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Evacuation en una oración (en ingles)

1. It was the final evacuation.
2. The evacuation seemed to drag.
3. The evacuation team never showed up.
4. Let’s put the evacuation plan.
5. Either way, the vibe is of evacuation.
6. It looks to be some manner of evacuation.
7. No attempts at an evacuation of any kind.
8. The evacuation zone will stay the same.
9. If they are going to give the evacuation.
10. Evacuation, prevention, that kind of thing.
11. News of the evacuation had only just broken.
12. He might have been a part of the evacuation.
13. The designated evacuation zone was situated.
14. They should get priority for evacuation, over.
15. Second, your company should have an evacuation.
16. You must have an evacuation plan for emergency use.
17. The evacuation order has been given, he told.
18. I recommend an evacuation zone of thirty kilometers.
19. At a red light I saw that I was on an Evacuation Route.
20. He was doing his best to assist in the evacuation, and.
21. What? Haven’t the evacuation orders been given?
22. First, lets proceed with the evacuation of your ship.
23. He thought how absurd it was to set an evacuation zone.
24. So, who’re the idiots who drafted the evacuation plan?
25. The first report concerned the Yellowstone Evacuation farce.
26. Disaster aid, evacuation, and relief are all federal matters.
27. The fire alarm went off and we lost her during the evacuation.
28. The US1 was already on the island and evacuation was under way.
29. Sam stiffened, Is this to do with an imminent evacuation?
30. Davis stepped from the house into the final stages of evacuation.
31. I don’t know, but you should start preparing for an evacuation.
32. She requested that Wren’s squadron cover the evacuation from space.
33. Tomo staggered into the evacuation center and collapsed on the floor.
34. The royal family, minus the King, was with me in the evacuation module.
35. Jan’s wife and child disappeared during the evacuation from Oldenberg.
36. The prime minister needs to authorize the venting and the evacuation of.
37. It looked like a gym where the Red Cross had set up an evacuation center.
38. Inside the complex, Conrad Phelps supervised the final stages of evacuation.
39. Evacuation may be the only solution if water supplies cannot be brought in.
40. Many orders, such as the evacuation orders, have been mixed up or relayed.
41. The deadline for evacuation has been reduced to three months for starters.
42. The worst decision I ever had to make was not to start the evacuation early.
43. Prime Minister, I recommend that we expand the evacuation zone to at least.
44. Then alert our medical section and have a medical evacuation flight prepared.
45. Within six hours they had completed the evacuation of Barrow and some thirty.
46. The streets were clogged with cars as the mass evacuation of Tomioka town got.
47. Eric, are there any evacuation plans that have been announced for the area?
48. The securities were apparently removed during the seven-hour evacuation itself….
49. Know where your passport is at all times for you will need it during any evacuation.
50. I will review the evacuation zone this afternoon after the freshwater injection is.
51. When the evacuation of the village was coordinated they found some weeks of time to flow.
52. This will facilitate the evacuation of the Kelvan race from their dying galaxy to this one.
53. Worried everyone? It was the biggest evacuation in this country’s history, Gary said.
54. He remained as head of government and chief of armed forces after his evacuation from France.
55. Right now, however, Townsend’s immediate concern was with the evacuation of his wounded men.
56. The evacuation of civilians is continuing as we speak, using remotely-controlled time machines.
57. Now he had to prepare for the withdrawal and evacuation of close on one and a half million beings.
58. Often if a storm is approaching, the county will issue a voluntary or mandatory evacuation order.
59. In the meantime, he sent telegraphs to Confederate President Davis to begin the evacuation of Richmond.
60. They both knew that if it became necessary, they would need to advocate and implement an evacuation plan.
61. The Einstein was damaged by a Gorn attack requiring an evacuation of the ship until repairs could be made.
62. You issue a mandatory evacuation and whom do you have left after every law-abiding citizen has departed?
63. If you continue to interfere with this evacuation, then you will be put under arrest and sent back to Seoul.
64. The relatively early evacuation of the this year's seasonal guests perhaps had some influence on their urgency.
65. What had happened near Chungam-ni had embittered the women of her helicopter group used in the evacuation operation.
66. For him this was the light at the end of the tunnel through which he had journeyed since the evacuation from Dunkirk.
67. Hundreds of evacuation ships were still leaving the planet when Star Hammer hit with a force rarely seen in the Galaxy.
68. But worse than that, the Government have despatched a naval fleet to investigate the attack and enforce the evacuation.
69. To facilitate the rapid evacuation, there was a large opening cut through the inner wall, between the dock and the stairs.
70. However, with the chaos and haste of this mass evacuation, she had no time to start a proper inquiry about this incident.
71. Juliana and Ahmed helped Olin dig further down into the sand that now became cooler to the touch as the evacuation deepened.
72. I suppose this means we can’t just show up in their space, tell them who we are and start an evacuation? Rachel said.
73. Normally, the chambers were sprayed with disinfectant after opening the doors, but that was not practical during evacuation.
74. Well it was two o’clock, but the bar-staff were very grateful to Bob for helping effect a quick evacuation of the premises.
75. He and his valid men jumped in time in their trenches but the wounded, lined up in the open for evacuation, were not as lucky.
76. Jack's men were instructed to pull back to the helipad for evacuation, and were told to destroy the log books of their mission.
77. The operation did not go smoothly, however, and the 19th Regiment lost all its heavy equipment and vehicles in that evacuation.
78. Tuvok was assisting with the evacuation from his station, and Shelby and Janeway were following along, giving instructions and.
79. She quickly found a place in the organization supporting the evacuation of mistreated women and children from the central system.
80. However, the problems of organizing such an evacuation without it sinking into chaos and general panic became too quickly evident.
81. General MacArthur has ordered the immediate evacuation of all the American civilians in Korea towards Okinawa and the Philippines.
82. Evacuation by helicopter would also have saved many of the French troops trapped by the Vietminh in the jungle or in the mountains.
83. I am declaring a pause in our operations, to give our people a chance to rest a bit and to complete the evacuation of the camp inmates.
84. The mercenaries would cover the evacuation from the air, but high support was needed to escort the shuttles once they left the atmosphere.
85. Fitzgerald was told that an evacuation team would come to Naoetsu on September 4 to oversee the POWs’ transport to Yokohama, and then home.
86. I will send a few captured trucks with French soldiers to pick up and bring the girls to the main camp in preparation for their evacuation.
87. In May 1940, Hitler’s blitzkrieg in the west, followed by the evacuation at Dunkirk created a chaotic situation for the Anglo French allies.
88. General Lucas Thompson, former Commander-in-Chief of the United States Evacuation Forces in Viet Nam, still had a craggy, commanding presence.
89. Key scientific staff travelled with them as it was essential to protect the staff, in case the complex was compromised before full evacuation.
90. What he saw then quickly convinced Collins, who secretly authorized the next day an organized evacuation of all American personnel from Korea.
91. When the Evacuation Commissioners had completed their work, and the Army of Occupation was moved to western Cuba, the aspect grew more hopeful.
92. Yes, Yes, I remember! Forgive me, Sir! I’ll see to the evacuation of the wall! he said as he quickly recovered from the shock he had been under.
93. Slower to kill than yellow fever or malaria, borne by the anopheles mosquito which would yield to DDT, the tsetse fly could only be combated by evacuation.
94. This medical evacuation route also did a lot for the morale of the men, who knew that they would not be stuck, wounded, at the mercy of a Japanese invasion.
95. Except for sporadic gunfire which was quickly silenced by the mercenaries, the evacuation proceeded as smoothly as could be expected under the circumstances.
96. On the day of the terror the Coast Guard assisted civilian sailors and local officials with the evacuation of thousands of New Yorkers from Manhattan by water.
97. The commander of the infantry battalion involved finally managed to restore some semblance of discipline in his men, which allowed the evacuation to continue.
98. Citizens are encouraged to begin any emergency evacuation plans they may have, though travel can be dangerous all trains are running and most airports are open.
99. After the evacuation of Moscow, Rostopchin compelled these gentlemen to sweep the snow off the streets, wearing their white and blue badges, and guarded by soldiers.
100. Commander of the British rear guard, which held off the Germans during the evacuation of Dunkirk in June 1940, Alexander was the last British officer to leave France.

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