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    1. "Learning Kulai's business, taking over his math, and for the first time in my life, actually being an asset on the social scene

    2. Avoid chemicals at all cost! Learning to grow without using chemicals is not as scary as it seems nor is it impossible

    3. The first step to practicing meditation is learning to breathe in a manner that facilitates a state of calmness and awareness

    4. We are always learning that nature is our greatest teacher and we as students must remind ourselves of this fact and be open to her lessons

    5. However, if you are a patient and therapeutic Yoga is your need, you will benefit in learning it from a medical practitioner who is trained to understand the physiology of the human body and can thus be watchful of the effects of Yoga if performed incorrectly

    6. Learning to make compost is a great way to take something that is being thrown away and turns it into food for the soil, for the plants, and food for us

    7. Then he told me the story of a British naval officer who traveled to India during the British occupation and became enamored with Sikhism, and how the guru, whom this officer was learning from, advised the man when he wanted to convert to Sikhism

    8. ‘No brothers or sisters?’ I asked intrigued by what I am learning about this man and trying to match up the background he is telling me about with the professional man I thought I knew

    9. spend this time learning the truth about God’s healing, which excludes

    10. Now we are learning to see with

    11. I used cheron code, but added another layer of understanding of other's motivations, and another layer of self awareness and more degrees of learning ability

    12. I mean, that's what they're for with young lads, right? He was only a kid, still learning

    13. ‘You had a lot to do in that play, must have been hard learning all the lines

    14. Man, regardless of his learning in the knowledge from this world, cannot improve on

    15. For quite a long time we've been learning nothing new, maybe because Alexander seems to have become too skeptical about anything: “There are no spirits; spiritualism is fraud” … “(Self)hypnosis is harmful to the human mind” … “There is no such thing as magic” … “There are no astral worlds” … “There is nothing beyond matter” … “Telepathy requires a perfectly clean subconscious, so it is unfeasible” and so on

    16. However, not all study and learning is dependent upon the individual

    17. I've had that happen enough to me lately and I'm tired of learning that lesson

    18. During that time he was charged with learning all he could of the ship's interface to the outside universe

    19. Honestly, learning the art of flowing with the

    20. creating in partnership and harmony with all while learning to

    21. "I told you about how they wanted to remain secret didn't I?" Alan said, "Besides that, they have no idea how to detect a center of learning


    23. You have to remember, those issues are more important to them than learning, but they have some physical problems with it also

    24. begins by learning that you have a Power to Choose

    25. So, as you’re learning to elevate yourself into a state of

    26. “We are a long time in learning that all our strength and salvation is in God

    27. ‘No, and it is lovely seeing how attached he’s becoming to the estate … every day there’s some new aspect that he’s learning about and the villagers are starting to respond to his enthusiasm … I saw Dering with his sheep yesterday, he was full of how much he liked the new master … how like the family he was and all that

    28. Catwhiskers and Cosmicblasto were having a good time learning

    29. Lambs run on hillsides, learning to keep pace with the call

    30. a learning of rules and words in cups, draughted

    31. learning to fly

    32. the sting eye, learning to fly

    33. of the waxing moon are learning, drilling,

    34. but, learning to live with it,

    35. ’ She castigated me, learning that I have been having them for some days

    36. If, therefore, you have a nervous temperament, and who has not in these troubled times, and you suffer from symptoms of eyestrain, you may be able to overcome these symptoms simply by learning to relax

    37. 'In some places, yes, but we are learning

    38. Jake did not disturb her as he began to see Elizabeth’s future and knew she was learning what would be required of her

    39. awkward conversations with the ability to access other people's profiles, learning about other's

    40. One of the learning support assistants has brought in some muffins as a treat and they’re disappearing fast

    41. "I don't know, she said I was learning a lot but was still too limited

    42. While there are many keys to effective meditation, the essence of the practice is learning to focus your attention as you choose

    43. Though mostly by accident and for the most part unconscious, the way we humans react to the world around us is dictated in a large part by a series of Conditioned Responses we have been learning since early childhood

    44. grateful for all we have, and learning to create the life

    45. was first learning the Emotion Code, she practiced it

    46. it while you are learning this)

    47. such as yes/no or love/hate while you are learning,

    48. Learning self-testing is optional to using the Emotion

    49. When I was learning these methods for the

    50. Not everyone is open to learning about new methods

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