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Fanciful en una oración (en ingles)

1. There is nothing fanciful about it.
2. Perhaps he was being fanciful again.
3. Was thy existence then too fanciful.
4. The idea had been so fanciful that Mr.
5. Such was the fanciful imagination of early.
6. But he will never be fanciful and disorderly.
7. It was senseless, illogical, idiotic, fanciful.

8. As fate would have it, Stallman's fanciful GNU.
9. That was not an obscure or fanciful location to me.
10. And Hood, in his fanciful "Midsummer Fairies," sings of.
11. Without it, Christianity is a chimera, a fanciful notion.
12. She made up all kinds of fanciful stories about her life.
13. If I hadn’t lived it, I’d consider it a fanciful farce.
14. By no means, madame; the fanciful exists no longer in the East.
15. And his fanciful spirits were growing more complex and powerful.
16. Told me fanciful tales of having no money, no work and no prospects.
17. That spoiled, pampered, fanciful child is left a pauper on my hands.
18. That smiling portrait of her in my head was probably fanciful thinking.
19. Out of the centre of the pond rose a fanciful erection clothed in more.
20. I know it sounds fanciful, but he just sits and glares at me hatefully.
21. He was no longer the miserable, fanciful hypochondriac of those dark days.
22. You have a very fanciful imagination, Higgins said with near contempt.
23. Zigler had emerged from a long drying-out period less fanciful and more caustic.
24. But he trusted Penelope, and knew she was not one to concoct such fanciful tales.
25. The ceilings were carved plaster and featured sea creatures from real to fanciful.
26. We start with reality, Brandor said, picking up on the boy’s fanciful ideas.
27. Rubbish! he said to himself, in scorn at the fanciful absurdity of his notion.
28. Thus, the entire writings of the New Testament would be fanciful and based on fiction.
29. A name derived from the fanciful resemblance to the sound produced by cocking a rifle.
30. All the prisoners were in the most fanciful and romantic state of mind about the things.
31. Revolution, however, made things that had once been taken fanciful suddenly seem possible.
32. Perhaps it was fanciful, but Godwyn imagined they were quarrelling about the same thing today.
33. I believe that the opinion, that we are a very powerful nation abroad, is a fanciful delusion.
34. Forget about the fanciful corrupt mathematics that proves nothing when the cosmos does not confirm.
35. Your maximum potential loss in case of a total wipe-out (not as fanciful as it once seemed) would be $6000.
36. Alicia’s story about the sect was not entirely fanciful, however imaginative her general interest in the.
37. You think we'll manage to get enough to invest in a ship? said Johnny, having missed Mary's fanciful tone.
38. While they were talking, she began to feel that she was being watched, and she knew her feeling was not fanciful.
39. But perhaps this difference can be brought home a little more clearly if you will pardon a rather fanciful simile.
40. Once again he had the fanciful sensation that he could feel the rainwater flowing in torrents far beneath his feet.
41. You know, Alexey Fyodorovitch, we're fanciful, we're self-willed, but proudest of the proud in our little heart.
42. But I was a thousand miles from supposing that she would misunderstand and misrepresent things in so fanciful a way.
43. What wasn't the glowing ceiling panel was a fanciful creation of living stalactite, the bedposts were columns of it.
44. But I was a thousand miles from supposing that she would misunderstand and misrepresent things in so fanciful a way….
45. In most cases there is no harm unless the patterns and connections are taken to be more than just fanciful products of imagination.
46. Who was this fanciful upstart who thought to tell them? Even though he was Jacob’s favorite, he had not yet earned their respect.
47. He called her Artemis, Demeter, and other fanciful names half teasingly, which she did not like because she did not understand them.
48. He had spent many of his afternoons listening to her imaginative stories and then had told her many fanciful ones of his own making.
49. A brook carved fanciful shapes into the rock, and he was admiring it from it’s mossy bank when he came to a thick plank spanning it.
50. On the other hand, Moncharmin was sometimes troubled with a suspicion of Richard himself, who occasionally took fanciful whims into his head.
51. What a fanciful notion! Don’t all peoples have their own idiosyncrasies? And yet, all are prone to ridicule others for their peculiar beliefs.
52. My fanciful thoughts on space exploration (Chapter 13) were viewed as a very practical method of getting our population interested in NASA again.
53. The floor of the main room was furnished with comfortable fur standcushions and end tables topping fanciful stalagmites growing out of the floor.
54. They contain many fanciful stories and questionable doctrines that do not line up with the original Holy Scriptural fragments that we do still have.
55. This used to interest and amuse her more than anything else; and queer and fanciful as it was, she found comfort in it and it was a good thing for her.
56. There's no doubt that there's a great deal that's fanciful about it, as there always is in such cases: a handful magnifies its size and significance.
57. There was a lot of ornamental detail on most houses, porch rails were fanciful twists of thick vine, with clumps of leaves, large maroon flowers and long string beans.
58. The resemblance between the greyhound and race-horse is hardly more fanciful than the analogies which have been drawn by some authors between widely different animals.
59. In a word, instead of taking known events and deducing from them what has occurred, we must build up a fanciful explanation if it will only be consistent with known events.
60. Nonetheless, a glance at its initial days as an English colony reveals perhaps a fanciful history in its development as a whole, but extraneous and outlandish on occasions.
61. Just as easily as I’ve described in my fanciful ransom scenario, these people could dictate similar terms to a world held captive by their own awesome power to destroy it.
62. This fanciful fellow claims the sea was given its name after the crossing of the Israelites, when the Pharaoh perished in those waves that came together again at Moses' command:.
63. For the rest of the journey home she worked on a fanciful notion that the man was nothing more than a ghost and their meeting had been her first experience of a supernatural event.
64. The Imperial Herald stepped forth and in tenor-trumpet tones began to introduce Felipe by his titles, real and fanciful: Behold his Imperial Majesty, Terror of the Evildoer—.
65. While it was not entirely fanciful that the bold Terence was some kind of distant cousin, 1861 was also the year that Pat’s father had first left home looking for better prospects.
66. The simple observation that the comparison of two similar solids is effected by the comparison of the cubes of their sides, is the mathematical groundwork of this fanciful expression.
67. The drawing-rooms were decorated with the rarest pictures by the old masters, the boudoirs hung with draperies from China, of fanciful colors, fantastic design, and wonderful texture.
68. Statements such as these are unsubstantiated opinions without factual or rational evidence, which are based on nothing more than fanciful imagination, but indeed make for interesting reading.
69. What am I to tell you? I have known Rodion for a year and a half; he is morose, gloomy, proud and haughty, and of late--and perhaps for a long time before--he has been suspicious and fanciful.
70. What am I to tell you? I have known Rodion for a year and a half; he is morose, gloomy, proud and haughty, and of late—and perhaps for a long time before—he has been suspicious and fanciful.
71. Still, the presence of Monte Cristo at such an hour, his mysterious, fanciful, and extraordinary entrance into her room through the wall, might well seem impossibilities to her shattered reason.
72. The mighty trees around them were decorated on the lower sixty feet of their trunks with white and gold flowers, and ribbons placed in fanciful designs, about four white ribbons to every gold one.
73. The mighty trees around them were decorated on the lower twenty meters of their trunks with white and gold flowers, and ribbons placed in fanciful designs, about four white ribbons to every gold one.
74. It might be culturally closer to Arizona, where much of the white population directs their still deep racism at Natives rather than invents fanciful stories of an Indian in the family as southerners do.
75. Hitler’s somewhat fanciful scheme was to continue the war in the hope that Churchill’s grand, if somewhat fragile alliance, consisting of Great Britain, the USA, and the USSR, would ultimately collapse.
76. Lord John's observations are frequently exceedingly fanciful, and he is capable of attributing the most absurd reasons to the respect which is always shown by the most undeveloped races to dignity and character.
77. At first this descent from the clouds of fanciful exaggeration of the loved one to the lesser status of everyday life seems more or less tragic, as both fear that the supreme quality of their marriage is vanishing.
78. The summer shone in full prime; and she took such a taste for this solitary rambling that she often contrived to remain out from breakfast till tea; and then the evenings were spent in recounting her fanciful tales.
79. Many other theories, as ingenious as fanciful, might be enumerated; but without commenting on their comparative merit, I must acknowledge that none of them have yet impressed my mind with a conviction of their truth.
80. This miraculous incident, more fantastic than the one at the Battle of Badr, would illustrate the Arab penchant for the fanciful ‘birds of war’, much before the Quran gave them authenticity with its scriptural sanction.
81. Amid the oozing fatness and warm ferments of the Froom Vale, at a season when the rush of juices could almost be heard below the hiss of fertilization, it was impossible that the most fanciful love should not grow passionate.
82. Hackett, who has hitherto contented himself with being merely beautiful, in the rôles of fanciful and highly upholstered kings, and the daredevil idiots of cheap, book-tweaked romance, has secured the play for New York.
83. Tess was so wrapt up in this fanciful dream that she seemed not to know how the season was advancing; that the days had lengthened, that Lady-Day was at hand, and would soon be followed by Old LadyDay, the end of her term here.
84. Guzman Bento, usually full of fanciful fears and brooding suspicions, had sudden accesses of unreasonable self-confidence when he perceived himself elevated on a pinnacle of power and safety beyond the reach of mere mortal plotters.
85. Of course, Frank at first thought the tale fanciful at best, but the level of detail was astounding and he was prone to believe the strange little man with the haggard, staring eyes and his fervent avowals that something had happened.
86. There were many weird, ridiculous and fanciful spins written about Christ, such as Gnostism, written by many people, with many different agendas, with many different perspectives, who wanted to be a part of the Christ action, so to speak.
87. Could it indeed be possible that some nameless thing, some dreadful presence, was lurking down yonder? I should have been incapable of such feelings in the days of my strength, but one grows more nervous and fanciful when one's health is shaken.
88. From it the nocturnal itinerary of the colonel from the dawn he left Macondo at the head of twenty-one men on his way to a fanciful rebellion until he returned for the last time wrapped in a blanket stiff with blood could have been reconstructed.
89. All of us knew that the prosecutor received Mitya against his will, solely because he had somehow interested his wife—a lady of the highest virtue and moral worth, but fanciful, capricious, and fond of opposing her husband, especially in trifles.
90. After the accident when she received her gift of vision, the account had a different appeal to her senses as a result of her newly created perspective; no longer was the Grey Man the object of mere fanciful ghost stories intended to scare children and visitors.
91. When he raised it, the tears were streaming down his young cheeks, real, heavy tears like those which jealous children shed, tears that wept for a sorrow which was in no way fanciful, but which is common to all the lovers on earth and which he expressed aloud:.
92. Horst had advanced to a new VW Beetle with a split oval rear window while Peter now owned a brand new bicycle which he had earned by producing in-store advertising for various stores and transforming plain bars into fanciful African kraals with secluded hideaways.
93. His acquaintance with the prosecutor was less intimate, though he sometimes paid his wife, a nervous and fanciful lady, visits of politeness, without quite knowing why, and she always received him graciously and had, for some reason, taken an interest in him up to the last.
94. He had never seen as much as fifty dollars in one mass before, and he was like all boys of his age and station in life, in that he imagined that all references to "hundreds" and "thousands" were mere fanciful forms of speech, and that no such sums really existed in the world.
95. Thus (if the parallel be not too fanciful), as the first Adam by a tree brought death into the world and loss of Eden, so did the Divine Redeemer by 'bearing our sins in his own body to the tree ’ obtain the right to promise dying men, 'This day shall you be with me in Paradise.
96. Shazam! It wasn’t really like that, of course, but if right-thinking people were right, and there was nothing at all after you died—nothing—well, how was he supposed to imagine that? As blackness? As emptiness? These were also metaphors, as fanciful in their way as a false-bottomed coffin.
97. Later, they stop caring about people and what they say, and so they leave the practice of profitable work, as they are made to feel covetous of imaginary treasures and fanciful possessions through their desire (for example, they are told things such as: you don’t need to work, because Al’lah is the Provider).
98. The idea of Edward's being a clergyman, and living in a small parsonage-house, diverted him beyond measure;--and when to that was added the fanciful imagery of Edward reading prayers in a white surplice, and publishing the banns of marriage between John Smith and Mary Brown, he could conceive nothing more ridiculous.
99. The idea of Edward’s being a clergyman, and living in a small parsonage-house, diverted him beyond measure; and when to that was added the fanciful imagery of Edward reading prayers in a white surplice, and publishing the banns of marriage between John Smith and Mary Brown, he could conceive nothing more ridiculous.
100. The Mother Superior had added a footnote to say that Sister Rowenna’s claims were nothing short of evil; the crown of thorns could not possibly exist, especially in England; no further credence should be given to the wild and fanciful tales of a young and impressionable heretic and the matter was now closed – forever!.

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