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Feisty en una oración (en ingles)

  1. She certainly was a feisty lady.
  2. And feisty as all get out too.
  3. A feisty one, I see, he remarked.
  4. The sight of that feisty little thing.
  5. Yes indeed, this Muhammad is a feisty 1.

  6. My my, quite the feisty one we have here.
  7. Naw, but he's a feisty old goat sometimes.
  8. She’s a feisty one I see, Isaac said.
  9. She was cute, but also a bit feisty.
  10. She giggled, thinking about the feisty goose.
  11. He couldn’t help but admire her feisty strength.
  12. I told you she was feisty, Joby said to Jonah.
  13. Swann couldn't help laughing at the feisty gamecock.
  14. Dan smiled; he really had taken to this feisty bitch.
  15. He could love Fern subdued or feisty it didn't matter.

  16. Thankfully, Toby’s a very feisty and intelligent cat.
  17. Both were sufficiently feisty, as Bretons tended to be.
  18. By now the wind was an icy feisty breath in my face and I.
  19. Max grinned at her mock anger, he loved it when she got feisty.
  20. A feisty one, the king thought, very intelligent and outspoken.
  21. She was feisty too, and told the lamest jokes I’ve ever heard.
  22. Oh, a feisty one at that! Said the soldier, smiling in the dark.
  23. She was definitely kind of feisty but not being totally obnoxious about it.
  24. He gave the command again and reluctantly the feisty dog turned in retreat.
  25. When she returned, she was no longer the awkward feisty girl he remembered.

  26. He adored her feisty maid act especially when punctuated with a cheeky grin.
  27. She was no longer the cheerful, feisty and happy young woman she used to be.
  28. My jaw became unhinged when I came face to face with the feisty bowler who had.
  29. Was a bit of a feisty one, I can tell he’s a character we’ll have to keep an eye on.
  30. Clarissa Wild is an avid reader and writer of sexy stories about hot men and feisty women.
  31. A television soap star-turned-neta, the feisty and fearless Smriti was ready for a new role.
  32. I have seen pictures of her depicted as a feisty red head with wavy hair much as you yourself.
  33. Feisty was one thing, but not playing ball when guns were involved was childish, even stupid and possibly lethal.
  34. When the novelty wore off, she became feisty again and suspicious of guests, especially men in workman’s boots.
  35. Beth arrived bubbling with exuberance about Puriscal, the feisty stallion and the intoxicating charm of La Hacienda.
  36. Also, he had not seen Jake White Raven and usually where Bloodtooth was the small, feisty Indian wasn‘t far away.
  37. Her feisty attitude only served to make Ethan’s head cock sideways before he replied with a sleight hint of aggravation:.
  38. Shop till you drop at Bally and Tony’s Boutique, she returned her eyes to the feisty little man, struggling in her hand.
  39. He was sorely disappointed at being unable to have her as a new addition to his harem; he would have enjoyed the feisty redhead.
  40. The feisty little trackers certainly had heart, but they seemed to lack the necessary skills to succeed in close quarters combat.
  41. Through the next three innings, Chance pitched a shutout; yielding his feisty determination to prove Coach Ryan's confidence in him wouldn't be taken for granted.
  42. Her three colleagues picked up the feisty forensic psychologist and were assured in response that she was in no way harmed, although she was more than a little shaken.
  43. It was hard to be objective with her hopes riding so high, but that same triangle--containing Mars, Venus, and Jupiter--suggested they'd be a lively, feisty, sexy couple.
  44. Calm down Katie I’m sure that neither of the strange occurrences since last I was here have a penchant for chewing up feisty little blondes, but you never know though.
  45. He had established a place for himself in Old Wachusett, had a reputable church with a good congregation, a beautiful, intelligent—albeit at times feisty and stubborn—daughter.
  46. Flavius, as a veteran of many military battles, couldn’t help admire the courage of the big boy and his fidelity to the girl, who was also proving to be quite a feisty type and had grabbed the club from the man she had downed.
  47. Even if she had been the most sophisticated rider as Terence claimed and by her own admissions in having wanted to ride the feisty stallion, Satan, chance had evidently divided the rider and her mount, as she would not have had time to make the walk back if she was going to have lunch with Ms.
  48. Folding his newspaper with exasperation, Dennis looked over the reading specs on his nose and noted matter-of-factly, Nah, Midgey, I still have my money on the lad; ‘e’s a feisty one—I bet that one has squirrel blood in his veins! Look at him squirm; ‘e’ll be out of them ropes in no time.

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feisty plucky spunky huffy touchy

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