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1. Why is it we differentiate life and only.
2. You will differentiate yourself when your.
3. I cannot differentiate days or nights or weeks.
5. The cosmos does not differentiate between the two.
6. They don't differentiate themselves from everything else.
7. These studies did not differentiate between the types of.

8. I could not differentiate between the two, even if I wished to.
9. The air smells of stale bread and herbs he cannot differentiate.
10. The poor dear cannot differentiate between erudition and wisdom.
11. The males and females are easy to differentiate with the males.
12. It was very difficult to differentiate between the three of them.
13. Cred as MlK to differentiate her from ML2K – Money Loves to Kill.
14. Throughout this book, I refer to The Apocalypse to differentiate.
15. However, it does have a couple of policies that differentiate it:.
16. I could even differentiate between that of horses, swine and cattle.
17. It is important to differentiate here between literacy and education:.
18. Our customers take some of these easy wins to help differentiate their.
19. He really could not differentiate the biscuit he had swallowed into his.
20. I learned to differentiate his meows and appreciate his nonstop purring.
21. How Do You Differentiate Yourself From The Competition? It’s All About.
22. Limitations are given by the fact that the analyses did not differentiate.
23. A MAN has three features that differentiate it from both a LAN and a WAN:.
24. It does not differentiate as to whether you are a speculator or an investor.
25. There is no absolute point that you can find to differentiate between anything.
26. Through all of these processes, which cardinally differentiate a human from any.
27. What did that stupid woman know? She couldn’t differentiate between black and.
28. The enlightened view life as a dream, so how could they possibly differentiate.
29. They had to be able to smell their prey, and differentiate between grass and weeds.
30. I must confess to you, my dear: I don't differentiate much between thoughts and words.
31. I should hate to trust its findings further than to differentiate between individuals.
32. Sampson’s paw print was there, too, but it was easy enough to differentiate, sizewise.
33. It is often hard to differentiate between the two because there are so many similarities.
34. To safely differentiate between the two sub-species while actually out hunting, is impossible.
35. It almost seemed as if the Europans were unable to differentiate between reality and fiction.
36. I’d say to call me Will but then we wouldn’t be able to differentiate between me and the boy.
37. They were still the Three Young Bucks to me, but they’d also begun to differentiate in my mind.
38. The purpose of this section is to differentiate the two correctly so we know where you are currently.
39. With that said, it’s important to differentiate secular growth trends from rising commodity prices.
40. June? A godmother? She was ecstatic and frightened, at that moment, unable to differentiate the two.
41. Some are easy but others are so similar it is not always possible for me to differentiate between them.
42. Couldn’t they be coincidences? Computers can’t really differentiate between … ah … that accurately.
43. Atom-energies differentiate from the spirit energy of Self, Spirit, and Soul by their essences and functions.
44. The specifics certainly differentiate our case from studies others have conducted on median survival rates.
45. However, most businesses don’t differentiate between maintenance and growth Capex in their financial reports.
46. Nor is there much need for separate letters to differentiate in writing the sharp k and long k in lock and loch.
47. Early humans did not differentiate in their wonder between a grain of sand, or a plant, or a tree, or the stars.
48. I differentiate HFTs from auto-trading because I consider HFTs those implementing high-speed scalping strategies.
49. Why does Homer differentiate himself from the others on such an enormously important point? What is this mystery?
50. Over time, an allergic person learns to differentiate between an allergy and a cold, based on a variety of factors.
51. All of us are wearing steel helmets, to differentiate us from the turbaned Taliban and avoid fratricidal shootings.
52. Even in the Army of God, there were those beginning to differentiate between the Grand Inquisitor and Mother Church.
53. The first way to differentiate between obstructive and restrictive disease is to look at the TLC (Total Lung Capacity).
54. There are good spec mining companies out there among the Barnums of the mining world, but they are hard to differentiate.
55. Many of today’s young listeners simply can’t differentiate between what is right, wrong, acceptable, or unacceptable.
56. This book attempts to differentiate these simple concepts by adding a few terms to the conventional Lindsay vocabulary.
57. Please note that whilst we differentiate the stages they may flow into each other but the sequence will be roughly the same.
58. These pivot points are called first-order pivots to differentiate them from more significant pivots in the market structure.
59. Computer makers were willing to pay a premium to Intel to have the latest microprocessors in order to differentiate themselves.
60. Many Verse s of the holy Qur’an command us to get the light of God so as to differentiate between good and bad, wrong and right.
61. We need to learn to differentiate these various manifestations and calmly observe them, and also as far as possible to control them.
62. Maybe we should differentiate between the practical applications to obtain Justice and the search for Justice which is not the same.
63. Having been raised in their society gave her the unique ability to be able to differentiate between the different types of Scathers.
64. The factors which differentiate people in similar situations are the different feelings, intensities of feeling, and level of denial.
65. However, no consensual definition of a bear market exists to clearly differentiate a primary market trend from a secondary market trend.
66. Some businesses will differentiate between capital expenditures needed for growth and capital expenditures needed to maintain a business.
67. Throughout this book, I refer to The Apocalypse to differentiate it from the Book of Revelation as presented in the Christian New Testament.
68. At one time, it was easy to differentiate between servers and clients because servers functioned only as servers and clients only as clients.
69. So a blind can’t differentiate between his touching of a fish and a snake, he doesn’t recognize that he is touching now a snake or a fish.
70. It could be rewritten in exactly the same way, but I want you to try and impose a specifically female style to differentiate from my versions.
71. This is probably something of an outdated suggestion nowadays, but the functionality is still there in autorepsonders to differentiate between the two.
72. According to the principle of yin-yang, there is no biological planes that differentiate man from woman, both have the same elements driven by the cosmos.
73. They could not possess any differentiating characteristics because there could be no smaller characteristics to differentiate them by in the first place.
74. Kara moved her head gingerly on the pillow trying to differentiate between the bruising and the vague migraine aftermath … no, it was only bruising now.
75. They don't differentiate between a fatal shot to the heart, from the side, or an equally fatal shot, that destroys the internal organs, taken from behind.
76. For example, most men can name only 11 colors (women can name about 15), but can differentiate between over a million colors when placed next to each other.
77. The lesson is it will not work in Africa or anywhere else without massive manpower commitments and the technology to differentiate between animals and humans.
78. His host and his host's household, his men and his maids , as they became intimately known to Clare, began to differentiate themselves as in a chemical process.
79. I don’t know how it works but I can usually differentiate between you being upset about some outside agency, like today, and you having an accident or something.
80. Although sometimes it is hard to differentiate legitimate tax shelters from abusive ones, the United States revenue bureau identified cases of abusive tax shelters.
81. I find that many don’t differentiate between the two but it comes down to what is usable in court and what is of a more general nature and not to be used in court.
82. Looking closely at the strengths and emphases of EMBA Programs during the selection process can help students maximize their own ability to differentiate themselves.
83. Stone's sheep, the larger, can be found in several colors, unlike the Dall, which is smaller, and always white, thus making it easier to differentiate between them.
84. Visible light as it is absorbed or reflected in relation to atom structures allows humans to differentiate between the different structure and functions of atom energy.
85. We need to be able to differentiate Caribbean tropical sprue, Asia tropical sprue, and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth when reviewing folate and vitamin B12 levels.
86. This terminology is important because it helps us to differentiate between functions and variables which are separate by itself and those which belong to a class or object.
87. Students want to differentiate themselves from their peers, so that they are better positioned than another potential candidate for career advancement, says McCleary.
88. Without the distinguishing ability of the Neo-Cortex, the limbic and reptilian brains do not have the ability to differentiate between reality and what it sees on television.
89. So you think she got here relatively earlier on before her features could differentiate the way they later did with my people into a primarily Mongoloid type ethnic origin?
90. Rajneesh says that we have not yet been able to differentiate religious madness from non-religious madness, so ‘in America both of these types of cases are put in the same asylum.
91. As there was no substantial difference between hunter and warrior at that time, it means that, from a modern perspective, any attempt to differentiate between them would be pointless.
92. Another strategy to help differentiate quickly whether a business is overly acquisitive, is by comparing the total goodwill plus intangibles to total assets from the most recent quarter.
93. They named him ‘ranger’ She sighed Obviously Aadil was very young to differentiate between a dream and reality but Tanmay figured out, that he was seeing future in his dreams.
94. Atoms are energy made from the will of the ‘Creator’, but with properties, as mentioned above, that uniquely differentiate them from spirit-energy and spirit-energy from atom-energy.
95. So then, what factors differentiate believer from skeptic? Psychologists down the ages have puzzled over the question of what motivates different world-views and the so-called will to believe.
96. Since the PICA Owl had built had been loaded with a duplicate of Nimue Alban’s memories and personality, the AI had been forced to find a way to differentiate between the different iterations of her.
97. Not only that but this was another battle that had ended with men killed for a few yards of earth sometimes it was hard to differentiate between who we would sooner kill the Turks or the Staff Officers.
98. NB: Teacher can differentiate by making sure less able children are at the front of each line and more able towards the end – it obviously gets harder to think of additional facts as the game progresses.
99. Catching the likeness, as it is called, is simply seizing on the essential things that belong only to a particular individual and differentiate that individual from others, and expressing them in a forceful manner.
100. They also can’t seem to differentiate between a wealthy ‘Farang’ or an impoverished one or understand that a large majority of ‘Farangs’ who live in Thailand do so because they can’t afford to live in the West.
1. This is not a differentiating factor.
2. They are also differentiating themselves, but not in a good way.
3. A critically differentiating analysis of his political statements.
4. Differentiating between the two can be done by looking at liver function tests (LFTs).
5. However, as there is a great deal of ambiguity differentiating between awareness and consciousness.
6. Control charts are means of differentiating special cause of variation from common cause of variation.
7. Differentiating between more and less risky leverage, rather than by explicit leverage and embedded non-recourse leverage, may be useful.
8. Madeline had told her that the trick to differentiating Celeste’s boys was to look for the strawberry-shaped birthmark on Max’s forehead.
9. They could not possess any differentiating characteristics because there could be no smaller characteristics to differentiate them by in the first place.
10. As for differentiating between the words enlightenment and awakening, enlightenment implies a more finished and constant state of realization, while awakening has more of the active quality of a verb and therefore suggests a movement or shift in consciousness.
11. The value comes from three factors: understanding the patterns that can precede a failure of trend continuation, differentiating between those failures that are likely to lead to a dramatic reversal and those that are more likely to transition into a sideways range, and finding specific risk management points for trades that set up around these patterns.
12. Must we accept the view of Empedocles of Trinacria that the right ovary (the postmenstrual period, assert others) is responsible for the birth of males or are the too long neglected spermatozoa or nemasperms the differentiating factors or is it, as most embryologists incline to opine, such as Culpepper, Spallanzani, Blumenbach, Lusk, Hertwig, Leopold and Valenti, a mixture of both? This would be tantamount to a cooperation (one of nature's favourite devices) between the nisus formativus of the nemasperm on the one hand and on the other a happily chosen position, succubitus felix of the passive element.
1. Nothing is identical or differentiated.
2. How is the Universal differentiated in form?
3. They are not differentiated with respect to.
4. Root Cause—To be differentiated from cause.
5. It is differentiated into form by our power to think.
6. While anthropods differentiated from monkeys, not all.
7. Verily, people are differentiated through their actions.
8. This was the key concept which differentiated the rich.
9. Therapsids distinguished for their differentiated teeth and.
10. Godhead as being at the same time unified and differentiated.
11. When t = 0, X = Xo and Vx=Vx,o=Xo and having differentiated (Eq.
12. The success of Google came when they differentiated themselves from.
13. The two terms are differentiated by their service provider-to-consumer.
14. When chaos was differentiated the yellow pole separated from the black pole.
15. Opal can be differentiated from an ordinary stone by the colors present on its surface.
16. Of the Wing, they say: It is a tactical command as differentiated from an administrative command.
17. This was the key concept which differentiated the rich from the poor; the successful from the failures.
18. Through the individual, each individual is a channel whereby this energy is being differentiated in form.
19. There is often free-entry into industries with differentiated products, but the same asset valuations hold.
20. Thought, which is substance in equilibrium and which is constantly being differentiated in form by what we think.
21. The undifferentiated state became differentiated as the most words enters into the bad work to cause the change.
22. The entire atmosphere of the domain of hell, is that where the brute Beast and humans are no longer differentiated.
23. I'm looking for opportunities in which I have a differentiated view on forward earnings, preferably revenue-driven.
24. As he came closer, their particular scents differentiated in his mind and he labeled them as Number One and Number Two.
25. The whole perspective of my possible further development is differentiated in billions of Formo-systems of Worlds.
26. Mind is a power born of Atman because it is through mind that God manifests Himself as the differentiated universe of names and forms.
27. Thus far, this caution has differentiated China’s agricultural investment in Africa from its other investment projects on the continent.
28. Scientifically we know that at this early stage of development there are some cells which are differentiated and there are some cells that are.
29. In contrast, frequent performance measurement in liquid assets enables skill to be differentiated from luck over a reasonable evaluation period.
30. For, "just as a human being is composed of seven principles, differentiated matter in the Solar System exists in seven different conditions" (ibid).
31. Differentiated analysis of positions in separate underlying assets is not efficient since the whole portfolio must be evaluated as a single structure.
32. When chaos was differentiated, yellow was separated from black and the polarization of the primordial in differentiated state occurs in yellow and black.
33. We did not indicate whether First-In produces a commodity or a differentiated product; without a sustainable competitive advantage, it makes no difference.
34. The two types of tops are differentiated by the length of time involved in their construction and the fact that Major Tops usually contain several Compact Tops.
35. According to Buddhists 28, the widest ground of experience appears to be a pure, immediate presence before it becomes differentiated into any form of subject-object duality.
36. But even this grain of sand itself is differentiated into billions of its own various Forms of different-quality manifestations, and I just described to you just a few of them.
37. It is, however, probable that the two sorts of flowers borne by the same plant were originally differentiated by finely graduated steps, which may still be followed in some few cases.
38. The result is 579,253,248,000 of creatively interrelated and inertially differentiated “parts of me” whose realization dynamics have formed the whole subjective picture of my “past”.
39. Similar processes are characteristic of all Formo-systems that structure the slloogrent dynamics of each of the artificially differentiated (by us according to the frequency parameter) skrruullerrt systems.
40. It is notorious that the wings of birds and bats, and the legs of horses or other quadrupeds, are undistinguishable at an early embryonic period, and that they become differentiated by insensibly fine steps.
41. Even though the warden didn't look like the warden, there were distinguishing colors which differentiated him from other humans and with Roqford's eyes he would recognize the warden anywhere, even in a crowd.
42. Continued to advance results from core direct marketing and the new local radio campaign, which highlights the differentiated benefits of the Sleep Number bed and the location of the company’s retail stores; and.
43. This nonlinearity (which is hardly detectable by means of the other effectiveness indicators) is extremely important for the clear perception of differentiated criteria effectiveness within its different value ranges.
44. For the same reason, all different-quality dynamics of all rotation Cycles of each Stereo-Form are duvuyllerrtly differentiated into that which I define as STAAKLAVVS — individual rotation Cycles of Proto-Forms of GOOLGAMAA-A.
45. As you have seen in this chapter, the bottom four layers of the OSI reference model perform functions that are easily differentiated, while the functions of the session, presentation, and application layers tend to bleed together.
46. The problem I've found in paying higher multiples is that you can have a differentiated view on the business fundamentals and be absolutely right, but the risk is higher that the multiple contracts and takes away your positive return.
47. Altogether I could see that, in addition to the friendship natural to persons who had been companions from childhood, there existed between Woloda and Katenka a relation which differentiated them from us, and united them mysteriously to one another.
48. Since, at the moment of the slloogrent unpacking, each UU-VVU-Form is being kleksized on each level and differentiated by the Formo-Creators of the brain into many Formo-copies, there can be many individual reactions to one and the same VVU-Information.
49. For the best definition which has ever been given of a high standard of organisation, is the degree to which the parts have been specialised or differentiated; and natural selection tends towards this end, inasmuch as the parts are thus enabled to perform their functions more efficiently.
50. This mechanism is provided by the presence (in the general dynamics of holographous rotation-frequency Shifts of each Continuum) of more differentiated (in synthesized Qualities, which means, in diapasons of dimensions) individual dynamics of holographous rotation-frequency Shifts of Realities of each type.
51. Anthropologists believe that the different races of humankind arose from a single parental population branching from a common ancestor that dispersed from Africa about 80,000 years ago, having then, become rapidly differentiated through the concentration of gene pools that we observe in today's diverse races.
52. Do understand that it is very difficult to comprehend this entire notional space-time structure for those who try to study IISSIIDIOLOGY but still fail to understand anything only because Configurations of focused-by-Them Forms still have Self-Consciousness greatly differentiated into nonexistent “particulars” and “discretenesses”.
53. But he who will take the trouble to reflect on the steps by which this first degree of sterility could be increased through natural selection to that high degree which is common with so many species, and which is universal with species which have been differentiated to a generic or family rank, will find the subject extraordinarily complex.
54. Herbert Spencer would probably answer that, as soon as simple unicellular organisms came by growth or division to be compounded of several cells, or became attached to any supporting surface, his law "that homologous units of any order become differentiated in proportion as their relations to incident forces become different" would come into action.
55. That which can be qualitatively — psychologically — reflected in the dynamics of Space-Time through NUU-VVU-Configurations of many duvuyllerrt Stereo-Types (simultaneously structured by different UU-VVU-Forms and UU-VVU-copies differentiated by them) is, in essence, the manifestation of the individual creative dynamics of conglomerates of UU-VVU-copies.
56. Each of sublevels of the common information “space” of ODS (which means, all objects, all phenomena that are structured by some VVU-Information that belongs to ODS) has its own type of dimension that is not associated with Time Flows, in which some Formo-copies were differentiated into their “niches” from the structures of “personality” Self-Consciousness.
57. We may thus account for the distinctness of whole classes from each other—for instance, of birds from all other vertebrate animals—by the belief that many ancient forms of life have been utterly lost, through which the early progenitors of birds were formerly connected with the early progenitors of the other and at that time less differentiated vertebrate classes.
58. Art is differentiated from activity of the understanding, which demands preparation and a certain sequence of knowledge (so that one cannot learn trigonometry before knowing geometry), by the fact that it acts on people independently of their state of development and education, that the charm of a picture, sounds, or of forms, infects any man whatever his plane of development.
59. But primates although having similar DNA to humans making apes and other primates anatomically very similar with their biological organs such as skin, heart, lungs, brain, arms, legs, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, torso, hips, spine and body functions etcetera, they are differentiated from humans by remaining in their intellectual, cognitive and emotional ‘primitive’ primate unchanged state.
60. First of all, I wished to be NOBLE in all my deeds and conduct (I use the French word noble instead of the Russian word blagorodni for the reason that the former has a different meaning to the latter—as the Germans well understood when they adopted noble as nobel and differentiated it from ehrlich); next, to be strenuous; and lastly, to be what I was already inclined to be, namely, comme il faut.
61. However, the principle of inertial differentiation of any Forms in various structures of Space-Time is based not on the “linear distance” between these Forms, but on the infinite self-duplication of their quantum-holographous projections into increasingly differentiated manifestations of Aspects of Qualities, which are as if “packed” in one “multidimensional noo-time point” of the information “space”.
62. I have mentioned somewhere that each of the 12 Flows of Pure Qualities is differentiated inside itself into 1728 main (distinct in the discrete Direction of their life creativity, but duvuyllerrtly reprojected onto each other) Aspects that are subject to the Synthesis with each other (with the passive fluctuation dynamics of the same number of Aspects of each of the other 11 Qualities) in Self-Consciousnesses of doollttrok Forms.
63. Why? Because we have a common (to all of us) diapason of dimensions, the reliability and constancy (presence) of which is provided by the more differentiated dynamics of individual holographous rotation-frequency Shifts of different-qualitative Formo-systems of individual Worlds that structure even narrower diapasons of dimensions but have (through resopasons) active interrelations with Forms of Self-Consciousnesses of other Formo-systems of Worlds.
64. After Death of any living creature, including a dinosaur, the whole aggregate of Fields-Consciousnesses that composed, during its life, the wave Configuration of its Self-Consciousness, have qualitatively differentiated into fragmented Self-Consciousnesses (Formo-copies) that realize themselves in individual ODS on their typical frequency Levels of Energy-Plasma, each of which corresponds to some qualitative possibilities of their further creative realization.
65. For example, Configurations of Self-Consciousnesses of Forms of absolutely all people, animals and plants that structure Formo-systems of Worlds of one and the same Continuum are differentiated according to this wave parameter into many duvuyllerrt groups or communities that inhabit different geographical zones and countries, and, according to their specific features, belong to different races, nationalities and peoples (for animals and plants — classes, genuses, families and species).
66. For example, when Lindsay refers to a “top,” is he referring to the targeted, final top of the advance, or is he referring to the top from which we measure the origin point of the 107-day count? Is the final “top” he refers to an absolute high in price or is this top the time span of the ±5-day window that encompasses the intraday high? These are all concepts that are simple to understand but need to be differentiated and labeled in order to understand and apply the Lindsay Timing Model.
67. In essence, it is possible to put the equal sign between the joint dynamics of VVU-Configurations of UU-VVU-Forms and VVU-Configurations of UU-VVU-copies and the generalizing dynamics (structured by them) of NUU-VVU-Configurations of each of Stereo-Types, which we have already used in our successive choices, because the Information brought from TEC by each “previous” Stereo-Type has been synthesized (kleksized by the bio-Creators) into a corresponding Experience and during all “subsequent” choices it structures our individual ODS as differentiated VVU-Configurations of UU-VVU-conglomerates.
68. Therefore, being focused for a long time on the states of spite, grievance, jealousy and other negative reactions in order to carry out the Synthesis of these subaspects, “the personality” with the above NUU-VVU-Configuration inertially “unpacks-unfolds”, from the slloogrent dynamics of TEC, these more differentiated “files” of VVU-Information, which requires to use inertially much more time than the time spent by the Formo-Creators of VVU-Configurations for decoding higher-qualitative choices that already organically include the whole synthesized Experience of lower-qualitative UU-VVU-copies.
69. In the rezonational “points”, where VVU-Configurations of the specific dynamics of these SFUURMM-Forms considerably coincide, that is, where your present Conceptions of “yourself” on some Levels of your Self-Consciousness closely resonate with such Conceptions typical of some other your Stereo-Types manifested in another Time Flow (no matter to which Formo-systems of Worlds these Stereo-Types belong), you become differentiated anyway and disidentify yourself from the NUU-VVU-Configurations of the current Worlds, and then can start (or rather continue, as if nothing had happened) to realize yourself in other groups of Stereo-Types that structure other Formo-systems of Worlds and Continuums.
70. So, through the slloogrent Information and narrowly-specific subjective Experience (they are contained in Configurations of UU-VVU-Forms (VVU-Information) and in Configurations of UU-VVU-copies (Experience) continuously differentiated by the UU-VVU-Forms into the information “space” of ODS that actively participate in the different-qualitative creative dynamics of your Self-Consciousness), when you gain some practical skills, you can not only explore Formo-systems of Worlds of this type of Reality (through the so-called “ethereal projections”), but also — through the superdiscrete subjective dynamics of SVUULL-VVU- and LUUD-VVU-copies — cognize narrowly-specific features of the creativity of low-qualitative Spheres of creativity of your individual ODS, like I used to do it when I wrote my books of “the Art of Dying” series.
71. The main feature of FLUU-LUU-complexes (from the point of view of the potential widening and deepening of realizational Possibilities of UU-VVU-copies in O-D-systems) is that an innumerable set of their higher-qualitative and more universal systems — FLOMM (something that remotely resembles, in its properties, our Continuums and Conversums considered together) that are differentiated according to their qualities into duvuyllerrt common realizational flayyds (the Cosmic Code — FLAYY — more universal analogs of our Formo-systems of Worlds, which, however, are not affected by any rotation Shifts), and into individual kleyds (their Cosmic Code is KLEYE, they are more universal analogs of our individual Worlds), — provide realizational Forms of any combined Consciousness with a level-by-level (frequency) access to all identical wave and flaks Formo-structures of One (joint for all LLUU-VVU) Primary Time Axis (to the VEC-dynamics).
1. Our need of beauty differentiates us from animals.
2. What differentiates us from all other religions is.
3. What differentiates one airline from another when they all use the same.
4. The aspect that is special is the main aspect which differentiates your.
5. SELF, that incessantly develops itself and that differentiates in billions and.
6. Your USP tells your reader what differentiates you and your product/service from your competitor.
7. He differentiates enlightenment from the previous stages to show those as survival stages and enlightenment as a Being stage.
8. What according to you is AQ’s biggest USP that differentiates AQ with similar sized players in the marketing analytics space in India?
9. What differentiates YOU from other distributors? Why should the prospect join YOU instead of others? This is where the sales letter comes in.
10. This differentiates each group from the other, thereby reducing envy within each group and making it possible to maintain different equality levels.
11. What differentiates ETFs from mutual funds is that they are passive, and at any given time an investor can find out what exactly they are investing in.
12. The argument for a portfolio holding a large number of names comes out of modern investment theory, which differentiates between systematic and nonsystematic risk.
13. Give yourself that coveted EDGE that differentiates you from all the other guys, but also firmly places you in her sexual partner dating pool even when she's never dated outside of her race!.
14. That is why, when the biological part of any “personality” focused by You differentiates (decomposes) after “Death” into many other biological Proto-Forms (bacteria, viruses, worms, etc.
15. For we should have the same baffling question: which part, which aspect are you? What, objectively, differentiates it from the others? No, but inconceivable as it seems to ordinary reason, you – and all other conscious beings as such – are all in all.
16. Now, we want to give an example that differentiates between the knowledge of appearance and the knowledge of reality of something, we say: A fish within its materialistic eye can only see the small piece of flesh attached to a fishhook thrown by a Fisher man.
17. This wonderful power of clothing thoughts in the form of words is what differentiates man from the rest of the animal kingdom; by the use of the written word he has been enabled to look back over the centuries and see the stirring scenes by which he has come into his present inheritance.
18. What differentiates the Bible from other books that predict the future, is that the Bible is very clear and concise in its prediction of future events still to come and based on historic records that have been verified, we know that about two thirds of the prophecies in the Bible have already been fulfilled.
19. As we have already pointed out, a feature that differentiates us from conventional business and security analysts is that convention (be it Graham and Dodd or modern capital theory) seems to emphasize operations at the expense of resource conversion factors, whereas we tend to de-emphasize operating factors, or rather, give resource conversion factors greater importance for most companies most of the time.
20. But without even asking the ordinary man what differentiates the "good" ballet and the "graceful" operetta from their opposites (a question he would have much difficulty in answering), if you ask him whether the activity of costumiers and hairdressers, who ornament the figures and faces of the women for the ballet and the operetta, is art; or the activity of Worth, the dressmaker; of scent-makers and men cooks,—then he will, in most cases, deny that their activity belongs to the sphere of art.
21. Jonathan Edwards expounds 1 John chapter 4, the whole thing, and we haven’t got time to read through it—read through it when you go home—but here’s how he differentiates between the genuine and the false: One, does the preaching in the movement affirm the historic Jesus as the crucified and risen Messiah? Is it Christ-centred? Two, does it oppose sin and worldly lusts? Three, does it awaken respect for Scripture by affirming its truth and its divine source? Four, does it awaken an awareness of the shortness of life and the coming of judgment? Five, does it awaken genuine love, both towards God and one’s neighbour? Six, does it produce converts with good fruit in their lives?

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