Oraciones con la palabra "excretion"

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Excretion en una oración (en ingles)

1. Salt increases urinary calcium excretion in stone formers.
2. It is Prana again that does digestion, excretion and secretion.
3. Nicotinic acid competes with uric acid for excretion in the urine.
4. Adrenaline inhibits digestion and excretion and constrict blood vessels.
5. Yet above her bed stood notices informing of measured fluid intake and excretion.
6. It’s involved in nearly every bodily process including digestion, absorption, circulation and excretion.
7. To improve the excretion of estrogen conjugated with glucuronic acid some practitioners recommend the ingestion.

8. As such, high intakes of nicotimic acid can impair the excretion of uric acid, aggravating symptoms of gouty arthritis.
9. Or else it may be caused by the discharge of some excess, as in excretion, or any relief of irritation by rubbing or scratching.
10. Anal fissures are one of the most painful, and hard-to-treat anorectal disorders because no one can stop the waste excretion process when trying to heal.
11. It is certain, from the observations of Huber, that the aphides show no dislike to the ants: if the latter be not present they are at last compelled to eject their excretion.
12. But as the excretion is extremely viscid, it is no doubt a convenience to the aphides to have it removed; therefore probably they do not excrete solely for the good of the ants.
13. Simultaneously with the above process, on the basis of natural reactions of the Formo-Creators of the endocrine system that induced excretion of definite hormones, there is a manifestation of certain psychic states in Self-Consciousness, or subjective sensations (Emotions, Feelings).
14. One of the strongest instances of an animal apparently performing an action for the sole good of another, with which I am acquainted, is that of aphides voluntarily yielding, as was first observed by Huber, their sweet excretion to ants: that they do so voluntarily, the following facts show.
15. The various wonderful powers are attained by the Yogi, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, ability to transport himself to great distances within a moment, great power of speech, ability to take any form, ability to become invisible, and the transmutation of iron into gold, when the former is smeared over with his excretion.
16. That same Effusion which he call’d “Nectar” or “Vintage Wine” in his Hot Fits of Lust, that same Excretion he term’d “Eggs,” were nought but Objects of Disgust when they issu’d from the Negro Slaves! Ah, give me Dogs before Men any Day, for they make no Bones (if I may be permitted a low Pun) about their Love of sniffing Shit and do not fault other Canines for it!.

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