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Evasion en una oración (en ingles)

1. But this is an evasion.
2. This is what I mean by evasion -.
3. There was no room for evasion in there.
4. She was an expert in stealth and evasion.
5. This is what we call an evasion, Charlie.
6. He swung from side to side in basic evasion mode.
7. Blythe included, to be merely a maidenly evasion.

8. And this business about nonprofit and tax evasion.
9. It was an unfortunate evasion, as it caused the end.
10. The consternation in the town at my evasion was wonderful.
11. The recent years showed the rising number of tax evasion cases.
12. What? What do you mean? said the kid, but it was evasion.
13. Tax evasion and fraudulent tax returns are a normal form of illegality.
14. He was ultimately accused of tax evasion, conspiracy, bribery, and tax fraud.
15. At first it may seem that he was guilty of a masterly evasion, but it was not so.
16. But the biggest piece of evasion of falsification in astrology is quite interesting.
17. A significant number of this tax evasion cases is accounted to abuse of tax shelters.
18. He has established it was the evasion of the laws which prevented their being effectual.
19. Rule 106: It is illegal to attempt to convert wild wolves to Taoism for the purposes of tax evasion.
20. However, he plea-bargained those charges down to just one: income tax evasion, to which he pleaded no contest.
21. This fact has been tested time and time again with the same result—that of quibble and evasion pure and simple.
22. As any good tax attorney will be able to explain to you there is a difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion.
23. Government secrets seemed to be the major currency involved with a major tax evasion and pyramid scam going on as well.
24. Proof that that holiest of holies, namely the Clintons, could be just as guilty as you and I of fraud, tax evasion, etc.
25. I have been shutting myself up and resting, said Will, feeling himself a sneak, but seeing no alternative to this evasion.
26. The motives of hatred, cowardice, deception, poisoning, racism, genocide, eugenics, punishment, evasion of responsibility, greed.
27. A Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape SERE Psychologist trained the military psychologists to participate in interrogations.
28. To be found transporting many times that could lead to serious laundering charges, tax evasion and possible exposure of its source.
29. Bad news: because soon there’d be nothing to confiscate, no one to grab it, nor anyone to celebrate getting away with tax evasion.
30. Tobie stated the early part of the story, but claimed to have exited before the fight—probably an evasion to avoid responsibility.
31. In this apparent evasion he really supplied all his hearers with the answer to the Pharisees' question as to the authority behind his mission.
32. And what, sir, must be the situation of a country in which a constant evasion and open violation of the laws are not reprobated by public sentiment.
33. I’ve only the one prior conviction for tax evasion all those years ago but with all the press attention the judge will want to do it belts-and-braces.
34. There's no better pilot in the whole Empire and when the missiles start flying, evasion and escape can be more important than even your sharp shooting, Miles.
35. I am detective Anned, and this is Detective Cotter, and we would like to inform you that we have just arrested your mother on charges of fraud and tax evasion.
36. He is also wanted for tax evasion by the Smetack Tax authorities, but has been released on bail for nearly eight Smetack years now, pending further investigation.
37. Resolved, That so much of the President's Message as relates to the evasion and infraction of our commercial laws, be referred to the Committee of Commerce and Manufactures.
38. Press upon them at all times, that less than the truth is a lie; that evasion, excuse-making, and exaggeration are all halfway houses towards what is false, and ought to be avoided.
39. She was completely still when her husband arrived, and the slack in her gloves indicated that she had apparently relaxed slightly in response to her successful evasion of the entire subject.
40. A lawyer will never be a willing party to tax evasion, if that lawyer is behaving within the cannon of professional ethics as well as the accepted norms of safeguarding their client’s best interest.

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