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    1. "We don't know for sure," Ava said, while Herndon scowled, "but you have to understand that because of the exchange rate there are sums of money involved here that even we can't calculate

    2. Ask a friend, neighborhood teen or college student if they would be willing to shop for you, in exchange for sharing a meal with friends at your house later in the week

    3. If you live alone in a large home, consider having a housemate / companion who would be willing to do the grocery shopping and cooking in exchange for rent

    4. Kulai might ply her with two evenings of romance and culture in exchange for one union by the light of Narrulla on the cushion of their bedroom balcony

    5. This time it’s Kira’s and Sadie’s turn to exchange glances

    6. ‘… the stock exchange

    7. "A year, more than that, other than those quick notes we sometimes exchange

    8. As soon as Barney spots the bouncy castle, all interest in his old Gran disappears and he starts clamouring to have a go … Emma and Adrian exchange a glance

    9. cards and heading down to the labour exchange I found myself ensconced with that

    10. He glances at the screen and they exchange a

    11. We will eat then find her and carry out the exchange

    12. I often need to run after them and make them hold my hands either they like or or not! Moreover, during the break I can barely endure all that concentrated negativity against me: It is impossible for me to exchange even a word with anyone in there; if I dare approach a group of pupils, they turn their faces the other way, they stop talking and they all split in a second

    13. Nick volunteers to help me and I see Janet and Rose exchange a knowing look …

    14. exchange their distinctive position and functions

    15. " Surprisingly, the whole exchange has brought out a degree of exuberance from Apollo and I must admit, I'm thankful for that

    16. But this, too, is best done a mutual exchange basis

    17. the smallness of the world in exchange

    18. Would they exchange places by the time they got out of this wilderness (if they made it out)? How did he really feel about them both?

    19. And as I exchange nods and stroll through the old historic neighbourhoods of Athens, I sense a warm affection for this Greece and a feeling that she likes me too

    20. ‘How many people live here?’ I asked, fascinated by the recent exchange and what it says about monastic life

    21. privacy of your home as you exchange news and views, there's a lot this phenomenon has

    22. All I got in exchange was the occasional purr

    23. A smile played across his face as he watched Sally and Oreo interact and exchange greetings

    24. I offer you these bright and shiny new shin pads in exchange for your tatty old ones

    25. But when she appears, she looks quite ordinary … obviously not performing … I wonder where they’re going – some operatic society event, perhaps? I’m just about to turn away when I become transfixed – he’s holding her hand! Gobsmacked, I watch as he opens the door for her to get into the passenger seat, and I catch an exchange of smiles between them which stops me in my tracks

    26. Ken found company difficult, preferring the routines of parenthood, work and horticulture to the efforts and strains inherent in the pursuit of conviviality and social exchange with his peers

    27. Duncan noted that both men seemed to exchange daggers; there was true animosity between them

    28. ‘The Vivaldi ‘Gloria’ at the Corn Exchange, I think, wasn’t it?’ he said with that charming professional smile of his

    29. Peter goes on to explain that in return for me promising to honour and obey, Simon is promising to love and cherish me … more than a fair exchange, I reckon

    30. own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

    31. The men of the countryside bring tribute and watch a little performance, but mainly they offer tribute in exchange for an encounter with the temple girls in the holy sacrament of sexual union

    32. I exchange an expressive glance with Kerry

    33. in the pursuit of conviviality and social exchange with his peers

    34. what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

    35. She and Billy exchange a sharp glance

    36. The bolder one of the two does most of the talking and they exchange a few jokes and comments about the punters, all of which helps the newly founded foursome to settle into something approaching a rhythm

    37. Another exchange of well wishes by each party and she continued up the boardwalk toward her restaurant

    38. The tall man next to him, who had listened to the entire exchange from when the Sportsman and his friends returned and left, said simply, “He thinks he's Buffalo Bill Cody, and he's right! You didn't recognize him? He's in the papers often enough?” The tall man shook his head in pity at the shopkeeper and walked away

    39. He had continued his rather sporadic exchange of correspondence

    40. And they exchange places, without order, at a moment's notice, constantly, all our waking days

    41. The ocean was as if the starry night sky was persuaded to exchange places with Earth, and was laid out before him

    42. 'You have to at least look!' Their exchange was

    43. This, in exchange for room and board in the apartments which were intended for Mrs

    44. ” Harry called, and went ahead of them to demonstrate how he wished them to exchange the staff from one hand to the other

    45. 'I watched you when he had that exchange with the

    46. She really didn't know what to think about the exchange of looks that flew before her

    47. No doubt he was afraid she would still try to seduce him in exchange for the lesson

    48. with his head in his hands throughout this exchange

    49. This drew them into an exchange of commiseration and the first bonds of kindred spirits in difficult circumstances

    50. On to exchange student number two

    1. This works like any MF but the difference is that any time in future it can be exchanged with gold at the price prevalent at that time

    2. The young couple exchanged a quick glance before he replied

    3. taverna entrance and exchanged a brief word with the proprietor

    4. They exchanged a few words after which the old man pointed to a young couple

    5. ‘How did the move go?’ I asked her once we have exchanged the usual pleasantries

    6. Travis exchanged a glance with Betsy, rubbed his head, then nodded his affirmation

    7. Daniel exchanged a glance with Joshua and they smiled

    8. Then we exchanged phone numbers and she told me she would talk to the others about me

    9. I remember the words we exchanged about love

    10. What words they exchanged were few and slow, praise for the beauty of the scene

    11. As quietly as mice, they sat up in their beds and listened to every word their mother and father exchanged

    12. He did claim the entangled states being exchanged were information

    13. She studied her critics from beneath her eyelashes as she worked and exchanged glances with me

    14. Their only indirect contact was when they exchanged thanks and some brief sound bites via a television link

    15. A few seconds later, the old man exchanged the bright, sparkling, monogrammed shin pads for Terry's battered old blue ones

    16. ' They exchanged smiles and shared the joke

    17. Ish and 1 exchanged a what-are-we-doing-here glance

    18. Then he had to defend his extrapolations of the amount of information that was being exchanged

    19. He had to compare it to the amount of photons that are being exchanged by stars to get a larger flux

    20. the rest of the argument, Ish and Omi just exchanged stares

    21. At that they exchanged glances

    22. Ish and I exchanged a round of dirty looks

    23. huddle, one on top of the other, they exchanged flint eyed glances,

    24. Ish and I exchanged another glance and

    25. With a few words exchanged with the sleepy young guard, her donkey was lead thru the gate and into the main structure

    26. contact was when they exchanged thanks and some brief sound

    27. A few seconds later, the old man exchanged the bright,

    28. “We really only exchanged a few sentences about him, it was down at the Bigtree, down by the canal

    29. He looked at Ozzie and they exchanged a glance

    30. that Briz and Bram exchanged a glance at that moment, and was

    31. George smiled as he opened the paint cans and exchanged their large brushes for the smaller ones he brought for them to use

    32. walled area close to the causeway, where Bram had exchanged

    33. The Inspector exchanged a sympathetic glance with his colleague

    34. Brad and his wife exchanged glances for a moment, then he

    35. Again they exchanged glances

    36. medicine was exchanged, it's more likely to have occurred

    37. hope of the world wrapped in a little baby, students exchanged gifts, teachers gave

    38. Presents were wrapped and exchanged

    39. ' Jean and Henri exchanged a

    40. The gentlemen greeted each other as old friends, exchanged banter befitting sporting partners, and Mr

    41. " he responded, stepping past her to the kitchen, but she and Alex exchanged looks, His said “I don’t think it was that simple” as he to barged pass her as well

    42. They joked and laughed, exchanged stories and thoughts of all they had seen and hoped to see

    43. Grossin exchanged a look of satisfaction, and the vintner

    44. completed without a word being exchanged between the

    45. They exchanged a glance, and he got

    46. supper, and she and Francois exchanged a friendly

    47. If more than words had been exchanged, she’d have to wait to ask someone who wasn't entrenched in Mr

    48. "But you know of this beach only by data packets that are being exchanged between the Kaldiss Eye and my mini-eye

    49. They would have been produced by a smaller quantity of labour ; and as the commodities produced by equal quantities of labour would naturally in this state of things be exchanged for one another, they would have been purchased likewise with the produce of a smaller quantity

    50. But though all things would have become cheaper in reality, in appearance many things might have become dearer, than before, or have been exchanged for a greater quantity of other goods

    1. Organic Fertilizers: Chemical fertilizers lack bacteria and enzymes essential for soil life and for nutritional exchanges necessary between plant and soil

    2. Their casual, consensual, informal and strictly forbidden exchanges of secret intelligence had been the secret of their remarkable successes for years, even when Mirielle had been a junior intelligence officer

    3. They had already given in to him in mail exchanges on that point

    4. He specialised in maintaining radio links and worked in exchanges as well

    5. The landlord exchanges that part of his rude produce, which is over and above his own consumption, or, what comes to the same thing, the price of that part of it, for manufactured produce

    6. In that rude state of society, in which there is no division of labour, in which exchanges are seldom made, and in which every man provides every thing

    7. The same exchanges may be made, the same quantity of consumable goods may be circulated and distributed to their proper consumers, by means of his promissory notes, to the value of a hundred thousand pounds, as by an equal value of gold and silver money

    8. If twenty shilling notes, for example, are the lowest paper money current in Scotland, the whole of that currency which can easily circulate there, cannot exceed the sum of gold and silver which would be necessary for transacting the annual exchanges of twenty shillings value and upwards usually transacted within that country

    9. The usual instrument of commerce having lost its value, no exchanges could be made but either by barter or upon credit

    10. the exchanges of population; they were

    11. The capital of the merchant exchanges the surplus produce of one place for that of another, and thus encourages the industry, and increases the enjoyments of both

    12. These last, however, must have been purchased, either immediately with the produce of domestic industry, or with something else that had been purchased with it; for, the case of war and conquest excepted, foreign goods can never be acquired, but in exchange for something that had been produced at home, either immediately, or after two or more different exchanges

    13. For though the quantity of precious productions for which he exchanges his whole revenue be very small, the number of workmen employed in collecting and preparing it must necessarily have been very great

    14. Both are employed in facilitating exchanges, the one between different individuals of the same, the other between those of different nations

    15. A new set of exchanges, therefore, began to take place, which had never been thought of before, and which should naturally have proved as advantageous to the new, as it certainly did to the old continent

    16. After the initial playful exchanges they quickly changed the subject and got down to some serious talking

    17. This began a series of exchanges between Grant and Lee over

    18. PEPFAR also does not use needle exchanges, a proven way of dropping the AIDS infection rate

    19. Now most exchanges are done online faster than any human could, at times millions of trades per second

    20. Frowns of worry among the four gave way to exchanges of confident glances as the inspecting officer dropped his arms to his sides and slowly shook his head from side to side

    21. With it, it doesn’t need checks, credit cards, coin exchanges, exchange reserves and even vinculum to the employment to receive it

    22. The first soldier exchanges looks with some of the others

    23. Shauna walks with her braces, Zeke pushing the empty wheelchair, and exchanges small talk with Amar

    24. An example of my email exchanges with Karl illustrates this

    25. I turned to him and said, “Round one goes to the Council of Wizards!” This brought much cheering and exchanges of high fives

    26. Chris shakes their hands and exchanges smiles with them

    27. Relationships would be in the open and exchanges of money or favors would be against the law

    28. Written at the heels of some rough, verbal exchanges in which Josie showed growing despise for men and Roger expressed increasing annoyance at her new way of life, Roger’s sincere letter of reconciliation failed to produce the intended result

    29. FREE exchanges it costs absolutely nothing to join

    30. There are Manual Traffic Exchanges and Auto Surf Traffic Exchanges:

    31. 1 Manual - These are the exchanges that I tend to use, because you have to click to

    32. Ok, now you know about the two types of exchanges, you need to choose a free or

    33. What are the Best Traffic Exchanges?

    34. The following Traffic Exchanges have proved to bring the best results:

    35. boring, the best long-term strategy for benefiting from Traffic Exchanges is to build

    36. any tips that have helped you make the most of Traffic Exchanges

    37. introductory product – while others use Traffic Exchanges simply to build their

    38. For some, the other approach is to use Traffic Exchanges as a source of leads

    39. Before he could engage in the usual business exchanges, I spoke up and said I wanted to have some direct talk with him

    40. Many joyous exchanges were had as newcomers melded with the multitude, giving thanks for having reached the relative safety of greater numbers

    41. Many joyous exchanges were had as newcomers melded with the multitude, giving thanks for

    42. “As we learn more, we have more to share, and we have good exchanges of ideas and advice

    43. exchanges, it’s obvious that Kara’s is the one that stands out the

    44. 10 It is no accident that the system of Capitalism is the driving force of the success of the United States, which is based upon the freedom of individuals to interact freely in exchanges of goods and services and in forming associations and organizations

    45. The transformation process is about leveraging social technology to accelerate exchanges of information, knowledge and solutions between people faster than ever before

    46. Bonjour! Thank you for your generous donation of 100 Euros but I regret that I must return your check because the Defense Fund's bank can't handle foreign currency exchanges

    47. The cashier referred me to a larger bank in Fort Worth (the only bank in the area that exchanges currency) and they told me that it would cost 40 Euros to convert the check to USD! This is totally unacceptable to waste almost half of your donation on currency conversion fees

    48. The bank's inability to handle foreign currency conversion exchanges

    49. When my first book came out, I did everything I could think of to promote it--book signings at bookstores and base exchanges; I made t-shirts; I ran book giveaway contests; I even snagged a few local television interviews and articles in local newspapers

    50. If a man exchanges his

    1. ’ She said, exchanging a smile with Stephen while I pretend I don’t notice

    2. They finished exchanging pleasantries, Herndon showing off how well he could still mangle the old tongue in the process

    3. One digs in his pocket for a grubby cloth and wipes his forehead before exchanging greetings with the Gottesman

    4. you’re going to be exchanging photos with someone that you meet online try to use a current

    5. Kai stepped forward and gently caressed the side of her face with his hand; Duncan could hear them exchanging soft purring sounds

    6. In exchanging the complete manufacture either for money, for labour, or for other goods, over and above what may be sufficient to pay the price of the materials, and the wages of the workmen, something must be given for the profits of the undertaker of the work, who hazards his stock in this adventure

    7. In exchanging the produce of a day's labour in the greater part of employments for that of a day's labour in this particular one, ten times the original quantity of work in them would purchase only twice the original quantity in it

    8. The group exchanging puzzled glances, then, after a brief nod from the one-armed man, they swiveled their necks in the direction of Whimly's finger, though they still kept him in the corner of their eyes

    9. In 1695, on the contrary, the value of the silver coin was not kept up by the gold coin; a guinea then commonly exchanging for thirty shillings of the worn and clipt silver

    10. Under certain circumstances, exchanging messages with your subconscious intelligence can prove an uneasy task

    11. The capital of a foreigner gives a value to their surplus produce equally with that of a native, by exchanging it for something for which there is a demand at home

    12. They have a much wider range, and may draw them from the most remote corners of the world, either in exchange for the manufactured produce of their own industry, or by performing the office of carriers between distant countries, and exchanging the produce of one for that of another

    13. It gives a value to their superfluities, by exchanging them for something else, which may satisfy a part of their wants and increase their enjoyments

    14. Without even exchanging glances, they drew their blades in unison to charge the creatures and dispatch them

    15. I stood around, exchanging pleasantries with Roy and the Pastor, mostly to see who else might show up

    16. Gheckos lay idly on the sunny sides, exchanging feet as they basked in the heat, watching, waiting

    17. A few distant booms to seaward - the navy exchanging courtesies with Morro - were the only evidence of war

    18. As many times before they sat in a darkened room, exchanging news, and contemplating the

    19. After exchanging more controlled words, both agreed to return to the area where all of their problems began

    20. Multi-Culturalism should not be confused with Inter-Culturalism that otherwise suggests a mutual exchanging and/or assimilating of the higher (Arts & Sciences, Music, Literature and Architecture) and lower (Cuisine, Fashions and Sports) cultures whose synthesis finds its ultimate expression within an overlapping culture that oftentimes acquires its own unique standing over time

    21. I grabbed it with one hand, still looking at Falconi whose eyes had met with mine only a flick earlier, exchanging gazes like messages of hate and defiance, curses, and the odd term of endearment like ‘you little fuck’

    22. The two sergeants smoked cigars and sipped beer, exchanging stories and recollections, while Colling listened and pretended to work at his desk in the next office

    23. At least in public, when we are not planning together, exchanging information and agreeing to our next best course of action

    24. The Patriarch replied in a candid way, as if exchanging opinions with a peer:

    25. Lighting was at a premium in these parts of the Disciplinarium with only a few torches spread thin, darkness and light exchanging places with one another at uneven intervals

    26. Finally, Prinzman warmly greeted someone he called “Mike,” and after exchanging pleasantries, asked if he would be willing to speak to Colling

    27. After exchanging greetings, Childers took Colling aside and said, “Prinzman said you wanted to look at the accident report on that Red Cross gal

    28. She had said it as easily as when they had practiced exchanging names

    29. Olufemi could be seen quietly exchanging concerned looks with the other drivers, some of them already back inside their Rovers, trying to find a dry smoke

    30. He could hear two male voices exchanging a few words in French

    31. Saint have met and just sat together without exchanging a word,

    32. Another aspect of the speculation that mines the dependent countries is to force them to burn billion dollars to maintain its stable coin, that is, exchanging real efforts for imaginary coin when transferring immense wealth for financial speculation

    33. Without exchanging many words, the others mounted their horses and shortly after they were all heading north in full gallop

    34. After church he'd chat a bit, exchanging funny stories with the men, then mention that he had to hurry home now, the meat was in the oven but he still had to roast the potatoes and the children were all coming to lunch

    35. For a long time I watch the people milling around inside Erudite headquarters, their arms covered in factionless armbands, weapons at their hips, exchanging quick conversation or handing off cans of food for dinner, an old factionless habit

    36. Usually Gaby receives nothing more than good old (no-money exchanging hands) appreciation, but due to the more exhausted length of this publication and the fact I was charging for the book, I felt it only right to pay for her services

    37. Theodore set me up right next to his tent and promoted me to minghan commander, exchanging my tattered and stained red sash for a green one

    38. and the two went to Ben's house, exchanging glances

    39. elevator without exchanging a word or look

    40. She rose from the table, exchanging confused expressions with

    41. We had a good time exchanging bird stories

    42. It was too dark to see, but Cimnashote and I were exchanging long-suffering glances

    43. This closeness is usually expressed during the marriage ceremony by the exchanging of

    44. All this weighing, selecting, choosing, exchanging — it is all

    45. After exchanging hellos with them, she got off the elevator and moved her wheelchair

    46. That stuff can make a car run…” Since it was close to noon and most of the work had been done, Roger’s friends went home for lunch, after exchanging very warm thanks, they for his “orujo”… and he for their hard work

    47. While I shake hands with Oliver, exchanging a few “nice meeting you” words, Zachary seems lost in his mom

    48. Ashton? I frown, watching as they embrace, laughing and exchanging complex hugs

    49. material objects, has nothing to do with exchanging commands

    50. exchanging kiss for kiss, pressing close to him all the while, pushing in a way that was intended to leave him in no doubt about her feelings and desires

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