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Nonpayment en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Then in some fine print these rates could change on the snap of a finger with a late payments and or nonpayment.
  2. The legal forms are designed to facilitate the enforcement of the lienholder’s rights in the event of nonpayment.
  3. For nonpayment of the taxes the Fijis were summoned to the court, and sentenced not only to pay the expenses but also to imprisonment for not less than six months.
  4. Foreign-corporation bonds have an advantage over governmental bonds in that the holder enjoys specific legal remedies in the event of nonpayment, such as the right of foreclosure.
  5. Our suggestion falls into two parts: First, voting control by bondholders would, by the terms of the indenture, constitute the sole immediate remedy for any event of default, including nonpayment of interest or principal.

  6. What could the Fijis and their King Kakabo do, when the Americans demanded forty-five thousand dollars under terrible threats in the event of nonpayment? To the Fijis the very figures seemed inconceivable, to say nothing of the money itself, which they had never seen in such large quantities.
  7. What is an entire nation of owners going to do if suddenly zero rent checks show up one month? Send out 200 million eviction notices? Jail 200 million non-paying renters? Prosecute 200 million cases for nonpayment of rent? Which cases will be tried first? The entire backlog would take thousands of years to process.

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