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Frasi con exchange (in inglese)

1. It is also about exchange.
2. If the exchange rate is 1.
3. Corey and I exchange smiles.
4. Exchange on the Balance Sheet.
5. Exchange your clothes with me.
6. They did not exchange a word.
7. Exchange is the road to hell.

8. Uriah and Zeke exchange a look.
9. It was not a one-way exchange.
10. They exchange blows once more.
11. Hassan and I exchange a glance.
12. David listened to the exchange.
13. The Health of How We Exchange.
14. Caleb and Tris exchange a look.
15. Stock Exchange at a price of R5.
16. We can exchange memories later.
17. They began to exchange stories.
18. But it is the queerest exchange.
19. And in exchange for that?
20. Charmaine cringed at the exchange.
21. They were about to exchange gifts.
22. On to exchange student number two.
23. We exchange the occasional letter.
24. We promised them land in exchange.
25. The exchange was short and urgent.
26. All they did was exchange masters.
27. Because of this treaty exchange of.
28. Fire, sold on the Caveman Exchange.
29. Sex in exchange for my life?
30. He rang the telephone exchange and.
31. They exchange looks but keep moving.
32. The exchange of information is life.
33. Sometimes they would exchange a few.
34. The New York Stock Exchange is at www.
35. In exchange for fixing the machines.
36. It too is an exchange of reciprocity.
37. M: For exchange of information — yes.
38. The commodities exchange is the stock.
39. She and Billy exchange a sharp glance.
40. Yes, there was the odd lively exchange.
41. Arthmes withdrew mainly to exchange it.
42. The exchange, in turn, has practical.
43. The pair pause for the brief exchange.
44. So tell us about the exchange student.
45. I quivered as each exchange touched me.
46. He paid, and got a key card in exchange.
47. Helez noted their exchange and blushed.
48. As I said, part of an exchange program.
49. I want a simple exchange of information.
50. For it was an exchange, not a monologue.
51. Grey could provide to exchange for this.
52. This is how the exchange was effected:.
53. Ellie appeared oblivious to the exchange.
54. He readied himself for another exchange.
55. They exchange fire with Katsuya’s men.
56. After an exchange of handshakes and the.
57. I would not exchange him for five lessons.
58. Exchange, and chips off the writers block.
59. Moreover, the exchange rate is not fixed.
60. I saw them exchange notes, or papers of.
61. Advice from New York Stock Exchange Firms.
62. The exchange offers it to everyone to use.
63. These are called minimum exchange margins.
64. If only we could exchange pointers…haha.
65. The words of that exchange still rang in.
66. Now we will proceed with the exchange of.
67. A common type of bill of exchange is the.
68. I exchange an expressive glance with Kerry.
69. A price need not be in units of exchange.
70. In exchange, it took their lives as payment.
71. Everyone tuned in to the unexpected exchange.
72. In 1947 it was retired by exchange for $196.
73. I had a nice email exchange with my daughter.
74. I shot a look at George during this exchange.
75. The waitress was slack jawed at this exchange.
77. As they do, they as expected exchange rumors.
78. After this exchange, it was business as usual.
79. Marcus got ahold of Frank after that exchange.
80. He glances at the screen and they exchange a.
81. In exchange, he was offered 25 years to life.
82. Thomas was standing back watching the exchange.
83. I informed him in exchange that my Christian.
84. The one who want to exchange his product, say.
85. All I got in exchange was the occasional purr.
86. Although the words transfer and exchange are.
87. Before either could say anything or exchange.
88. Carrie watched the exchange, wondering what it.
89. In exchange, she gave him a handful of berries.
90. This exchange usually ended in a loud argument.
91. My sister sat silently throughout this exchange.
92. Brian watched this entire exchange with interest.
93. There was a short exchange between the man and.
94. The CME is also the first exchange to go public.
95. Taquelle's brother already shot up his exchange.
96. As for the exchange of goods and services within.
97. Colling stood silently listening to this exchange.
98. Each financial institution, to exchange banking.
99. I did not want to ask about any of that exchange.
1. Matt was exchanging calls with Ned.
2. Farid and Sohrab exchanging quick words.
3. Decoud, exchanging a steady stare with Mrs.
4. We had a good time exchanging bird stories.
5. Exchanging looks and mirthless half smiles.
6. The money with precious metal help exchanging.
7. They are exchanging their reason for the pas-.
8. When exchanging money, you should exchange at the.
9. Exchanging sporadic fire with hostiles out of sight.
10. They endured exchanging words when Elizabeth saw them.
11. Mick produced a twenty Euro note, exchanging it for the.
12. Aazuria looked at her sisters, exchanging secretive smiles.
13. We are open systems, constantly exchanging substances with.
14. Exchanging self with others means that we change the object.
15. You can build your lists by exchanging ads with other ezines.
16. Kenric and I had been riding side-by-side, exchanging glances.
17. She rose from the table, exchanging confused expressions with.
18. The doctor changed places with him, exchanging glances with him.
19. But this is not only existing mechanism of exchanging by energy.
20. He could hear two male voices exchanging a few words in French.
21. Exchanging links with sites that have content relevant to yours.
22. He had no intention of standing toe to toe and exchanging blows.
23. All this weighing, selecting, choosing, exchanging — it is all.
24. They were holding hands at times discretely and exchanging looks.
25. The doctor changed places with him, exchanging glances 333 of 967.
26. But after exchanging more than twenty blows, Ren Fengping was now.
27. Constantly sharing and exchanging your deepest secrets and feelings.
28. You could compare these to exchanging ads with sites similar to yours.
29. Seeing the enemies exchanging friendly greetings, she rode up to them.
30. She had said it as easily as when they had practiced exchanging names.
31. We ate at the kitchen table, exchanging our headlines of the past week.
32. A stirring of the night air, exchanging the heat of the day for a chill.
33. That didn’t stop Laplante from exchanging a tearful hug with Major Dows.
34. This process usually involves several rounds of exchanging files of latest.
35. After exchanging numerous marks of fondness with him, his cousin went to Mr.
36. Some of the refugees were exchanging news with the people on the omnibuses.
37. The Patriarch replied in a candid way, as if exchanging opinions with a peer:.
38. Others turned over and warmed themselves, now and again exchanging a few words.
39. Ashton? I frown, watching as they embrace, laughing and exchanging complex hugs.
40. I dallied in the corners of the room, exchanging nods with Parker every so often.
41. They sparred skilfully together, exchanging blows, neither gaining the advantage.
42. He had so far prevented me from exchanging more than a few words with the man who.
43. It was too dark to see, but Cimnashote and I were exchanging long-suffering glances.
44. After exchanging hellos with them, she got off the elevator and moved her wheelchair.
45. This closeness is usually expressed during the marriage ceremony by the exchanging of.
46. Anne was eventually tucked in, exchanging amused smiles with herself during the process.
47. You can also create a Short Call Ladder by just exchanging the long and short positions.
48. The crowd began to sing the song in English: Strangers in the night, exchanging glances.
49. It was as though I was stepping into a new life, exchanging my old one for a better fit.
50. As many times before they sat in a darkened room, exchanging news, and contemplating the.
51. I heard them giggling and exchanging words but couldn’t quite hear what they were saying.
52. Link exchanges involve exchanging links with other webmasters, preferably in the same niche.
53. Exchanging pleasantries, Chester asked if he could see the document before the show started.
54. In truth, our Shanya and your Spirit have been exchanging many things during the last month.
55. I went back to the bar, and sure enough, the two of them were hugging and exchanging numbers.
56. Teachers began exchanging stories about their individual classes when they met in common rooms.
57. This one must be like Tori considering the speed at which the two of them are exchanging blows.
58. They looked at each other, in the dressing-room, with their sad eyes, without exchanging a word.
59. After exchanging kisses and greetings, he explained to me that the situation had calmed for now.
60. I promise it’s all short-term pain that you’re exchanging for a lifetime of feeling great!.
61. To while away the time he was exchanging shots with the ABREKS, who were behind another sand-heap.
62. Nicky smiled and after exchanging a few pleasant words with him, they took the lift to their room.
63. Gheckos lay idly on the sunny sides, exchanging feet as they basked in the heat, watching, waiting.
64. Andrew and Jackie had sat one either side of him, and were exchanging concerned looks over his head.
65. I stood around, exchanging pleasantries with Roy and the Pastor, mostly to see who else might show up.
66. They were examining the ship's circumstances, exchanging a few words in their incomprehensible dialect.
67. Promise me you'll never allow anyone to touch you without a condom before exchanging test results first.
68. Von Yoshida tips you for springing his daughter in his absence via phone exchanging account information.
69. And then we sat exchanging puffs from that wild pipe of his, and keeping it regularly passing between us.
70. In 1970, about 79% of couples in the United States got married well in 2008 only 59% are exchanging vows.
71. The lady exchanging energy fields with the younger man was a married woman operating from primal instinct.
72. We drank at leisure the second bottle of wine with chitchat, jokes, exchanging tender and erotic glances.
73. He mulled exchanging the interest of a discussion with Dimarico for the boredom of a lecture from Kinnard.
74. Simone’s different, his mom explained, exchanging a glance with her husband, who was still chewing.
75. A few distant booms to seaward - the navy exchanging courtesies with Morro - were the only evidence of war.
76. Round and round they went, exchanging partners as the line advanced but eventually returning to each other.
77. Nancy happily went to them and sat besides Chris Evans after exchanging kisses on the cheeks with the trio.
78. I take it that means no?! Joel commented dryly, exchanging an amused but quizzical glance with Conrad.
79. Twitter users connect with friends and make friends, exchanging updates often frequently throughout the day.
80. Walking past a phone -booth, Irena suddenly felt like calling home, exchanging a few words with her mother.
81. She has experienced Bellaerama, has come to know her in ways strangers do when exchanging names and numbers.
82. After exchanging more controlled words, both agreed to return to the area where all of their problems began.
83. Without even exchanging glances, they drew their blades in unison to charge the creatures and dispatch them.
84. In fact I grew up watching them exchanging words against each other on camera or in public or during rallies.
85. While I shake hands with Oliver, exchanging a few nice meeting you words, Zachary seems lost in his mom.
86. Under certain circumstances, exchanging messages with your subconscious intelligence can prove an uneasy task.
87. It's exchanging fire with the station and three corvettes, five sentry ships, and about two fighter divisions.
88. One digs in his pocket for a grubby cloth and wipes his forehead before exchanging greetings with the Gottesman.
89. They stayed in each other’s arms for a long minute, exchanging human warmth to soothe their nerves and hearts.
90. The discussions can lead to exchanging information about how to build businesses and provide mentors to teenagers.
91. We moved around each other in the kitchen, fetching milk, sugar, a teapot, exchanging polite queries about biscuits.
92. In the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the very hungry undead, there was little time for exchanging phone numbers.
93. She had insisted on exchanging miniatures; they had cut off handfuls of hair, and now she was asking for a ring—.
94. Ann beamed at the sight of Raymond and hurried to him, exchanging a friendly hug with the graying Carolingian noble.
95. It would be a few years before Ellen would see her again but they kept in touch, exchanging Christmas cards each year.
96. In a fit of rage, Darek pounced on the nearest guard and the two of them rolled around on the grass, exchanging blows.
97. They finished exchanging pleasantries, Herndon showing off how well he could still mangle the old tongue in the process.
98. After shaking hands and exchanging kisses with them, Kern and Vargas took place in a sofa close to Miri’s easy chair.
99. The gendarme watched the small group enter the bank with its chests before exchanging a bemused glance with his comrade.
100. Here are two short demo videos that have been created to show you the simple process of exchanging links via this site:.
1. The two exchanged a wink.
2. They exchanged not a word.
3. Sadie and I exchanged looks.
4. They exchanged a panic look.
5. Farid and he exchanged words.
6. The officers exchanged a look.
7. Jacob and I exchanged glances.
8. He exchanged looks with Charly.
9. The two men exchanged a glance.
10. At that they exchanged glances.
11. Hassan and I exchanged a smile.
12. She and Cecil exchanged a look.
13. Emma and Will exchanged a smile.
14. We exchanged house visits often.
15. Punches and kicks were exchanged.
16. I exchanged fire with the enemies.
17. Amos and Zia exchanged grave looks.
18. Selar and Voltak exchanged glances.
19. Sheila and Jerry exchanged glances.
20. Tammas and Anson exchanged glances.
21. They all exchanged troubled glances.
22. He and the Colonel exchanged a look.
23. Peter and I exchanged knowing looks.
24. Paulson and Ralph exchanged glances.
25. I think they even exchanged numbers.
26. He exchanged a relieved smile with.
27. Nikole and I have exchanged blood.
28. Gifts have been exchanged; another.
29. Presents were wrapped and exchanged.
30. Henrietta exchanged a grin with Kathy.
31. They exchanged a glance, and he got.
32. Him, man, with whom I have exchanged.
33. The technicians exchanged weary looks.
34. Before we left I exchanged one of my.
35. Ed and I then exchanged pyromorphites.
36. Thomas could not hear what exchanged.
37. We both exchanged smiles to each other.
38. Claire exchanged a look with her mother.
39. The Elders once again exchanged glances.
40. Theoton exchanged a glance with Nerissa.
41. We three exchanged looks and dozed off.
42. Puller and Knox exchanged a quick glance.
43. But both Jen and Bobby exchanged smiles.
44. Friedlander and Court exchanged glances.
45. Maggie and Pat exchanged anxious glances.
46. Sampson and I exchanged quizzical looks.
47. Rafferty and Llewellyn exchanged glances.
48. Opinions were exchanged in the barricade.
49. Ish and I exchanged another glance and.
50. She walked into the mirror and exchanged.
51. They exchanged a few words in a low tone.
52. Thomas and Marie again exchanged a glance.
53. Not one word of endearment was exchanged.
54. Mackey and his colleagues exchanged looks.
55. They paused and exchanged uncertain looks.
56. Both exchanged long, sad looks in silence.
57. Watchwords were exchanged almost publicly.
58. The traders exchanged products with people.
59. Elders Marlak and Joséah exchanged glances.
60. They exchanged smiles, his rather unwilling.
61. A sick laugh was exchanged with his friend.
62. Ish and I exchanged a round of dirty looks.
63. Hal and Robbie exchanged a meaningful glance.
64. The agents once more exchanged glances, and.
65. Three of us exchanged smiles in the darkness.
66. He exchanged a quick glance with his DRAFT.
67. Peteru and Uretep exchanged relieved glances.
68. I remember the words we exchanged about love.
69. They exchanged looks, but no one dared speak.
70. They even exchanged days in their houses of.
71. Sespian exchanged a triumphant look with Dunn.
72. Mike nodded as they exchanged nervous glances.
73. She exchanged a mocking glance with Mary who.
74. Even exchanged a word or two with O’Connor.
75. He and Samantha exchanged looks occasionally.
76. Chester and Mattie exchanged a long, sad look.
77. The agents exchanged questioning glances and.
78. Kitty exchanged meaningful glances with Dolly.
79. He looked at Ozzie and they exchanged a glance.
80. After they exchanged a few looks, Toivo took.
81. They exchanged bows, but no words were uttered.
82. It was the first time we ever exchanged a kiss.
83. Steve and Mary exchanged a look with each other.
84. The young Sojourners exchanged nervous glances.
85. At each stop we exchanged cargo and passengers.
86. As he reached the truck, they exchanged a look.
87. Monte Cristo exchanged a ceremonious bow with M.
88. Then he jumped out, exchanged a few words with C.
89. As they exchanged stories of their travels and.
90. Claire exchanged a look with Monica and Courtney.
91. They then exchanged smiles and good-natured nods.
92. The two exchanged nice to meet yous, and Mr.
93. And the two of them exchanged another seven blows.
94. Jillian exchanged unbelieving glances with Robert.
95. They then quickly exchanged names and handshakes.
96. Documents are stamped, but no money is exchanged.
97. Even their women exchanged natural relations for.
98. The two of them exchanged a glance and Sata nodded.
99. They were all pale and exchanged looks in silence.
100. Jehan exchanged an incredulous look with Isabelle.
1. If a man exchanges his.
2. What are the Best Traffic Exchanges?
3. The key to Traffic Exchanges is to offer a FREE.
4. FREE exchanges it costs absolutely nothing to join.
5. They are especially effective in Traffic Exchanges.
6. Volume data is provided by CBOE or other exchanges.
7. Now we go to the exchanges instead of an open field.
8. Some international exchanges report volume this way.
9. Lists the top 20 traffic exchanges and top 5 safelists.
10. Chris shakes their hands and exchanges smiles with them.
11. Around the table there were a few more subtle exchanges.
12. The first soldier exchanges looks with some of the others.
13. Table 4-2 lists exchanges that have reasonably high volume.
14. Link exchanges are one of the primary ways to link building.
15. Exchanges and how many they have processed in the last year.
16. An example of my email exchanges with Karl illustrates this.
17. This began a series of exchanges between Grant and Lee over.
18. In the old times, link exchanges were a powerful method to.
19. They had not spoken as they observed the strained exchanges.
20. All of the ETFs in the table trade on the Canadian exchanges.
21. The exchanges also offer a wealth of fundamental information.
22. Exchanges are also referred to as both parking transactions or.
23. They had already given in to him in mail exchanges on that point.
24. Exchanges, however, only list a finite number of exercise prices.
25. After some exchanges came Nekhludoff's turn to run with Katiousha.
26. There are Manual Traffic Exchanges and Auto Surf Traffic Exchanges:.
27. In Table 8-2, I list some of these international commodity exchanges.
28. The bank's inability to handle foreign currency conversion exchanges.
29. When you have thousands of backlinks from link exchanges, tracking them.
30. Schartz had a theory of the exchanges of possibility energy based upon.
31. It also would keep a record of the exchanges arranged by date and topic.
32. The following Traffic Exchanges have proved to bring the best results:.
33. These are the letters used to identify a security listed on the exchanges.
34. The young news editor who had said nothing during the exchanges now spoke.
35. He specialised in maintaining radio links and worked in exchanges as well.
36. However, exchanges are where most large Bitcoin purchases and sales happen.
37. In Table 7-1, I list some MLPs along with the exchanges they’re traded on.
38. The exchanges provide liquidity and transparency to all market participants.
39. Recently, options with weekly expirations have been introduced by exchanges.
40. Such phenomena invite not only direct exchanges but also hedging operations.
41. For some, the other approach is to use Traffic Exchanges as a source of leads.
42. These exchanges are somewhat advanced and can be intimidating for a beginner.
43. Throughout the exchanges Venki withdrew into himself and seemed disinterested.
44. Pretty much any option with any measurable volume traded on multiple exchanges.
45. Instead of having 2 more Surf Traffic Exchanges in this lesson (we will have 2.
46. Ok, now you know about the two types of exchanges, you need to choose a free or.
47. A sudden, massive influx of money in stock exchanges would enrich those wealthy.
48. For the most part, bitcoins have a relatively high volume at the large exchanges.
49. For this reason, exchanges usually offer the best prices for purchasing bitcoins.
50. Table 8-4 lists a couple of the commodity exchanges that recently have gone public.
51. You can cash in on this trend by becoming a shareholder in one of these exchanges.
52. Today the LME is one of the only exchanges dedicated to trading nonferrous metals.
53. Let me start by saying that yes in theory, the exchanges are governed by a highly.
54. Note: This list is only a small sampling of the commodities these exchanges offer.
55. On all futures options exchanges, the underlying is uniformly one futures contract.
56. He exchanges information with others not just by means of mimicry, gestures, voice.
57. Short sales became common in the earliest organized markets-the Amsterdam exchanges.
58. But whatever connection the two men had, was not revealed by their initial exchanges.
59. She liked to check in with her frequently, even if only for the briefest of exchanges.
60. That causes you to abandon mutual exchanges within your speech and behaviors to others.
61. For more information on the CME/NYMEX and other commodity exchanges, flip to Chapter 8.
62. Major Bitcoin currency exchanges were seeing trading volumes of $500 million per month.
63. Many joyous exchanges were had as newcomers melded with the multitude, giving thanks for.
64. The air was a stifling buzz of urgent exchanges, air conditioning, and business machines.
65. At the time many stock exchanges were still secondary to other business concerns, with a.
66. These sites are close to the traffic exchanges in that they show your site to the surfers.
67. The quote volume appearing in the database may aggregate volumes from different exchanges.
68. Exchanges step in when contracts are experiencing extreme volatility, to calm the markets.
69. Can you budget for some paid ads at a few of the Safelists or Traffic Exchanges? How much?
70. He exchanges another look with Tori, laden with messages that Gregory and I aren't privy to.
71. As we learn more, we have more to share, and we have good exchanges of ideas and advice.
72. Among the data reported by exchanges is the number of shares being held short for any stock.
73. Link exchanges involve exchanging links with other webmasters, preferably in the same niche.
74. A number of commodity exchanges operate worldwide, specializing in all sorts of commodities.
75. PEPFAR also does not use needle exchanges, a proven way of dropping the AIDS infection rate.
76. New rules have recently come into effect that allow options exchanges to offer spreads in 0.
77. Relationships would be in the open and exchanges of money or favors would be against the law.
78. At one time, scalping was a popular strategy among traders on the floors of futures exchanges.
79. It has been around since August of 2001, making it one of the oldest Surfing Exchanges around.
80. Please note that throughout this manual any commission deducted by Betting Exchanges is ignored.
81. We see this acted on by farmers and gardeners in their frequent exchanges of seed, tubers, etc.
82. These main regulatory organizations have oversight of commodity exchanges in the United States:.
83. And in hours-long phone conversations and e-mail exchanges, I would ask Katherine to describe it.
84. When exchanges first began trading options, all activity took place in an open-outcry environment.
85. Their intent is not to engage in fruitful, mutual exchanges, but to incite animalistic responses.
86. Now, the key to Traffic Exchanges is to offer a product which people will want when they see it!.
87. A small London-based stock market which bought another of the smaller stock exchanges, Plus Market.
88. The overround shown on the Betting Exchanges can sometimes be a clue to which way odds will change.
89. When making exchanges, always prioritize your child's best interest, not yours or your ex-spouses.
90. When you have done that, in the same section (ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC) click on Top Traffic Exchanges.
91. The drawback is that the regulated exchanges offer regulatory oversight to all market participants.
92. Shauna walks with her braces, Zeke pushing the empty wheelchair, and exchanges small talk with Amar.
93. Option traders who trade on the exchanges use theoretical value tables as a guide to making markets.
94. In your Member area, click on ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC then on Top Safelists and Exchanges to get started.
95. If a company reprices (or “reissues” or “exchanges”) its stock options for insiders, stay away.
96. Commodity exchanges are becoming popular vehicles through which investors access the commodity markets.
97. Now most exchanges are done online faster than any human could, at times millions of trades per second.
98. There used to be 20 other exchanges around the country but they were amalgamated into the one in London.
99. Because of its broad products listing, the CME is perhaps the most versatile of the commodity exchanges.
100. These Safelists and Traffic Exchanges are very important! Do not underestimate the importance of these.

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