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Touchy en una oración (en ingles)

I am more touchy.
She was a bit touchy.
Kosmo was very touchy.
He's touchy about his car.
Huggy, kissy, touchy, feely.
But these Anuunaki are touchy.
Women especially are so touchy.

You mystics are a bloody touchy lot.
Everybody’s touchy this morning.
You said we could do touchy feely.
It’ s obviously a touchy subject.
Anyway, I’m too old for touchy feely.
We were getting close to a touchy subject.
She is a bit touchy about her private life.
Individuals have become touchy and even paranoid.
Gideon had always had touchy fingers, even as a child.
It was the most emotional and touchy moment in my life.
However, the topic of his parents was a very touchy point.
I know women tend to be touchy when it comes to the other woman.
But where the nature of the body really gets touchy, and where its.
Ain’ that touchy? He wiped an imaginary tear on his sleeve.
He’s very touchy about the subject of Communism, having grown up in it.
Maturing children are touchy, sensitive, self-conscious, modest, seclusive.
Andersen smiled kindly and said to both of the Hartts, This is a touchy subject.
He was beginning to put this together now, 'lab equipment' had been too touchy for Tahlmute.
It was not until he had received his apology that our touchy friend would suffer himself to be appeased.
But Al Ulbrickson wasn’t one to waste a lot of time trying to figure out a touchy kid’s tender spots.
These are not touchy feely areas but serious areas affecting the company’s wealth and the staffs’ health.
He still remembered her touchy reaction to his speculation about reading in an RNAcid trip of some other person.
Step on it a bit, we don’t want to keep him waiting at this time of the morning, you know how touchy he can be!.
On the other hand, perhaps they were astounded at what they considered sarcasm—one never knows with these touchy fellows.
Yet the intrinsic quality of the event moved his touchy sensitiveness less than its conjectured effect upon the minds of others.
The little fairy was not speaking, everything what she did was laughing with a touchy and nasal snigger and produced dresses and more dresses.
What she did get was a report that Tahlmute was very nervous and touchy about the investigation, to the point where her contact had to back off.
It was also observed during those two or three days that he was in a state of morbid self-esteem, and was specially touchy on all points of honour.
Don’t touch! Sahib you can look but none of this touchy business…not until we have a confirmed deal, said Suraj putting on a strong southern Indian accent.
Not to grieve a kind master, I learned to be less touchy; and, for the space of half a year, the gunpowder lay as harmless as sand, because no fire came near to explode it.
Local authorities who are generally touchy and old-maidish in their political correctness routinely ban the use of such terms as Christmas, acting like latter day Scrooges.
Any country has its share of criminal characters and we always joke and say they are already in SA (South Africa) and London which is unfair and Nigerians are touchy on this subject.
Oh! do not take offence at my words, gentlemen, for Heaven’s sake do not be so touchy! cried the prince, seeing that Burdovsky was getting excited again, and that the rest were preparing to protest.

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delicate ticklish touchy feisty huffy

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