simply touring," Ava answered

    2. We have decided that our story, should we be asked for one, is that we are touring the ancient sites

    3. With great care, Manolis placed a sprig of marjoram behind his left ear, 'You know, my friends, when I was touring with Pantelis I took my cat with us everywhere, but when he ran away to settle down, more than anything, I missed his teachings

    4. 'Australia is touring India at present, right?' Ish said as the waiter packed our

    5. But if you've nothing more pressing than touring hill and dale, perhaps you could be persuaded to visit Redditch along with us

    6. As the touring company left the little station in Stratford the next morning, Mrs

    7. “You’re new around here,” she said, “are you touring?”

    8. “While touring, Kostiya and I were pretty promiscuous, but in town we’d have only a few others

    9. a confusing experience touring the northern shores of the

    10. "Oh no, I do know whole songs, I could probably still sing a few of the old saws I used to do touring Easthills with Yiheeng back in the teens of this century in the Dos basin

    1. If their manufacturing plant is nearby, ask to take a tour

    2. Well, put me on the tour bus, hell!

    3. Molly gives me a quick tour the ground floor, saying that she’d rather wait until Stephen got home to show me the annexe and then taking me though to the kitchen

    4. Ready for the tour of the Russ

    5. This was like the virtual tour she had seen as a child

    6. They had some tour probes lying about down there, she flew one for awhile

    7. ‘What do you think of it?’ Rose asked as we walk back into the lounge after the tour

    8. And, the high spot of the tour, our stop at Navagio (the Shipwreck): Without the slightest compunction, I left behind the two undecided grumblers who happen to be my companions in this trip and dived into the clear blue water from the deck of the boat

    9. Desa was as much on tour as Alan, she had never been on this route

    10. “Well, with the Alderfolk doing his tour of the village, we can’t

    1. All that remains of this story is to say that both Archibald and his darling young lady were married, that they inherited her father's vast fortune, and that, in between location shoots, premieres and promotional tours, they lived happily ever after with an enormous brood of normally featured offspring

    2. location shoots, premieres and promotional tours, they lived

    3. During the interim, until they might try their skills on the lake, many of the men and women entered for the competition spent their late mornings and afternoons going on hikes or boat tours around the Tahoe, gaily brunching together at the cafes, or browsing the shops of the village

    4. Allcock stood on the platform as fellow travelers disembarked, some having reached their destination, and watched the hawkers descend on them, extolling the best hotels and restaurants, the finest tours of the city, the most affordable saloons, the shows, the gambling, and on and on

    5. to wait until the storm had blown itself out, but Pierre Tours

    6. 'I don't think you're…' began Tours, trying to use his

    7. 'What was that all about?' asked Tours quietly

    8. here is finished,' said Tours, heading for the door

    9. he have over Tours that he could quell him with a simple

    10. Tours was sure he hadn't seen the last example of it

    1. Our procession toured the narrow passageways before we laid the coffin, drowning in flowers, amongst the yellow-headed parsley in the valley

    2. 'I toured all over Gujarat, with Parekh-ji

    3. “I made a few inconspicuous inquiries, as we toured the sights

    4. They systematically toured the island's secrets, the crypts and dungeons, the lanes and houses, the cloisters and cathedral

    5. Each time they toured the plots it was a different route

    6. They toured the site and inspected the facets of each their own interests and requirements, chatted pleasantly, and generally kept up with each other's ongoing pursuits beyond this project alone

    7. She knew it well, Yiheeng used to cover it when she toured with them and she could still get thru a couple verses and the bridge by herself

    8. They toured a print shop and the castle

    9. walked a thousand miles! Rex was still in high gear as they toured the endless rooms of the Louvre

    10. looking up for any predators they toured around the sett giving a

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    circuit tour go spell turn duty tour enlistment hitch term of enlistment tour of duty travel journey voyage visit jaunt excursion expedition trip shift trick