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    find out

    1. Find out what is in your medicine

    2. "I need to find out if Athnu cooked first, he'll be highly insulted if he has and we leave

    3. "And how did you find out?" she asked

    4. That representation is then stored in our computers and cross referenced whenever we need to find out where you are in the world,” Ackers said as he walked, never slowing his pace

    5. “Why? Would you like to find out?”

    6. “How did you find out where the Chip was?” Nancy asked as she studied the screens

    7. He wouldn't last long enough to find out what happened

    8. She changed the subject to his camp and gushed about that a bit, the whole point being to find out where he got the money

    9. He should have been, he could find out a lot more from her on the pillow than across the dinner table

    10. The only reason Jorma's important to me is because he helped me find out the truth about Tdeshi and Tahlmute

    11. Violet looked to her mother’s face to find out whether this was supposed to be a joke

    12. "I hope you never find out," he said, and would not say more

    13. what do you want me to find out, Stephen?'

    14. Find out the nest egg that will be required to meet your retirement needs

    15. For instance, if you are more than 5 years away from retirement, you can find out the return you need to earn considering your present saving pattern or you can find out the amount you need to invest at a given rate of return

    16. Surely you don't think you can tell the Kassikan about it and I wouldn't find out

    17. His first order of business was to find out who was in the room without being caught

    18. Which brought him to his next order of business; he had to find out who he was dealing with and how best to deal with them

    19. In other words, although Ackers would never have admitted it this way, he had to find out how best to get away from whoever was now in the house

    20. I daresay he’ll be able to find out who the guy in the bar was … as I said, I think he was a local

    21. 3) To understand a clause, we first find out its verb and next its subject/object

    22. Please find out the sentence pattern of each of the following sentences

    23. Please find out the subjects and objects in the following sentences:

    24. Can you find out who is liaising with them from the Irish police force?"

    25. "What did you find out? Is it the same guy?"

    26. I'm here to find out what happened to the man who was murdered, mutilated and stripped of his tattoos on June 17th

    27. While those natives had to be informed by the one of their clan who had gone to a data terminal, the network was connected to everyone on Narrulla's Tear and she was able to query, 'what is known about an asteroid that could collide with the planet Kassidor?' and find out quite a lot

    28. Ava said nothing about that, "We should find out what they know about this so far

    29. You can find out more about him and his books at:

    30. "The Chief doesn’t need to find out about Wambach," Tig said "I don’t want to report him

    31. I’ve discovered that he lives in a house up by the quarry on the western boundaries of the village – I’ve not seen it but he says there are fantastic views over the village from his bedroom window … I contemplate what it would be like to find out … then read myself the riot act for being so … so … optimistic

    32. I will never find out how this story ends

    33. Bahkmar could probably figure out a way to find out with the diagnostic channels

    34. "No way, and he better not find out

    35. Alfred hung on this conversation wondering if he was going to hear them make plans to have Alan subjected to this to find out if he really was from Earth

    36. The only thing that I failed to find out, was what had happened exactly between Arion and Lady Chimaera during the time he was her prisoner

    37. Please can you contact Renald – and DO NOT TRUST ANYONE ELSE AT ALL – least of all his staff, and find out what he wants me to do, if anything

    38. If she was ever at all curious to find out if she really descended from Oliar, any downtown lab could tell her for an iron

    39. “We need to find out the weather next time” said Catwhiskers

    40. wanted to find out what it was

    41. resort to the great book to find out about it” said Poopsie

    42. "Then how'd you find out?"

    43. ‘I’ll see if I can find out anything about that for you, Lintze

    44. ‘We may never find out

    45. I will try and find out more”

    46. Joris rides a jet black stallion called Black Hofnarr … I shall have to find out what that means

    47. “We really should find out more about that” said Joe

    48. He knew that there should be a trial to find out

    49. "You'll find out Steve soon enough! You’re next ole boy!" and he gave him a huge pat on the shoulder and let out a mighty laugh

    50. Collin, you must go into a trance and see what you can find out

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