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    1. He shared his home but not his time, preferring, when not down at the pub watching Manchester City flatter to deceive in wide screen glory, to lock himself away in his room with his computers and his cable links to a very private world of digital opportunities

    2. Ava felt ridiculous in the open-fronted top, even though it did its best to flatter what little she had

    3. at the pub watching Manchester City flatter to deceive in wide

    4. Followed by a gush of wind that lifted her ponytail -- and nearly her whole body -- into the air, one of the demons in front of her was crushed, compacted flatter than the breadth of her blades by a monstrous war pick

    5. There was no need to flatter him, it seemed

    6. They are very weak who flatter themselves that, in the state to which things have come, our colonies will be easily conquered by force alone

    7. From shopkeepers, trades men, and attorneys, they are become statesmen and legislators, and are employed in contriving a new form of government for an extensive empire, which, they flatter themselves, will become, and which, indeed, seems very likely to become, one of the greatest and most formidable that ever was in the world

    8. The proud minister of an ostentatious court, may frequently take pleasure in executing a work of splendour and magnificence, such as a great highway, which is frequently seen by the principal nobility, whose applauses not only flatter his vanity, but even contribute to support his interest at court

    9. The teacher, instead of explaining to his pupils himself the science in which he proposes to instruct them, may read some book upon it; and if this book is written in a foreign and dead language, by interpreting it to them into their own, or, what would give him still less trouble, by making them interpret it to him, and by now and then making an occasional remark upon it, he may flatter himself that he is giving a lecture

    10. The most sanguine projector, however, could scarce flatter himself, that any augmentation of this kind would be such as could give any reasonable hopes, either of liberating the public revenue altogether, or even of making such progress towards that liberation in time of peace, as either to prevent or to compensate the further accumulation of the public debt in the next war

    11. Next came a bridge over a small river, and the street got flatter, with lights along it, and he knew it had to be here somewhere

    12. After what seemed like the last of these rapids, the river was joined by several smaller streams as it ran through the lowering hill country toward what in the haze of great distance only indistinctly indicated might be a flatter land

    13. – I have nothing to say although you try to flatter me!

    14. Of my own personal knowledge, I know of several autistic children who have said these things and a characteristic is Bowman‘s observation of a flatter tonal delivery in speech

    15. 36 Nevertheless they did flatter him with their mouth, and they lied to him with their tongues

    16. express image of a king whom they honoured, to the end that by this their forwardness they might flatter him who was absent, as if he

    17. If I had one piece of advice, it would be to make a list of the friends or people who flatter you who have not asked you for anything

    18. 31 And yet for all this the king gaped and gazed on her with open mouth; If she laughed on him he laughed also but if she took any displeasure at him the king was fain to flatter that she might be reconciled to him again

    19. Then the hills that separated them began to lower into the flatter ground that marked where the Copper Road would pass through them

    20. Onto the flatter ground they flew where it crossed the road that had brought them here

    21. There the ice was usually flatter and safer

    22. them began to lower into the flatter ground that marked where the Copper Road would pass

    23. Onto the flatter ground they flew where it

    24. flatter with their tongue

    25. lot flatter, but I hated the loose, wrinkly skin that remained

    26. constructive ideas," I told him without making it apparent I was trying to flatter

    27. ideal lighting conditions that flatter your appearance

    28. Lewis, deeply embarrassed himself tries to look Suzy in the eyes but loses his nerve and looks down at Darren; “That is the truth but don't flatter yourself we were just fighting over you

    29. To say the furniture was basic would have been to flatter it

    30. In the next stage I want you to flatter me for twenty four hours straight without taking any breaks or pauses; this includes sleep too

    31. stronger than the earth's and the earth's is a much flatter field

    32. that is curved less than another curve will be flatter

    33. “Don’t flatter yourself

    34. Since the dough rises but also spreads out on the cookie sheet, the result will be flatter loaves

    35. Another thing to keep in mind would be not to flatter her too much

    36. not trying to flatter myself here

    37. � Now, I am not telling you all this to flatter my ego, gentlemen

    38. Once the range had been reduced, Hood would of course, still be susceptible to enemy shellfire, but at shorter ranges their broadsides would come at flatter trajectories

    39. reflect the flatter slope and greater proportion of the equity curve; more debt actually

    40. ‘’Your question flatter me, Patricia, but I am already quite busy overseeing and protecting this bar and its customers and employees

    41. The land there is flatter and less rocky; there is more water

    42. When you need someone you do not hesitate to flatter but after needful is done you turn your eye away from him and reverse and forget all the true and fast relation of the past with them

    43. I couldn’t help myself from trying to flatter her

    44. “You flatter me, Your Eminence

    45. Jovet was learning the trean in school, a clarinet like instrument, only flatter, ending in two pipes

    46. moving to flatter country which they had not hitherto populated, Runt postulated, they would

    47. ‘You know how to flatter your man,’ he patted her, obviously pleased with her outpouring

    48. He looked at him coolly, "Yes, well your ability to flatter is unmatched

    49. was trying to flatter me so he didn’t have to apologise

    50. I shifted my foot onto a flatter spot of grass and nodded for Gabriel to continue

    1. As I was playing an elderly woman complete with grey wig, I was not overly flattered – even Emma, my daughter, didn’t recognise me in that outfit!’

    2. He flattered her a little about the richness of her pubic curls and gave her a quick tingle by running the backs of his fingers over them

    3. He was so flattered he invited me to join him in the wheelhouse for complimentary ouzo as soon as we were under way

    4. The old tart was very flattered by his kind words, completely missing the sarcasm that Archibald had tried to inject into that last phrase

    5. ‘I’m honoured and extremely flattered that he trusts me that much, Jo

    6. The old tart was very flattered by his kind words, completely

    7. 'He says he was more flattered than annoyed, and

    8. ' Jean was flattered that she

    9. Roman was flattered; I could see it in his eyes

    10. "I'm flattered to accept," she said, thinking this could be a lot of fun

    11. flattered and honoured to…’ But the stranger was no

    12. “Oh, do you really think so?” Obviously flattered and pleased at the suggestion

    13. Even when at last convinced that they were different, be still flattered himself that those rich countries were at no great distance; and in a subsequent voyage, accordingly, went in quest of them along the coast of Terra Firma, and towards the Isthmus of Darien

    14. Finding nothing, either in the animals or vegetables of the newly discovered countries which could justify a very advantageous representation of them, Columbus turned his view towards their minerals; and in the richness of their productions of this third kingdom, he flattered himself he had found a full compensation for the insignificancy of those of the other two

    15. They flattered themselves that veins of those metals might in many places be found, as large and as abundant as those which are commonly found of lead, or copper, or tin, or iron

    16. But everyman then, says he, fancied himself of some importance ; and the innumerable memoirs which have come down to us from those times, were the greater part of them written by people who took pleasure in recording and magnifying events, in which they flattered themselves they had been considerable actors

    17. “As long as you understand that nothing can happen between us and that I cant love you in that way then its alright I suppose I should be flattered and I will always love you like a brother

    18. Flattered that he’d come to her for help above all others

    19. “I’m flattered that you want to have my cards

    20. “You should tell the chef that I’m really flattered

    21. He was flattered, no doubt about it

    22. In his adapted persona, he flattered the border guards, customs agents and their supervisors with humorous comments about the many seals in his passport

    23. To say I was flattered would’ve been asinine

    24. I don’t know whether to be angry at the people laughing at me or flattered by the fact that he chose me first

    25. ” He rasped, flattered by her concern

    26. “I’m flattered, but no thanks

    27. I suppose I should feel flattered that my life was considered worth more than all the others she used and killed, but somehow I’m not

    28. I was flattered, but reminded her of Grandfather’s warning about naming any child in our family Karl

    29. Under normal circumstances I would have been flattered

    30. Besides, you should be flattered

    31. I had to admit that I was flattered

    32. With myriad of indelible hours our lives you so flattered,

    33. in the first place) but they will also be flattered

    34. the job they perform and are flattered to be asked about it in more detail

    35. I was flattered that someone like Tom seemed interested in me

    36. You don’t seem flattered by my presence

    37. and even though he had a mullet, I was flattered

    38. She was very flattered that he knew her name, as

    39. actually flattered by the attention, and by the idea that

    40. “My youthful what?!!!” Emeroth exclaimed, caught between being surprised, flattered, and newly outraged

    41. This talented salesman flattered Roy to a degree that was disgusting to others on the station staff and to us in Ithaca

    42. In any case, I am flattered that you would consider me for a job in your organization

    43. mother, and I could see that this treatment flattered her and instantly

    44. I was surely flattered by the

    45. I was flattered

    46. “Hilsith will be flattered

    47. "If that's not an excuse to be flattered I don't know what is

    48. “Oh, these?” said Gary, flattered

    49. cargo pants, hiking boots, and an olive-colored tank top that flattered her

    50. Flattered by his praises, the more because they were spoken in front of Leonardo, I focused my attention exclusively on his person, and to his sugary poet phrases I reciprocated with the enforced courtesy of my deference

    1. But how does this person know him? How does she know his habits? Maybe she’s a stalker! Actually, that’s kind of flattering that someone would show an interest in him

    2. Deciding that, as it is my day off, I shall wear something different, I trawl through the wardrobe, digging out a flattering, mid-calf length woollen skirt in a pretty shade of deep blue that Nick hasn’t seen yet … with a pretty light blue top and my best gold necklace (a present from the school when I left) it would look smart and it would make me feel partyish

    3. photo that is as flattering as it can be

    4. "You'll want something a little more flattering on

    5. It is neither pleasant for me to listen to nor particularly flattering to you

    6. ‘That’s rather flattering – they’re splendid kids, Sally

    7. Flattering myself that I have achieved this, I go into the office, hang my coat up and sit down at my desk

    8. Yet, it has been vaulted to the point that we accept, without question, the saying: 'A picture is worth a thousand words,' this does a disgraceful injustice to the picture however flattering it may be to the language of words and wordsmiths

    9. 'You? How can you help?' It was hardly flattering, but

    10. It was so flattering to have a fan/lover that we partially got back together

    11. It makes the most sense so far for the observed behavior, even though it is less than flattering to my ego

    12. attentive and flattering to the ladies (Enid talked casually

    13. How the soldiers of both sides tried to cajole the unwitting by way of clever and flattering appeal was both amusing and tiresome – and all too often successful if attempted by a particularly silver tongue

    14. For the ego, all happiness comes from the material world, and from having things and relationships (of the easy, flattering kind) in the world

    15. To depart upon any occasion from those rules, in consequence of some flattering speculation of extraordinary gain, is almost always extremely dangerous and frequently fatal to the banking company which attempts it

    16. “But there’s a rumor circulating around the village about you, and it’s not flattering

    17. The clothes Worth had picked out for me were far more stylish and flattering than anything I owned, but they weren’t mine

    18. Some readers of Bierzo 7 probably still remember Anthony Quinn’s flattering and endearing commentaries towards our privileged territory, but perhaps are unaware of several television reports that Fred made about El Bierzo for the American public

    19. “It is very flattering

    20. Now I was surprised to find myself responding to his charm, sincerely complimenting him, glowing in his flattering attention

    21. 3 The Lord shall cut off all flattering lips, and the tongue that speaks proud things:

    22. hates those who are afflicted by it; and the flattering mouth works out for ruin

    23. the women called to him with the same flattering lines moments

    24. It had a flattering picture of Terry and a very unflattering one of Nigel flipping off the media

    25. When they saw me approach wearing the black sash, an undercurrent of murmuring went through them quickly replaced with a very flattering, spontaneous cheering, and an inappropriate beating of swords against shields

    26. That was rather flattering, but I hope the boy didn’t inherit my family’s curse

    27. told something very flattering, but not true? On one hand you

    28. 59 And when the children of Moab had so overwhelmed him with their speeches, and enticed him by their flattering words, they seated him in the tent and cooked and sacrificed for him, and he ate of their sacrifice and of their bread

    29. ” She says not able to accept his flattering comments

    30. The letter was flattering and referred glowingly to Pops’s accomplishments

    31. 59 And when the children of Moab had so overwhelmed him with their speeches and enticed him by their flattering words they seated him in the tent and cooked and sacrificed for him and he ate of their sacrifice and of their bread

    32. As flattering as it was, it also did not fly with Tetlow, who after having put up with a dozen brutal years of Ithaca winters, had no intention of moving only slightly south to Philadelphia

    33. importance of all those flattering wishes, leaving Ulan with only one

    34. There was no way to explain to him that his flattering smiles

    35. It's flattering at first to be followed around by someone like her, but there's more to personal attraction than looks alone

    36. The other guys were pleasant and it was flattering to be desired, so before leaving on tour I relieved half a dozen other polite and courteous gentlemen of their cash in the boss’s luxurious bedrooms

    37. Flattering, but who would be waiting at his place to strip me of my belongings before committing rape and murder then selling me into slavery? An Australian I’d met in London had foolishly gone with such a fellow in Egypt and ended up raped by half a dozen men from whom he’d contracted hepatitis

    38. Such obvious interest from a young man was flattering, but didn't turn me on, so I wished him luck and retired to my cot for a wank

    39. And if I express myself in these eloquent terms, so little flattering towards him, it is because irrefutably, and in a fairly short period of time, I had to suffer in the flesh the reaches of his overwhelming revenge

    40. A giant crystal chandelier shed flattering amber light over a room bedecked with gold trimmings and intricately framed mirrors

    41. Black- and-white close-ups are a really flattering shot

    42. • Fix your hair! It should always frame your face in the most flattering way possible

    43. Woe upon all who shun justice, spurn mercy, and reject truth! Woe upon all those who despise the revelation of the Father while they seek the chief seats in the synagogue and crave flattering salutations in the market places!"

    44. threatened rape by flattering the rapist

    45. They harkened with keen dark eyes and inscrutable countenances, and they went their ways without comment, and heeded with flattering intentness his instructions as to the working of iron, and kindred arts

    46. The light’s not very flattering in here

    47. One wasn’t very flattering to her, but she decided to handle it

    48. Barbara smiled then while eyeing Otto with appreciation: he was exactly as she had expected him to be according to Nancy Laplante’s flattering descriptions of him

    49. ‘Hello Babe! That was a very flattering picture of you in the paper! Really got

    50. Some of it is not very flattering about many senior commanders in the Pacific, I must warn you

    1. I was always told that nothing flatters a girl

    2. calculated to ornament the front parlours of the flatters

    3. Maria flatters was artistic

    4. 2 For he flatters himself in his own eyes, until his iniquity be found to be hateful

    5. stranger who flatters with her words, who forsakes the guide of her youth, and forgets the covenant with her God because her house

    6. who corrects a man shall afterwards find more favour than he who flatters with the tongue

    7. The man who flatters his neighbour spreads the net for his feet

    8. “He who rebukes a man will find more favor afterward than he who flatters with the tongue

    9. Gels and liquids give color to the skin, with a light coverage that flatters tanned and even skin tone

    10. It is a compliment that flatters but one does not necessarily love his flatterers

    11. And when he ceases to think them honourable and natural as heretofore, and he fails to discover the true, can he be expected to pursue any life other than that which flatters his desires?

    12. And these are not the only evils, I said--there are several lesser ones: In such a state of society the master fears and flatters his scholars, and the scholars despise their masters and tutors; young and old are all alike; and the young man is on a level with the old, and is ready to compete with him in word or deed; and old men condescend to the young and are full of pleasantry and gaiety; they are loth to be thought morose and authoritative, and therefore they adopt the manners of the young

    13. ‘She flatters me,’ thought the princess, turning away and continuing to read

    14. Poverty and coquetry are two fatal counsellors; one scolds and the other flatters, and the beautiful daughters of the people have both of them whispering in their ear, each on its own side

    15. Thenardier, by putting Jean Valjean outside in his stead, provided a prey for the police, forced them to relinquish his scent, made them forget him in a bigger adventure, repaid Javert for his waiting, which always flatters a spy, earned thirty francs, and counted with certainty, so far as he himself was concerned, on escaping with the aid of this diversion

    16. something with them; they are what a philosopher would call, bespattered with the title, and that flatters them

    17. The lady has a restless imagination, he-he! She has a liking for conversation on serious subjects, of any kind; in fact they please her so much, that it flatters her to discuss them

    18. “She flatters me,” thought the princess, turning away and continuing to read

    19. He who flatters himself that this will be sufficient, shuts his eyes against official evidence to the contrary; as well in the above-recited letters, written with a perfect knowledge of the performance on our part, and the promise of a performance on the part of France on the first day of November, as in the letter of the French Minister in the United States on the 12th of December, in which we are told that the French restrictions on our commerce are not to cease, but only on the result of firm and energetic measures to be adopted and persevered in by the two Governments against the common enemy

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