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    1. Erudition is, in any rational world, the substance of an intellectual investigation into the world of ideas

    2. A continuing acute awareness of that Something beyond physical reality would also be useful, it would seem; an open channel, so to speak, for receipt of additional gifts of otherworldly erudition

    3. In his approach to holistic erudition, he

    4. There is no erudition behind his

    5. a man of vast erudition and of the most saintly character, who believed

    6. Gautam, in his new avatar in New Delhi, came to be revered as Gautam guru for his erudition and piety

    7. Though erudition all their thoughts inspires,

    8. The evening would not be a total waste after all, since this presented the perfect opportunity to delve into the depth of the local erudition and style

    9. She has become recently enamored of my erudition

    10. already got completely angry with Kostya that he took such priceless time just to satisfy his mania of brilliant erudition

    11. It’s difficult to understand which one leads to the peak,” Kostya as usual made a show of his erudition

    12. Kostya bragged a little with his erudition

    13. With all the arrogance of his erudition,

    14. over the pride of his erudition, he asked the boatman, “Do you know

    15. erudition are confounded by the problems of what action is and what ac-

    16. Scholars of great erudition have ascribed four stages to

    17. He talked to me, there is no doubt, as he might have talked to quite a little child--of erudition there was not a sign, of wisdom in Brosy's sense not a word; but what of that? The happy result was that I understood him, and I know we were very merry

    18. This man without any notes went through all the points given in the book, leaving not the slightest detail out, enhancing the text with his own commentary which made you wonder at his fantastic erudition and culture

    19. It was pleasant enough but it gave you a hint of sluttishness, of an obscure and sinister erudition of carnality, of an 83

    20. Deep erudition to bestow,

    21. invention, meagre in style, poor in thoughts, wholly wanting in learning and wisdom, without quotations in the margin or annotations at the end, after the fashion of other books I see, which, though all fables and profanity, are so full of maxims from Aristotle, and Plato, and the whole herd of philosophers, that they fill the readers with amazement and convince them that the authors are men of learning, erudition, and eloquence

    22. "Next, to prove yourself a man of erudition in polite literature and cosmography, manage that the river Tagus shall be named in your story, and there you are at once with another famous annotation, setting forth--The river Tagus was so called after a King of Spain: it has its source in such and such a place and falls into the ocean, kissing the walls of the famous city of Lisbon, and it is a common belief that it has golden sands, etc

    23. In belief of the good reception and honours that Your Excellency bestows on all sort of books, as prince so inclined to favor good arts, chiefly those who by their nobleness do not submit to the service and bribery of the vulgar, I have determined bringing to light The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of la Mancha, in shelter of Your Excellency's glamorous name, to whom, with the obeisance I owe to such grandeur, I pray to receive it agreeably under his protection, so that in this shadow, though deprived of that precious ornament of elegance and erudition that clothe the works composed in the houses of those who know, it dares appear with assurance in the judgment of some who, trespassing the bounds of their own

    24. Another book I have which I call 'The Supplement to Polydore Vergil,' which treats of the invention of things, and is a work of great erudition and research, for I establish and elucidate elegantly some things of great importance which Polydore omitted to mention

    25. Here the pale clergyman piled up his library, rich with parchment-bound folios of the Fathers, and the lore of Rabbis, and monkish erudition, of which the Protestant divines, even while they vilified and decried that class of writers, were yet constrained often to avail themselves

    26. lordship had long been in the habit of considering me as one of the discreetest men in the burgh; and although he returned very civil answers to all letters, he wrote to me in the cordial erudition of an old friend—a thing which the volunteers soon discerned, and respected me accordingly

    27. The person that first brought me an account of this, and it was in a private confidential manner, was Mr Scudmyloof, the grammar schoolmaster, a man of method and lear, to whom the fathers of the project had applied for an occasional cast of his skill, in the way of Latin head-pieces, and essays of erudition concerning the free spirit among the ancient Greeks and Romans; but he, not liking the principle of the men concerned in the scheme, thought that it would be a public service to the community at large, if a stop could be put, by my help, to the opening of such an ettering sore and king’s evil as a newspaper, in our heretofore and hitherto truly royal and loyal burgh; especially as it was given out that the calamity, for I can call

    28. How far the judicious Hooker or any other hero of erudition would have been the same at Mr

    29. Casaubon, and if it had not been for the sense of obligation, would have laughed at him as a Bat of erudition

    30. Marriage, like religion and erudition, nay, like authorship itself, was fated to become an outward requirement, and Edward Casaubon was bent on fulfilling unimpeachably all requirements

    31. Against certain facts he was helpless: against Will Ladislaw's existence, his defiant stay in the neighborhood of Lowick, and his flippant state of mind with regard to the possessors of authentic, well-stamped erudition: against Dorothea's nature, always taking on some new shape of ardent activity, and even in submission and silence covering fervid reasons which it was an irritation to think of: against certain notions and likings which had taken possession of her mind in relation to subjects that he could not possibly discuss with her

    32. He was learned even to erudition, and almost an Orientalist

    33. When he discovered the arrangement of words in alphabetical order he delighted in searching for and finding the combinations with which he was familiar, and the words which followed them, their definitions, led him still further into the mazes of erudition

    34. The poor dear cannot differentiate between erudition and wisdom

    35. Johnson never attained to that erudition; Noah Webster's ark does not hold it

    36. He talked at length and with erudition of “aberration” and “mania,” and argued that, from all the facts collected, the prisoner had undoubtedly been in a condition of aberration for several days before his arrest, and, if the crime had been committed by him, it must, even if he were conscious of it, have been almost involuntary, as he had not the power to control the morbid impulse that possessed him

    37. On the one hand, we have elegant phraseology without any substance, characterized in great part by most one-sided superficiality; and on the other hand, accompanying undeniable profundity of investigation and richness of subject-matter, we get a revolting awkwardness of philosophic terminology, infolding the simplest thoughts in an apparel of abstract science, as though to render them worthy to enter the consecrated palace of the system; and finally, between these two methods of investigation and exposition there is a third, forming, as it were, the transition from one to the other, a method consisting of eclecticism, now flaunting an elegant phraseology, and now a pedantic erudition

    38. With a remarkable power of analysis and discrimination, he combines great decision and elegance of style, and a degree of erudition that is almost without a parallel

    39. He would have been the last man to devote his life to the Greek preterite, and to question whether it would not have been better to have confined himself to the dative case! Such minutiae of erudition might be fascinating to others; it was not for him

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