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Imaginary en una oración (en ingles)

1. He has an imaginary twin.
2. Isin ducked an imaginary blow.
3. A mouse, eyes up at imaginary.
4. Actual Infinity is not imaginary.
5. The imaginary mirror of this page.
6. Imaginary numbers are those that.
7. There are only imaginary boundaries.

8. Sports are based upon imaginary lines.
9. He had ridden on an imaginary dragon.
10. An imaginary threat is not an attack.
11. See the imaginary as imaginary and be.
12. But that is only your imaginary belief.
13. Some wolves bayed at an imaginary full.
14. Do you comprehend the imaginary case?
15. That's how I felt about this imaginary.
16. Cox gave herself an imaginary high five.
17. Q: Surely, not all problems are imaginary.
18. Two scuffled over an imaginary case of beer.
19. He brushed imaginary hair away from his eyes.
20. The imaginary scenes danced in Locke’s head.
21. A compulsory surplus is an imaginary surplus.
22. He swiped an imaginary knife across his throat.
23. She has this crazy idea that this imaginary.
24. His left hand cups around an imaginary shoulder.
25. He cast his eyes upwards to an imaginary heaven.
26. The ‘I am this’, ‘I am that’ are imaginary.
27. Emry got up and ran toward her imaginary walnut pie.
28. I guess I focussed on an imaginary point in my head.
29. M'Coy to fulfil imaginary engagements in the country.
30. Gamizens live in abstract worlds of imaginary rewards.
31. All of his imaginary conversations seem to melt away.
32. What kind of answer is that? That line is imaginary.
33. Sometimes her eyes seemed to pursue imaginary shadows.
34. So that even in China this is only an imaginary custom.
35. Doe and Secretary have an imaginary conversation, very.
36. Science cannot exist without the imaginary Linear Line.
37. She traced another imaginary cut along her right wrist.
38. Somehow, he could tell she was wiggling imaginary toes.
39. If I were imaginary, I couldn't possibly be holding you.
40. This imaginary love is only supposed to exist in secret.
41. All limitation is imaginary, only the unlimited is real.
42. That imaginary entity allowed all sorts of irresponsible.
43. Without this imaginary Linear Line it becomes insane crap.
44. Or you really are imaginary! Hannah said with a gasp.
45. With a bullet, you’re instantly dead, but an imaginary.
46. The Beagle stopped playing with his imaginary friend, eyed.
47. Therefore, I would come here and live in my imaginary world.
48. With her other hand, she cupped an imaginary pair of balls.
49. Invisible, imaginary boundaries breached with a single word.
50. His gaze was still affixed on an imaginary point above the.
51. For example, here is an imaginary conversation with ARTHUR:.
52. Neither is objective, they’re both equally imaginary.
53. The rabbi held up an imaginary wine glass with his left hand.
54. The imaginary guide was bored and silently sat on the window.
55. Thanks to you, Saul will have to give up his imaginary crown.
56. The corporation is an imaginary entity that removes Free Will.
57. Hypnotherapy can help you break out of imaginary limitations.
58. Mars is on the three-yard line of our imaginary football field.
59. These are sensible behaviours owing nothing to imaginary gods.
60. They pointed an imaginary gun at Jimmy as he was walking away.
61. What is an Imaginary number? An imaginary number is an absolute.
62. They do not use these three imaginary constants in any other way.
63. He pointed it at Smith’s head and pulled the imaginary trigger.
64. Take away imaginary abstract lines: and what is left of sports….
65. Human abstraction cannot exist without the Imaginary Linear Line.
66. The wave has an imaginary component, said Tom realistically.
67. Q: If the reasons are imaginary, why should the suffering be in-.
68. Meanwhile, the imaginary interviewer flips back through his notes.
69. Ain’ that touchy? He wiped an imaginary tear on his sleeve.
70. He speaks of a horse but I have no idea if it is imaginary or real.
71. These undead came from Earth: not from some imaginary alien planet.
72. The sacred, imaginary Divine Right of Kings was slowly killed dead.
73. Another thing about the effect of imaginary lines used in any sport.
74. Imaginary Cross Section of the Mountain at the Great Coal Mine, 12.
75. One thing is certain: the real is not imaginary, it is not a pro-.
76. Then I found that I could create those imaginary worlds on the page.
77. Up ahead, one of them stepped across the imaginary line between the.
78. Carter has a long history of imaginary illness and doctor grievances.
79. The Ringmaster waved to some imaginary audience in the sky, and then.
80. The earth's surface is divided by an imaginary set of grid lines, the.
81. Time is valuable… but only as a non-existent, imaginary accumulation.
82. There are two types of guilt: genuine guilt and false or imaginary guilt.
83. Yes, it's just part of the wilds of a fellow Angel's imaginary universe.
84. He held his hand up, and my palm touched his right at the imaginary line.
85. The celestial equator is an imaginary sphere above the Earth’s equator.
86. The crowd kept its distance, like there was an imaginary shield of hate.
87. What all imaginary lines do is completely change the dynamic of the game.
88. As Jeff watched, the imaginary river began to carve a long valley in the.
89. There’s plenty of real dangers without worrying about imaginary ones.
90. And it is this change which is interfered with, by all imaginary remedies.
91. With that, he pursed his lips and, with an imaginary key, locked his mouth.
92. And as Felicia hinted now and then, the heaviness wasn’t just imaginary.
93. Time and distance may have led his longing heart on an imaginary adventure.
94. Rooting for an imaginary abstract symbol of a Greek polis or American city.
95. After all, if we can have irrational numbers we can have an imaginary axis.
96. You mean you can draw an imaginary line anywhere, and create a game from it.
97. It is marked with abstract imaginary separations where no actual ones exist.
98. The way she talks to this imaginary friend of hers… The detective was.
99. We guess you and your imaginary friends can use Fralgoth's ship to escape.
100. They ran through their imaginary CV’s and I wondered who these jokers were.

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