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Escalate en una oración (en ingles)

  1. The sound continues to escalate.
  2. The Administrator wanted to escalate.
  3. I’m afraid that would only escalate.
  4. But things soon escalate out of control.
  5. That’s going to escalate things, he thought.

  6. Mark my words; it is going to escalate a lot.
  7. Both continue to escalate at an alarming rate.
  8. I froze, not wanting to escalate the situation.
  9. If you’re not careful conflicts can escalate.
  10. T he next couple of weeks seemed to escalate with.
  11. It can be easier than you would think to escalate.
  12. She would escalate to high alert, but she lives there.
  13. But fortunately, before my anxiety could escalate, the.
  14. They started asking each other how to escalate the testing.
  15. The higher beta allows a firm to both escalate earnings with.

  16. Even sacred single-family-mortgage default rates can escalate.
  17. He would spend money quickly in an effort to escalate his fun.
  18. Rather than escalate a situation, Jesus asks that if something.
  19. The revised version of events causes to develop escalate and alive.
  20. She said to Tong, See, what worries me is that arsonists escalate.
  21. All of these may go wildly ‘wrong’ and the situation may escalate.
  22. He knew better than to escalate an argument with any woman, let alone her.
  23. Sagan passed away before things really began to escalate with the Europans.
  24. But such attacks also stand to fuel the fire of war and escalate hostilities.
  25. While more leverage may escalate the price of a firm’s stock in a world without.

  26. The problems escalate after you take a big loss, because now you're in recovery mode.
  27. The fear of fear feeds off of itself and can escalate into the form of panic attacks.
  28. Cale, she said quietly, urgently, knowing that if she yelled he would only escalate.
  29. Your absence from the space time continuum would only escalate the situation, Isis said.
  30. Solicitation charges escalate depending on the degree of felony which was allegedly solicited.
  31. Unsure of what to do to prevent this I threatened to escalate the conflict and include my brother.
  32. Any party involved in this attack will know that security will escalate rapidly after this event.
  33. Well? Mitch said, eyeing the man, wondering if the confrontation would escalate or end in a stalemate.
  34. Behaviors would escalate not only with myself but with others as anyone who works in this field can tell you.
  35. A few hours after these sessions, the pain would escalate to such a pitch that I couldn’t sleep that night, only cry.
  36. Tensions between the United States and the Iranians continued to escalate, with accusations being flung from both sides.
  37. But continuing to escalate your vendetta against the CIA is dangerous to both the country’s security and to you personally.
  38. When the urbane owner of Chester’s stalks in, the accusations escalate, all now directed toward him and his sleight of hand.
  39. The terrible sounds he’d heard escalate for the last hour took on a high-pitched, mechanical squeal, like a robotic death yell.
  40. I watched it quickly escalate as his esteem of self collapsed beneath the weight of jealous rage: the Church held Me in high regard.
  41. This was to be the first of a series of incursions and counter-incursions that would escalate to the Cambodian– Vietnamese War in 1979.
  42. Then it dawned on me that my blood pressure was beginning to escalate as I anticipated whether they were going to win or they were going to lose.
  43. Who would have known things were going to escalate so rapidly? And with a cop around he couldn’t take care of one very important item of business.
  44. This caused me to escalate my claims, from experiencing simple knowings, to include the experiences I had with seeing how people gave themselves away.
  45. Costs for medical, police and military intervention would escalate to unsustainable levels, not to mention the lack of manpower to deal with the issues.
  46. They do not try to solve conflict; they create artificial conflicts and escalate them, and twist them to make these false conflicts as destructive as possible.
  47. Because variance is the square of volatility, if a contract is settled in variance points, the value at settlement can quickly escalate with higher volatilities.
  48. If product supply disruptions, such as a drought, oil embargo or licensing restriction, limited product availability, prices of affected products would escalate.
  49. What had not been said, but which Downe foresaw, was that if a satisfactory answer was not given, the matter would escalate and there would be very pointed questions asked.
  50. Anything else will escalate beyond what you expected and you don't have the political will to stay on and will not only lose valuable soldiers and equipment but much prestige.
  51. Before the confrontation could escalate into a possible physical one a few Bloodliner men came to Joey and his friends and offered them a drink, deliberately trying to put the conflict to an end.
  52. Why she is afraid she does not know, but as she continues forward, that growing sense of fear continues to escalate: growing, pulsating, turning into a tumor within her heart and becoming fleshier by the second.
  53. It may escalate eventually all the way to nuclear strikes on Iran, or it could die down in a couple of weeks and turn into prolonged underground hostilities via terrorist attacks and covert special forces strikes.
  54. Despite the abundance of energy and food resources, the fundamental problem of the lack of land space appeared to have tipped the balance, to somehow escalate to a point where their world had become effectively uninhabitable.
  55. Arguments with her parents about her move to Texas, trouble at school, and problems with a desperate and clingy boyfriend, were all factors in why Anna felt the need to escalate an already dangerous situation on the night of her murder.
  56. When a son or a daughter or any family member gets hooked on drugs, he manifests negative behavior and the home climate is filled with tension as the disagreements escalate, lies become rampant and stealing is resorted to sustain a habit.
  57. With such efficiency and by having full knowledge of all of the criminal elements in the quarter he was able to purge the area of all the crimes that were prevalent at the time: robbery, plundering, violence and other violations which might escalate into serious offences or even murder.
  58. The US and China have officially refused to take part in what may well escalate into a major conflict, and the shadow PM stated at a press meeting earlier this evening that he considered the entire affair an elaborate PR stunt designed by the government in order to win the coming elections.
  59. In the face of this predicament, almost every official involved, with the notable exception of the Public Works Department’s top quantity surveyor, threw up their hands and allowed the scope and costs of the project to escalate without limit – from an initial estimate of R27m to R246m when all has been said and, obscenely, done.
  60. The more you kill the more martyrs (struggle heroes in our terminology) you create and the more the violence escalate until you flood the area with soldiers and call it "the surge" or whatever fancy word you can think off for publicity reasons for there is nothing new under the sun and everything new comes from Africa anyway according to legend.
  61. Indications are now that both the Americans and British are ready to escalate down the tension between them, but President Dewey, widely supported by American public opinion, is not ready to forget the British actions and has refused to relieve or discipline Major General Dows, instead praising her decisiveness and promising her his full support.
  62. Without waiting for an answer the President disengaged his arm, strode to the table and banged his fist on a photo of the Thanh Hoa Bridge, and said, I've got to tell Ho Chi Minh that unless he stops his aggression in South Veet-nam, that I'm going to hammer hell out of him; and at the same time I've got to tell, to convince, the American people, that I am not going to escalate this Veet-nam war.
  1. Things are escalating far more.
  2. The war in Europe was escalating.
  3. Well, the fight kept escalating.
  4. Has the violence been escalating recently?
  5. An argument was escalating beyond her confines.
  6. Escalating the art of lying to become the truth.
  7. A meal should always be experienced as escalating.
  8. Chernobyl drove home the point of the escalating.
  9. Her emotions are already escalating inside herself.
  10. It shouldn’t be escalating this fast, he thought.
  11. I’m not sure, but things are escalating much more.
  12. World War II was escalating in Europe, and the application.
  13. Those awful notes, reflecting his gradually escalating anger.
  14. Darek watched them tear each other apart in this escalating.
  15. Terror and wars on terror are escalating towards negative Israel.
  16. No, no, NO! he screamed, his voice escalating into hysterics.
  17. Tammas had chosen the first weapon: the tray, escalating the fight.
  18. A couple of girls tried to talk Buffo away from his escalating temper.
  19. Panic grabbed hold of her body, escalating her heart rate to twice its normal pace.
  20. To help calm himself down, he returned the kiss, escalating the shared passion of the moment.
  21. Kennedy hoped to avoid the situation escalating to this level but he just had a feeling….
  22. The war is escalating and we cannot continue to send tiny backyard Cessnas into such places.
  23. Despite the escalating erosion of her memory, her brain still served her well in countless ways.
  24. What was she to do? She kept asking herself over and over, her fear escalating at the lack of reply.
  25. She realized that her escalating wrong choices led her to destruction as precipitated by her drug use.
  26. And both sides have been slowly escalating the conflict between ever since, for forty-two years—.
  27. She ended up with five thousand a month, escalating to ten if Jenks’s earnings substantially increased.
  28. She crossed the road to avoid the escalating conflict but, very rudely thought Mavis, was avidly watching.
  29. But in the present conditions, and at the escalating rate it was occurring, worried eyebrows were being raised.
  30. In November 1987, the shorts got moral satisfaction; escalating inventories of the previous year were finally explained.
  31. This is why share communities never really developed in Vermont because of the escalating land and food production costs.
  32. I don’t think you should make heaven or hell angry! Petra said, raising her voice above the escalating storm’s noise.
  33. You should realize that kissing- a simple kiss on the lips- is actually a comfort move that conveys direct interest, without escalating too fast.
  34. The contentions between husband and wife, parents and children were escalating, that their neighbors and friends are warned of impending breakdown.
  35. Do you think that Lisbon being destroyed at that time was a coincidence? The escalating history of pure greed is all there to be read in history books.
  36. Even if he did – if he could – put a stop to the project, that would not make any difference at this stage, now events were escalating to full-scale war.
  37. She had thought each suitor would be more and more alike as they got to the end, but to her surprise she was finding their level of malfeasance to be escalating.
  38. Attendance was rumored to be dropping, ticket prices were escalating, and cost reductions might hurt comparisons with competition if acreage started looking seedy.
  39. So, in a nutshell, attraction signs exist to tell you that you can move forward from the introduction phase and concentrate on qualifying, isolating, and escalating things physically.
  40. In 2007, in response to the alarm over escalating prices, the United Nations’ independent expert on the right to food called for a five-year moratorium on biofuel production from food crops.
  41. It begins with a depression that slowly and seamless begins to coalesce her being, first by swallowing her mind with a maw of unease, then by escalating the nerves within her heart to a fever pitch.
  42. Perhaps a better comparison would be desensitization therapy; an established allergy treatment in which patients are routinely exposed to extremely diluted (but escalating) doses of offending allergens.
  43. He was determined to avenge the destruction of British cities by escalating aerial bombardment, and targeted the largest centres of population, which, he believed would break the spirit of the German people.
  44. The author (Richard Johnson) concludes that Gāndhi was correct in saying that responding to terror with terror leads to escalating violence, more terror and insecurity, and we need to explore alternative non-violent approaches.
  45. He was not worried Jamie would use EDWARD for anything harmful, but he did know if others knew she had the access it would make her a target, and he was beginning to see where the rebels were not the only trouble that was escalating.
  46. Recent research from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts that the developing economies should show stable debt trends through 2014, while the developed economies of the West are expected to see escalating government debt.
  47. They include: a hugely expanding rural population that is moving to the urban areas; illiteracy – especially in regards Information Technology; lack of adequate schooling and medical care facilities; and their constantly escalating states of poverty.
  48. The man wearing a light short-sleeved shirt, but sweating profusely in the intense heat of early evening, said: ‘In spite of the militant stance of the Saudi leader the majority of public opinion appears to be against this conflict escalating into war.
  49. I had seen so many, from all points on the Earth’s map, but tonight the moon was traumatizing in its exquisiteness, its magnificence held no bounds for me and as I walked along the darkened streets of this American city, I couldn’t help escalating into its hypnotic trance.
  50. As a result, while Europe and Asia flew into a controlled frenzy of What can we do? activities and Africans took advantage of the situation by escalating their favorite pastimes of coups and carnage to new depths of depravity, in the good ol’ US of A it was business as usual.
  51. What did I think was going to happen? I closed my eyes and tried to slow my ever escalating thoughts, tried to banish a sudden image of Jessica and Sebastian rolling on the ground, their bodies naked and intertwined, wrestling in a far different way than he was now entangled with the Alpha.
  52. The word of the guest’s disappearance had undoubtedly spread like wildfire this morning, with the drama and anxiety surrounding the situation escalating to enormous proportions as if this unfortunate incident was somehow more concrete and realistic than the new reports from Washington, D.
  53. It has been said that “hurt people”, “hurt” people – because they live the way they have learnt - but although this may explain some peoples’ maladaptive actions it is in no way an acceptable excuse to justify the continuation of an escalating spiral of human destruction and devastation.
  54. He recounted his story highlighting similarities between those who can’t stop drinking and those who can’t stop eating; admitting that the damages caused by alcohol are swifter and more severe, but exhorted him that the damages caused by obesity to society are present and escalating proven by researched facts.
  55. Interestingly though, due to the prey’s need to constantly develop and improve her skills of alertness and evasion, and the resulting need of the predator to continually develop and improve his skills of detection and capture, they both entered into a kind of escalating arms race that led to their joint evolution, mutually benefiting both parties.
  56. The war in Iraq, burgeoning budget deficits, escalating energy prices, the Katrina fumble, immigration and controversies surrounding his chief political advisor have contributed to the president‘s growing unpopularity among Liberals and Conservatives, alike, thereby exhausting whatever remaining political capital he might have had in advancing the judicial career of a long time friend.
  1. Finally they escalated the matter.
  2. The next day, the threat escalated.
  3. We moved in, and the attacks escalated.
  4. It quickly escalated like this in a sort of.
  5. Lady Dada stepped out, and the screams escalated.
  6. Within a month, this practice escalated to about.
  7. Tensions quickly escalated even further and the U.
  8. This is how things escalated, how his methods of.
  9. Her heart-rate had escalated with the interrogation.
  10. Naturally after your birth his fear only escalated.
  11. Indeed, animals with a history of escalated cocaine.
  12. The meows escalated in intensity, volume, and delivery.
  13. Once he got started, things escalated until one of us.
  14. The chance of landslides has escalated with the new rains.
  15. When Kat went missing, the changes to our abbey escalated.
  16. Frustration had escalated to the point of blocking thought.
  17. It was only as the situation escalated that I realised the.
  18. She needed to be stopped, before this escalated and got worse.
  19. She was getting more and angrier as the conversation escalated.
  20. Their breathing got louder, but before the picnic escalated any.
  21. The matter had escalated beyond their worst possible expectation.
  22. Catkin had seen what had occurred and his furor escalated markedly.
  23. It started with squealing and swearing and quickly escalated as I.
  24. She smiled, Well, from there things kind of escalated pretty fast.
  25. These data suggest that animals with a history of escalated cocaine.
  26. First of all, the dispute has escalated to senior level on both sides.
  27. Lydia had always assumed the tragedy had escalated their relationship.
  28. She said he altered her want of him, and escalated or multiplied it.
  29. I started with $5,000, and three years later, it escalated to $50,000.
  30. The action escalated in the fall, which is when the shorts got intrigued.
  31. However, as mentioned above, animals showing escalated cocaine or heroin.
  32. Together, these data show that a history of escalated drug intake may indeed.
  33. The argument had escalated into something far more deadly than first appeared.
  34. Slowly, however, and without their notice, the tensions and energies escalated.
  35. Death said he wanted her and altered her desire for him, escalated it, whichever.
  36. The ordeal lasted one hour and the price escalated from the original one agreed upon.
  37. Her breathing rate escalated and her heart beat wildly against the walls of her chest.
  38. In the hall, the stench had escalated to the point where breathing was nigh impossible.
  39. The tension around the table escalated, but the Captain still had a reign on his people.
  40. The stranger blocked most of her hits, but as her velocity and force escalated, more fell.
  41. If it weren’t for those brave men, the crisis would have escalated into an unimaginable.
  42. After Shealyse’s birth, things had escalated to the point of him regularly striking her.
  43. Either way, the issue was utterly unimportant and had escalated in proportion in her mind.
  44. The industrial dispute escalated this week with 288 cabin crew being taken off the payroll.
  45. While opening fire could not legally be justified at this point, tensions had clearly escalated.
  46. Although triggered by a religious question, the crisis soon escalated into a constitutional one.
  47. Now my annoyance escalated by several notches: he was the one who’d so angered me at the braai.
  48. I had escalated everything myself, answered questions the press hadn’t even thought to ask yet.
  49. Lifting his gaze, he said, ‘I’m sorry for getting you into this, it’s … escalated beyond what.
  50. The wound didn’t ache too badly, but when he tensed his stomach muscles to stand, it escalated quickly.
  51. When the cumulous clouds shaped into charcoal Lanny smiled and told Antonio how certain points escalated.
  52. However, it is often difficult to identify not unless the symptoms have escalated to a more serious level.
  53. What was disturbing about this is that this woman knew something was wrong before it escalated to that point.
  54. As the music escalated, the performers made their way to the center of the stage, their backs to the audience.
  55. As the gunfight above her escalated, the mech kicked her off, breaking a few of her ribs and the last of her armor.
  56. On Naraka’s rolling plains the confrontation between Ishtar’s corps and howling Rudras had escalated considerably.
  57. It was a game and they both had escalated the confrontation to the point that neither one of them wanted to back down.
  58. Fane and Sunyula tried negotiating, but the bitch wouldn’t compromise or back down on anything, and soon enough it escalated.
  59. The butter is escalated as well by serving a browned butter, for instance, perhaps followed by butter with roasted bone marrow.
  60. This situation has clearly escalated beyond something our firm can handle and has become a matter for the intelligence community.
  61. I woke up at 6:30 AM to a profanity-laden argument coming from Cory and someone in the passenger seat that escalated into shouting.
  62. By the 1870’s Britain’s aspirations in South Africa had escalated following the discovery of huge mineral deposits in this country.
  63. I’ve always hated being underground but my interment in Mallucé’s lair beneath the Burren escalated dislike to near claustrophobia.
  64. She had gotten sick the summer before with fever, and it soon escalated to the point that she couldn’t move the right side of her body.
  65. No, it was North Dakota, they declared war on South Dakota, it quickly escalated from a ground war to a nuclear war in a matter of months.
  66. The screaming escalated, his eyes were wild and feral looking and objects began to fly around the room like miniature missiles striking the boy.
  67. The battle escalated from there because that was the first clue Wall Street had that there was a marked difference of opinion on the value of Valley.
  68. The world's accumulated wealth, both real and artificial, has not been shared with the laborers of its creation, which has escalated class division.
  69. The sword duel escalated, both men panting, groaning, and grunting as they chopped at each other, destroying and hacking at the pews when they missed.
  70. This theory was substantiated by such giants as Xerox, IBM and General Motors where the purchase of stock escalated into a return of 100-fold and more.
  71. Moreover, the greed of the big traders during those crucial days escalated the dreadful situation, when they raised the prices of the vital basic foods.
  72. The second Kathy opened the door leading to her garage, the clamor of her excited pets escalated in volume, and with laughing ruefulness she wryly commented.
  73. But she didn’t, because then it would have escalated into something silly and Pedro would have come running and told her he was disappointed in her behavior.
  74. With each word, Tyrese’ anger escalated, yet the men remained composed in their seats as the older one continued telling him that they were in effect his prisoners.
  75. His eyes watched her and her fear escalated unreasonably, taking her discomfort to a new level, and presenting a Fern to the other members that had never existed before.
  76. She was taking things she thought she could use at first, then it escalated to stealing luxury items she could carry out just for the sake of stealing and getting away with it.
  77. The thought of my new condition left a queasy feeling in my stomach, which compounded by the throbbing in my head and my general all-around pain soon escalated into something worse.
  78. Again Byron moved without movement, again standing unflustered behind the grounded guard, he smiled with inevitable narcissistic indulgence, and the guard’s anger escalated to flame.
  79. He wondered whether the same terrible thoughts had occurred to Maria; if so, she would also suspect that the stalking had escalated to a new level, and he wondered whether she would call him.
  80. They set about poking and shoving each other wantonly with painful, relentless blows until it escalated into a full scale fight, ending when one went down and the other walked away victorious.
  81. Whenever a white person was attacked and killed it immediately escalated for the colonialists were very much less in numbers than the locals and could only keep them in subjection with force and divide to rule.
  82. When the producer condescendingly dismissed these ideas through his unguarded expressions, I escalated my grand ‘insights’ to giving away what Bonnie’s channels had said about this time in mankind’s history.
  83. The 1st Global War commenced at the dawn of the third millennium with the War against Terror; a war that only escalated with the increase of the security state and the advent of Armageddon, Singularity, and Immortality.
  84. The disagreement escalated from verbal slurs to hand-to-hand combat, until the members of the two bands became involved; at this point, the followers of Barza’s band slashed the drum of the followers of the band of the Kurd.
  85. Franchiseebacked assets escalated from approximately 45 percent to 79 percent of total assets, while debt as a percentage of total capital declined slightly but nonetheless remained too high relative to dubious and illiquid assets.
  86. The whole situation could have easily escalated into a full fledge war, had the curator at the time, a Baris Nilz, failed to convince Captain Kirk of the necessity of protecting his station, and a valuable shipment of quadrotriticale.
  87. But regardless of how great an idea this was, the suggestion was greeted with outrage that escalated into a shouting match between Eugene, the steward, and the stable master, and only ended when the queen showed up and explained Rapunzel's dislike of carriages.
  88. They used one name, ‘The Organization’ so if it ever came up during conversation in public it could be mean any organization, that was the brilliance of it, they are basically the secret police around the world, always there in case the situation escalated to return order.
  89. Since true egalitarianism has not emerged with the rise of smart labor, which has eliminated most human jobs, class divisions have escalated and, to avoid mass militancy, the death of the lower classes has become necessary through overwork, addiction, malnutrition, famine, lack of health care, pandemics, drought, herd thinning displaced populations wandering aimless from their GovCorp land grabbed communities, unwilling collateral participation in wars of population reduction, and anything that can decrease the lower class' ever increasing numbers due to the decrease of actual jobs.
  90. Jack, the situation escalated, The Monitor, he sent his tapes to the local television stations, their broadcasting right now, he says he wants the people to listen to his message , first he wants the police to surrender to him and to do not go after gangsters and to work with him to make the city better and if they do not then they have to decide who has to sacrifice themselves in order to stop the creation of a better city, he wants either the police commissioner or the mysterious vigilante who has been helping the police and if not one of them is sacrificed then he blows up the city.
  91. The news escalated and the French government grew more angry until the situation came to a head, then the French high commissioner decided-after the reported news inflamed the fire of grudge and anger in him-and in his accustomed cruelty towards the hard circumstances he faced, he decided to show his wild teeth in order to relieve his mind of this country which his spies pretended that it was a source of riot and revolutionary movements which troubled the security of France, rather the security of its oppression and exploitation in Syria shouting in a voice coming out of the depth of darkness:.
  1. Every second the trembling escalates.
  2. No one can control them if this escalates.
  3. We need to stop this situation before it escalates.
  4. She wants to cry, but the hilarious hysteria escalates.
  5. Now, before this escalates any further, allow me to escort you back….
  6. In many cases, it escalates with time and can include actual physical violence.
  7. What starts out as a cute habit in young puppies often escalates into a big problem that can be very difficult to correct.
  8. Today, the percentage of people who are employed gradually increases and the wage that they earn escalates as well, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.
  9. Know this, gentlemen, and tell that to your respective governments: the President of the United States has spoken with the President of Russia today and both agreed together that this conflict must end now, before it escalates further.
  10. When he enters the war with his division, he keeps in contact with his higher commander especially in the thick fight when the war status escalates and comes to a head, and when there becomes no room for moving or manoeuvring, and he senses a real danger pervading the division, he does nothing but holds the field telephone and communicates with his wise merciful commander informing him about the painful military fact and asking for his wise discerning opinion to accomplish it at once.

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